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UK grannies looking for sex on the internet

Look how far we have come as a species. While we haven’t been able to cure any of the major ailments that have wreaked havoc on humanity over the last several decades, we can now talk to our refrigerators and tie our shoelaces with an app. What’s more, horny grandmothers can now find an endless see of erect and waiting men waiting to please them with a simple click of a mouse. And vice versa!

Readers in their early twenties may not believe it, but there was a time when women of a certain age acted in a certain way. There was a sort of social expectation that women three generations deep in a family wouldn’t have nipples piercings on display at the very least. Obviously, those days are long gone. Nowadays it’s a free for all, even if it isn’t free for all.

The so-called sexual revolution swept much of the world in the nineteen sixties and seventies and really opened things up. Yet even fifty years ago, few would imagine that there would soon be sex crazed grannies scouring international communication networks for casual flings with much younger men. Beyond that, few would imagine that any much younger men would even want to have sex with old ladies. Back then, the idea was so alien that it didn’t even appear in the fantasy world of science fiction movies.

Guys seeking sex with grannies

I’m not sure when guys started to become sexual interested in elderly women. The MILF and cougar craze seems easier to track down and research. But even that would be quite a task. Suffice it to say that in the modern western world there are quite a few males who are sexually aroused by women old enough to be their grandmothers. Hence the creation and widespread dissemination of the GILF moniker, which for the initiated stands for “Grandmother I’d Like to Fuck.”

GILF from the UK

Maybe the feeling was always there, lurking below the service and waiting for an outlet. Or maybe a rise in teen pregnancy creating younger grandmothers than ever had something to do with it. Another possibility is that guys started to notice old ladies when the old ladies themselves took off their bonnets and bras and started walking around in mini skirts. It could also be some sort of larger social shift that only a team of proper psychologists could analyze. The issue seems to run pretty deep and in some places more than others.

Whatever the case, a certain section of the male population is interested in we would have once referred to old slappers. I still remember seeing the Over 40 and then Over 50 porn magazines many years ago. I didn’t know anyone who was interested in either. But the magazines were clearly selling. After that came porn videos and websites. And now there are websites that meld fantasy with reality and allow guys in their thirties to meet women in their sixties for sex.

Grannies seeking casual sex online

Imagine you were alive seventy years ago. In some small town under the watchful eye of your neighbors and society at large, you would probably feel quite constrained in your activities. If you had an inkling to get busy with an old lady, what would you do? It would be quite the conundrum.

Or imagine you were a horny old grandmother! Burdened with all the domestic labor of a woman of your stature, you might still want some kind of sexual release. Assuming your mind broke free from social norms to begin with. Well, what would you do then? Where would you find thirty year old guys to ride?

At least in some parts of the world, such worries are a thing of the past. Nowadays anyone looking to meet UK GILFS for sex need look no further than the phone that is most likely already in their hand. The same works in reverse too.

It makes sense that this sort of thing would spring up in the UK. British grannies have always seemed to be among the most sexual, at least since the generation of the aforementioned sexual revolution came to age. How else do you explain the rise is dogging, swinging, and older UK couples heading to towns like Pattaya for sex holidays? If the grannies in Blighty have any competition, it would seem to come from the United States and perhaps Russia. A lot of grandma porn comes out of both of those countries. But I don’t know if they have casual sex outlets online yet.


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