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Review: Exotic Massage — Bangkok, Thailand


While Thailand is home to a notoriously large adult entertainment industry the fact is that most of it follows the same pattern. There are basically a handful of patterns that all Bangkok shops follow. Once in a great while however a shop will break the [...]


Exotic Massage Bangkok offers kinky services

Exotic Massage Bangkok offers kinky services

The city of Bangkok is filled with massage parlors of all type. They dot the city along with a host of other places aimed at adult customers. A lot of wild stories are out there and some people who have never been to the area [...]


Review: Akane (Soi 33) — Bangkok, Thailand

Akane Massage Soi 33 Japan

Akane is a well known massage parlor located on the east side of Sukhumvit Soi 33 in Bangkok, Thailand. I’ve been meaning to review the place for some time but for a number of reasons I am only getting around to it now. A little [...]