This is the best time of the year to buy a Fleshlight


When this site was marking its first anniversary I published a post on a seasonal sale of Fleshlights. The sale has repeated around Christmas every year but I have not written about the best time of the year to buy a Fleshlight since the original post went online back in 2013. It seems unlikely that repeating a pitch for a plastic pussy would further the mission of this website which is to entertain the reader. Besides, there are so many topics that I still haven’t covered here yet.

Beginning this month the frequency of posts on this website will increase nearly two fold. This will allow more material to be published. This will come in handy now that reporting on more countries has begun. Reports on establishments in Austria and Germany have already been published and there are many more to come. They will be joined by reports on locations in at least two more countries in the immediate future. Reports on countries that have already been covered here will of course continue.

While information is key, writing and publishing these reports also takes a lot of time and energy. Even if I had all the knowledge in the world it wouldn’t mean anything to people like you if it remained in my head. Things have to be written down and made available to readers. Advancements in technology make publishing reports and reviews much easier than it used to be but it is still no piece of cake.

From time to time this website publishes reports and reviews covering things like pornography and sex toys. Rather than just running a pack of pictures or reprinting a press release an attempt is made to do these posts in a truly interesting way. The hope is that they will be entertaining to readers even if they are able to generate a little revenue for this site. When useful products are sold through affiliate links everyone wins. Besides being entertained for free the reader gets something they like and Rockit Reports raises some money.

The Fleshlight

And so it is that today the Fleshlight will be covered once again albeit in a slightly different light. For those who somehow managed to stay unaware after all these years the Fleshlight is the most popular male sex in the United States. The United States doesn’t have anything like the massive male sex toy industry in Japan. Until recently the only thing available to guys beyond lubricants and their hands were fairly low quality pocket pussies. The inventor of the Fleshlight changed all of that by producing a high quality device that took the country by storm.

The story goes that the creator of the Fleshlight was inspired by his inability to have sex with his pregnant wife. Unwilling to cheat and living in a country where prostitution is for the most part outlawed he came up with something safe and durable. The original Fleshlight looks just as the name would suggest. It’s an artificial vagina made of a synthetic human flesh replica inside of a plastic case that looks like a flashlight. Millions have been sold.

I have no way to know if the original Fleshlight is still the most popular toy the company sells but they have certainly come out with many other things over the years. Some like the monster themed toys they release for the Halloween season never interested me much but I have always checked back around Christmas because I know it is when they run their biggest sale of the year. When I looked at the site this time around I found that they have released a number of new items which look like they may be worth checking out. I can only place my own orders though. It’s up to each person to decide if they want to follow in my footsteps.

fleshlight quickshot review

The Quickshot is the newest item to come out of the Fleshlight laboratory. It looks like a shorter open-ended version of the original Fleshlight but it is actually much more. While I don’t have any inside information I think this toy may have been developed in response to growing numbers of couples using the original Fleshlight together. It may also have been developed in response to complaints that the original Fleshlight was too difficult to clean. It could also be a combination of the two or neither. I am simply speculating. What I can confirm is that the Quickshot feels every bit as good as the original and works very well when put to use by a woman with skilled hands or an eager mouth.

fleshlight go

While I can’t claim to definitively know what the inspiration behind the Quickshot was I know for a fact that the Fleshlight GO was designed specifically for the traveling man. While it looks and feels the same as the original Fleshlight the GO is shorter, lighter and more discreet. This thing is a lot easier to throw into a suitcase or carry on but it produces the exact same results. It also appears to be just as durable which is great news for those who spend a big portion of their lives on the road.

fleshlight vstroker

The Vstroker is a two-piece product that is used with Fleshlights. A motion sensor is screwed onto the back of the toy and a USB dongle is plugged into a computer. A library of porn staring people like Asa Akira specially designed for the VStroker provides a high level of interactivity. A number of positions can be selected the action on screen is controlled by how hard and fast the Fleshlight is used in hand.

I haven’t tried this yet but after watching the video I look forward to giving it a go. According to the previews I’ve seen the women in the associated videos will even respond to your activities vocally. If you stop using the toy she will say something like “why did you take your cock out?” That sounds pretty damn interesting. In any event this is surely better than the Launchpad bracket they came up with a while back that allows guys to bang away at their iPad while it plays porn.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these Fleshlight toys before? If you haven’t now is the best time of the year to make the jump and grab one or two. While sales come and go throughout the year the always occurs now at year end.

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