Sex is on sale in Vientiane, Laos

Laos is a small landlocked-country in Southeast Asia surrounded by more populated countries like Thailand with very active commercial sex scenes. Like it’s Eastern neighbor Vietnam, Laos officially prohibits not only the sale of sexual services but also cohabitation of any sort between foreigners and Lao nationals who they have not married.

But as always where there is a will (and some money) there is a way.  Stories of foreigners getting hit up with big fines for having a lady in their hotel room have pretty much disappeared over the last few years and a number of venues have established themselves are pretty reliable outlets for the industry. The sale of sex is still outlawed and could lead to problems. It’s just that problems are a lot rarer than they used to be. As always I don’t advocate anything. I simply provide these reports for entertainment value.

Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, is located just over the Mekong River from Thailand. It’s a small city by any standard, but especially when compared to cities like Bangkok or Saigon. One could probably cover most of the city in a day or two but all that is unseen to the naked eye would undoubtedly remain that way. Learning the ins and out would require a lot more time, and that’s something that most single male visitors don’t usually have as they often visit only on short visa runs from Thailand. I don’t claim to be an expert but I do know some things.

I usually point to dating sites as a way to hook up in new places. In Vientiane that doesn’t seem to be too effective. There are a handful of gals on some of the better known haunts like Date in Asia but most of them appear to be from the same circle of semi-professionals that haunt the freelance hangouts I’m about to describe.

bor pen nyang bar Vientiane Laos

Bor Pennyang. The action, or at least the introduction process, happens on the top floor.

The easiest way for foreign guys to hook up with local ladies in the capital is through the limited freelance scene that exists. Starting at about six or seven in the evening people start heading to a small rooftop bar in a place called Bor Pennyang. It’s a small building on the riverfront that everyone knows. Accessing the bar requires a climb up four flights of stairs.

The bar serves a variety of drinks and mediocre food and has a few pool tables in the back that seem to be forever occupied. The place attracts a mix of expats, hippie backpacker types, binge drinkers, locals out for a bit of fun and a handful of freelancers. When I say handful, I mean it. They certainly don’t dominate. The vast majority of people at the bar are regular old customers.

Still, the freelancers are no doubt the most interesting demographic for readers of this site. There aren’t that many of them but they do filter in and out as the night goes on. Some are hardcore and dressed a bit provocatively (though it’s nothing compared with places like Soi Cowboy or perhaps even what you’d see on a Seoul street on a Saturday night) but most are a lot more moderate.

There is very little in the way of in your face action at Bor Pennyang. Guys who want to talk to a lady will have to get her attention and chat her up. Many times they travel with friends or family and that makes things a bit more difficult. It’s still not as tough as a cold pick up in the middle of New York City but it requires a lot more work than a point and click fishbowl like Honey.

The working women in Vientiane are on average on the demure side. Rates and actual activities are rarely discussed and even those who have been in the game for a while often express a desire to find a boyfriend or husband rather than a quick money maker. This is evidenced by many stories of working women “hanging around” for hours or even days after the initial fun. It’s a far cry from the early morning runners that now rule the Bangkok and Manila go go bars. What’s more, many who do score a bit of money in a night’s work often spend the next few days with family or friends rather than heading out into the trenches again.

Like everything else in Vientiane, Bor Pennyang closes early. At midnight it’s closing time. Many of the freelancers and others in the bar who haven’t hooked up or finished their night of fun then head over to a club called “At Home.” It’s not far away and this is also a place that everyone, including the tuk tuk drivers who like to ask for outrageous sums of money, knows about.

At Home is a small club but it’s get’s fairly crowded. The music is a mix of loud noise of some type or another and most of the customers are locals out for some fun. Drinks are cheap and there are some freelancers in the mix. Be forewarned that there are a number of transgender “ladyboys” in the club and a few in Bor Pennyang too.

The freelancers aren’t the best lookers though a few are generally attractive. Any stunners in the club are usually not available as they came with local lads for innocent drinking and dancing.

Other places that have freelancers from time to time are Samlo Pub, the Khop Chai Deu bar and restaurant, and the area around the fountain. All of these places are easy to find but are hit or miss to say the least. None are reliable pick up spots, most are filled with “regular” women, and a lot of the women who hang around the fountain area or stop on their motorbikes to talk to single guys are actually the aforementioned transgendered ladyboys.

Freelancers vary in what they want depending on the circumstances but from what I know the usual tip given by foreign guys to these ladies of the night ranges from 25 to 100 US dollars.  For whatever reason, prices are often quoted at a higher than equivalent rate in Baht and the local Kip currency.

Most hotels now accept guests without a problem as long as the room was booked as a double rather than single occupancy, and there even some guesthouses that are happy to rent by the hour. Experienced ladies and tuk tuk drivers usually know where to go.

Cashed up locals and especially Asian businessmen from China, Vietnam and Thailand tend to hit the “KTV” karaoke clubs rather than wade through the freelance scene. These places generally have more women on staff and they are on average a lot better looking, though English skills range from poor to non-existent. There’s no real need to sit through the singing and drinking experience at most establishments for those who aren’t into that sort of thing. A sort of point and pull arrangement can be made with management and service often occurs on a higher floor on premises or somewhere very nearby. Take out, especially for a long time, isn’t as common. Asking rates range from 40 to 100 US or more depending on any number of factors. There are karaoke set ups at the Mekong Hotel, La Ong Dao 1 Hotel, La Ong Dao 2 Hotel and Tihao Hotel.

Finally a mention must be given to the massage parlors. Though certainly not as ubiquitous are they are in Thailand they are plentiful. Many offer mainstream service and nothing more but it’s definitely not out of the ordinary for something extra to be offered in the middle of a full body rub. Rates are negotiable. A more reliable experience is on offer from the good looking Vietnamese staff at the large massage facility in the parking lot of the Vientiane Plaza building on Saylom Road. The standard rate for an hour long body rub is about $16 US (though the price is given in kip). The facilities are a lot like a run down version of those at places like Minh Minh Tam in Vietnam but the level of service seems to range a bit more.

That’s what I have. There is certainly more but as you know no one knows it all.


  1. Jack says:

    Laos in general is a delight. It isn’t as easy as Thailand to score, but the women are worth it. I found a massage place near the fountain that seemed totally legit when I was there about a month ago, but after 90 mins the lady cupped my junk, asked “sex?” And before I knew it she had her shirt and bra off, skirt hiked up and me inside.

    Price negotiation comes at unfortunate times – one girl already had me in her mouth when she asked for 100k kip to finish – about $12, who can negotiate anyway in that position?! But in other MPs they’ve marveled at my Western rod, even joked that the massage must be “too good” because of my wood, but no action on offer.

    Beware of TGs, unless that’s your cup of tea. Had a few surprises in that regard.

    But I hope the Land of a Thousand Elephants doesn’t become like Thailand, because the girls are sweet and I really enjoyed the mystery of whether or not it was going anywhere. I could easily see going back and looking for a GF…

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Did the massage gal have her own condoms? In my experience most women in Southeast Asia especially in “legit” places don’t carry any. Cheers.

  2. Jack says:

    Funny you should ask. The gal who straddled me with unexpected quickness did have her own. It went so quickly from a great massage to FS that I was a but surprised.

    But the BJ gal was because the packet she produced and handed me to apply turned out to be full of lube, not a condom. She spoke no English but clearly was surprised, so I just pointed south and she deep throated.

    It all seemed more furtive and circumstantial than the “we know what your here for” transactional parlors of Bangkok. In Luang Prabang I went to a MP on the main drag, and even though there were other massages going on in the same room (behind curtains), she too nervously, but enthusiastically, went down on me. Can’t wait to go back!

    I strolled the riverside and the night market a bit and although a few older gals said things to me (I didn’t understand and they weren’t appealing enough to flirt with) I didn’t score a FL. I saw quite a few TGs, however, they were the ones in provocative outfits.,

  3. lee says:

    Just been had a great massage got a great bj and hand job by very pretty masseuse called Lin just off the fountain in the road that runs behind kop ji due restaurant. Go down the road beside Moo ice cream parlour then as road bears round to the right turn left the massage parlour the has beauty salon next door. Wasn’t cheap but bloody good

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Cheers.

    • Jack says:

      Ah yes Kop Je Du. That’s another good pickup spot for Lao Uni girls. I was there one night savoring my draft Chang and these cute Uni girls repping Tiger and other beers kept coming up to my table and trying to sell me their sponsored product. As I was waiting to pay my bill, the Tiger girl slipped me a note with the worst English on it and her phone number. “Since I never see you again”. I texted her, we met later at the Dairy Queen, and she gave me a truly delightful BJ back in my room for a fairly modest tip of 125k kip.

    • rockit says:

      I’m not familiar with that place. Any info?

    • Jb says:

      /Lee how much was the massage ?

  4. Jack says:

    Rockit, KDJ is just a tourist restaurant half a block to the west of the fountain. Good place for a varied Lao menu with attentive waitstaff, and also stocked on Friday and Saturday nights with professional and amateur Lao girls fishing for dates.

    I think Lee may be referring to the same rub shop I frequented for my weekly massage and BBBJ. To the left of Scandanavian Bakery. Not much in the way of ambiance but one or two attractive providers and all of them able to go the distance for a negotiated price. Excellent massages as well, so win/win!

    • rockit says:

      Oh I should have known you were referring to Khop Chai Deu which I already mentioned in the post. The last time I visited there wasn’t a working woman in sight. Some people do seem to have luck from time to time. Cheers.

  5. Mamuang says:

    You can easily find lots of young Laos ladies in red light district around Bangkok nowdays, especially at soapies or Thai oriented Karaoke/agogo places.

  6. Lup says:

    Rockit, regarding the massage parlor when you say a more reliable experience available from the Vietnamese staff , did you mean FS and BJ or legit services?

    • rockit says:

      Those women are oriented toward single men and probably wouldn’t be a place female customers would go for “legit services.” Cheers.

  7. Jack says:

    Returned to Laos a few weeks ago, including several days in Vientiane. Two years on it hasn’t changed much, although they were sprucing things up for an ASEAN summit. Painted rocks and lots of stern faced police.

    On the mongering side, tho, nothing but good things. I returned to a few of the rub shacks I had been to and was happy to meet Wan, a mid 30s mature Lao beauty who gave a good massage – and then outstanding head. 400,ooo kip negotiated (after I was already in her mouth!), and after she had started in paused only to ask “boom boom”? Oral to completion, in mouth, but she spit out into a towel once I was spent.

    We swapped Line ID and then I let her know I was returning the next day, and same arrangement. Except this time I simply asked for her, she took me to the room and massaged, sucked me and then laid there wth her head on my chest telling me in very broken English that she loved me. Charged me only 40,000 for the massage (no receipt formality this time) but I gave her 200,000.

    Final night I invited her to my room. I was staying at a decidedly mid-level but mostly clean hotel, asked her to come straight to my room and called the reception ten minutes before the appointment to tell them to let her up. She was punctual, we showered and then spent the next 80 minutes or so in every position, two condoms (mine), no A+ but lots of 69 and lots of hugging and kissing, and when it was over: she showered, dressed and left. No charge!

    I’ve got my Lao honey….

  8. Mothe Sammi Reddy says:

    good views.I like

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