Review: Thien Phu — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam **CLOSED**

Note: Thien Phu has closed. I have no further information on the place or anywhere who worked there.

Thien Phu is a barber shop set up offering special massages in the capital city of Vietnam. Thien Phu is located on Nguyen Phi Khanh street in District 1 and would be easy to miss for anyone not knowing what to look for. The street itself looks almost empty and the doors to many places are actually pushed back from the street so that customers have to walk in from the street before they even get to the front. Thien Phu is the first hot toc on the left when entering the street from the intersection with Dinh Tien Hoang.

There is some signage out front that indicates that the place is a barbershop and also includes the name though it doesn’t necessarily stand out. There is also usually a security guard either sitting out front or further in near the door who opens the way for any customers coming in.

Once inside customers are confronted with a rather large space containing a desk and a series of couches and chairs. The women on staff spend their time in their chairs chatting and playing with their phones as they wait for customers to arrive. There are anywhere from a dozen to two dozen women working at any time and they range in looks though most would probably be described as attractive by most men. The uniform is a nice looking red dress that accents the women nicely without being too revealing.

There may be some sort of menu of services available but most customers will probably never see it. That’s especially true if they cannot speak the local language. Instead they’ll be escorted by one of the available women up the stair case in the middle of the place and into a more private area upstairs. Customers are free to chose a lady of their liking or a regular but they if they don’t they will simply get whoever is next in line.

Neither the women on staff, the security guard or the front desk worker can speak much English if indeed they can speak any at all. There may be some individual exceptions but it is certainly not the norm. Luckily there isn’t much conversation needed at a barbershop when one isn’t getting their hair cut into the latest look.

The booths upstairs are large and open. They are bigger than most others one would find at a similar place in Vietnam or anywhere else. The booths are relatively private even though the walls don’t go all the way up and it’s quite easy to hear noise from the surrounding areas. On one side of each booth there is a massage table with a hair washing sink located at the head of it which is a little similar to the set up at Dr BJ’s in Bangkok though truth be told this place may be nicer even if that isn’t saying too much. The sinks are used to wash up as one might expect along with the usual wet wipes that are perhaps a little more common elsewhere.

As I often say places with numerous women on staff can vary greatly in their level of expertise. It’s difficult to rate the services of a group of women that can even change from time to time or hour to hour. What I can say is that the women working generally know what they are doing. While there are some that may be a bit lackadaisical there are others who go out of their way to make sure the customer leaves satisfied. Of course full service is never provided as those familiar with the scene would know but the normal mouth services can at times get creative.

As far as I know there is no set time limit at this place or any of the places like it but everything has to be done in a reasonable period. That is probably no problem for experts who put in time to practice their craft. After things are all done customers are led back down the stairs by their new friend and to the front desk where they can pay for services rendered.

I remember a time only a few years ago when services at these sorts of places went for a total of 200,000 Dong (at the time around $10.50 USD) with half going to the house and the other half going to the staff. Around 2011 or so many places started to up the total to 400,000. Even more recently the asking rate seems to have been upped to 500,000 ($23 USD) though this makes sense to some degree since the dollar continues to strengthen against the local currency. Of course there are still many places around that charge less such as the many places where locals pay as little as 220,000 total though they are more difficult for visitors to find. Natives to the city and people otherwise able to speak the language well can still get services for much less even in the places that ask new faces for 500,000 all in. At this point the prices only matter so much as even at the high end they are well within reason.

As a decent place with a good staff that in general knows how to do their work their isn’t much negative to say about Thien Phu. Taking everything into consideration I think it would be fair to give the place a solid three-and-a-half stars.

Thien Phu. 49 Nguyen Phi Khanh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Open everyday from around noon until early night.



  1. Danny says:

    I travel to VN monthly and can vouch that many establishments have 2 sets of prices for customers. One for locals and other for non-locals. It is advisable to visit places of pleasure with a local to avoid getting scammed with higher prices, if possible. Cheers.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Foreigners seem able to get the regular price on most things if they know the proper rate ahead of time and are able to stand firm. Cheers.

  2. Deca says:

    Rockit. Could you do Hanoi if you have chance to be in the city?
    I heard they have some great places to have FS!!

    • rockit says:

      I may report on it at some point in the future. Cheers.

    • Deca says:

      Just want to add-I saw a similar barber shop in Korean town walking distance from Tanson airport. Also, the massage spa at the super bowl shopping mall was so cheap and amazing i.e. I paid about 300,000 dong in total for 1 hr of massage and
      some great HJ and she let me play with her pussy. Each room had a window that
      people can see what is going on from outside the door. BJ used to be possible but
      I didn’t get any. Some friends told me they used to get BJ before but not anymore.

    • rockit says:

      There are some foreigner only barbershops around Koreatown that have historically offered full service. Cheers.

  3. Deca says:

    I just remember my first Vietnamese barbershop. When I went to Vietnam for the first time about 10 years ago,
    there were similar barbershops near Ben Tham Market and you could choose
    a girl. They would line up like they do in BKK and the mamasan spoke some English.
    I chose a really pretty one, almost a 9, but she was a total rookie and
    didn’t know how to do HJ. She also gave me very poor massage and I had to stop her because it was
    wasting my time and hers. I just gave her 5 usd for a tip and left the place.
    It was perhaps the most baffling experience I have had because she was also the most beautiful Vietnamese masseuse
    I have ever seen though. I have never come across anyone like that ever again!!

  4. Eric says:

    I recently found a hot toc in District 2, quite far from district 1,maybe 20 to 30 minutes away. It’s clearly for locals. The girls are decent. You can get a blowjob or hand job for 120 000vnd for the mamasan and I paid the girl 200 000vnd and she was really happy. During the main event, she took off all her clothes and let me play with anything I wanted. I noticed that a general sign that a hot toc is of this variety is that the signs are written hot toc Nam, massage, etc… Also, if there’s any dudes inside I steer clear. If anyone is interested in knowing where this place is, just reply.

  5. jardin says:

    please share the address or proximity, I’ve been told district is several of these places.

  6. Jack Hudson says:

    Hi, was here the other night 8pm, about 30 girls working range from 20-30 in age, they all wore tight yellow dresses mine wore no panties. the entrance fee is 200K, however as i spoke viet the girl accepted 100k as a tip in the end. to the business the girl allowed me to touch her breasts and even finger her as well and to finish was CIM. similar as bennys except for the no panties part, think bennys was a tad cleaner place.

  7. VietKong says:

    that was my favourite bj place in town but sadly it closed since February.. pity as it was the best girls of all in this street. Do you know if they have relocated?

    • rockit says:

      Despite my best efforts I have not been to find any place that the shop located to or even why it closed to begin with. I don’t know where the many women who worked there are no either. Cheers.

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