Review: Wonder Girls Spa — Queens, NY

Wonder Girls Spa in New York City’s Astoria neighborhood is a well-run and reliable Asian massage parlor.

Like Soapland Spa, Wonder Girls is staffed by a number of very attractive Korean women in their 20’s. Unlike most Korean massage parlors however, this is absolutely not a full service provider. In New York City, a wide variety of options exist. Places like this are not uncommon. Some of the girls here will use Japanese names, but make no mistake, they are absolutely Korean.

What sets Wonder Girls apart then is its professionalism, privacy and cleanliness. This is a place where you don’t have to worry about much at all. And isn’t that the whole point of visiting a massage parlor?

The Spa is located right next to the Broadway station on the N and Q subway lines. It’s very easy to find, but is still situated in a way to make it discreet and peaceful. The elevated train is very loud and that does seep through the walls a bit. But the calming music and atmosphere make it easy to forget.

An hour long massage here costs 60 dollars. After receiving your service, you should personally tip your masseuse 40 to 80 dollars. I usually hit the low end of that. I’ve never had any complaints. Some guys go a lot higher.

The staff rotates. Your masseuse on a Monday might not be there on the following Sunday. Some of the same girls you see here also make appearances at Soapland Spa. Keep in that mind if you end up with an all time favorite masseuse.

The apparel is nothing special. Normal pants and shirts are the norm. Nothing like the full service Korean places where the women wear silky teddies, or even Soapland where they wear short shorts and bikini tops. In this regard, Wonder Girls is a lot more like a Chinese massage parlor.

A table shower is available here and it’s recommended. It’s relaxing and well done. Your entire body will definitely get clean. Who doesn’t like a good scrub a dub dub? On a really busy day, you may get your body washed by the mamasan. This has never happened to me, but it has been reported.

The massage is not perfect, but don’t forget where you are. What the masseuses here lack in training, they make up for in service. Any requests within reason are usually met, and the girls will often ask for feedback throughout the rub down to make sure they are doing the best possible job. You never get the rush treatment here. What else can you really ask for?

Well, you can ask for a good ending. And you’ll get that too. This is point where the girls here really excel. They will take their time and hit all the right spots to leave you fully drained. When you walked out of here, you’ll feel fully refreshed, and not just from the soap and water.

Some guys have reported more mechanical treatment on their first visits. This is probably because they were just being careful around a new face, or maybe the guy just put off a bad vibe. I’ve never had a problem, and repeat visits seem to do the trick even for those who do.

If you play your cards right, you can get the soft touch twice here in one visit. Just time everything accordingly and make the request. If you can accomplish it, it’s double the stress relief!

For those guys that just want to get it on and over with quickly, you can get a half hour treatment for 40 to the house plus 40 tip.

The spa also offers 4-handed massages by special request. This is a really great option. Two hot women rubbing you down? What could go wrong? The fee is very reasonable at double the normal rate. You will have to tip both girls separately of course.

I usually recommend calling ahead when you plan to visit a massage parlor, and this place is no exception. It never hurts and often helps. There’s no reason not to do it. If discretion is a problem, why not pick up a cheap disposable phone. Or just download Skype and make a free call over any internet connection.

Despite the cheesy K-pop based name, Wonder Girls Spa offers a very pleasurable experience for the discerning adult at a very reasonable rate. Combined with the attractive and attentive staff, it’s enough for me to give the place four stars.

Wondergirls Spa, 31st St & Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106. (347) 452-4818. Open seven days a week, 10 am – 10 pm.



  1. Jay says:

    Hey Rockit. Just wanted to update you on the Wonder Girl Spa. Its actually open from 9am-12am 7 days a week and I just received some full service treatment from one of their hot young korean girls. Just thought I’d let you know incase you wanted to swing by again and see for yourself. Cheers!

  2. kay says:

    Hey Rockit have you explored anywhere in flushing if so I was aat this place for a decent hand job and my buddy got a blow and fingered a girl fir under 40

    • rockit says:

      Haven’t explored anything new there in a while. See also my post on why I don’t do many reviews on shops in the United States anymore. Cheers.

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