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Review: Super Strip Theater — Tokyo, Japan

Japan strip club dancer Takumi Yuna

This is Takuma Yuna, a popular stripper dancing at Super Strip Theater.

Super Strip Theater in the Shibuya neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan is a good example of what a modern Japanese strip club is like.

The theater itself is right out in the open only a 1 or 2 minute walk from Shibuya subway station. It’s across the street from an “adult shop,” which gives you an idea of the kind of neighborhood it’s in. Of course this is Japan, so it’s not really seedy. You never really have to worry much about safety in Tokyo. A block away there are regular shops on the main road.

A huge yellow neon sign marks the entrance. You can’t miss it. When you first enter the theater, with looks like an old style cinema, there is a small ticket window on the left. The worker inside probably won’t speak much English, so just hand over your money. The entrance fee is 4,500 yen ($55 US dollars). Don’t worry, foreigners are more than welcome.

What seems like a very expensive entrance fee (especially considering that Japanese blowjob bars and Tokyo peep shows like the one at New Hot Point where you get a hand job or blowjob finish for 2000-4000 yen are all over Tokyo) starts to make a lot more sense once you see how the system works. It’s basically all-inclusive.

Once you pay your fee and get your receipt, you walk inside. There, another man will take your receipt and point you down the stairs. This is where the action happens. Go past the vending machine and the small bathroom on the left and through the doors and you’ll enter the strip theater proper.

The room is average sized. In the back there is some standing room. In the front is a long t-shaped stage with an elaborate rotating carousel in the middle. This isn’t your average Western strip club!

The seating is a bit cramped, but it’s workable. Several rows of half-moon shaped benches are placed around the protruding part of the stage. Spaces exist between the rows to allow customers to come in and out as they please. There are almost always some guys here, mainly Japanese businessmen. They will give you your privacy and you should do the same.

The set up here doesn’t work like the clubs in the US. There are “shows,” starting at various times in the day. You may enter in the middle of a show. That’s fine, just take a seat. The whole thing will repeat a few minutes after the last scene. Once you pay your admission, you can stay as long as you’d like. You can even bring snacks or drinks inside if you’d like.

Each show includes performances by several women, all pictured on the website at any given time. These women rotate every few days. At the beginning, all the women for that night (ranging in looks from average to excellent, all at least having good bodies) will come out and introduce themselves. Then, the individual scenes will begin. These scenes have themes are planned out really well. There are costumes and props and all sorts of things.  They will do one part in their costume, dancing and perhaps telling a bit of a story with their bodies. Then they will come out again and strip their tops or bottoms off. The last round has them strip totally nude and taking up various positions on the rotating platform, which actually lifts up out of the stage by several feet, giving everyone in attendance a great view of the lady in question’s various holes. The place is intimate enough that no matter where you sit or stand, you will get an eyeful!

After each dancer finishes her routine the lights will turned on. She’ll come back out in something casual like a t-shirt, take a bow, then climb back up on the rotating platform and spread her pussy and ass wide to give everyone one last good look. Every once in a while a regular customer will give the dancer a tip at this point, but it’s very rare. As is always the case in Japan, tipping is not required or expected.

AChat with Japanese women in Englishfter this, the dancer will move to the far right side of the stage, where at this point guys will begin lining up.  What’s going on? Well, when these guys paid their admission, they purchased photo tickets. This allows them to meet the girl briefly and then take a picture either with her or of her, in their desired position. They will use a digital camera provider by her. You can do this to if you buy a ticket at 500 yen each. Just stand in line and hand it over to her. Can’t speak Japanese? No worries. They understand English poses that describe the position their legs will take (“M,” “V,” or for spread eagle, “open”). Even the Japanese guys will be using them! Photos are picked up at the window where you paid for your ticket after the show.

The show will continue like this. The girls are supposed to get progressively better looking as it goes on, but people have varying opinions. I often find prettier girls in the beginning or middle. Often there will a 2 girl show towards the end that will be very erotic.

All the routines are of very high quality, and are as entertaining as they are sexy. It’s clear that a lot of thought and work goes into them.

It used to be that customers could get extra services just off stage after each show, ranging from a hand job to a blowjob. But that no longer seems to be the case anywhere. Crackdowns happened and things changed. It’s a bit odd since oral and hand relief for cash is not illegal in Japan, but what can you do?

Once in a while, one or two of the dancers on a given night will be AV (adult video – Japanese name for porn) actresses. When this is the case, they often have DVDs for sale with them. They will sign these for you if you purchase one.

If you don’t want any take home photos or get any DVDs you don’t have to. No pressure. You could stay here all day with just your entry fee paid and no one would be upset in the least!

There are a few rules at this club and others like it. Don’t be a boisterous asshole and ruin it for everyone. Also keep your phone in your pocket. Taking it out while in the theater proper, even just to check the time, is a sure way to get thrown out and permanently banned.

I should mention too that couples are welcome. Some clubs and dates seem to be more popular for that than others. Women get discounted entry.

The website for Super Strip Theater is here. A full guide of strip clubs in Japan, with dancers and their schedules is available here (FYI, it’s in Japanese).

As a decent and unique experience, I give Super Strip Theatre 3.5 stars. It’s something worth seeing if you’re in Japan.

Super Strip Theatre, 渋谷区道玄坂 2-28-7. Phone: 03-3770-5737. Open 7 days a week, 11 am – 11:30 pm. Click here for a Google map.


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