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Sex is on sale in Jakarta, Indonesia

Sex is on sale in Jakarta, Indonesia

The sale of sexual services of any kind is officially forbidden by law in Indonesia. In practice it’s often tolerated openly and at times even regulated. That’s not to say that everything comes up roses for sex workers and their clients. There are often campaigns [...]


Review: Illigals — Jakarta, Indonesia

Illigals club Jakarta

Illigals is one of the newest of the large adult entertainment complexes located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Illigals took the place of the infamous 1001 club some time ago though from what I can see it hasn’t quite caught on yet. Illigals operates just like the [...]


Review: King Cross — Jakarta, Indonesia

King Cross club Jakarta Indonesia review

King Cross is yet another large adult entertainment complex for men in Jakarta that operates a lot like Malioboro and Alexis Hotel which I’ve reviewed previously. I don’t know if it’s busier or whether it just appears that way because it’s smaller but King Cross [...]


Review: Alexis Hotel — Jakarta, Indonesia

Alexis Hotel Jakarta Indonesia

Officially the sale of adult services of any kind are illegal in Indonesia. As with Thailand it’s clear to see a totally different reality on the ground with the practice being widely tolerated or even embraced. Like the previously reviewed Malioboro, the Alexis Hotel is [...]


Sex is on sale in Jakarta Indonesia’s Blok M

Sex is on sale in Jakarta Indonesia’s Blok M

Like Orchard Towers in Singapore Jakarta’s Blok M with its famous group of girlie bars is probably the most popular place for western men in the city to meet women offering play for pay. As with Orchard Towers I’m not totally sure why that is [...]


Review: Classic Hotel / Terminal — Jakarta, Indonesia

Classic Hotel Terminal Jakarta

The Classic Hotel is a large building in Jakarta, Indonesia that contains a number of smaller enterprises within its walls. Although there are things like a surprisingly good restaurant on the ground floor and a dance club called Bunker with outdated music where Eastern European [...]


Review: Malioboro — Jakarta, Indonesia

Review of Malioboro Spa Club in Jakarta

In the time that this website has been online I have covered the commercial sex scenes in numerous countries. Early on I posted a back log of posts I had written up over a period of time that allowed me to quickly build up a [...]