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Review: FKK Artemis — Berlin, Germany


FKK Artemis in Berlin is probably the largest and most visible of all the sex saunas in German’s capital city. Artemis made international headlines a few weeks ago when the place was raided by authorities for alleged tax violations along with other charges. As reported [...]


Review: FKK Oase — Frankfurt, Germany


FKK Oase is a large and well known Roman-themed sex sauna located in Burgholzhausen which is just outside of the German city of Frankfurt. It bills itself as being “simply the best” and that is hard to argue with. As noted in previous posts FKK [...]


Review: FKK Mainhattan — Frankfurt, Germany

Review of FKK sex sauna Mainhattan in Frankfurt Germany

Mainhattan is one of the most well known and easy to find of all the sex saunas in Germany. FKK is a common acronym in German speaking countries for the phrase Freikörperkultur. This translates to “free body culture” and has roots going far back in [...]