Review: Taizhilian Spa — Taipei, Taiwan

75 Blue Massage in Taipei

The view from in front of the shop.

Taizhilian Spa (泰芝戀男女養生會館) seems to be one of the most well known massage parlors for foreigners visiting or living in Taipei. English speakers refer to it by all sorts of alternative names including 75 Massage and Blue Minquan Massage but I’m not exactly sure why. I also can’t figure out why some claim the place is difficult to find since it’s located right along a main road and has a clear and obvious series of signs out front.

Taizhilian Spa is situated on Minquan East Road between a bedding shop and another store selling appliances.  The Xingtian Temple MRT Station is within walking distance and most taxis can also find their way there when provided with the address. The shop has a blue front with items from a beach scene like palm trees scattered on it. The glass doors are marked “24H” with large red letters indicating that the parlor is indeed open around the clock.

Immediately upon entering customers find a front counter and a small couch. The cashier at the front desk speaks little to no English though isn’t really an issue since she is also equipped with a laminated menu showing two varieties of massage available for 1200 and 1500 New Taiwan Dollars accordingly. Guys looking for massages that end happy normally select the 1500 NTD ($50 USD) aroma massage by pointing at it on the list and handing over the money. Customers can request a specific masseuse by number when paying for their massage. Those who don’t will get whoever is next in line.

The masseuses who work at Taizhilian Spa are relatively attractive. They wear revealing dresses over top of tiny panties that are often revealed when they do things like bending over to pick something up or climbing up stairs. Most are from Vietnam but have been in Taiwan long enough to speak a good amount of the local language. Some basic English is also spoken by many. The women range in age though I’d guess that the majority are in their 30’s even if they purport to be in twenty-somethings. Fairly slim and fit bodies are the norm and good amount of silicone is carried by quite a few. I don’t think any of the women on staff are unattractive but there aren’t any drop dead gorgeous stunners there either.

Once a customer pays for his massage he sits down on the couch behind him, takes off his shoes and puts on a pair of the shop’s black slippers. While these are of a higher quality than is normally seen in a massage parlor they are too tiny for all but the smallest of feet. As the customer slips into his tiny toe covers the front desk worker will call for one of the masseuses to come pick him up. When she arrives she’ll take him not back into the large open area behind the counter but rather into an elevator heading to one of the other floors in the building.

The other floors contain hall ways lined on one side with massage rooms. These massage rooms contain a massage table, a hook to hold clothes and little more. That’s because they’re too little to hold any more. They are large enough for the task at hand though they are small enough that a customers leg may hit up against one of the walls during a stretch. The rooms are pretty safe and secure though one can occasionally hear sounds emanating from the other massage rooms or the hallways outside.

Once in the room the masseuse will ask the customer if he wants to shower. Those who agree to do so probably get the best service especially if it means they will be scrubbing off stink and filth accumulated in the journey to the shop. The “shower rooms” are really just large wet rooms that contain boilers, a toilet and a portable shower head sticking out of a wall. Things aren’t too uncomfortable though and plenty of shower gel and shampoo is provided.

After showering customer make their way back to the room in their towel. They then slip on the provided pair of black paper panties and lay face down on the table. The masseuse will then provide a fairly decent massage that lasts quite sometime. It’s unlikely that any major back ailment will be cured during this service but it’s not nearly as poor as some of the perfunctory or nonexistent massages provided at some parlors in places like Bangkok.

The back massage is followed up by a nice hot towel treatment with the customer being covered from head to toe in warm wet fabric that feels great. The treatment that feels even better usually follows this though the exacts depend on a bit of conversation and negotiation.

The services available at Taizhilian seem to depend on the provider and at times how she feels about the customer. Many will offer everything up to full service but there are some who don’t seem to go beyond hand service. Even those who do give a full ride may not bring it up, instead offering hand service alone unless the customer asks if more is available. There is no set rate for finishing services. There is a usual level that regulars pay but that seems to have gone up recently.

The initial prices quoted for special services can sometimes seem outrageous but reasonable counter offers made politely are usually honored. There are no rules but in general full service can be offered for as much as 5000 NTD ($165 USD) but attained for as little as 2000 or 3000 ($65-100 USD). Lip service can be offered for as much as 3000 but attained for as little as 1000 ($33 USD). Hand service can be offered for as much as 1500 but attained for as little as 500 ($17 USD).

Services always depend on the skills of the provider, the customer, chemistry, mood and a whole host of other things. I’ve said time and time again that because of these factors it’s difficult to make a definitive judgement on the level of special services at places like this with numerous women on staff. In general I can say that things are satisfactory and usually neither terrible nor out of this world.

After the massage is finished up the customer is free to take another shower or simply put on his gear. Whenever he’s ready he’ll be guided back into the elevator and to the front where he can put on his shoes and head out the door.

As a nice and clean massage parlor with a large and relatively attractive staff that’s easy to find and open twenty four hours a day Taizhilian Spa isn’t half bad. Taking into consideration everything I think the place deserves a solid three stars which according to the five star Rockit Reviews system means it is above average.

Taizhilian Spa. No. 75 Minquan East Road Section 2, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Phone: (02) 2599-1314. Click here for a map.

Taizhilian Spa Taipei Taiwan


  1. Sydmick says:

    Thanks again Rockit! Looking forward to more info on Taipei

  2. asl says:

    Thank you very much. I’m new to Taipei and will live here for the next years. It would be great if you could give more reports on Taipei or Taiwan in general.

    • rockit says:

      I have several more reports on Taipei in the works. They’ll be online soon. Stay tuned. Cheers!

  3. Paolo says:

    I just come back from the place.

    Really easy to find as.mentioned, from the MTR station walk towards the temple then take a left, it will be on your right hand side… If you really want to go there. I wouldn’t recommend it.

    I was greeted by a bored-looking and cold mamasan and instructed to wait. First surprise, I was assigned a girl and didn’t get the opportunity to choose, even though I asked. I was told it was impossible to choose in this shop. I thought it might be because they were out of staff since no other girl was in sight. I didn’t mind much because the girl looked more than decent, early 30ies, she said she was #36. The girl asked me if I came here before, I told her a friend recommended me the place.

    Went to the room cleaned myself. Then small chat in mandarin and the massage went on. As mentioned, it’s not out of this world but still ok.

    The girl was talkative and everything seemed to go alright. Everything went wrong whenbshe asked me if I wanted a handjob. I asked her if BJ was on the menu. She said it was available but only for 3000. I then calmly told her my friend told me the prices were much cheaper than that and I confessed that I was a bit surprised. She wouldn’t budge one NT. Saying the prices were always the same with every girl and that blowjobs were a rarity in this really.famous and busy establishment, that 3000 was a good price. She even called my friend a liar and seemed irritated. After a few minutes hagglingunsuccessfully, I asked her what was the deal on handjobs, she said 1000… 1000 dressed, 2000 undressed. Haggling longer, and I insist that I stayed polite and friendly, she told me that she would give me naked hand service for 1500. I knew it was a ridiculous price and should have left but wanted to investigate the matter to the end and resolutely didn’t want to go home with a so-so backrub only. Before starting she then asked me if I wanted her to remove the top or the skirt. I finally started laughing and said she couldn’t be serious and that we had agreed on naked for 1500. She removed the rest, saying that she never had given such a good deal to anyone before.

    Service was still just ok. Technique was good but she was distant and mechanical.

    On my way out, I saw other girls, they looked equal or better to 36 but it was hard to know if they were service providers or casual staff since some were dressed in casual clothes and not enticing at all.

    I left the place highly dissatisfied. An over-priced.rushed hj after.a really unpleasant haggling session. Maybe it’s only with that service provider (#36) but I will never go there again as I would be afraid of getting a similar treatment. As a clean, conveniently located place with a so so massage, overpriced special service and annoying customer service, I think this place is worth nothing more than 1.5 stars. I hope Rockit can provide new destinations in Taiwan since this one is below even mainland China’s standards.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I don’t think line ups are possible but customers can definitely request a particular lady at the front desk if they know her number. Some ladies only offer particular services and some stick to high rates but I can report that it’s possible for customers to get hand service for a 500 NTD tip in the right circumstances. Cheers.

  4. asl says:

    Still waiting for more reports on Taipei/Taiwan :-)

  5. Finale says:

    Yeah please update

  6. hannya says:

    Likely going to go check out Taizhilian tonight. Any recommendations on a specific masseuse at the parlor?

  7. taipeidude says:

    Was very disappointed in this place. Maybe I just got a lame girl. So many little things were wrong that it added up to a bad experience. She offered me a shower, but didn’t let me take off my clothes in the room. Had to hang up my dress clothes in the shower room and try to avoid all the water splashed on the walls. She was cute, but more clothed than most of the other girls I saw in the place; no cleavage showing. Massage not bad, but my room had a mattress on the floor, not a massage table which reduced the opportunities to grab a feel as the massage progressed. When she started the hand job she managed to keep most of her body out of reach. I was a bit pissed off which definitely detracted from the mood. After completion she asked for 1000NTD. So, 2500 for a so-so hand job. Caesarworld sauna is a much better value for the money. Won’t be going back to Taizhilian. Ever.

  8. ken says:

    I can confirm what reviewer Paolo said above. What this place offers is: hand job for 1000 fully clothed, or 2000 ($70) topless. That’s a total of $120 for a hj. Only a novice player would do that deal.
    No, they don’t offer fs. If they do, does anyone have any real proof? Some may offer bj for 3000 but that is not fs nor a good deal. I didn’t hear any shrieks, moans of joy, or rumbling of tables emanating from the hallways, and further, the doors are unlockable and have small windows so people can see whats going on from the outside. The windows seem to be a requirement for massage joints in this oh-so conservative land, as I have seen them at other places. This alone, based on my experience, is a dead giveaway that it is a legit joint.

    • rockit says:

      As I reported more is available at times and at times for less than the amount in your comment. There are numerous variables that go into this so some people may be offered less or asked for more at various times. Further I have received all sorts of services in places with windows on the door in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan. Cheers.

  9. Jon says:

    Went to Taizhilian Spa this afternoon. It was really not that difficult to find the place.

    The place is quite clean but it is beginning to show its age. Perhaps it is time for the owner(s) to start thinking of giving it some sort of a face-lift.

    After walking through the door, I was greeted by a lady behind the counter. And yes, there was the laminated menu showing the two types of massage that they have to offer. TWD 1,200.00 for the regular massage and TWD 1,500.00 for the aroma/oil massage. The lady said that if I choose the TWD 1,500.00 aroma/oil massage, I would get the privilege to take a shower. She then proceeded to ask me if it is my first visit to their establishment and whether there is a specific masseuse that I want. When I said that it is indeed my first visit and I do not have any specific masseuse in mind, she assigned whoever is the next masseuse in line. As it turned out, she is one of their younger girls and is quite pretty. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give her a 7.5, maybe even an 8.

    We took the elevator up to the 4th floor, and once in the room, she laid out the towel and told me to undress and take a shower while she went out to get the lotion and oil. She came back as I was getting out of the shower and she dried me off. When I asked whether it is necessary to wear the paper panties that was provided, she said it is not really necessary as it would eventually be taken off anyway. So there I was, face down on the massage table, in my birthday suit.

    About ten minutes into the massage, she asked if I wanted another masseuse, saying that with two masseuses and two sets of hands, it would be more comfortable, more exciting and more relaxing. From my experience at other massage establishments, whenever there are two of them in the same room, they have the tendency to start chatting with each other, and more often than not, the customer is ignored. So I politely declined, telling her that she is already doing a relatively good job and another masseuse would not be necessary. That little praise brought smiles to her face and it made me think that most, if not all, of the customers probably do NOT bother praising them even when the service provided is exceptional.

    After she is almost finished with massaging my back, I started to inquire about what other services are available. She said she only does hand jobs and not full service. And she said if I really wanted full service, she could introduce other masseuses that provide full service and I would have to negotiate with them on the price. Well, so much for the idea of full service.

    Then I asked her what her rates are for the hand job. She said: topless TWD 1,000.00 and completely naked TWD 2,000.00. I tried to negotiate a lower price but she would not budge. Eventually she said TWD 2,000.00 and she would be completely naked and I could touch, kiss and lick her breasts and nipples and finger f**k her and she would take her time and would not rush the hand job. Not exactly the best deal but more or less acceptable so I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. As it turned out, it was quite good and both of us enjoyed what we were doing to each other.

    The massage was acceptable and I would give it a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. As for the extra service, namely the hand job, if she was willing to drop her rates just a little to TWD 1,500.00, I might be willing to give it an 8. But with her rates of TWD 2,000.00 the most that I would be willing to give would be a 7.

    Overall, the establishment and the experience is not too bad. It is definitely a place to consider if one wants a massage with a happy ending.

  10. Chiongster says:

    Any more massage place to recommend?

    • rockit says:

      Sorry I don’t make recommendations. This website is for entertainment only. I have reviewed two places in Taiwan and I will review more in the future. The next review of a place in Taipei will be online next month. Cheers.

  11. Falcon says:

    Just ok… Taking into account that my chinese is non existant and that she did not know two words of was kind awkward… But she finished her job..which was ok… But its the kind of place you should go only if you are really really in need… All in all spent 1500+2000

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Some of the women speak English. Most don’t. I think that goes for every aspect of life in Taiwan. The Vietnamese women at the place under review obviously speak Vietnamese too but that wouldn’t be of much help to someone who only speaks English. Cheers.

  12. MR.ButtLicker says:

    SOO i just came back from this place last night. For first timers they do just put you with the next girl in which my case wasn’t too pretty or anything. She was Vietnamese and they definitely do full service. I dropped the 5000 offer to 3000 with just a few flattering words.

    In all honesty if you are foreign/speak a little chinese and not a fat ugly dude you will get anything you want.

    Walking out a saw a few pretty milf type ladies and memorized their numbers for later tonight.

    Hope this helps!

  13. GrandSlam says:


    I was wondering if you have come across this place: “House of Spa Dance”. I haven’t been but read in the web that their masseurs and smoking hot, the price for the massage alone is $2200. The massage is apparently quite good and includes some teasing, but no extras even on offer?

    Honestly, I prefer a good massage from a smoking hot 20 something with some teasing, than a so-so massage and dissatisfying hj from a fat 40 something lady.


  14. guy says:

    sounds like a pretty cool place, always nice to have options in any town you are in

  15. Paolo says:

    Just came back to Taiwan after a while. This time, went to Kaohsiung. The offer there is 1000 times much better. There is Green House (绿舍), nearby Formosa Station, on Datong 1st Street.

    Conveniently located, foreigner friendly (a little mandarin will ease things up but only english isn’t a deal breaker), super clean! Wide selection. No lineup, girls show up 2 by 2 and it’s up to you to ask to see others which you should definetely do since they are known to send the rough ones to newbies.

    Price is a flat rate of 1600 RMB (no matter how the girl looks, so once again,
    be sure to browse) for enthusiastic Half-Service, that is HJ, CBJ and Sumata but then your milleage may vary.

  16. Travelling Donkey says:

    Just to bring this place up to date. I think rockit’s report of the actual place is good. The prices ranges for the house and offered in the room are still valid. As rockit says the actual experience is up to you and the girl. I had a pretty relaxed girl who was definitely up for FS. She sat all over me during the massage and played around. Other than that all I can say is thank god we had Google translate.

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