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With Rockit Reports approaching its fourth year of operation a number of traditions have emerged. Although not originally planned lists of porn still worth paying for have emerged annually alongside lists of adult websites of interest to me and thus the kinds of people who read this site.

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An updated list of porn sites will appear later this year. Right now I will continue the practice of listing websites that titillate me. This is the second list of interesting sex sites I have published. There should be many more in the future. Here we go!

Chris Hashemi

I don’t remember how I came across this photographer’s website but I find myself checking back in on it from time to time to see what he’s been up to. While Chris shoots mainstream material the part of his site that interests me most is the section containing full image sets of female models that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

The photo shoots which range from lingerie to fully nude are tasteful yet alluring. The photographer has a great eye for choosing beautiful women to model and for using a camera. If I had the same skills I’d be able to produce better photographs when I visit Japanese porn star picture clubs like Starcats in Tokyo. Chris sells full sets of his nude photo shoots at reasonable rates but one doesn’t need to dig into their piggy bank to enjoy his photos.

Fap shows

There are a number of adult cam sites online but a select few seem to control most of the market. I have seen a few new sites emerge only to fold under the pressure soon after. Even more plentiful are white label sites which are basically just rehashes of already existing sites meant to earn internet marketers some commission.

Fap Shows came to my attention a few weeks ago when a representative of the site emailed to ask me to give it a look. I have to say that I’m honestly impressed with what I see. While Fap Shows follows the now-standard practice of letting viewers watch public broadcasts free it sets itself apart with a really intuitive and clean layout that makes using it a breeze. There’s no crap cluttering up your screen or slowing down your connection which unfortunately cannot be said about many other sites. Women and couples from all around the world broadcast in high quality and I got a great lag free connection even when visiting the site from underdeveloped countries where the internet is notoriously slow.

To get the full experience users don’t need to shell out a whole lot of dough. They can even get 10 credits just by signing up for an account which allows for interaction with the models by way of tipping. This facilities special requests, private shows and more. Of course talking to a busty 18-year-old nude European model over the internet can be addictive so it’s easy to find yourself breaking out the wallet to get more tokens. No worries though. That only leads to more fun!


SWAAY stands for Sex Work Activists Allies and You. That should be pretty self explanatory but just in case it’s not the site advocates for the rights of sex workers. With the war on sex work being waged so ferociously in many parts of the world it’s always good to find out how those under attack are feeling. Those so motivated can help out in various ways but there’s lots of information on the site even for those who don’t want to do that. One interesting but short section is aimed at clients and customers. I look forward to this being expanded at some point in the near future though I understand if the organization has more important things to do.

I’m obviously an advocate of the decriminalization of prostitution and I imagine most of the people who read this site are too so it should be clear why such an organization and website would be of interest. Another similar site that tackles current news from a similar perspective is Tits and Sass.

That’s it for this year. I’ll continue to keep my eyes pealed and add any new and exciting websites to the memory bank so they can be included in the next installment.

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