Rub Maps is a great place for American massage parlor reviews

A review of the RubMaps massage site

RubMaps has more listings than you could read through in quite some time, and there are new reviews coming in on a regular basis.

Rockit Reports is now about a year-and-a-half old. When I started this site I knew it would be different from the few other sites out there that cover the sex industry and adult entertainment. Partly that was because I found some of what already existed lacking, but it was mainly because I had my own ideas of how to do things and wanted to maintain my own editorial control.

I’ve been aware of Rub Maps for at least two years. I can’t remember the first time I found it, but I do know that I was impressed with the scope of erotic massage parlor reviews the site contained.  While my site is intended to offer the voice of one person with a bit of experience, I have always viewed Rub Maps as one of the best collaborative projects out there.

The site also covers a lot of avenues that I do not. I made a post quite a while ago entitled “Where to get a happy ending in America” explaining my reasons for only covering America sparingly and from a distance. While I did go over a few US shops in the early days of this site that is no longer my normal practice.

A site like Rub Maps more than makes up for whatever tiny hole that leaves in the universe with countless reviews from guys (and a few gals) who are on the ground taking them for the team. Some of the more popular places out there can even receive multiple reviews in a single day. That sure beats waiting for a guy like to make the rounds around the globe and back again, doesn’t it?

Everything you could want to know short of traveling to a place in person is posted with each listing. The name of each shop, its address, phone number, hours of operation, payment accepted, photos and a map are all there on the page.

Thanks to the large number of people using the site, even obscure and out of the way locations get covered on Rub Maps. I remember being stuck in the middle of the US once and being surprised that more than a handful of shops within driving distance of the deserted small town I was in came up with a quick search.

It’s also easy to find out what the community thinks about shops you are unfamiliar with. See a massage parlor in the therapeutic services section of your local Craiglists and want to know if it’s legit and what kind of services it offers? Simply enter the name or phone number into the search bar and Rub Maps and see what others who have already been there have to say.

I won’t pretend that every review on Rub Maps is trustworthy solid gold. Obviously that’s not the case. But that’s true with any community review site in existence, including Yelp (which seems to be coming under fire recently). As with anything else, proper use of the site requires also using the muscle between your ears properly. If you’re going to carry that heavy thing around all your life, you might as well get something out of it, right?

It’s easy to see through the “imaginative” reviews, and the community at large is great at calling out people who are obviously spouting bullshit. The site allows for comments on each review and regular members are more than willing to set the record straight when someone goes off course. Thankfully, these and other undesirable reviews are few and far between on Rub Maps. Looking at all the reviews of a shop in their totality allows you to get a more well rounded and accurate view of a place. You can also trace the evolution of a shop over time or figure out which member on staff offers the best services by going over what’s been written by people just like you and me.

You can view the reviews at Rub Maps totally free of charge without signing up for anything, though there is a daily limit. If you want to go beyond what is available, you’ll have to sign up for a premium membership. The price is quite reasonable and definitely worth it for people who are seriously interested in finding out what goes on at their local massage parlors (or massage parlors near their hotels when they travel). Those on the road will appreciate the mobile version of the site which can quickly and easily show you what’s around your current location, and give you a distance to each shop listed on the site in miles. That can sure come in handy when you’re looking for a handy.

A membership at Rub Maps costs $14.95 per month or $99 per year. It shows up discreetly on your bill with no mention of the site itself, and if you ever have to cancel a membership it’s quick and easy to do (a fact I found out when I ran into problems with a particular credit card issuer a few years ago). Premium members are labeled as such on the site when they post, which adds some degree authority to the words they type out.

In addition to the extensive listings and reviews, the site also has a discussion forum which is pretty heavily used. It contains a lot of local information and it’s one of the best places you can find online to ask questions about your local scene. While making inquiries on some of the more well known discussion forums out there can lead to you being told to read or ignored all together, the members of Rub Maps always seem to be more than willing to help.

Those new to the game will also appreciate the site’s “Rubmaps Slang” section, which breaks down and defines some of the common terminology used in reviews on that site and elsewhere around the internet. I had plans to include a similar thesaurus in a premium content section of this site, but that was put on hold when I ran into complications trying to find a decent payment processor.

The owners of the site offer a genuine service and aren’t running any scams on the membership. That may sound like something that should be standard but unfortunately in the land of online adult entertainment, it’s not.

What’s your opinion of Rub Maps? Do you use it, or is this the first time you’ve heard of it? I’m interested to know what readers of the site think.


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