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While the general outlook of this website continues to be international and global in nature, there has been a focus on Japan in recent weeks. Reports on other locales have also been published, but reports on the land of the rising sun have been published at a higher than normal frequency. Regularly readers may have already noticed.

Bringing the scene in a major city like Tokyointo focus requires getting down and dirty and reporting on things with some detail. That is a major reason for the current editorial line. In any case it shouldn’t matter much. Once posts disappear from the front page of this website they are mainly accessed by people using search engines or the menus on this website.

member section of Universe Club

The view from the male members section

Ultimately these posts simply contribute to the ever growing library that now appears here with coverage of the commercial sex scene around the world. Japan of course is a major part of that scene. It has a large and thriving adult entertainment industry that includes some of the most unique businesses to be found anywhere including dating clubs like Universe Club.

Just over a month ago I published a report on the Standard Class at Universe Club. As promised I will now deliver a report on the Gold Class. Reports on the Platinum and Black classes will follow in due time.

Classes at Universe Club

The various classes at Universe Club represent different groups of women. When women sign up for the club they have to meet in person with people on staff. Those people interview them and try to get to know the women so that they can assign them a class.

The standard class includes regular women and girl next door types but there are also some real beauties in the mix. From there things depend on a number of factors including outlooks. The people who set the classes for the club may have a way of looking at things that differs from some male members of the club. In fact differences between people almost ensure that they do. But ultimately it is easy to figure things out by looking at the larger society and conceptions of beauty and social standing.

Classes and ladies

So while women in the Standard Class are generally speaking the kinds of gals one would expect to meet at work or in a regular day the ladies in the Gold Class are usually higher in most people’s eyes. They may be closer to classical ideas of beauty or be more refined. Sometimes they have jobs in the entertainment field and may be aspiring actresses or musicians. They are unlikely to be involved in Japanese porn or anything along those lines.

The class structure in place at Universe Club doesn’t revolve around the willingness of women to sleep with male members or English speaking ability. Those features are separate. So there are women in the standard class who speak fluent English as well as women in the Gold Class who can’t speak any English at all.

Thankfully for male members who pay to join the club there are all sorts of features in place to help them along. This is key and one of the reasons why Universe Club is popular. Guys can search for women in all classes or only one particular class. They can also organize women by English speaking ability and willingness to sleep with male members.

The Gold Class

The database of female members is so huge that this sort of thing is necessarily. The Gold Class contains countless women and most of them are pretty good looking. A guy could go crazy going through all of the available gals. The ability to narrow down the selection is one of the many features that men find worth the cost of entry at the club.

The Gold Class at Universe Club really does contain a lot of gorgeous women. With the right amount of time and money a guy could spend months or even years hanging out with ladies of his choosing. With the various tools available he probably would enjoy the vast majority of his experiences too.

It seems clear that a lot of the Gold Class ladies are women that the vast majority of guys would never meet if it wasn’t for the Universe Club. Guys who want to date and most likely do a lot more with Japanese women they wouldn’t otherwise have access to can find what they are looking for through the Universe Club. For them the premium cost of accessing the Gold Class of ladies represents what can only be seen as a justifiable value.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 012-097-8649
Hours:11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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