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Review: Japanese AV star Egami Shiho @ Tokyo Hentai Club — Tokyo, Japan


Exactly two weeks ago I wrote about the appearance of Japanese porn star Egami Shiho at Tokyo Hentai Club Shinjuku in Tokyo. In closing that post I expressed my wish that I would be able to spend some time with her myself. Thanks to the [...]


Review: Studio First — Tokyo, Japan

Studio First Japan nude photography in Tokyo

In May, 2014, I published a review of a photo club in Tokyo called Starcats where people could go to take pictures of Japanese porn actresses for a fee. I noted at the time that there were at least three other shops operating in the [...]


Review: Starcats — Tokyo, Japan


A few months ago a regular poster on this site who goes by the name of Ed sent me a link to a website for a place called Starcats in Tokyo. The site was filled with pictures of Japanese AV stars (AV being adult video, [...]