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Review: Strawberry Club — Tokyo, Japan (CLOSED)

Japan Pinsaro Pink Salon Blowjob BarNote: Strawberry Club has closed. A new shop has opened in its place that does not accept non-Japanese customers.

Ichigo Kurabu (Strawberry Club) is a low-priced double blowjob bar (known in Japanese as a pink salon or pinsaro) in the Otsuka section of Tokyo.

Located just outside of the Otsuka train station, the bar is not really in a discreet location. The entrance is right next to a family restaurant in the middle of a public circle with a street wrapping around it. No worries though, most people will not really know what the place is. It’s especially hilarious seeing the lines flow out the door and into the street when this place offers specials like “3 blowjob for the price of 1.” But there are plenty of cock suck shops in this area and they are socially accepted. No one else is bothered by it and so you shouldn’t be either.

Strawberry is a pretty average club. Maybe even below average. Sure, it’s a place where you can get your dick sucked by two fully nude Asian women in a row for a mere 2000 yen ($25 US), but there are plenty of those in Tokyo’s massive blowjob bar scene. What makes this place special is that it’s one of the few to openly and consistently accept foreigners without problem, even if they speak little to no Japanese.

The rules are quite simple and stated right up front on the website: you must be 18 or over, you must be free of disease, no drunks, foreigners are okay if they don’t act like assholes. It’s all pretty basic.

When you go down the stairs to enter, you’ll be greeted by a middle aged Japanese manager in the bathroom-stall-sized entrance. Hand him your money. He’ll give a quick rundown on the rules and ask if you have a point card. This will be in Japanese, but it’s short and sweet, so it’s no problem getting through if you don’t speak any. Take a point card if you don’t already have one. After ten visits, you get one free. How can you beat that?

Next you will be guided to a booth in the main room. There are 8 or 9 booths and they are all pretty small. They give enough room to get your sausage swallowed, but they are close enough together than you could stretch out and touch the back of the head of the guy sitting in front of you if you really wanted to. The seat backs are not high and lighting is only partially dimmed, so it’s quite possible to see what’s going on in the other booths. That doesn’t mean you should stare. Looking out of the corner of your eye is fine, but if you don’t keep your head facing generally straight ahead, you’ll at best look like a weird guy or at worst get thrown out. It’s not like a Nazi regime where they walk around checking your head position, but it’s just the common way of behavior that makes places like this possible. Don’t ruin it. If privacy is a big deal for you, you’d probably like Jan Jan a bit more, since it has higher booth backs and is a little darker and more spread out.

Soon enough the first girl will come to your booth. She’ll introduce herself and try to engage in some small talk. If you don’t speak any Japanese, you can just tell her so. She won’t be upset about it. She probably won’t speak any English though. Body language and smiles are helpful here. Next, she’ll either tell you to pull your pants down or she’ll start the process herself. Get your kit down around your ankles while she slips out of her nightie and panties then sit back and relax. First, she’ll wipe your dick down with a wet rag to get it nice and clean. Then, she’ll start working your shaft to get you stiff and ready.

You’ll be blown for a solid 10 minutes. Your hands are free to roam, but the degree varies. Most girls are okay with you finger banging their pussies, but some may not be. Go with the flow. All the girls will let you fondle theirs tits. Some may even let you get in their asshole a little if that’s your thing. Don’t grab the back of their heads. No matter how great a deep throat gagging blowjob feels, that’s never cool in these kinds of places. Note that a few girls here like to start the session with some tongue kissing. It’s up to you if you want to partake in this. They will initiate, usually asking you if it’s okay. Keep in mind that they take dozens of loads in their mouths every single day and base your decision on that. I always partake when the prettier girls initiate, but then again I’m a horny animal. I’ve thankfully never had to turn down an ugly girl, because none of the real dogs (here or at any other pinsaro) have ever tried to kiss me.

The session with the first girl will end either when you blow a load or the ten minutes runs out (marked by the manager who makes announcements over a microphone). At that point, she’ll wipe your cock with a wet cloth and then put another wet cloth over your wood and ask you to wait for the next girl.

And that’s what you do. Wait with your pants around your ankles for the next girl. Depending on the number of customers in the place, this can take anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes. On busy days you may get the girl you just saw sucking off the guy right in front of you.

The next girl will go through a similar routine to the first. She’ll initiate a little less small talk. She’ll probably already be naked. You will already have your pants down. So it’s more “straight to work.” Another ten minutes and you’ll be cleaned up and walked out the door.

The goal is to blow two loads here, but that’s not always possible. I’ve achieved it a few times. Other times I’ve only busted a single nut, either in the first or second girl’s mouth. You can also pay 3000 yen up front to get a third girl. I’ve only tried that once.

The girls here are not great looking at all. It’s usual that some of the more unattractive women work in suck shops like these, though apparently that is starting to change. But strawberry really takes the cake. Some of the women here are just totally physically unappealing. You can see some listed on the site, but they don’t show much. I would say most are acceptable being as they are just polishing your nob. It’d be more acceptable if some of them could suck better. Most get the job done, but there are few star performers and some are even bad at blowing pipe. Still, for 25 bucks you can’t really complain. And to be fair, there are a few cute girls working here. I just want you to be prepared. Don’t think you’re gonna get sucked off by two models (you can come pretty close to that at New Hot Point though!).

With the fast turnover of customers and low prices here, safety may be a concern. A few guys reported getting willy infections after visiting a few months ago. This has never happened to me, and it was easily curable stuff (possible gonorrhea but more probably a NGU), but it’s still worth mentioning. No girl will complain if you bring a condom. I prefer to go bareback and take my chances. The choice is yours.

As a very easily accessible blowjob shop in the middle of Tokyo where you can get your salami swallowed twice for the price of a decent diner, I give Strawberry Club two and a half stars.

Ichigo Karabu, 豊島区北大塚2-14-8 日米ビルB. Open seven days a week, 7 am – 1 am. Click here for a handy guide to finding your way to the club.

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