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Rockit Reports has come a long way since it first went online in 2012. I have often remarked on the incredible growth this website has had considering that I started it with no other plan than to entertain people with some of the information I had gained over years of travel and research.

Not long after launching Rockit Reports I was encouraged to self-publish a few books. In order to meet an apparent demand and simultaneously test the waters I did exactly that. In 2013 I published a total of four short books.

Rockit books

Although the contents of those books are admittedly not my best work by any means people do seem to enjoy them. While there are some negative remarks on Amazon the books continue to sell and produce positive feedback from the intended audience.

For that reason and my own literary pretensions I have long planned to pen more for publication in paperback and ebook format. Unfortunately life and the requirements of this website have gotten in the way. So even though I announced long ago that I would soon publish more books I have not done so until today.

Sex Talk interviews

Earlier this week I published a four part series of books. Titled “Sex Talk” these books go far beyond the original Sex Talk book that I put out years ago. Each volume contains many interviews with people in and around the industry along with some commentary on the people and their work.

sex talk sex talk sex talk sex talk

Some of the contents will not be new to regular readers of this site. The interviews in the first three volumes have already appeared here on Rockit Reports. The fourth volume contains a number of interviews done for this site that have not yet been published including a question and answer session with a Thai blowjob bar worker that I’m sure everyone will love.

Book ’em

As of now the books are only available on Amazon. They will appear through other retailers later as demand allows. Over the next few days at least one book in the series will always be available free of charge for anyone with a kindle. After that all four will revert to their usual yet reasonable rates.

I’m pumped up and motivated by the release of these four volumes, and I’m happy to finally being on my way to publishing more and better books. After renewing the earliest works I plan to start publishing in depth books about the commercial sex scenes in various countries. Ultimately I hope to publish a large single volume containing a detailed account of the sex industry around the world.

Click the book cover images above to be taken to the product pages for each of the four volumes of Sex Talk. I hope you will enjoy them all!

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