VIP Seoul Escort in Seoul, South Korea

The adult entertainment scene in South Korea is gigantic. Hidden in plain sight the industry generates billions of dollars annually by offering all sorts of services. Unfortunately for foreigner visitors who would like to see what is available a large number of operators want nothing to do with guys who are not Korean. Even the places that do accept foreigners can be difficult to navigate without a firm grasp of the Korean language. It’s no surprise then that escort services are a popular choice for many who find themselves in South Korea without Korean ancestry or the ability to speak the language.

I’ve always done my best to stay on the ball and report what I know to readers of this site in the hopes that I can continue to entertain them. As information on Seoul continues to be some of the most popular on this site I try to keep an ear to the streets to see what’s going on at all times.

In the past I have reported on Korean escort agencies more than once. While Chic Escorts is still going strong, some of the other agencies seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Recently a new escort agency came across my radar called VIP Seoul Escort.

Although it seems to be a recent start up VIP has all the hallmarks of a professional outfit. According to the VIP Seoul Escort website the agency has a good-sized staff and with sessions starting at just $220 USD its rates are right on target for the city in operates in. In fact it’s even a little less expensive than some of its competitors who offer similar services.

Due to the nature of the business I don’t know exactly how many women work at VIP Escorts and I’m sure the number changes all the time, the same as nearly anywhere else in the world. Still judging by the photos I can see the management has a good taste in looks.

Cessi Korean escort in Seoul

April Korean escort in Seoul South Korea

Jieun Korean escort seoul

Hyorin Korean escort in Seoul South Korea

VIP says the women it has on staff are all models or university students. The photos on their website seem to bear that out. I love South Korea.

VIP Escort’s website is well designed and organized and the information on it is presented in clear and correct English which is refreshing considering how poor the attempts of some of the other outfits in the country to spread the word in the language come out. The management of VIP thankfully also has a great grasp of the language that could accurately be described as fluent.

While a part of the fun of traveling is learning about new things and interacting with different people it’s always great when you’re able to deal with someone in your own language. That’s especially true when dealing of matters of the heart or other areas where there can be confusion that leads to real disappointment. I don’t imagine English speaking customers would have any such problems dealing with the people at VIP.

They also offer a “strip club” service that sounds very intriguing. If I have the ability I hope to see what VIP is up to there in the very near future. For now I pass on the knowledge that I have, as always, in the hopes that you enjoy it.

VIP Seoul Escorts. Seoul, South Korea. Website. Phone: 010-2840-5181 Email:


  1. Jack says:

    Korean women are some of he finest looking on the planet. An escort with Ewha University pedigree would be a very, very good thing.

    • rockit says:

      There are definitely many beautiful women in Korea, including one from the university you mention that I was lucky enough to go to bed with years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday even though I’ve been with countless other women from around the world since. Cheers.

  2. Hellas1821 says:

    I’m always wearly of photos from escort agency websites and ad postings. I always go with the TGTBT style of thinking. If it’s too good to be true…it probably is. It hope VIP is true to their word.

  3. VONSAUER says:

    Do you know if there is a limit of how many times you can go within each time frame?

  4. AroundSeoul says:

    Although I appreciate the report, there is nothing here that would really help someone coming into Seoul, unlike your other posts. VIP massage is part of many other agencies of different names. Most that you find advertise and offer the room saloon showing they are connected. That aside, those pictures are fake. How do I know that? Because all the pictures that are posted by agencies are always fake. It is no different than the card you pick up off of the street. You will get girls that range from 25-40. I used one before and they sent me a “personal photo” the girl that showed up had to be in her late 30s and was haggered. Gave her 20k for a taxi and sent her on her way. It is completely hit or miss with all the agencies that post exclusively for foreigners. This is because they are targeting travelers and business men that would not know any better and just except what shows ujp. You can get a nice girl with the agencies, but never expect what you see in the pictures.

    As for limit, just like most types of places it is 1 hour 1 pop. If you go early expect them to get ready to leave.

  5. n0vaz says:

    Website doesn’t exists anymore. Company also gone?

    • rockit says:

      These kinds of companies change their URLs a lot to get around internet bans in South Korea. The listed website still works for me and as far as I know they are still in business. Cheers.

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