Cheap sex is on sale in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach. Believe it or not, some people actually travel to Thailand just for this.

The beachfront city of Pattaya, Thailand has long been a center of the commercial sex industry, drawing in people from around the world to sample in its wares. While one big draw is the shear number of commercial sex options on offer, another is the relative low prices for such services. Or at least that’s how it used to be. Along with the continued rise in “regular” tourists has come a rise in the general rates for services. Some go go bars where a guy used to be able to score a quick punt for 2000 Baht ($65) all in only a few years ago now require as much or more as a go in one of the Korean Massage parlors in the United States or redlight rooms in Western Europe.

When you combine the price of getting to Pattaya and staying there for sometime things can quickly add up. At the end, many visitors will find they spent a lot more per session than they would of at home. For those who enjoy the atmosphere and wide available of women in Pattaya, this won’t be much of a problem. For those who travel on a budget or who live in Pattaya for part or all of the year it can be more of an issue.

While cheap sex isn’t as easy to find as it used to be in Pattaya, there is still plenty around. I’ve already made a post covering the sex scene in Pattaya in general, and given even more attention in my book “How to Pay to Get Laid,” but neither of those focused specifically on the lowest priced action still in existence. Here’s a rundown of some of what’s out there for the Cheap Charlies among you.

Beach Road: Also commonly referred to by foreigners as the “Coconut Bar,” Beach Road is as the name would indicate the road that runs along the beach in Pattaya. The walking path on the beach side of the road has long been a haunt of working women who for whatever reason can’t or don’t want to take up employment in one of the various commercial sex shops in the city. Women are available at basically any time of the day or night, but the largest concentration appears from dusk to midnight or a little later.

Be forewarned that not every woman standing on this stretch of street is a prostitute. Many are not. It’s not too tough to find out who is. Women standing around doing nothing other than making eye contact with passing men and perhaps saying hello are probably on the job. Women walking around or selling things most certainly are not.

There are a lot of less desirable looking women on this stretch, along with a fare amount of ladyboys. Scattered in the mix are a few more attractive women, including a handful of 19-21 year-olds. Finding a gem can take a lot of time and walking, and sometimes there is just nothing there for your tastes. Luckily, Beach Road also leads to Walking Street, Soi 8 and plenty of other streets filled with more reliable action (though at an increased cost).

Nowadays women who set up shop on the walkway may ask for anywhere from 700 to 1000 to start though all but the most stubborn among them will still join you in your hotel or a short time room for 500 Baht ($16), which has been the standard price for quite a while. Payment is delivered after the act. Tipping is optional but certainly not required.

Law enforcement seems to have a contradictory attitude toward the action on Beach Road. I think they could wipe it out completely if they wanted to, but instead they just carry out sweeps every once in a while to round up and fine many of the ladies plying their trade there. A day or even a few hours later, the action is back on. Foreigners are never swept up in these raids.

There are a few dangers associated with the Beach Road stroll. The main one is pick pocketing. Beware of women who want to grope you out in the open. This is not normal and is probably about getting to your wallet more than getting to your amazing cock that they just must have. Most say ladyboys are more likely to commit this act than “regular girls,” but I hate to paint a whole population with one brush like that. Keep your valuables in a safe place and only carry what you need and keep strangers hands out of your pockets and you should have no problem.

There’s also an increased chance of theft in room or other problems since the women who work the Beach Road aren’t associated with any establishment. If you have an issue like that, there is no one to go running to. A woman from a go go bar works in a set place where you can contact her employer. A street walker does not. Keep this in mind and take the necessary precautions if you decide to partake.

Those who are capable of keeping their wits probably won’t have any problems, but these issues are worth noting.

Soi 6: Soi 6 is an infamous street in Pattaya lined from one end to the other with various short time bars and shortime bars that double as blowjob bars. “Regular” shops offering things like food and a place to spend a whole night are few and far between in this little strip. Guys who are timid or new to the scene can be easily intimidated by the rows and rows of women waiting outside the bars trying to beckon customers inside, but there’s really no reason for that. Relaxation and remembering why you are there are key.

Other than the compact nature, lower prices and more explicit focus on sexual services than more popular walks like Walking Street, Soi 6 also has a very low number of “regular” tourists, which is something a lot of guys seem to like.

The set up in Soi 6 is pretty straight forward. Find a woman you like, enter the bar with her, have a drink if you’d like, then ask to go upstairs for a short romp. It should be 1000 Baht ($32) inclusive of everything except any drinks you may have. Some say they’re being asked as much as 1350 Baht for everything now at a few places on the Soi, but there’s no need to accept that. Politely decline and head to another of the dozens of shops on the street where the price is still standard.

Be aware that there are a few ladyboy bars on this strip, though they are easy to avoid if that’s not something you are into.

Off-the-radar Massage Parlors: Pattaya and tourist areas of Thailand in general are literally covered in massage parlors. Some like EZ Massage or Honey are of the obviously sexual type. Others are “normal” massage parlors where extras may or may not be offered depending on the service provider and the client. Action can go cheap in those places but it’s so hit and miss that it’s hard to say anything specific.

Soi 11 (also known as Soi Honey) is home to a number of shops that look a lot like regular massage parlors but are more oriented toward the male customer. I have already reviewed PP Massage but there are plenty of others. The available women will be waiting outside, calling out to passing men. The perfunctory massage combined with full service should come out to 1000 Baht, which is equivalent to the rate at Soi 6.

There are plenty more massage shops on Soi Chaiyapoon. Most of these places look a bit worse than the Soi Honey shops but the women are at least at the same level. Massages are mostly terrible and short with the real action being negotiated for quickly after things begin. A romp may be quoted for as much as 1000 Baht or more, but most service providers will accept counter offers of 500 Baht. That is the same as the going rate at Beach Road. You have to pay another 300 Baht to the shop for the massage but it all evens out since you would have to get a room for a Beach Road girl anyway. As an added bonus, the providers here are tied to a specific shop and so are less likely to pull any stunts on you.

There you have it.

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  1. Jamal says:

    Hey I found your website about 8 months ago this is solid stuff. I have a question i’ve never been to thailand before but i heard there is quite a bit of discrimination towards foreigners who aren’t white in Thailand this concerns me because I am black. I read on a few websites some of the establishments don’t even allow black people, indian people, or arabs come in. Have you ever heard of this happening, and if so have you heard about this happening frequently.

    • rockit says:

      Hi Jamal. I answered a question similar to yours on this site some time ago. There is certainly racism in Thailand. As a black guy, I’m sure you’re no stranger to it. In my opinion the difference in Thailand is that it’s not as motivated by hate as it is in the West. I don’t think that makes it much better but it’s worth noting. There are a very large number of Indians and Arabs in Thailand. There aren’t nearly as many black people. Indians and Arabs are the only groups I know that are purposely excluded from some establishments (this is sometimes done with “members only” rules that are only enforced when the people who want to come happen to be Indian). It’s more common for a place to let everyone in but discriminate via pricing or refusal of barfines. I once saw an Arabic speaking guy in a go go on Walking Street in Pattaya try to barfine three separate girls. The first two refused. When it came to the third, I saw the mamasan write down a number for short time that was what I know to be 3 times the going rate. The guy agreed and seemed happy. When the mamasan went back and told the gal he accepted the price she balked and said she wouldn’t go with him anyway. Finally the mamasan found a chubby woman on stage who was more than happy to go with the guy and off they went. Black guys seem to have no problem going to any of the places I’ve been to, or to take girls. There are always stereotypes and fears. They seem to be applied less to American blacks than Africans but they are still there. There are working women in Thailand that are fine with non-White guys. There are are even women who prefer black guys. I’ve met quite a few over the years. Go gos may be the place where it’s most difficult. Many of the places I’ve reviewed like Dr. BJ’s, Annies, EZ Massage, Akane, Eden Club, and Devil’s Den should give you no issue whatsoever. I personally wouldn’t let a certain level of prejudice keep me from visiting Thailand but maybe that’s easier for me to say. If your skin is brown you may have to “prove” yourself a little more than white guys do in some situations but once you do I think things would be quite alright. Remember too that the famous Soi Cowboy in Bangkok was founded by an American black guy decades ago. His nickname was “the cowboy” and that’s where the street got its name! Sorry my reply was so long. I hope it helped. Cheers.

    • Deca says:

      Wow. Rockits knowledge of bkk is just amazing. I think he deserves some kind of award or recognition in the adult industry like free services or 50% discounts on all pay4sex!! Cheers!

    • rockit says:

      That would be great. So far I have received no such honor. Cheers.

  2. Tania 10 says:

    Great blog thanks for the info. My hubby and i will spend 3 months in Pattaya we are swingers and want to pick up expat guys where is the best place for this type of meeting.
    Tania xx

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. That isn’t really my area of expertise, but I can’t imagine it would be too tough to find what you’re after. If you’re looking for threesome, foursome or moresome action with paid female help you’ll probably want to look at places like the Devil’s Den (which has been reviewed on this site). Cheers!

  3. Ben says:

    I want to visit Thailand soon so which place is more accommodating to a black African man like especially where i can get beautiful and lovely girls

  4. Bhaskar Sinha says:

    Would like a review of Darling Massage and Spa in Pattaya

    • rockit says:

      I don’t have any plans for that though it could happen at some point in the future. Cheers.

  5. akali says:

    HI rockit. do you know what is the common form of transportation in Thailand? and which transportation should I use if I want to visit both bangkok and pattaya?

    • rockit says:

      Thailand has the same kinds of transportation as most other countries. There are buses that run between Bangkok and Pattaya regularly. Taxis will also make the trip. Private cars, limousines and other options exist too. I don’t make recommendations as this website is only for entertainment. Cheers.

  6. Tony says:

    Hi Rockit – I’ve been meaning to make mention of a lady I met ( and subsequent encounters with ) while on my last trip back in March. I was at a loose end one afternoon in Pattaya as my local little girlfriend had the red flag up as well as her mother visiting, so I thought I’d head on down to Soi 6 for a couple of drinks. After visiting 2 or 3 bars and fondling 1 or 2 perky asses I was starting to get horny and proceeded further down the soi when I couldn’t help but take notice of one lady that took my hungry eye. She was sitting outside with her fellow colleagues and I noticed a fantastic set of ample tits and blonded hair. I thought this combination was a welcome contrast and strolled over for a closer look where I invited her in for a drink together. She was a very friendly woman – I’ll say woman as she looked to be in her mid 30’s – and as we chatted she told me what she could do for me upstairs – it was rather explicit dialogue. With her hand massaging my cock and my hands all over her F cup tits we went upstairs to quite a good room. After being soaped and showered down by her we got under way to what I would describe as one of the dirtiest sessions I have ever had with a Thai bargirl or anyone for that matter. She had definitely kept her word as far as what action would take place – we screwed each other’s brains out in all sorts of positions and the climax came when she willingly laid out on the bed on her back with her head over the side with her legs spread wide, and high heels pointing to the ceiling, holding her shaven pussy open so I could see all that in a mirror opposite. She then instructed me to skull fuck her mouth while taking in the view from the mirror. After a few minutes I unloaded all over her face and hair and great set of tits. She absolutely loved it – getting up and checking the sight of her splattered face in the mirror. I was still hard as a rock from all this action and when she took notice she got back down on her knees without hesitation and deep throated me in front of the side wall mirror continually sloppy sucking my balls into her mouth and humming until I unloaded again on her face ( as I am no spring chicken I was real proud of myself for unloading again so quickly! ). This chic was a real filthy slut ( I say that in a complimentary way ), and she still wasn’t finished. She left all the cum on her face, hair and tits to savour and lay on the bed where she spread her legs and pussy to put a couple of fingers inside and got herself off again with a squirt. It was a sight to see and I won’t forget for a long time. We cleaned up in the shower together where she washed me down all over again and went downstairs to the bar where we continued on having some drinks. She invited me back another day ( which I happily obliged about 3 days later ) where she had some real sexy lingerie and stockings with stiletto high heels. We had a repeat performance much the same as last time except this time she allowed me to take some photos of her in all sorts of positions before the action and after with her messy face, hair and ample tits all cum covered. I went back for a third session with her a couple of days later where she had a cock pump for me ( I declined the offer ) and two battery dildos, one with the ass attachment. We then had the filthiest time together – with more photos of her with both dildos inside her pussy and ass and me skull fucking her mouth and cum all over face and hair again. An experience I shall remember forever with an absolutely dirty pornstar slut! Cheers.

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