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Review: Mion @ Tokyo Style — Tokyo, Japan


As time continues to march on Rockit Reports continues to grow. Some subjects are brought into clearer view with more detailed posts while new ground is broken with others. The aim is to strike a balance that allows for well rounded expansion while continuing to [...]


Review: Saki @ Tokyo Style — Tokyo, Japan


For years the content on this website consisted mainly of reviews of adult entertainment establishments mixed with occasional news and views all with an eye toward entertaining the readers. At some point it became regular practice of this website to post reviews of individual service [...]


Review: Rin @ Tokyo Style — Tokyo, Japan


I have been reporting on the Tokyo Style erotic massage company in Japan since 2014. If all goes well I will continue reporting on it well into the future mainly through reviews of individual women on staff. Tokyo Style continues to be one of the [...]


Review: Nao @ Tokyo Style — Tokyo, Japan


The totally foreigner-friendly delivery health shop Tokyo Style has been a topic of discussion on this website since I first mentioned the company in a post back in early 2014. In the time since I have done numerous reports on Tokyo Style including reviews of [...]


Review: Yuzu @ Tokyo Style — Tokyo, Japan

Yuzu masseuse for gaijin in Tokyo Japan

I first mentioned the Tokyo Style massage company on this website in March of 2014. In the time since I gave the place a full review and made a report when they added several new women to their staff. I’ve also done some individual reviews [...]


Review: Sora @ Tokyo Style — Tokyo, Japan

Sora handjob blowjob massage tokyo japan

As returning readers of this website know I have been reporting on Tokyo Style pretty regularly since first mentioning the company in March last year. One reason I give the place so much attention is that it is honestly one of my favorite services in [...]


Review: Erotick Massage Tokyo 311 — Tokyo, Japan

Review of Erotic Massage Tokyo 311

The topic of Japan continues to be a popular one on this website which is no real surprise considering the size of the adult industry in the country. I’m sure the fact that gaijin are barred from so many of the facilities that are otherwise [...]


Review: Sumire @ Tokyo Style — Tokyo, Japan

Sumire at Tokyo Style

I first reported on Tokyo Style as a foreigner friendly establishment in Japan’s capital city back in March last year. A few months later I posted a full review of the services the place offers which gave a little more detail than the initial write [...]


Review: Asian Relax — Tokyo, Japan

Asian Relax Tokyo Massage Review

Nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of the infamous and chaotic Kabukicho section of Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward sits a peaceful little slice of Thailand. Easy to miss in the clutter of large colorful signs and flashing neon lights Asian Relax offers massages with a little [...]


Review: Asian Feeling — Tokyo, Japan

Asian Feeling Tokyo Thai Massage with happy ending in Kabukicho

Over the last few months a couple of regular readers and advertisers have mentioned in passing what they see as a focus on the scenes in Japan and Thailand. In reality this site has a global focus and I’ve reported on places around the world. [...]