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In the nearly two years that this site has been online I have received numerous questions on Thai ladyboys in email and the comment sections of various posts. As I wrote in my review of the Kitten Club and Obsessions go gos in Pattaya where ladyboys dance alongside “regular ladies” I’m not personally into having relations with persons of the third sex. But since so many readers seem to be, or are at least curious about it, I thought it would make sense to do an informative post. At the very least it’s better than writing individual responses to each person requesting information on Thailand’s kathoeys.

I’ve come across plenty of ladyboys just as anyone who has spent time in Thailand would. Outside of very occasional visits to places like the Kitten Club to see a show however I’m not really connected to the scene. So rather than pass on second hand information that could very well be inaccurate I reached out to a guy with the world’s largest ladyboy forum and got the lowdown.

I usually write everything you see on this site myself. It’s been a policy of mine since I started Rockit Reports. I still have to reach out to others more knowledgeable than me from time to time if I want to cover something that I’m not totally clued up on. A Japanese fuzoku expert helped me compile a list of foreigner friendly soaplands in Japan and now another expert has helped me compile the following of list of places to meet ladyboys in Thailand’s capital.

Ladyboy bars and gogos around Bangkok are filled with countless ladyboys. There are a few places in Patpong, but our expert says the places around Soi Nana and Nana Plaza are better and more hassle free. He also says Charades Bar, which was formerly known as Cascades, on the top floor of Nana Plaza is the most noteable. Cockatoo is the only ladyboy gogo in Soi Cowboy.

Bars and gogos have the advantage of letting a customer talk with ladyboys to find out if there is any chemistry before agreeing on anything. The downside is that what’s promised in the bar isn’t always delivered in the bedroom. The bars and gogos can also be intimidating for some.

Ladyboy escorts are plentiful in the land of smiles though not all escort services are created equal. Although they can be expensive, the best of the best offer excellent service and allow punters to partake in complete and total discretion. Apparently many men find it a lot easier to simply make a phone call and open a hotel door rather than heading out into the heat of battle to hunt someone suitable down.

According to our expert Ladyboys Bangkok is the most notable of all the Bangkok ladyboy escort services as it offers great customer service and is able to meet more kinky requests. Customer satisfaction is a high priority and there are even discounted and specialized packages available for everyone from newbies who want to take it slow to those looking for hardcore group action.

Ladyboy freelancers abound in Bangkok. They can be found near all the major entertainment districts like Nana Plaza but also in the clubs and even (or especially) the streets. Our expert says Sukhumvit Road between Soi 3 and Soi 13 is the most notable freelancer district and from what I’ve seen with my own eyes he’s probably right. Late at night this area is filled with ladyboy street walkers looking for foreigners to take them home or to a nearby short time hotel.

While this option is the least expensive it’s also the most dangerous. Our expert says this route is not to be taken lightly as there are plenty of scams and numerous horror stories from guys who have taken a walk on the wild side.

Massage shops in Bangkok often employ one or more ladyboy. Some of these ladyboys will happily offer sexual services to paying customers but others will not. Although many Thai and Falang alike say ladyboys give the best massages this can be hit or miss. There’s a massage shop on Suhkumvit Road between Soi 9 and Soi 11 that always has ladyboys outside trying to beckon in customers. I have no idea whether or not it’s a good place, but it’s been there for years.

Dating sites are another place to meet ladyboys. Anyone who has signed up for one or more of these sites knows that there are plenty of ladyboys on them. Even though I’m not interested I frequently get messages from ladyboys when I make accounts. Our expert says that while many of these ladyboys are looking for pay-for-play others are civilians who may work long hours and not be interested in casual sex. There’s also a certain amount of risk involved in meeting people from these sites.

There you have it. I think that covers quite a bit of what’s available in Bangkok in terms of ladyboys. Those who have specific questions or just a never ending curiosity and search for knowledge would do well to check out the ladyboy forum and dig in. The topics aren’t limited to Bangkok. Pattaya and Phucket are covered along with the Philippines and other places.



  1. Jack says:

    Hi, always enjoy your posts, and I’m really just “getting caught up” since you have so many great reviews from so many different places!

    I’ve spent a lot of time in BKK and admire their acceptance of the transgendered. I’ve not gone to a lady bar place or tried to go with one, but like others I’m quite curious. Tits and dick, what a combo!

    But my comment really has to do with whether you’ve ever reviewed gay male establishments. I’ve had a couple of male masseurs give me excellent handjobs, and one even finished me with a BBBJ since I was a repeat customer. This was at a massage parlor that I always went to for non sexual rundowns, so the first HJ was a real surprise! And very pleasant.

    So now when I return to BKK I want to try a good male establishment. I’ve been told Spa Bangkok is a good one. Any tips?

    And no, I’m not gay but I’m certainly bisexual!!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. I don’t have interest in men. The only gay entertainment that I know of in Thailand is the strip of massage shops and go gos in Patpong and Boystown in Pattaya. I’m sure there’s a lot more around I just don’t have any information on it. Cheers.

  2. nicholas says:

    Old topic but the most adequate. I am european and we don’t use the term Ladyboy. Now before going to BKK and Pattaya, I would like to aks what you mean by “ladyboy”: are they operated and looking like real girls or are they what we would call “shemales”, meaning they have still male attributes ? Please let me know !

    • rockit says:

      Ladyboy is the commonly used term in Thailand. Pre-op ladyboys still have penises. Post-op ladyboys do not. Pre-op ladyboys are much more common in Thailand. Cheers.

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