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Review: Silver Star 1 — Pattaya, Thailand


Way back in the middle of 2015 I reviewed the Silver Star 2 go go bar in Pattaya. I always planned to review the original Silver Star 1 go go bar but never get around to it. Upon hearing the news that both Silver Star [...]


Review: Silver Star 2 — Pattaya, Thailand

Silver Star 2 Soi 7 Pattaya

Most tourist heavy areas of Thailand are home to numerous agogos. In some places there can be so many crammed so close together that one blends in with another. With most operating a very similar model and even staffing similar gals it just doesn’t make [...]


A rundown of Pattaya’s go go bars

A rundown of Pattaya’s go go bars

Pattaya Thailand is known around the world as a destination for horny guys and gals. It’s also increasingly becoming known as a vacation spot for people mainly from Russia and East Asia. After countless visits I’m not exactly sure what the town has to offer [...]


Review: Clinic — Pattaya, Thailand **Closed**

Clinic Agogo

Note: Clinic has closed. Thanks to Steve for the heads up and others on the ground who confirmed the sad news. There are plenty of go go bars in Thailand. In the world famous city of Pattaya the main strip of agogos lies on the [...]


Review: Kitten Club / Obsessions — Pattaya, Thailand

Kitten Club Obsessions Penthouse Hotel Pattaya

Twas the day before Christmas and all through Soi 13/4 plenty of ladies and ladyboys were creeping on and off the stage. The Kitten Club and Obsessions are two go go bars rolled into one, located in the middle of the internationally renowned sex city [...]