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Review: 152 Massage — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Although it is not internationally recognized Vietnam actually has a huge adult entertainment industry that rivals those of some of its neighbors in Southeast Asia. The local government and press recognizes this fact and discussions over things like regulation and even legalization of the industry [...]


Review: Saigon Star Health Club — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


The Saigon Star Health Club is one of many hotel-based massage parlors operating in the capital city of Vietnam. As the name would suggest the club is situated inside of the well known Saigon Star Hotel located in District 3 of Ho Chi Minh City. [...]


Review: Liberty 2 — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Review of Liberty 2 massage in Ho Chi Minh City

Liberty 2 is one of the many hotel based massage facilities located in District 1 of Vietnam‘s southern financial center Saigon. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that the hotel is called Liberty 2 and the massage facilities are located inside of it. The [...]


Review: Kaka Spa — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Review of Kaka Spa massage in Saigon

As far as I know Vietnam does not draw in huge numbers of tourists especially when compared with other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and to a lesser extent Cambodia. That doesn’t mean that people don’t visit Vietnam though. Millions undoubtedly do. For reasons that [...]


Review: Minh Tam 2 — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Minh Tam 2 Massage

Minh Tam 2 is a top quality massage parlor in the Tan Binh District of Ho Chi Minh City where a guy can get a body rub with a grand finale in comfort. Rumor has it that Minh Tam 2 is owned by the same [...]


Review: Minh Minh Tam — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Minh Minh Tam massage Saigon

Minh Minh Tam is a high end massage parlor located in District 10 of Ho Chi Minh City that offers quality rub downs with satisfactory endings. The massage parlor is located on an upper floor of the Minh Minh Tam hotel. The place is very [...]