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The Universe Club in Japan has been a subject of discussion on this website for several years. With thousands of women all across the country as well as various rules and member categories the club is something that could be covered in many ways. Containing as many members as some small cities there is a lot that could be said especially when hundreds of new members are joining each month.

As described in past posts, guys pay money and go through a short interview to join the compensated dating club. Once they do this they gain access to the club’s online database. The database has profiles on all of the female members. These profiles can be sorted through by things like willingness to sleep with a guy on the first date to height or cup size. Once guys see a lady they would like to meet they let the club know.

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The club then sets up the date in exchange for a setting fee. They make sure the lady knows where to go and when to get there and they will even notify the guy if the woman is having her time of the month.

After the date the guys can either give the women they meet a little taxi money to go home or they can invite them to visit their room or a local love hotel. The women of course want to be paid for their time which is why they are in the club but things do not always have to go that way. Members can exchange contact information and date or do whatever they want together in the future. Once the initial setup is made any obligations to the club end, even though they do check in for feedback. Some guys find short time fun. Others find sugar babies. Some find regular girlfriends too and apparently some marriages have even come out of these arrangements.

Classes at Universe Club

Male members pay different membership fees depending on which class they want to join. The standard class is filled with thousands of women but higher classes are more likely to have women that guys might not otherwise be able to meet. Obviously the higher classes cost more money for men to join.

Universe Club organizes its female members into different classes by a number of factors including but not limited to looks. I would love to be a fly on the wall when those decisions are made. It must be really difficult work.

In recent months I have written about the Standard Class, Gold Class and Platinum Class. Today I will write about exclusive Black Class. With this report I will have covered all of the classes of women available at Universe Club.

The Black Class

The color black can denote different things depending on the situation. Black humor touches on the darker parts of life. Being in the black means doing well. And some say that sex workers have black hearts. There is also a black American Express card with a $2,500 annual fee for high rollers. I have a hunch that the black level at Universe Club may be inspired by the latter.

Joining the Black Class costs more than any other membership level at Universe Club but it comes with its perks. Guys who join probably aren’t too worried about the expense. It is not the kind of thing people scrapping to get by would likely shell out for unless they were obsessed with spending time with some high class ladies.

Joining the Black Class costs 300,000 Yen ($2751 USD). Each additional year of membership costs 160,000 Yen ($1467 USD). Male members of the Black Class pay another 100,000 Yen ($917 USD) each time they arrange a first date through the club in Tokyo or Osaka. They pay 80,000 Yen ($733 USD) for dates arranged in other cities.

Black Class members have the luxury of speaking with a club concierge by email, over the phone or even face to face. They also receive recommendations on female members and secret female members that others in the club don’t know about.

Women in the Black Class

Photo editing is big in Japanese media. Everything from Japanese porn box covers to subway ads are heavily edited often to make women look much better or at least different than they really do. There are however women who look as good in person as they do in the media. When they are seen in the streets or a nightclub they stand out as they appear to have just stepped out of the pages of a magazine.

I can say with certainty that there are women in the Black Class at Universe Club who fit that description. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but many of these women are indisputably good looking. Some are natural stunners while others have obviously had work done but all are head turners that the vast majority of guys would have no chance hooking up with outside of a compensated dating situation.

Pictures of these women appear on the Universe Club website for male members of the Black Class to view. The pictures are unedited and totally accurate and accompanied by plenty of video that shows exactly what these women look like. If some appear to be as good looking as any Japanese Idol that may very well be because that’s exactly what they are. There are also university students and incredible looking professionals in the class.

The Black Class is filled with amazing women of all kinds. Ten percent of the female members of the Universe Club are actresses. Another six percent work as professional models. While I have no way to know for sure I would imagine that a majority of those gals are in the Black Class. I do know that women in the Black Class look good enough to be models and actresses even though they are working in other fields or studying.

While the ladies in the class tend to be on the very good looking side they of course have varying outlooks on life. As indicated by the letters on their profiles some are more than willing to go to a hotel upon first meeting a male member while a few are only looking for dating partners. The variety is quite wide even among the women in this elite class. This again shows why the Universe Club is so interesting and why men with means find it well worth the expense.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 012-097-8649
Hours:11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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