Sex is on sale in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Horny massage graffiti on the city walls of kuala lumpur Malaysia

Although prostitution is officially illegal in Malaysia ads like these can be seen all over Kuala Lumpur.

In its outward appearance and official laws Malaysia is a very conservative country that has completely outlawed prostitution. However, legislation against the sale of sex hasn’t eliminated the practice in Malaysia anymore than than it has in any other country that has taken similar steps. The world’s oldest profession remains resilient.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and the epicenter of its large commercial sex industry. Even the short time visitor is likely to come across it in some form even if they aren’t searching it out or necessarily aware of what’s in front of them. Here’s a run down.

The city is littered with run of the mill massage parlors though the numbers don’t approach cities like Bangkok and Pattaya where every street has a few. Many of these massage parlors will offer hands-on happy endings and a select few will offer even more. Unlike many other massage parlors around the world, fees and even tips at these establishments are often requested up front. The most well known street for massage parlors is Jalan Pudu. While not every service provider at every shop on that street offers extras, many do. Some of the masseuses are from Thailand and can perform really good legitimate massages which is rare for venues with extended menus. Massages typically cost 60 Ringgit per hour ($19 US) and extras usually start at an additional 50 Ringgit ($16 US). These massage parlors aren’t the nicest places around but they aren’t the worst either. Places with tinted windows and locked doors that buzz customers in one by one are obviously more likely to be keyed in to lonely guys than well lit flowery establishments.

Other massage parlors which may not be parlors at all advertise their services on Jalan Pudu and other streets around town. They use everything from leaflets and stickers to graffiti to promote their businesses, sometimes right in front of large and popular shopping centers. These services are typically trustworthy but there’s always a risk involved when dealing with operations like these.

Larger and better established massage parlors offering full service are scattered around town. I’ve already posted a review of Deluxe Health Spa. Other similar venues abound like Genesis Sauna Spa on Level 10 of Menara Genesis at 33 Jalan Sultin Ismail and Green Elephant Spa in the parking garage behind Sungai Wang Plaza on the same street. Someone published this list of sexy massage parlors in Kuala Lumpur back in 2010 but I can’t vouch for its accuracy. Typical rates at places like these range from 230 to 300 Ringgit ($73-95 US).

Kuala Lumpur is also home to a number of freelancers who come into the country from places like Vietnam and the Philippines on tourist visas in search of some quick cash. These freelancers can be found all around with a quite a few using dating sites to meet potential clients during the day, even though they may not be explicit about their search for cash. The most popular venues are unquestionably a select number of bars where foreign and a few local men mingle together in hopes of making a financially motivated match. I posted a review of the Beach Club in Kuala Lumpur last month. The Thai Club across the street is a very similar establishment. Women at these bars usually ask for 300 to 600 Ringgit ($96-191 US) for a full night of fun.

Countless street walkers from China and other parts of Asia ply their trade on Jalan Bukit Bintang throughout the day and night. When the sun is up a few dozen women can usually be found standing in front of the hotels and marts on the north side of the street between Jalan Pudu and Jalan Sultan Ismail. When the sun goes down many more women come out in the same area though they tend to cover both sides of the street. There are also quite a few ladyboys around at this time. The women stand on the sidewalks and wait for guys to approach them or give them “the look.” Few will approach men who walk through at full speed and look uninterested but a handful can be slightly aggressive at times. A short romp can go for as little as 50 Ringgit though most women ask for more.

Some guys love karaoke rooms or KTVS. I’m not one of them. A do know of a few in the city where extras may be available from the hostesses if the vibe (and money) is right. One is Bintang Palace at 1 Jalan Walter Grenier. Another is Emico on the 2nd Floor of 149 Lorong Loke Yew. I’m sure there are many more around.

Last but not least are the low cost brothels around town that are apparently set up to service those with very little cash to spend and shopping mall food courts where some women from mainland China look for clients. I don’t have much information on either. The former are tucked out of the way and among the least hygienic places of this sort to be found anywhere and the latter seem to require Chinese language skills to navigate.

That’s a concise overview of what I know about Kuala Lumpur. I’ve said here before that it’s not among my favorite cities in the world to visit, which is probably why I’ve taken so long to post this report. It’s not a terrible place but there are a number of other cities that I personally prefer. Everyone has their own opinion, but one thing is for sure. Sex is on sale in Kuala Lumpur.


  1. DoctorG says:

    Thanks for the review. I share all your sentiments. It’s not great, but KL has a certain charm that’s fun and at least it’s not expensive like Singapore.
    I go to KL every few weeks for business and often explore on foot on my own just to get a feel of the city and scene. I ended up at Thai Club a month or so ago totally by accident. Just walked by it, said to myself, “that looks like a awesome combo of seedy working bar and SE Asia entertainment. I was not disappointed. It’s a funny mix of working girls, couples on dates, friends out for fun, and featured a pretty decent and entertaining cover band with hot dancers.
    I had no shortage of propositions, but was just window shopping and didn’t lift the offer. I’m heading back on Sunday and will probably wander over again armed with knowledge of the scene. It was really a funny mix of locals on dates, mates on the pull, and mafia types drinking whiskey out of bottles with their names on them written in black sharpie. Was beach club similar? I know you don’t recommend, only report, but is beach club significantly different than Thai Club. I’ll be in town Sunday and will head back over to the street.

    • rockit says:

      Hi Doctor G. I would say that the Beach Club is much more focused and you are a lot less likely to see “regular people” having “a night out on the town.” I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a couple on a date inside as a matter of fact. Cheers.

    • DoctorG says:

      Ended up at the Beach Club. Loved it. Much better than Thai club. We had a blast. It’s the kind of place no one in the states would believe exists if you tried to explain it. I kind of feel badly for people back home sometimes.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. I know how you feel. There are so many people who just don’t know. Hence this site. Cheers!

  2. happy says:

    Hi Rockit. :)
    First of all, let me say congratulations for the success of this website, so much in fact that the Korean government decided to block it :p
    It means you’re doing something right and helping many punters across the world, as well as many people who are unfamiliar with P4P.

    If I may suggest (and I know you said you’re not a fan of KL), could you also include more Spas in KL? I’ve been to E2, Saboon, Sky River, Genesis, Golden City and Deluxe and I would like for you to review some more – especially E2 Spa Club and Saboon Health Spa which are the closest thing to Macau Saunas like Rio, Familia Nombre etc. but much less expensive.

    I’ve never personally visited Macau Saunas, but I read extensively on the how they work and it seems to be just an upscaled E2 or Saboon with more services. It would be nice for you to review them so you can help some punters who may want to know whether they enjoy the sauna scene before going to Macau.

    KL would be great for this as it is much less expensive. You can get full service with a young Chinese (and other nationalities) SW (varied looks), eat and drink food from the menu, use fish spa, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and for about 248 RM or around $62. Quite a saving! :)

    Seems to me that KL is like a 2nd tier Macau. E2 is like the Rio of KL. Sky River, which doesn’t have Spa facilities is like the Darling 1 of KL. The rest is pretty much the same with Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and sometimes Indonesian and other SW’s.


    • rockit says:

      Thanks for your comment. I don’t have plans to visit Malaysia again any time soon but perhaps I may at some point in the future. If I gather any new information I will be sure to report on it here. I have already reviewed Deluxe here. Generally speaking I don’t think the spas of Kuala Lumpur come anywhere near the level of the Macau Saunas which are typically larger, nicer and cleaner with a wider variety of services provided by much better looking women. They are more expensive but you get what you pay for. I should note that I’ve actually heard some Malaysians of non-Chinese appearance have been refused entry to Macau saunas before. Cheers.

  3. happy says:

    I don’t plan on going back to Malaysia again either. KL is just a lot less than say Bangkok or Jakarta. Macau Saunas like Rio probably accept everyone (or most) since Rio Hotel is so well known, but I do know that the lesser ones may have some of these issues.

    Not a problem really, but I’ll be happy to visit Macau eventually just for Rio and perhaps Familia Nombre. Really not interested in the others.

    I’m curious though, if you don’t mind sharing what exactly don’t you like about KL and Malaysia? Reading between the lines I figure you must’ve had some bad experiences there. Did you have discrimination issues of sorts? I’ll share my funny experience with you that when I went to Genesis the 2nd time and picked a local Malay she didn’t want to serve me, so the captain spoke to another local Malay girl instead and had her.

    Just wondering because the 1st time I went to KL, I actually had a nicer time than BKK overall. Later, it became clear that BKK was >>>>> better for P4P. I think for me, KL and Malaysia are just good/average, while BKK has way more options.

    Though, I must say that whilst I like Thai food, I really LOVE Malaysian food.

    • rockit says:

      I’m not sure what you mean when you say Malaysia is cheaper. You can get different services at different costs everywhere. For example you can get sex in Thailand right now for $14 US dollars. You can also spend $500 to get picked up at the airport in a limousine with two escorts in the back who will service you on the way to your hotel. It only makes sense to compare the same services and for me at this point price isn’t always or even usually the most important factor. I have never had a particular bad experience in Malaysia I simply find very little enjoyment in traveling there. You could say it is not my cup of tea. Cheers.

    • EuropeanGuy says:

      I spent 3 days in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year and it struck me as a place I wouldn’t visit again, unless I was forced to. I can’t pinpoint exactly the reason why, but I got a bad vibe out of the city. Nothing bad happened so I guess KL is just plain boring. Also, the locals seemed cold and I recall them either staring at me a lot, or avoiding eye contact altogether. Weird.

    • rockit says:

      Not much different from my experiences. Cheers.

  4. happy says:

    I meant less in terms of punting options. I wasn’t clear.

  5. Mark says:

    I am thinking of visiting Penang soon is there any scene or places you guys could recommend

  6. TID says:

    I am a regular in KL and i can recommend SkyRiver – FS, a good selection of honies.

    I have been there about 10 times and i have had 7 great blasts, 2 mechanical and 1 disaster (chinese – avoid).

    Be nice to them and they will be nice to you. You are guaranteed FS but its up to you to create the right situation to explore all the options.

    I am on my way their now (typing from Icheon airport, Seoul, and i intend to try Beachclub option.

    Backpage escorts are all hit and miss and 90% always bait n switch, which i hate!
    PlayboyKL is OK as a service provider and generally the girls on his website are real – though performance has been poor.

    Generally, i would avoid the street walkers – you might find they are more man than you are!

    KL is not a pretty place … But for mongering and selection, the price is way better than most countries.

    • Deca says:

      Wow. Thanks for the report. I will try Sky RIver. I was at Bond Spa but only had 3 girls and none was my type. Great massage and food though. Cheers!!

  7. Jay says:

    Hey Rockit. Do you recall there being a decent amount of Indian girls anywhere? Wikisexguide mentioned them being in Chow kit, but I don’t see any other evidence supporting that claim. I have a weakness for Indian looks and I’d be willing to take a short side trip to KL from my main trip in Phuket in a few months. Thanks!

    • rockit says:

      I’ve never noticed an abundance of Indian working women anywhere in the world other than India itself. Cheers.

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