Review: The Pump Station — Pattaya, Thailand

The Pump Station blowjob bar Pattaya

Back in the good old days, a willing knob gobbler would pop her head out from under the curtain and service you while you enjoyed your drink at the bar.

The Pump Station is a once-legendary blowjob bar in Pattaya, Thailand that has become a prime example of just how the mighty can fall.

Even if you were new to the BJ bar scene the name of this place alone would tell you all you needed to know.  It also tells what kind of naughty, fun place this used to be. When I write about blowjob bars and the fun of getting sucked off while tossing back a cold beer in a party-like atmosphere of pure delight and debauchery, The Pump Station of the old is what I am describing. Well my friends, those days are long behind us. The glory days of glory holes if you will. Welcome to the new reality.

Today The Pump Station is bone dry. A deserted wasteland in the midst of an oasis of sexual services.

The place is opened wide to the street, looking deader inside than a mortuary. There’s a bar with no one behind it. A television may be on, but there probably won’t be anyone watching it. Even the stray street cats don’t bother to pop inside. A strangely positioned fan does most, if not all, of the blowing.

If a customer is lucky they may find a grand total of two women working The Pump Station at any given time. During “off times” there may be one or even no employees on premises. Sounds like a hoping place, right?

They shouldn’t expect much of a welcome in any case, even if the “entire staff” is out front and (supposedly) waiting for customers. Nowadays a guy can walk right around the women sitting out front and into the bar without receiving as much as a “hello” from either of them. Those who want a drink or a blowjob will probably have to walk right up someone on staff and explicitly ask for it. If the women on staff can be pulled away from their meals or the screens of their smart phone, they will grudgingly meet the request. Maybe.

It’s often said that the women who work at blowjob bars leave a lot to be desired in the looks department. That’s certainly not true in all cases. There are plenty of beautiful ladies at Lolita’s in Bangkok and some real lookers at lots of other blowjob bars around the country. At The Pump Station though the old saying seems to find its reality. I’ve been told a looker or two still works here, but I’ve yet to see it with my own eyes despite several passes up and down the street on dozens of visits.

If one has the fortitude to deal with the staff at The Pump Station and make a request for some oral services, they’ll be taken upstairs to a ramshackle old room where the duty will be done. Everything leading up to that point should give you an idea as to what to expect as far as the level of service.

How about the price? The going rate for mouth work in Thailand has been creeping up over the last few years, with many places now charging 700 or 800 Baht for a quick blow-and-go (the new Lolita’s in Pattaya is a pleasant exception, charging only 600). The prices as The Pump Station are on the high end, though the exact rate seems to vary by the day and whether or not the boss is around. The last time I visited (and it will be the last time I visit) I was quoted 760 Baht ($25) all in, which seems to be a totally random price with no correlation to the rest of the industry. Future visitors can expect a range somewhere between 700 and 800.

Rockit Reports has been online for just over a year. The only time throughout that period that I’ve broken out the lowest-of-the-low half star rating was in my review of Balls Balm, and that was because the product almost seared my nuts clean off of my body. I have yet to give the half-twinkle to any individual or establishment, no matter how terrible. One reason for that is because however dirty or undesirable a place may be the women working there at least try. At The Pump Station that is sadly no longer the case. This may be the only adult oriented venue in the world where the working women do not want customers, despite depending on them to earn an income.

As bad as the attitudes of the women working The Pump Station are, I’d hate to take food out of anyone’s mouth. Especially someone who uses that mouth to make a living like this. I may be overly harsh in my assessment. Maybe there is just something about me personally that turns the lasses at The Pump Station off. I’m definitely open to hearing from others who have experienced to place.  As they say so often in this game, “your mileage may very.”

 The Pump Station. Soi 13/2, Pattaya, Thailand. Open seven days a week from noon to midnight (though you might not be able to tell). No phone. No website. Click here for a map.

The Pump Station Pattaya


  1. ed says:

    An honest report, sadly. I dropped by to say hello to the Thai owner this morning and she is a nice lady. “where you been?” As she always asks. Apparently, there are now four girls working there. I didn’t mention the half a Michelin star. The cashier, who has worked there forever, and who I gave a 30 baht tip on every visit [around 200] totally ignored me. This used to be my place. Thanks for the report Rocket.

    • rockit says:

      Glad to see you cosign the report since you have much more experience with the place than I do. Have you ever mentioned the sad fall from grace to the owner?

  2. ed says:

    I have never broached the subject. She looks resigned to how things are. In the past she used to try getting tough with the girls, but they just seemed to rebel against her. The girls started leaving one by one, and so did the customers. She would probably say it was the other way around. It will be a restaraunt before too long, i’m sure of that. Even John Harvey Jones couldn’t turn this one around. BTW the odd price structure is thus. The bar fine is 360 baht and the girl is asking for a 400 baht tip if she quotes you 760 all up. Yes, they would often try to get a little extra if you are a new face.

    • rockit says:

      Something is definitely off. It doesn’t seem like most of the other places in Thailand have many problems retaining a decent staff. Even Golden Girl next door (which I will soon review here) has kind attentive women working (even if there are only two of them).

  3. ed says:

    You are right, something is off. Golden Girl used to be great too, and also used to have ten girls working there, in years gone by. Same as the ‘Pump.’ Next door to that was the Spricy Bar, which was previously known as ‘nice with ice’ bar. Now, this is another damned massage parlour. They had it all, a great product, a good location, and in high season 60 customers a day. But what happened, was when the girls would leave the management made no effort to recruite. It is heartbreaking. The economic crash in Europe and US in 2009 also played a big part.
    Current news: I rode past the new Lolitas Pattaya yesterday, and got a filthy look from a pretty cute number, so I went straight to the Bliss Lounge where I knew I would get a good greeting. It was great, Bliss have a nice team.
    Stay cool, Ed.

  4. ed says:

    It looks very much as if Golden Girl has shut up shop for good. The girls seem to be working in the Pump Station now. Same story as i rode past, a poisonous atmosphere and no visible customers. Pattaya is real busy now.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the update. I have a report on Golden Girl upcoming. Have to say it wouldn’t be a huge loss if it is shuttered. Interesting that Pattaya is buzzing with the continued threat of unrest. Cheers!

  5. Dan D says:

    Loloita’s in BK is the best I have seen so far. BJ Bars in general are hard to find. I have herd stories about getting a BJ under the table
    (no pun intended) but I have yet to find one. Any one know of such a place?

    • rockit says:

      They aren’t that hard to find. I’ve already reviewed 11 Thai BJ bars on this website, and there are more reviews to come. That still leaves other such bars uncovered. If you read through those reviews and the other posts I’ve made on BJ bars you’ll learn more about which allow for public activities, which used to have cut-outs under the bar to get sucked while you drank beer, etc. That’s probably the best course of action if you are really interested. Cheers.

  6. Steve says:

    At last success. I had stopped by The Pump Station a few months back and received the same complete lack of interest described by others. Two days ago I walked past and, a glutton for punishment, I stopped and asked one of the girls sitting there who was playing with her smartphone if she wanted to play with mine. That got a modest laugh from her. She was tall, slim, not bad at all in the looks, but a bit hard. She said she was working and would be prepared to charge me 1,000 baht. I offered 800 and we were off for our date. Turns out she was happy to provide very good service–ok probably not happy, but certainly suprisingly enthusiastic. She accomplished her mission, I achieved mine. Maybe there’s a glimmer of hope there, but it’s probably still “buyer be ware.” Steve

  7. I don't know says:

    Probably all the hot ones like to do webcam service.

  8. passport says:

    I used to visit the old Pump Station ALOT, many years ago when it was still going strong as part of the group including Golden Girls and Nice with Ice. Spent time in all three depending on what girl caught my eye that day. Like many, I became disappointed when they started including Ladyboys and the whole group starting going downhill.

    I noticed they have a Facebook page that looks like the place as both moved down the soi a few shop houses (maybe what was old Nice with Ice location?) They now have new guesthouse rooms and it again looks like a party. Unfortunately, still some Ladyboys around but also some reasonably attractive REAL woman. Attractive for a BJ shop that is.

    I walked by last night and saw a cutie I wanted to spend some time with in that environment but she had her arm around another customer, so I kept walking. I saw another girl tonight, not up to the standard as the girl I saw the night before but still fine. I went in for a drink.

    After ordering a drink, I confirmed there is still an upstairs to bring a girl to for the same type of service, mamasan said “1,000 baht:, I said “no condom”, girl hesitated a bit but said “Okay”, up we go. She took me not to a BJ bar like the old set up, with cut outs in the bar but to one of the guesthouse rooms. As far as short time rooms go, it was nice, clean and newly set up.

    The main reason I liked the old Pump Station is they would play nasty porn DVDs for you to watch while you had your drink and got your service. None of that now, just standard cable in the guesthouse room. I was disappointed. Maybe TMI but I now have a “thing” for watching porn while a girl gives me service, in real life.

    Girl seemed nice enough but was clueless. Gave a basic, mechanical BJ for awhile, she did not know how to make me finish. I urged her to keep doing some stuff while I basically jerked off to finish. She had no desire to be part of the finish. I showered up, paid the bin, gave her a 50 baht tip that I could see she did not expect and left.

    I would need something bad, like an argument to happen to only give it a 0, 1 or 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. Nothing like that happened, everyone was friendly enough. Just seemed like they have NO clue about being a BJ shop any more even though the service is still offered. I give it a 3.5 rating on a scale of 10, no desire to return any time soon. I did not go away mad, I just went away.

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