Sex is on sale at the Beach Club in Kuala Lumpur

The Beach Club is a large bar in a nice section of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Surrounded by things like an upmarket Irish Pub it looks a lot like any other mainstream establishment from the inside. In fact it is. The place isn’t in the business of directly selling any sexual services at all and it looks more like a Hard Rock Cafe or similar commercialized theme bar than a red light district. Once inside though punters quickly get the picture that there’s a lot more on offer than beer and live music.

Entering the Beach Club requires 40 Ringgit ($13 US) but provides the customer with a ticket good for one drink at the bar. Upon entering customers get their hand stamped before being briefly patted down. Inside guys will see that they are outnumbered by women at a rate of something like ten to one. On good nights things can be skewed even more. This is not because the Beach Club is a happening place to be that every gal just must get to. It’s because the place has become a famous venue for women from around the world to find men willing to shell out some money in exchange for a bit of fun. There are very few “civilian” women to be found.

The vast majority of the women who work the Beach Club are Vietnamese. They range in looks but most are at least fairly attractive. Ages go from twenty on up but unlike the bars of Orchard Towers in Singapore there aren’t many really old gals hanging around at all. Other countries are also represented with some Chinese and Filipina women working the floor. There are always at least a handful of Eastern European women from Russia and former Soviet states but frankly they generally aren’t the best lookers. They are most popular with local guys and Asian customers and they seem to know that.

The customers are as mixed as the women if not more. White guys can be seen alongside local Malaysians, visiting Asians and other people from around the world. The vibe is generally good with the worst of it usually being a guy drinking too much and making a fool of himself.

The Beach Club is a large place. There is an outdoor seating area that stretches quite a distance with two bars, a large bar inside, a large sitting area with a stage in front and a small bar in the back and another sitting area near one of the entrances. Even with all this space though things quickly get crowded by about 10 PM. It isn’t so bad that you can’t move but there are more people around than you might expect. Things are made a bit worse by the Club’s policy of marking certain tables “reserved” even though they’re given up to guys who get in good with the waitstaff with tips.

The women who ply their trade at the Beach Club typically come to Malaysia on tourist visas and see what kind of money they can make. Most of them are not hardened in the least bit and plenty have regular lives that they return to back home. This makes for a rather pleasant scene which can be surprising considering that freelancers in some places around the world tend to be among the most seasoned and in many cases bitter.

Gals at the Beach Club are generally not aggressive either. A few of the older or more practiced ladies will occasionally approach a guy sitting or standing alone to spark up a conversation but it rather gets any more “in your face” than that. The younger and better looking ladies will wait to be approached.

There’s no lady drink scheme going at the Beach Club though the polo shirt wearing male attendants will often try to goad male customers into buying beverages for any lady they talk to for more than a minute. This, the aforementioned reserved table hustle they run and their constant attempts at flirting with the women make them the biggest negative aspect of the bar. On the bright side they are about the only negative aspect outside of the live music which at times can be much too loud for those looking to converse.

Connecting with the women at the Beach Club is incredibly easy. That’s as it should be as the name of the game is pay for play. Still I could see how some really shy guys could have issues. If they weren’t happy with whichever women approached them they’d have to get up and do a little leg work themselves. Lucky there are full service massage parlors in town if they can’t handle the Beach Club scene.

There are no set rates at the Beach Club since the women working are in charge of their own finances. There is a generally accepted range though it’s possible for things to go higher or lower depending on the people involved and the type of transaction being made. Typically a short romp is available for 100-300 Ringgit ($32-96 US) while an all-nighter can run anywhere from 300 to 600 Ringgit ($96-191) with the lower price usually available to those with a bit of flirting and negotiation skills.

Freelancers tend to be among the most risky working women to deal with since they aren’t connected or responsible to any establishment. While bad things can happen anywhere and to anyone the women who work the Beach Club seem to be a generally honest bunch. The worst of it tends to be attempts to coax a few more Ringgits out of guys while back in the room but anything worse than that seems to be incredibly infrequent.

Considering what it is and where it’s located the Beach Club isn’t that bad of a place. There’s a reason guys keep coming back night after night, year after year.

There’s another bar right across the street from the Beach Club called the Thai Club where things go down much in the same way. Though this place doesn’t get as crowded it seems to draw a slightly more attractive crop of women and things there get going an hour or two earlier than they do at the Beach.

Beach Club Cafe, 924 Jalan P Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Open seven days a week, evening until late. The club has moved a few meters down the road from it’s original location. Website:


  1. Joh4668 says:

    I went on the month of June 2015 and I find there are many girls working as prostitutes from Vietnam, Turkey, Khazakhstan and others. They are so expensive now and they give terrible sex, only want money and they leave. The ones from Turkey, Uzbekhistan, Kazakhstan are so expensive and they are also hard core sex type, you have to satisfy them like a dog like licking them like lesbian. Some girls have bosses control them like mafia and they can get rough if you don’t pay. The police also raid there always, catch anyone with the girls as well. The Vietnam, Philippine girls are cheaper and give normal sex but they only satisfy you short time. I find some girls are picky as the want easy target to have sex and leave you when they get the money. It’s better go to clubs like Zouk or others just for drinks, if lucky can get free sex and if you are horny want sex, just tell the taxi driver to take you to spa with sex where you can find more beautiful girls from China, Mongolia, Thailand etc you can choose and the price is cheaper. You save money and can have many sex because it is cheaper, please don’t get cheated at beach club and the police is watching all the time there.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. As the report indicates I have had very different experiences. Cheers.

  2. adolf b says:

    I’ve been to this club twice, i found that there are so many freelance girls who were very friendly from China, Vietnam, Turkey, Ajerbaijan, others.

    I asked few girls and the price are varies (RM300.00 – RM1,000.00)

    But the trick is they also offer crazy discounts! You just have to wait until like the club is about to close (cant remember maybe around 2/3am), the price will go down!

    True enough some girls are picky but get over it as there are so many other choices you can always look for in the club.

  3. John Jack says:

    Is it possible to find girls who offer anal at Beach Club? Anyone have any experience with this?

    • rockit says:

      They say anything is possible. The women at Beach Club work independently. It is up to them to decide what they do and don’t do. There are no rules as there is no one to set them. Cheers.

  4. phil says:

    Havent been to the Beach Club in about 4 years…Do they still get loads of African girls there? Or are there African girls anywhere else in Asia? Singapore perhaps

    • rockit says:

      I have not seen many African women in the Beach Club or the four floors of whores in Singapore. I have seen some on Sukhumvit in Bangkok over the years. Cheers.

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