Review: Rio Spa — Macau

Ladies from the Rio Spa in Macau

Rio Spa is perhaps the most well known of all the Macau saunas. I don’t know if that’s because the Rio Hotel is so visible, because the facilities are so large and lavish or because the sauna has such a large and diverse staff. If I had to guess I’d say it’s probably a combination of all of these things.

Rio is possibly the easiest to find of all the saunas in Macau. Well, at least the building that houses it is. The Rio Hotel boasts a large neon facade that can be seen from quite a distance, day or night. It also helps that it’s located on the edge of a park, which makes it even more visible. The sauna inside isn’t exactly well advertised but it’s not hidden either. When you enter the Rio you simply head to the elevators and press the button for the fifth floor.

Rio Spa is without a doubt one of the nicest saunas in the Special Administrative Region of Macau. That really means something since all the saunas are basically top of the line when it comes to male entertainment. Rio is comparable to most other saunas but it has a sort of executive or first class feel about it. The prices definitely reflect that feeling. Rio is also one of the most expensive saunas in town.

You do what Rio what you’d do at any other sauna. Drop your things in the locker, take a shower, take a dip, and head into the lounge. There’s nothing special to mention about the attendants who help with these things.

The lounge room on the other hand is a little special. It’s not necessarily any different or even any better than other sauna lounges, it’s just gigantic. There are plenty of rows of reclining seats. What’s great is that they face televisions and walls rather than other chairs as is common in Macau saunas. Despite the layout and size of the place it can get quite crowded, which I find off putting. I remember visiting once on a Tuesday night at around 10 pm and the place was almost full. I had a Japanese guy seated directly to my left and a Chinese guy sleeping and snoring directly to my right.

Personally, I’d much prefer it if every place I visited was completely empty. I’d love to be the only customer everywhere I go. Of course I realize that this is the direct opposite of what the businesses want. I’m usually happy with something somewhere in the middle and I believe it would actually help business too. A full room can really cut into the “executive imagine” I referred to earlier.

Don’t get me wrong. Rio isn’t always crowded. There are times when it’s almost empty. In either case there are lots of services available and plenty of people to render them. Most of the hands-on attendants are Indonesian or Vietnamese. Like the other saunas, these attendants were special colored outfits to indicate their work.

The light green outfits are worn by the women who do foot massages. The light pink outfits are worn by the women who do other massages. The light red outfits, which look a lot like the light pink outfits, are worn by the women who do the “thigh massages.” Those who have read my previous sauna reviews or who are otherwise familiar with the scene will know that your thighs don’t get nearly as much attention as your dick and balls do during these massages.

Thigh massages at Rio happen right in the lounge. An attendant recently told me they are no longer allowing them in private rooms as some customers were going for the cheap happy ending then heading out the door. Since they would have to pay a sauna fee in that case (which is waved when you take a full service girl) I don’t see what the big deal is, though I can understand why they would want to get the maximum revenue out of each customer.

I don’t really have any complaints about any of the services except that on exceptionally busy nights (like the Tuesday I mentioned) it can take a few minutes to find an attendant to provide the service you’re after. This may sound like a small complaint but when I’m shelling out hundreds of dollars I expect a certain level of treatment. I don’t want to have to track people down. The prices are a little high. A round of pecker priming is 237 Hong Kong Dollars ($31 US), and the other services are 193 HKD ($25 US).

The food at Rio is good but not great. Since it’s free I don’t really have anything to say about it. Rio does have a pretty extensive paid food menu that’s larger than any other I’ve seen. I’ve ordered from it a few times but I didn’t get anything that much better than what’s given at no cost. The portions were just a little larger.

Line up at Rio Sauna Macau

A line up of lovely ladies at Rio. Imagine if you will that this is only a part of the picture. There are many more than this on staff!

The line up is where Rio really shines. There can be a hundred or more women on call at any given time and all it takes to see them is to ask for it. The management usually tries to find at least one other customer to make it more worth their while but they’ll go on if it’s only you. The line up is done is the pool area. I prefer when they’re done right in front of your lounge chair as they are at places like Famile Nobre and Golden Sauna but I understand why it’s done this way at Rio with so many women working here.

The full service staff at Rio is as diverse as it is plentiful. On my last visit there were Vietnamese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese women available. Nearly all were attractive. Quite a few stunningly so. There’s also a large number of busty women here, both of the natural and the artificially upgraded variety.

Once you pick your woman you will head back to the full service rooms. These seem to have slightly lower ceilings than some of the other full service rooms around town but they also look a little nicer. They have big bed and large shower attached shower rooms. The standard flat screen television with porn on channel ten is also there, along with a few mirrors. The shower table is of the more expensive variety. Rather than just a flat table, this style is a sort of a shallow tub that allows some of the water to stay in the table while you lay on it. It’s comfortable enough, even without the “milk bath” that the attendant may try to sell you after you chose your lady (I’m all for quality upgrades but this is just some white stuff mixed in the water).

The full service is pretty standard, which in the case of Macau saunas means great. Things always depend on the provider you get and the chemistry between the two of you, but you can be sure that you will leave satisfied. While each lady has their own way of doing things I will say that I’ve nearly always got the old tongue lashing up the backside at Rio, even though it usually doesn’t last that long. When it comes to the oral action, both the hot and cold (sucking with a mouth full of warm tea followed by sucking with a mouth full of ice water) and minty (sucking with a mouth full of mouthwash) varieties commonly make appearances.

After showering you get everything you would expect. More sucking following by strapping up and going at it. This is followed by another shower, with your girl washing you up and drying you off a final time before showing you back to the lounge.

To give you an idea of the prices at Rio I can tell you that a sauna session including two dick and ball massages, two foot massages, two head and should massages and a round of full service fun with a Chinese gal will come out to be about 3650 Hong Kong Dollars, which is the equivalent of $470 US dollars. That’s quite a chunk of change. If you get into ad-ons like the private lounge room and milk baths it’s going to be even more than that.

Rio Spa’s best features are its size, the level of luxury, and the number of women on the full service staff. Negative aspects are the prices and how crowded the place can get (which also makes the service slower). Balancing the two against each other still leaves you with an overall positive experience.

Rio Spa really is an amazing place. Compared to almost anything in the world it’s really up there toward the top. On the other hand, when compared with other saunas in Macau and considering things like the price and how busy it can get, it doesn’t seem as spectacular. In giving Rio a score I wanted to make sure to be as fair as possible while taking all of this into account. After some consideration I came up with a solid four, which I think is just right.

Rio Sauna, 5th Floor of the Rio Hotel, Rua Luis Gonzaga Gomes, Macau. Open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Click here for a map of men’s entertainment venues in Macau.

Rio Spa Sauna Macau Review


  1. henryswanson says:

    Great review. Thank you for the wealth of information on this site- I’m amazed at the coverage of so many locales, I wish I’d found it sooner. I’ve thought about a trip to Macau for some time now. I wonder if you can give a comparison between the best of the sauna girls and the best of gogos in Bangkok in terms of looks? I’ve always been tempted by Macau and prefer Chinese women to the darker Thai beauties (but love both), but when I’ve had a chance to make the trip I always seem to go back to Thailand, partly because I know it’s great and partly because the whole experience there is so much fun.

    • rockit says:

      That would come down to your personal preference. There are plenty of Thais in Macau, but no Chinese working Thai go gos. The Thais in Macau tend to be of a lighter complexion. For me the benefit of Macau is the relative peace of the place. Roll into a sauna, relax as long as you want, get waited on hand and foot, then chose a woman from a lineup. In Thailand there’s a lot more travel, racket, searching, and more. That also has it’s place of course, especially if you’re into partying. Cheers.

  2. TH84 says:


    I love the website, and it makes me want to travel! I have read in other forums that Japanese and Korean girls in Macau saunas are not really Japanese or Korean… they just are called that, so that the sauna can charge a premium. You mentioned that the Rio spa had both in their lineup. Do you think those girls were really Japanese or Korean??

    Thanks, and keep travelling!

    • rockit says:

      I’m not sure. Some of them appear to be “fake,” whatever that means. I did meet a Korean in a sauna once and she looked and spoke Korean. She may be a Korean from China or Russia. I don’t know. But I had no reason to doubt that she was in fact what she said. The Mongolians are real in my experience too. If you’re set on finding a Japanese or Korean girl, the obvious places to look would be Japan and Korea. The US or possibly New Zealand would be second (at least for Koreans). Cheers.

    • Teo says:

      Rockit are ther any spa places like Macau’s FN in Bangkok?


    • rockit says:

      There are soapies and saunas but nothing like Macau saunas in my opinion. There are so many other options in Thailand it’s rarely something I consider. Cheers.

  3. A Fan says:


    This site rocks. Your writing is so entertaining- I wish my college lit classes read like this and I would’ve been an A student.

    How do you even find out about all these things? Macao sounds like heaven. I imagine you’re the guy in the Dos Equis commercials!

    • rockit says:

      I found out through experience. Nothing more, nothing less. When I started out in this game the internet was nothing normal people had even heard of. I was surprised to find that even after the internet had become mainstream, few sites existed covering the scene internationally. That’s why I started this. Glad you enjoy. Cheers!

      PS. No literature classes but I’d be happy to do some one on one consulting via email, Skype or anywhere else. Especially if you want to pay me a professor’s salary.

  4. Nate says:

    Ohhh man — I’ve been waiting for this review for a long time. I’m going to be in Macau for the first week of May, and I’m still making up my mind about how to spend my nights. Looking forward to more info about your exploits in Macau, Hong Kong, and Seoul!

  5. Kevin says:

    Hey man the website is awesome!

    A quick question- how much do you usually tip after full service?

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Tipping is a Western advent. It’s neither required or expected in most of Asia, including Macau. The only time I’ve ever tipped anyone in a Macau sauna was when I wrote a few dollars up for a girl who worked as a robe putter onner. That was purely out of pity. Cheers.

    • Kevin says:

      Thanks for replying! That’s good to know. Now, does that apply to other establishments, namely darling 1 &2?

    • rockit says:

      It applies to pretty much everyone and everything in Asia.

  6. Nate says:

    Hey Rockit,

    How are the sleeping arrangements at Rio? Do you just have to sleep in the chairs, or do they have a separate sleeping area like at Familia Nobre?

    Also, when do the line-ups stop? If I show up at 1am or 2am, will I still be able to get with a girl?

    • rockit says:

      I’ve never slept there so I can’t answer that, but I do believe there have sleeping rooms. They even have a private lounge area so I don’t see why they wouldn’t. It’s truly a 24 hour operation. I’ve had lineups as late as 1 am. After that I’m sure you’d get one, but the number of ladies on staff would probably be lower than normal. Cheers.

  7. Nic says:

    Hey Rockit,

    do you have a recommendation from your list of spas that are better for overnight stay? will be laying over in macau and it seems like a good idea to spend a night in a spa instead of a hotel.

    • rockit says:

      Hi. I don’t make recommendations on this site or suggestion anyone do anything. This is purely for entertainment. That said, if I was going to have a layover in Macau and I was looking for a sauna to spend my time in I’d probably choose Familia Nobre or Emperor. That’s not necessarily due to any private sleeping quarters. It’s more about the generally peaceful nature of these places and the good services and values they provide. Cheers!

  8. Paul says:

    Hi Rockit
    any sit down shower service by the girls in rio spa?

    • rockit says:

      There very well may be one but if so I haven’t seen it or been offered it. Of course the full service girls give showers in the private rooms. Cheers.

  9. Paul says:

    thanks a lot. your website is a great help and because of this, I had a great fun when I was at emperor and familia sauna in macau.
    just want to add on that in familia, there is this body scrub service which I enjoy greatly, should give a try when you r there!

  10. Dragonslay says:

    Tks for the review. Visited rio after reading your review.
    Picked a stunner and had a great time.

  11. Mali says:

    I loved this place. Don’t remember every last detail, but the high points where: decent laptops to rent, big screen TVs with many channels, never facing other men, flirty and hot waitresses, good free food, and finally, last but not least, super hot girls.

    The atmosphere is fun here, too. I didn’t expect to laugh while at a sauna, but some of these blokes could pass for comedians. There were some guys inspecting the lineups, so serious about it..asking their friends about the girls and thinking for a solid few minutes about their decision. This struck me as quite hilarious and I couldn’t help but laugh quite heartily. The girls and staff saw me giggling and started chuckling as well. This just made me feel good.

    This was the second time in my life where I had a girl that could really tighten her snatch. Almost like squeezing your willy with your hand, that’s how tight she could make it (but of course feels a lot better than a hand). It’s really an amazing experience. We GFE sex, she did actually seem to enjoy it. After all this screwing in Macau, it was actually getting hard for me to get a hardon. Not with this girl. After I blew one off, she let me lick and admire her body for the rest of the time (a good 60 minutes, at least).

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Some of those guys study lineups like it’s a puzzle. And you can definitely bang yourself out of juice in Macau! Cheers.

  12. Pat says:

    Currently at Rio, the girls are pretty good her, it is a Monday night not too many customers so not too many girls maybe around 30. Had the first shot with full service and thinking of having a second but little Bro seems to be tired. Tried the thigh massage with a ugly chick so couldn’t get it to work. So resting a bit. Got the package at shun tak at HK$2269, +500 for model.but the second shot will be only $300 cheaper from the original price. So really had to think hard, or make the little guy hard.

  13. Pat says:

    Yup after waiting for an hour, I decided to go for a second round of FS. I only recover to my 90% performance but I had so much fun. At the end I paid 500 for the 1 shot with model and 2230 that was with the discounted price for 2nd shot, so the total came out to 2730, that was with on top of the package $2269 at shun tak. So my total was around HK$5000. After that I went to gamble a bit on baccarat and won $1400 so my damage was $3600 for the evening from 6pm to 9:40pm.

  14. Ze says:

    If first time in Macau and a Sunday night, which sauna would you recommend? And would you recommend going to two different saunas the same night?

  15. pkh says:

    hi rockit,
    i’ll be heading to macau next week was contemplating between rio and 18 spa, having a huge dilemma at the moment. Also could you give me a rough idea of the prices there? further more is the discount at sanado still available? sorry may be the wrong place to ask about sanado but planning to go 2 spas during my visit but may worry financially. Please advice thank you . Love your blog

    • rockit says:

      Hi. I don’t give recommendations. This website is for entertainment only. That said 18 and Rio are two of the most expensive saunas in Macau. Sanado is a little cheaper and Familia Nobre is one of the cheapest. There’s no idea to give an idea of total prices since it’s dependent on how many services one partakes in. Cheers.

  16. Cash says:

    Hi, love you reviews! Does Rio offer massage with happy endings or is it only full service?

  17. Duke terry says:

    So I’m going to spend a day in January in macau on my trip to Hong Kong and bangkok. Am leaning towards emporer – good choice?

  18. Varys says:

    Hey – thanks for your reviews, very entertaining stuff. I’m curious – is there a VIP service at Rio or any other of the Macau spas, perhaps where they have even better girls or services for a premium?

    • rockit says:

      Hi. I think a few places may have some special packages and of course there are “models” in most line ups that charge a lot more for their services. Rio has a private lounge that punters can use for a premium too. A company called Macau Stag used to advertise on this website and I believe they also offer some kind of VIP packages. Cheers.

  19. anon says:

    My exerience today was more of a 1 or 2 star, obviously these things are always varied but im afraid this place has gone downhill since your report.

    firstly, i found the cameras in the changing room a bit creepy. not sure if all saunas are taking pics of our junk or just rio but I was uncomfortable right from the start.

    secondly around 5 pm the place was empty, maybe 2 other customers and still no massage girls around. one really fat old one, and one 5/10 that i couldnt find half the time. Tons of servers on for some reason though.

    I found the place to be cold, i was shivering when i wasnt under my towel fort. The food service was good the massage not so much, cock massages are apparently no longer offered unless you pay 1000 dollars for the happy ending massage.

    I tried to take a nap and wait for more staff to show up but the staff was chatting and laughing so loud it was so annoying. very loud environment for the tiny amount of people that were there. Finally had enough I dont know why i bothered but I called for a line around 730, large selection but not as many hot girls as nombres currently has. Im sure this changes and is also up to personal preference but I think this line up should have been a lot less money. Anyways I picked what I thought would be the best one… it wasnt great. They try and sell you on a room with mirrors for 300 extra dollars… Again nombres rooms were nicer, had a ceiling mirrors and didnt cost anything.

    Also no freebie ad ons like I reported at nombres.

    My bill was the same price with half the services and it wasn’t particularly enjoyable, would not repeat

  20. Barry says:

    Rockit which of the saunas will have the best line up around midday?

    • rockit says:

      In my experience many saunas have no line up in the middle of the day. Women show up at Darling 1 in the early afternoon but that’s not really a sauna. The only sauna I’ve seen a good line up at early in the day was Emperor. Cheers.

  21. Oli Mann says:

    Do any of the saunas offers bare back blowies ?

  22. Andy says:

    just checked out Rio spa last night. Had a fabulose time, my first sauna experience but I would highly recommend, albeit slightly pricey. There was a very pretty Indonesian mama with glasses there that wasn’t on the menu which I was a bit sad about, buy the lady I picked was great

  23. mathew says:

    Awesome report!!! And this site really rocks.

    Can I select two girls for the full service at the same time to have a threesome.
    And will these girls be bisexual?

    • rockit says:

      There is an option to take two ladies at once though there is really no way to know their sexual orientations. You probably want to know if they will interact with each other and I guess that’s something a customer could ask a manager though they may or may not know. Cheers.

    • mathew says:

      Went to Rio Spa in the last week. Amazing place. All activities perfect as per your review.

      Took two chicks from the selection area. As you told they were not so interactive with each other. Either I did not understand anything from them. Gave a nice bang to both the girls. Nice room and lobby. Took some rest and had shoulder thigh and head massage. Food is not bad. Staffs were friendly and few were able to speak English.

      Thanks for your report. It was really a great guide for solo traveller like me.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for your comment. Cheers.

  24. nicholas says:

    Is CIM available io or another of the high-end Spas ?

  25. Alonzo says:

    Posted a review of Rio Spa on the forum, went 2 weeks ago. Anyone planning to go to Macau should check it out.

  26. nicholas says:

    sorry but I also had today a mixed experience. For sure the place is beautiful, even impressive. Admittedly -and this possible impacts my feeling- I came early: 14 girls onyl, of which only 4 Viet for the basic rate. Nothing special, chinese models were very nice but over 5K HK dollars, forget it. AFter a shower delivered by a balinese girl ( not beautiful but nice eprson) but without BJ, I went to the massage which was included in my package I bought at Sheung Wan ( by the way, a car was supposed to catch me at the ferry arival but there was none). These girls either serving drinks/food or giving the various massages were nice attitude but everything a bit pushy. They came every 2nd minute for a massage which I rejected (1 was included in the package for free). Except my beer, all other consued drinks and food were supposed to be free but when leaving I still ahd to pay 260 HK dollars, explained in chinese so don’t know why..but paid, what could I do. About the sessions it self I took a viet who did it very professionnally ( of course !), got the “ice and fire” story but frankly also I think it is more “fun” than exciting. When asking if later there would have been more girls they told me maximal 20. So while not a bad experience, I had better ones in many places for much cheaper in many countries. Would not repeat. Based on this unique experience I would say far too expensive for what you get in this spa, unless you like great architecture.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Rio certainly isn’t my favorite sauna in Macau by I don’t think it’s too bad either. As I said if it were anywhere else it would look even better. I’m not sure where you got the 5000 HKD number. That’s almost 650 US dollars. It definitely doesn’t cost that much for full service with a Chinese woman at Rio. Cheers.

  27. nicholas says:

    Well, that was the price indicated on the package at the terminal as well as by the manager during show-time. Girls prices were: 2200 for viets, 2500 for 2-3 chinese “non models” and 5100 for models, not speaking about 2 very beautiful japanese for 7000 ! A bit expensive for a fuck !!! As sais the ebst was the facilities but while agreable this is not the aim of the visit, right ?

    • rockit says:

      Okay that makes more sense. As mentioned in the review Rio is one of the most expensive saunas in Macau. “Models” charge a lot in every sauna but other services cost less in most other places nearby. Cheers.

  28. ee12345 says:

    Rockit. Thanks for the post. Friends and I are going in a few months. But we are just spending a night. Do you suggest just to stay in the lounge area to sleep for the night in the Rio sauna? Is there additiinal charge? Or there are private rooms for overnighter. Can you get out of the sauna after the “business” and get back in for the night?

    For 2nd round for the followjng day for other services like massage, do they provide discount if you stay for the night? Are all massage come with hj? Or fs? How much are their massage and duration.

    • rockit says:

      I don’t make suggestions or recommendations. This website is for entertainment only. There is no extra charge for sleeping in a sauna. A single entry fee covers a certain amount of time inside and even that fee is waved when customers spend a certain amount of money on services. There are private rooms available but they are limited and can fill up fast. As far as I know customers cannot leave and come back without paying another entry fee. There are various types of massages that end in different ways. The sauna has a menu that lists them all. Cheers.

  29. jon says:

    Hi Rockit,

    I think this was the spa we went to a few years back the place was full when we went and we had a hard time getting drinks and food while sitting on the chairs. When it came to the lineup at first I was disappointed as for me the girls weren’t stunners. My friend however was pushing me to pick already and while I was contemplating just waiting for the next show lineup a late girl showed up and man she was a 10. I immediately picked her and although she didn’t know much english I had a great time. We might be planning another outing soon and I’d like to try your 5-star review spa.

    Here’s my question, how many times can you cum with the girl you picked with in the full service room? If you cum from the bj for example is it all over and if you want to go again you will be charged for 2 on your bill? is it YMMV? I ask cause I remember holding back during the wet massage blowjob parts and after the deed I wanted to go again but decided not to. Nice to know as it would be a treat if the only constraint with the girl is time but if it is by the number of times you pop then it would be better getting a new girl so you can experience the wet massage again.

    • rockit says:

      I don’t know if there are any set rules. Guys typically pay for a session with a time limit. The women decide how each session will go. Cheers.

  30. Deca says:

    I really envy Rockit’s life style!!Sounds like a paradise for men if you have enough money. I just wish to try this place once in life as I can’t afford 500 usd for one night. I would rather spend the money in bkk for 5 sessions with different girls. A great read though, Cheers!

    • edmond says:

      I’ve also always been curious. It’s not just the money, it is also the freedom to keep travelling at all times.
      Rockit, sorry to probe, but can you tell us in which line of job are you?

    • rockit says:

      No I can’t. Though I will say that freedom is the most valuable thing a man can have. Unfortunately many men don’t have it. Even more unfortunately many seem to have forged their own chains. Cheers.

    • rockit says:

      Everyone has to make their own choices. Some would say that a $100 would better be spent on 20 visits to McDonald’s instead o one to a nice restaurant. I don’t think there is anything in Bangkok that compares with the Macau saunas. The again there isn’t anything in Macau that compares with Bangkok blowjob bars. Cheers.

    • EuropeanGuy says:

      It’s easy folks. Don’t trade time for money. There are better ways.

    • Deca says:

      I think it is a trade off. I did travel a lot before but I didn’t have enough money. (Still, don’t.) As I got older, my stamina went down a bit. I do have money to travel more but as far as spending money on pay4sex, I look for best deals fro my money’s worth. The most I spent was at a sauna in Qingdao was about 100 usd for a hj. She was very good looking and nice but I would rather spend on 4 bj bars in bkk, though:) I do agree with Rockit it is nice to go to a good restaurant once in a while!!Cheers!!

  31. seansf123 says:

    Went to Rio and LOVED it. It’s plush and feels like a 5-star hotel setting – the pool areas, the lounge, the private rooms, etc. The line-up around 5pm was 18 girls or so (pretty good for a slow time). In the lounge, I once had 4 girls tending to me – 1 on each foot (massage), 1 giving me a head massage, and one giving me a thigh massage. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Most girls in the line-up were pretty, but no stunners. I picked a Vietnamese girl who supposedly instructs the new girls in the sensual arts. I received amazing service and she was begging me to extend to 2 hours (after I gave her multiple O’s). My 6 lounge massage sessions plus the 1 hour of private time cost me ~3,150 Hong Kong dollars.

  32. Nyusa says:

    I am traveling Macau alone. Young professional asian american who is budget minded but willing to spend for the right value (valuate/invest in companies for work). And my chinese is elementary so I only spoke in english. Also, writing this from my phone so please excuse any typos.
    Having noted above I spent 4days in Macau so far (I am writing this from Macau) and visited Familia nobre, rio, east spa, and golden. I can write a review on the others later. Think rockit did a excellent job giving his opinion but I wanted to provide mine as well and give you guys an update/insight.
    Before I go in to the details of the Rio, I want you guys to know that prices of all the sauna has went up hkd 500 to hkd 1000 (for full service/sex) since some of rockits posts.
    To go in to Rio, I will write my impression from the moment I entered Rio Hotel (Sauna).
    Entrance: Located in Rio hotel and ambience is much higher than other suanas (especially fam nobre which has entrance in front of a bus stop on the street). More discreet (compared to East spa where you press sauna floor when riding waldo hotel elevator with bunch of tourist families).

    Locker: Filipinos who speak english in the front. Locker very modern and much bigger than what it looks like (could fit my 30L bag). This is contrast to fam nobre lockers which is frankly outdated. I dont care about the lockers themselves as long as they keep my belonging safe. However, worth commenting as it is part of total ambience.

    Sauna tubs: very spacious bigger than fam nobre which has reputation for having a big tub.

    Restaurant and massage area: luxurious interior (can post pictures). Massage service far greater than other sauna. To give color I received foot, shoulder, head massage (except fam nobre which doesnt offer one) from every sauna I been to and, without question, rio provided the most legit massage of all of them. To compare, other sauna were more like rub instead of actual massage.

    Girls: Showtime every 30mins. The hottest chinese and korean selection in my humble opinion. And the value totally outweighs the cost. Viet, thai, filipinas comparable to other saunas. If I rate rio chinese girls at 10 others were like 4 to 6. That much of a difference! I chose a chinese girl what we call Bagel (baby face but glamorous body). She had paper thin waste but awesome ass and tits. Most importantly, she was service minded and finished me on top. She was sweating so much at the end from all the “hard exercise”. In fact, I liked her so much I took her back to my hotel afterwards for round 2 and 3 and gf mode sleeping. Initially she quoted hkd 5000 (wtf). But I told her i dont snore and negotiated to hkd 3500. Awesome value given that I was even allowed to take few pic with her. Think the girls vary in terms of what time they leave but she got off at 2am. Girl is on my wechat and I am thinking of another round with her tomorrow before she goes to work at rio around 5pm (girls work 9hour shifts 6days a week).

    Price: many saunas offer 1 free massage service of your choice (fam nobre 2 if entered in happy hour 1pm to 8pm) if you buy sex service. Given all of the above, in my opinion totally worth 10 to 20% premium and the best sauna in macau.

  33. Funordie says:

    Dear Rockit
    how is the thigh massage actually performed in the lounge? is there a screen or any cover, or are given a very much intimate massage infront of everyone?
    Thanks, Alex

    • rockit says:

      Your question in answered in the post you are commenting on. There are no screens or anything like that but the massage is done under a large towel so no one can see what is going on. Anyone uncomfortable with public nudity would probably avoid saunas anyway since the showering and bathing is done in view of others. Cheers.

  34. Jack Hudson says:

    Hi was here tonight, there are pros and cons to this place, in terms of pool and lounge area its the best i’ve been to, the entrance fee at about 700 MOP is steep however is wavered if you do a full service and most food and drinks are free here as well. Do feel cause its bigger, lacks abit of atmosphere. The little item massages are done by oldish Vietnamese women, who just come up to you and ask for a massage which is boring compared to FN (familia nobre) or GS (golden sauna) as the girls there actually talk to you a bit more. The line ups here are done every hour more expensive than the other 2 places id say 80% are Chinese who are absolutely stunners, 10% are Vietnamese, with the rest Russians and Japanese. what i didn’t like here compared to golden saunas is the the models don’t come out and talk or try to sell, they just sit in their room. I chose a Chinese model, thought she was a bit boring maybe because i don’t speak Chinese and she didn’t speak Vietnamese or English so i didn’t feel there was any chemistry and felt more mechanical compared to me normally choosing a Vietnamese girl and also harder for me to get her number etc as well as normally I am able to do. so out of the 3 that i’ve been to this 3 days in order the best is GS, then FN, last is RIO. Based on price, food, atmosphere, masseuses, and models available and FS given.

  35. Jack Hudson says:

    also what i didn’t like it here compared to the other 2 places is than normally if you do a full service you get a mini massage for free, here they didn’t offer that. so this is why i rated this place lower than the other 2 saunas mentioned.

  36. Oper says:

    Hi, I plan to visit macau in march and rio spa is one of my destinations there.
    But I have some questions before visit there.

    Is it the safe place to use credit card? or they accept cash only.? Thanks

    • rockit says:

      I don’t know what is and isn’t safe. Different people probably have different ideas on that. I know that Rio accepts credit cards and many people use them there. Cheers.

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