Review: Wood Bar — Bangkok, Thailand

Several months ago I announced that I had finally reviewed all of the blowjob bars in Bangkok. It turns out that I was wrong of course. That was partly by the course of events. Dr BJ’s Salon temporarily closed before reopening almost immediately under the new name of Wood Bar. Another bar called Linda’s or Kob’s depending on who you ask also escaped my radar. I knew the place existed but lost track of it over the years. I recently rediscovered Linda’s and so I will report on it soon. Today I write about the new Wood Bar.

As stated Wood Bar sits on the same location of the infamous Dr BJ’s. I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that Dr BJ’s was the best known blowjob bar in Thailand and probably even the world. The place operated openly with a name that left little to the imagination. Unlike most similar establishments it also kept a big bright website complete with photographs of the women on staff.

This led to the bar gaining a lot of notoriety and even coverage in somewhat mainstream media sources. An article about the place on the Vice website racked up countless hits and after a few years started a sort of firestorm on Thai websites and social media. Not long after that the bar had closed its door with many believing that this had something to do with the uproar.

The bar was quickly gutted then reopened with new colors and a new name. An email soon went out to a lot of people purporting to be from some people involved in the business. According to the email the change in name and colors was due to a shareholder shake up and nothing more. The email said everything was the same.

Indeed that seems to be for the most part true though there are some noticeable changes. It is enough in my view to warrant a totally new review to go along with the new name and the years that have passed since I first wrote about Dr BJ’s way back in 2013.

For those who don’t know and still don’t understanding after reading this far perhaps I should explain that Dr BJ’s Salon was a place where customers went to receive oral sex for a set fee. It is as simple as that.

Many years ago Dr BJ’s was big and bright. There were always a lot of women on staff. Some claim there were more than thirty at times. That seems believable to me. When customers would enter and sit down on the bench to the right women would pile in and sit along the wall on the other side. Still more would pop up from the loft upstairs and look over the banister. Those days are long gone. After a while the staff at Dr BJ’s dwindled to a dozen or so. In its present state the new bar may have even fewer than that.

Customers still enter Wood Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 and sit down on the bench to the right. The walls are no longer white. They have been painted a sort of yellow color. The same old no nonsense mamasan still works the bar and explains the place to any customers who are visiting for the first time. The available women still line up along the opposite wall but their numbers are only a small percentage of what they used to be.

There are probably six to ten women at Wood Bar even during prime evening times. They wear tight dresses. Many worked at Dr BJ’s when it was open. Most of the star players seem to be gone. A gal named Gigi with legendary skills may be the only one of the real standouts left. There are also a few new faces. There may be some stellar service providers in this mix. I do not know.

When the women on staff line up for customers they wear two different outfits. One set charges 700 Baht ($20 USD) for their time. The women in the the other outfits charge 1000 Baht ($29 USD) for sessions. While a 700-800 Baht price range has become pretty standard in Bangkok I don’t know of any other bar that charges 1000 Baht except for Magic Table which is located on the same street.

Service at Wood Bar is still provided in small wooden booths upstairs just as it was at Dr BJ’s. In the past these booths were black. Now they have been painted the same off yellow shade as the lobby. The sinks and dentist style chairs are still located in each room though there are now some massage implements like creams and oils added too. The word is that the presence of these massage related bits allows the place to operate under the veneer of a massage parlor. I am not privy to the ins and outs of the behind the scenes so I cannot neither confirm or deny this though it does sound like a reasonable explanation to me.

Service is for the most part straightforward and sufficient as it was in the previous incarnation of the bar. With a number of women on staff and all sorts of different customers coming in at all hours there will always be variation. Most people seem to leave satisfied though the bar doesn’t seem to have the same draw it did when it was operating under the old name.

In my original review of Dr BJ’s Salon I gave the place four stars. Later I would have lowered the score somewhat. Today I think Wood Bar deserves an average score of two-and-a-half stars.

Wood Bar, Sukhumvit Soi 7/1, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for map. Website: Open seven days a week, 11:00 am to 1:00 am.



  1. guy says:

    felt like there were quite a few less girls working here than in the past, was it the same on your visit?

    • rockit says:

      Yes. As mentioned in the review the number of women on staff seems to decline in the last days of Dr BJ’s. It continues on now. The number of women working most nights is under a dozen. It used to be around three dozen when Dr BJ’s was most prominent. Cheers.

    • guy says:

      ya it was kind of overwhelming before to have them lineup against the wall and there to be so many to choose from, still a lot of options, just not as many as before

    • rockit says:

      That problem doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Cheers.

  2. BKK says:

    I tried the new bar after the re-branding and I had a bad experience there. I chose the girl named “X” with the glasses on their website. She actually told me during the BJ that I would have to pay her an extra 300 baht if I wanted to finish in her mouth…

    Needless to say, I popped in her mouth anyway and left without tipping. Shitty service.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. This is not the first time I’ve heard things like this. I have also heard of service providers using condoms and demanding tips to work without them. Cheers.

    • BKK says:

      I honestly don’t understand why this place gets business when there are so many similar establishments close by that offer better service for a lower price. Their strong suit used to be the wide variety of girls to choose from but as you touched on in the review, their numbers have reduced dramatically. Just cross the street and go to Kasalong or Lolitas…

    • rockit says:

      Interestingly enough some ladies from other similar bars in the area have gone over to work at Wood. Cheers.

  3. Wood Bar says:

    Rockit thank for your rewiew but please there is some mistake: the price is 700 baht and 1000 baht, like before not 800/1000…. the small bar is still here, im writing this message from it

    thank you
    Wood Bar

  4. jonno says:

    Decided to try this establishment as I was too tired for full service. Hardly any girls there now and was presented with 8 milfs. Back in the day this would have been at least 20. I think they must have trouble getting staff. Color scheme is now a gross yellow. Session was disappointing. Girl insisted on turning the light completely off. While it may work for her it doesn’t work for the guy (unless he is in prison life Chuwit was and is forced to make to). Had about 10 minutes of suck then painful HJ. Not good. They really need to do some inhouse training. Also you pay before NOT after now. Maybe this discourages service levels.

    TBH I don’t think I will be back. Things have been on a downward spiral since EE left.

    Does anyone know if she is still working and where?

    One girl last year told me she hooked up with a client but these things never least.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I have also heard that EE hooked up with a foreigner and left the industry. Cheers.

  5. TopStayedOn says:

    Took a Regular (700 Baht) girl who i believe is Number 7. The photos do not depict accurately. While i give her 9/10 for perseverance (Sidegra works wonders btw) her looks are only 6/10. And overall 3/10 because she asked for tips to take her top off. I didnt ask her how much, but i was pretty much expecting to see boobies.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Asking for tips seems to be a trend at Wood Bar. It’s basically unheard of at any other similar bar. Cheers.

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