Sex is on sale in Manila, Philippines

In the past I’ve published reports on opportunities for finding sex in Hong Kong, Angeles City, Pattaya and Ho Chi Minh City. As of yet I have not done a full report on Manila even though it is probably one of the easiest places in the world for a guy to get laid. Today I will remedy that unfortunate oversight.

Manila is a gigantic city that serves as the capital of the Philippines and its economic center. The massive metropolis attracts people from every inhabited island in the country in search of financial opportunities. Many are unable to find any such opportunities or find that the only opportunities for them to make significant amounts of money are to be found in the formal or informal sex industry.

Many men who travel to Manila either as temporary guests or more long term residents may find that they have no need for paid action whatsoever. That’s because Manila offers almost unlimited potential for easy pick ups and dating in general.

Guys who are shy or simply want to avoid crowded social centers will be happy to know that there are hundreds of thousands of women on websites like Date In Asia, Tagged, Filipino Cupid, Pinay Love and Ok Cupid who would be more than happy to meet a foreigner. While many will want to chat back and forth a bit before dating, and others won’t want to meet at all, there are plenty of women on these sites who will happily join friendly guys for a meal or even more after only a few introductory notes. Date In Asia seems to especially attract women who are looking for compensated dating even though site rules may prevent them from coming right out and saying it. Of course Date In Asia is also used by “regular” gals who are looking for romance, marriage, fun or some combination of all three.

Even those who may be on the shy side shouldn’t have too much trouble meeting gals out in the real world if they can gather up the courage to say high. I’ve always disliked generalities but I do find it true that Filipina women in general are some of the friendliest to be found anywhere. Even if they’re not interested in a particular guy most won’t be rude about it. This makes meeting women in places like clubs, bars and malls a lot less stressful that it can be in other countries. There are always exceptions but guys who have been down this road will surely agree with me.

Popular clubs where hook ups may be possible include Palladium inside the New World Makati Hotel and ZZYZX in Malate. Malls where a guy might meet a gal include Glorietta and the Mall of Asia.

Outside of dating sites and regular old pick ups there are certainly places where working women are known to congregate. These aren’t necessarily places established specifically for these sorts of women to find customers and they are often a minority. Figuring out which woman are working and which aren’t can be second nature for experienced men and extremely difficult for those new to the game.

Harrison Plaza in Malate is the oldest shopping mall in Manila and it shows. Opened something like forty years ago the mall is small and worn down and isn’t likely to have much that would attract foreign visitors other than the occasional woman. The upstairs section of the mall is known to be a place where part timers look for customers. Male and female touts have even been known to approach foreigners there to show them the women in the mall they know and negotiate a price for a date. The action seems to be dying off slowly but surely though it can certainly still be found. Today many men find Harrison Plaza well below their standards but some others continue to profess their love for the place.

Robinsons Place in Ermita is a much larger and more modern shopping mall in Manila that attracts plenty of women along with families looking for something to by or something to do. In fact families seem to be the bread and butter of the place on most days and evenings. Still, some working women can be found from time to time by those who know what they are looking for. Casual arrangements can even be possible in the right circumstances. This is hardly a hardcore haunt, but it still gets a mention by many men who do the rounds.

Inside of the upscale Greenbelt 3 shopping center in Makati, which every taxi driver knows, there is a courtyard surrounded by several eateries and coffee shops. The outdoor seating areas for the Cafe Havana (which is open until 2:00 AM) and to a lesser extent the Starbucks and Seattle’s Best tend to attract working women throughout the day. Even in the afternoons a few early birds can typically be found, but things really turn on in the evenings and nights.

A more dedicated location for women of the night can be found at the Manila Bay Cafe, formerly known as La Cafe and sometimes shortened to “the MBC”. This two story bar located in a sketchy section of Ermita is frequented by freelancers looking for short or long term get togethers with monied up men. The women don’t work for anyone and are free to name their own prices but typical rates fluctuate between 800 and 3000 Pesos ($19 – 70) USD. The MBC isn’t known for attracting the most beautiful women in Manila but occasionally a real looker or two will find their way inside.

The most popular pay for play area for foreigners in Manila is undoubtedly P Burgos Street in Makati. Rather than rehash what has already been written, I direct interested parties to my write up on the bars of Burgos Street that I published a short while ago. The numerous massage parlors and freelancers that prowl the street are also mentioned in that report.

Another popular area filled with bars targeting male guests is the EDSA International Entertainment Complex. Bar fines there are on average a lot lower than they are in Burgos Street as I’ve already explained in my report on the EDSA bars that went online quite recently.

KTVs are popular with cashed up local guys and Asian businessmen especially but they are also open to other foreigners who want to check them out. Some of the most popular include Pegasus in Quezon City and Pharaoh in Makati, but there are dozens of others scattered around Metro Manila. Harajuku in Makati has a large staff. Many foreign men prefer to skip the karaoke and stage scene and head straight to the massage parlors which are sometimes attached to them. I have already posted a review of Air Force 1 and Flight 168 which fits that model exactly. Kremlin Massage next to Classmates KTV in Quezon City is another popular version of this setup.

Men who don’t want to leave their rooms may find any one of Manila’s many escort services to their liking. They shouldn’t expect anything special though as many of these services appear to recruit women who may otherwise be working in other entertainment facilities. It doesn’t take much to find a Manila escort online but finding one that’s reliable could require considerable effort and expense. I posted a review of GFE Manila Escorts some time ago.

There are a whole host of other places outside of the websites, malls, bars, clubs, shops, services and massage parlors listed here, but describing them all would require years of research and the creation of some kind of book. Hopefully this report will serve its purpose of entertaining and informing the reading public which as always remains my only intention.


  1. EuropeanGuy says:

    I spent a month in Manila last year and I became a fan of the KTVs in Quezon City. I never went to Pegasus but on the same street, Quezon Avenue, there’s plenty of similar establishments and I made repeated visits to most of them. I was living nearby (10 minutes by taxi) and I was friend with a Filipino guy who was a regular at this sort of places and insisted on introducing me to the scene.

    It’s great fun. Drinks are priced reasonably and most of the girls are friendly and laid back. Singing was hardly the point, all I cared about was kissing and groping those beautiful horny Filipino babes. I fingered one, got a blowjob from another one, and a third one sprayed milk on my face from her tits. Even the most shy ones would allow me to kiss and caress them a bit. I got the phone numbers of many of them, but unfortunately they tended not to return my textes and calls, or they were being flakey and evasive about meeting up.

    Still, I thouroughly enjoyed the experience. Those places don’t sell sexual services and perhaps I was having unrealistic expectations. But if one is only looking for company, warmth and lively, flirty conversations (let’s say, GFE without sex), then they are perfect. Oh, and the ones in Quezon City have dancing babes on stage all night long, which is nice. Some nights I would just go there to have a few beers, watch the dances and relax.

    My favorite one was Queen’s Chamber: less expensive than the others, with great service from the staff and no pressure whatsoever from the mamasans. In some of the other places (like Chaparal and Baia Luna) it’s easy to get harrassed by waiters and mamasans looking for tips, but that was never the case at Queen’s Chamber.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the detailed report. Customers can get some of the women out of those places but it’s certainly not a sure thing. It’s more like dating than a point and pull fishbowl. Cheers!

    • Gabs says:

      You can bring the KTV girls to the adjacent massage parlors. The price is just higher compared to going straight to the massage parlor. If they’re see you’re new in the establishments they won’t really offer this to you. Also, there are some girls that are okay with giving extra service while others are just for clean fun. I usually just befriend the girls in the KTV then bring them out on dates and eventually out of town.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Cheers.

    • EuropeanGuy says:


      I’m more experienced now compared to two years ago. I recently had a Manila KTV girl come straight to my place after work, without even paying her. Another one was up for a trip together to her province (which we didn’t do in the end, my schedule didn’t allow for it). I have also tried some of the massage parlors attached to the KTVs… Nice places, very straightforward and convenient. My new routine is: first get a bang in the massage place, then go to chill and drink beer in the KTV.

    • Gabs says:

      If you’re up to it, shoot me an email when you’re here. I’ll take you to some other good spots. Anyway, your website is awesome. Really enjoy reading your articles and hope to be able to go to other places in the world like you.

    • Gabs says:

      @ European Guy

      That’s good to hear, my friend! I’m happy that you get to meet her for free. Some of these girls just want to milk the cash out of us. The industry they’re in makes them manipulative and good at lying. Although, there are some exceptions of genuine and sincere girls. Perhaps the one you’re dating now is one of them. You’re routine is good, saves you some cash. Starting in the KTV makes it more expensive but sometimes, it’s nice though hahaha. Cheers mate!

  2. Gallandro says:

    Hi again, Rockit:

    Here’s kinda a condensed Philippines report. I was there for two weeks and tried a few different things.

    First up: Burgos street. I was in the Philippines on business, so I went to Burgos alone. Unfortunately, going alone seems to make you a target for anyone and everyone…I was constantly being bothered by people trying to sell me Cialis and other crap when I was walking on the street, and I was constantly being pawed at and hassled by the women in the various bars (buy me a lady drink! buy me another lady drink!) I saw guys in groups that weren’t being bothered as heavily as I was, so I really wish I could have gone with another person. In more than one instance, I had to pretty much physically remove some of the women from my arms and flat out tell them to back the fuck off. Anyways, I ended up pulling two girls from Rogue’s (they were as good as any of the ladies that I’d seen and the bar fine was cheaper). We agreed upon what I wanted and a price, so I went back to the hotel with them. Once the session started, they both changed their tune about what was available. I was pissed, but didn’t want to make a scene. After one session, I kicked them the fuck out. This bad experience kinda soured me on Burgos and on punting at all.

    Second: A few days later, I had second thoughts and decided to try something else. I surfed and found a few different agencies that were available. I ended up ordering a gal from Manila Courtesans, and she showed up on time and matched her pictures. The gal, Sasha, was a bit goofy in her demeanor, but she was good to go and delivered as promised and expected in terms of service. Based upon the fact that I got the girl matched her pictures and delivered what I wanted, I’d recommend the agency.

    Third: Later on, I happened to try out the Greenbelt Mall (I stumbled upon it while walking home from work one evening). LOTS of action to be had there at night. I chatted up a couple of freelancers and even had one follow me out (I’ll give you a massage! take me to your hotel!) which I declined as I wasn’t in the mood. I planned on going back and pulling something from there but simply ran out of opportunities before my trip ended.

    To sum up: If work sends me back to the Philippines, I’ll only consider going to Burgos again if I can go in a group. Regardless, I’ll hit up Manila Courtesans again and/or pull some action from Greenbelt.

    Rockit: you may want to check out Manila Courtesans. They seem legit.

    • smoothie says:

      Hi, Gallandro. Thanks for the report. I haven’t been to the Philippines in years but hope to make a return trip soon. I generally liked my experiences with Philippine women more than those of any other country I have visited. Nonetheless, I have certainly had the kind of rip off experience you mentioned with your Rogue’s, Burgos Street ladies. May I ask if you paid a barfine and the agreed upon “tip” to the ladies upfront before leaving the bar or did you only pay the barfine at the bar with the idea of paying the girls’ “tip” afterwards? If you paid it all upfront, do you feel that was a factor in their decision to change their turn about what was available?

      In the years I was Paying for Play in the Philippines, that “pay before” vs “pay after” issue was almost always a factor in whether or not I was likely to be ripped off with the “changed her tune” bit, the “change” virtually always occurring because she had already banked the full amount of money she would be getting from me at the bar, long before we arrived in my hotel room and almost never occurring if she had not yet been paid her “tip”. lol.

  3. Gallandro says:

    Hi Smoothie:

    I paid the bar fine on the spot (1600 PHP per gal, so 3200 total) and agreed upon a price per gal (3000 PHP each). To be blunt, that was supposed to be no holes barred, which was very very clear when we agreed on things. When we got back to the hotel and we started getting to it, they started playing games with what options were available. It started getting ugly, so I let them blow me just to shut them up. Once done, they were all like ‘OK, we’re here for the night. What do you want next?’ I bluntly told them to get dressed and leave. I was going to be at the hotel for another week and a half and I didn’t want to cause a scene that might jeopardize my experience, so I just paid them and called it a fucking night. It wasn’t a ton of US dollars anyways, so I wrote it off as a bad experience.

    If I go back to the Philippines, I’m probably just going to stick with Manila Courtesans or freelancers at Greenbelt. Burgos simply pissed me off too much. I might try EDSA, but I suspect that the experience would be similar to what I had at Burgos.

    • Gallandro says:

      Smoothie: Just realized I didn’t answer your entire question. I suspect the question of ‘when’ I was going to pay didn’t matter. They just wanted me to pick them up and were agreeing to anything that I wanted (seemingly, anyways) to get me to pay their bar fine. Believe me, I was very blunt and clear about what I wanted when I was at Rogue’s (down to me using my fingers under their panties to clarify my intentions), so it wasn’t a misunderstanding. It was a total bait and switch on their part, and I completely fell for it.

    • smoothie says:

      Thanks for the followup, Gallandro. Despite the fact that, aside from the barfine, the Rogue’s, Burgos Street situation was a “pay after” deal, I totally understand why one would still pay the full amount agreed upon even though, logically, if they changed their tune about what was on tap after the deal was struck, you (we) ought to be able to change your (our) tune about what we’ll pay. I’ve done if both ways; paid the full agreed upon amount anyway while other times come right back at them with the ol’, “No problem, then I change my mind about how much I’ll give you” response. But, as in your case, it is a call one makes taking all things into consideration. I’m sure I would have done what you did under the circumstances you described.

      On the Play for Pay scene in the Philippines in general, mind you, it has been a good 15 years since I’ve been in the Philippines for those kinds of adventures. But in those days, I rarely ventured into Burgos Street for it because I found the likelihood of the scam you described to be notably greater. For me, it was either Edsa in Manila or the Field Ave. area of Angeles City. With regards to Manila, maybe the Edsa results would be no different than the Burgos Street scene today. I wouldn’t know. But in those days, I found the Edsa results to be MUCH better than what I experienced on Burgos Street. And Angeles City was overall an even better experience. Again, we’re talking at least 15 years ago.

    • rockit says:

      In general there seems to be better performance and lower prices at EDSA but there are gems and let downs in both places. I’ve never been hassled for lady drinks and the street sellers don’t bother me either. Make they can sense an old hand but it’s more likely I go for what I want and ignore the rest. Thanks for the detailed report on Manila! Cheers.

  4. asianhunter says:

    I’m happy (excited!) to say I’m traveling to Manila for 3 nights in a few weeks. Based on what I’ve read online, I plan on trying P. Burgos, EDSA, La Cafe, and Greenbelt. In all my years of p4p, I’ve never experienced LT. What does that really mean? We fuck as much and as long as my little soldier can stand up? If that’s the case, I can’t think of a better value anywhere!

    Also, do you have any info regarding action at or near the casinos, like the City of Dreams? And are the hotels there girl-friendly? Thanks in advance!

    • rockit says:

      Usually when people say long time they’re talking about an overnight session or something close to it. Women who work in bars especially on P Burgos often want to leave around 4 AM though. What happens is between the client and the provider. Sometimes it could be buffet style and other times a certain type or amount of activity may be all that is accepted. I don’t have any info on women working around the casinos. Here is a list of the best guest friendly hotels in Manila. Cheers.

  5. johhny says:

    Been to the phils a zillion times so many girls couldnt possibly bang 1/2 of the girls i attempted to “lined up”. You guys who pay these girls 1600 pesos then an additional 3000 are either fucking crazy, 70+ years old, ugly, fat or all of the afore-mentioned. jesus… just meet them after hours… pay them based on performance…just like wall street..sometimes have to be very aggressive and dominating or these girls will walk all over you. go up to the room and start telling them exactly what you want.. position, clothing etc. take an immediate dominating stance with them..sweet girls will quickly come in line the difficult girls will resist you right away….any hint of bullshit or balking kick em out. if kick them out immediately hotel will know there was a problem and that you could not have possibly banged them in 5-10 minutes. if she stays for an hour or so, its your word against hers. so get an immediate “feel” for the girl/s. usually one is more clever or slick then the other and sometimes will negatively impact the other, (sometimes they are both sweethearts and it goes off without a single hitch…so if one is problem boot her immediately. i will rarely if ever now pay a bar fine for that reason, unlike thailand, the phils wants most money up front so theres not the same incentive to perform… the other thing that just infuriates me is a girl whose pussy stinks.. u pay 1600 -3000 to bar fine her and the stench is anywhere from subtle to unbelievable… so bar fines in the phils is now out for me even in AC. in ac where the girls are in bikinis, i will insist on touching their pussy and giving me finger the smell test…. if it stinks she stays…

  6. johhny says:

    about LT, negotiate that ahead of time. Rockit is right, if you dont negotiate that up front, sometimes the girl is packing up her shit at 4-6 am. so your out at the bar get back to the room at say 1 or 2 am half drunk, time to shower…( byy the way if the girl takes a long time in the shower she’s a definite pro and fuckng with you.. hope you’ll fal;l asleep) go grab her hand take her out bang her once and throw her out caz u’ll rarely get any love from that type of girl. also guys bring a small amount of , a foot is good and link size about 1/2 -3/4 long. bring 2-3 small locks, no TSA lock that has a key slot. B4 heading out for the evening lock either your suitcase or use the chain to to secure the closet. usually closets will have two handles you can wrap the chain around. when back in the room, have the girl shower first and then quickly lock away the last of ur valuables… i leave just enough money/tip that i will pay her hidden somewhere in the room. i also leave out any sexy clothing shoes, toys etc i might want to use b4 heading out of the room earlier, so im not fumbling with that stuff while she’s in the shower. if the girl says that she wants you to shower first be instant and firm and if she still continues to say you first remind her thats it your room, not hers and its your rules… so back to LT ur back at the room, its late ur half drunk and if you havent negotiated prior…think ur going to bang her a lot? HAHAHAHA…. wrong…you bang her once, then fall asleep and when u wake up shes dressed and packing her stuff. In fact one of my favorite questions to ask a girl b4 heading back to the room, bar girl or “straight girl” is ” until what time can you stay?” this gives me immediate feedback to her frame of mind.. if i’m looking for LT and she says 4am or 6am, I will tell her “no thanks”, at which point, more often then not, she will attempt a self- correct, and say 6, 7 or 8 am. I always turn that down…and you can see by her expression she knows she’s blown it…. i know she is not all interested in me, (now this is perfectly ok if im looking for ST), she just wants to bang and run… if the girl says 10 am + or “up to you”, then game on.. i know i’ve found a little gem in the rough…. hopes this helps… m extraordinaire …

  7. asianhunter says:

    Manila report, day 1: After some success at the blackjack tables (unbelievably only 4 tables at City of Dreams!), I visited the famed Cafe Havana at Greenbelt 3, opting to start my sexcation with a more subtle action than the in-your-face type of Burgos. I arrived at about 9:30 pm. Lots of people, and a few obvious working ladies, but initially I was disappointed since it seemed TOO subtle and I didn’t like what I saw. At 10 pm, as I was about to leave and try my luck elsewhere, I spotted a fine young thing with a girlfriend sitting near the pond. I approached, and after some small talk, I suggested that we go for a walk, she obliged after some encouragement, and we ended up in my room.

    Perhaps she pulled one over on me, but she really seemed like a newbie (according to her, 3rd time at Greenbelt and 1st time going to a room). She was timid and tense and her eyes were closed the whole time, but oddly her starfish routine actually turned me on, since I believed that this indeed was all new to her. She said she was 18, and her body was immaculate, topped off with a nice trimmed bush and an incredibly tight pussy. Oh, to be young again!

    As soon as we finished, she showered and put on her clothes even though I told her I wanted her to stay until the morning. I imagined she would be more relaxed for round 2 (and 3), but we’ll never know. She said her friend was waiting for her, and she brought up the topic of money. She said Greenbelt girls get 5000. I literally laughed out loud! I told her 1000, but more if she stayed longer. She tried fake crying without success and countered with 2000. Since I really liked this first experience, I gave her 1500 plus taxi money.

    Later, I walked to Jools to catch their 1 a.m. performance. I was only the 2nd customer in the joint, and 5+ girls immediately sat down beside me. 250 PHP for a beer. I had fun chatting with them. No pressure–I declined the one request to buy a lady drink. The whole dancing thing really is not my thing, and among all of the girls there (dancing and non), there were only 2 worthy of taking home. Anyway, it was worth a look, but I don’t think I’ll be back.

  8. JWinteroh says:

    I am going to be staying at the EDSA Shangri-la. Does anyone know what options are available for freelancers near there or am I better off taxing to EDSA or P Burgos areas? Thanks.

    • rockit says:

      I don’t know of any freelancers that congregate near that hotel but there are a lot of working women online looking for customers throughout Manila. Cheers.

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