Review: Sarah Miehn — Seoul, South Korea

What a view!

What a view!

The coverage I’ve done on South Korea has been some of the most popular in the history of this site. That’s true even though this website is blocked in South Korea. The block and popularity of South Korean coverage on this site prompted the creation of another site that focuses on Korea but I continue to report on the country here.

One of the women I have been lucky enough to get in contact with in South Korea has been Sarah Miehn in Seoul.

Sarah is a twenty-something Korean woman living in Seoul. She works a normal professional job during the day and comes out to play with guys like you and me afterward. Well educated and traveled, extensively cultured, and extremely good at speaking English (due to years spent in the States), Sarah is also blessed with an absolutely beautiful face and a stunningly sexy body. When I say her tits and ass are to die for, I’m not exaggerating by much–I imagine more than a few guys would risk life and limb just to get a squeeze of either. Combine all of this with her stellar personality and warmth, and you have what is in my opinion one of the better independent escorts to be found anywhere in the world today.

Sarah is in fact so hot and personable that she could probably get away with pulling the old starfish routine. She doesn’t. She does everything in her power to make sure that by the time the session is over customers will be fully relieved and pleased.

That’s another great thing about this girl. Not only is she a fun person, she’s also very open minded. She’s very accommodating and seems able to meet most reasonable needs. That’s something that can be difficult to find from working women in South Korea, even though the country is filled with “pay for play” services from one end to the other.

I don’t need to go on to much about all of the exacts. It’s enough for me to say that she provides all the things one would expect. An added bonus in my opinion is her style. She really knows what to wear and how to make herself up. She always looks incredible. I only wonder if she looks that good during regular daytime working hours. How could her male coworkers get anything done with a star like that moving about?

Sarah’s also a big fan of things like lingerie. That’s great for a guy like me. What can get you going better than a hot young woman in a sexy pair of matching bra and panties as seen in some of her pictures? It’s especially hot when it’s worn under an outfit that’s already hot.

Of course every session is different. There are no repeats, even between service providers and regular customers. Sarah actually told me that some guys have tried to guilt her into adding more time to a session by referring to reviews they’ve read saying she spent additional time with them. That’s ridiculous. As she said, when she does do that, it’s her choice, and based on the fact that she likes talking to or spending time with the client in question. It’s totally at her discretion.

Sarah has all the right assets.

Sarah has all the right assets.

Guys do well to focus on themselves rather than the next man. Sarah isn’t out to rip anyone off. It doesn’t make sense to worry when the goal is to relax.

If there are any complaints to be made about Sarah it’s that it can take a little time to get in touch with her. I admit that I was a tiny bit frustrated by this the first time I tried to contact her. This is actually totally understandable and acceptable when one learns that she works totally independently, has a normal job and sometimes has to make business trips. I will also say that she seems to have gotten much better at getting back to me since the first time I sent her an email.

An hour with Sarah runs $400 US. That’s higher than the rate she started out with, but still totally appropriate for the services offered in a place like Seoul. At her level of service it seems like a value.

Sarah does outcall to clients set up with rooms in decent hotels and incall in hotels of her choosing. It’s up to her and the client in question to decide which option is best.

The Rockit Reports website has now been online for several years. Despite posting countless reviews of people, places and things all around the world of interest to men only two five star reviews have ever been given. One of those is this particular review.

As an extremely charming, talented and attractive young lady who provides a near perfect experience I am pleased to give Sarah Miehn a solid five stars.

I often make sure to mention that “Your Mileage May Vary” in reviews like these, and that remains the case here. It’s sometimes necessary to remind people that things do indeed change from one session to the next. The experiences of others can give one an idea but certainly no guarantees.

One thing to note is that like many women in her position Sarah prefers that clients not discuss rates with her at any time. She expects them to know the rates ahead of time and hand over the correct amount.

Additionally like all women in her position Sarah finds it completely unacceptable for guys to make an appointment but not show up for it. This is just good etiquette (something I shouldn’t have to remind my readers about, good upstanding gentlemen that they are).

Sarah Miehn operates in Seoul, South Korea. Her website is

Sarah Miehn


  1. ed says:

    I was on the edge of my seat reading this review. I looked at her website….what a lady.

    • rockit says:

      Yes, she really is fantastic in pretty much every way. Believe or not, I actually think she looks better in person. That’s why I don’t complain about the price at all even though a 100 baht increase at a blowjob bar in Thailand pisses me off a bit.

    • Storageman says:

      I must say that over the years I have had my share of ladies all over the world. Sarah is the most beautiful women I have ever encountered. She made me fell good right away! No rush and what a performance. I can’t wait to go back to Seoul and book for 3 hours.

    • rockit says:

      Hi Storageman. Thanks for the comments. Sarah is definitely excellent! Cheers.

  2. Stoner says:

    Absolutely accurate report. Her enthusiasm cannot be rivaled.

    Sarah also gives the BEST additional services in Korea by a country-mile!

  3. White Lightening says:

    is she ever stateside ?


    • rockit says:

      That’s a good question. I’m sure she goes back at times, but not sure if she does any adult work on those trips. I really don’t think she does.

  4. White Lightening says:

    great review !

  5. ROKtraveller says:

    Met Sarah recently. Was very impressed, she is a really beauty with a perfect body. Absolutely my style. Our date itself was incredible, I was fully satisfied with everything. (but I’ll not describe the details here.) However her rate is not cheap but she is not a cheap girl, she is offering her services beside to her regular job. When I am back in Seoul, I’ll try to date her again…….
    Just read my review form the Ace Anma and Belle in the related sections.

  6. John says:

    Sarah was good indeed but i must say i prefered the girl i found on CL was super lucky to find her she only does overnights for 550 but was worth every damn penny, with sarah it was too much for a short time.

    • rockit says:

      Hi. I don’t know which girl you are referring to but I had good finds on Craigslist too (see my post on finding independent escorts in Seoul). Unfortunately, Craigslist is now crowded out with spam and other nonsense so it doesn’t seem too useful to me anymore. Sarah’s prices have increased since she started but she’s still well within the reasonable range for someone of her looks performing the service she does. For the price conscious, there are lots of options in Seoul starting at as little as $40. Thanks for the comment. Cheers!

    • Sam says:

      550 for an overnight does indeed sound like a fantastic deal, especially if the girl is attractive. I prefer to take things a bit slow and chat first so things feel a bit more natural and relaxed, but that eats up too much of that precious hour. and 700+ for 2 hours is a bit over the top for me. Any chance you’d be willing to share contact information for that find? As ROCKIT said, CL is just spammer’s delight now.

  7. Jeff says:

    Is she still around? No email contact or phone contact in a week or so…

    • rockit says:

      I sent her an email and got a response. She said she’s still working. As stated she has a day job so it sometimes takes her a while to respond to messages. Hope this helps.

  8. Joey Trast says:

    This review sounds awesome. Does everything with her have to be covered?

    • rockit says:

      I can’t answer for her. I’m sure some of it depends on the individual. I doubt anyone would be disappointed. Cheers.

  9. Craig says:

    Do you know where I would go to meet her for in-call? Probably a motel or something?

  10. LWRC says:

    finally made an appointment with Sarah… can’t wait

  11. Big J says:

    Far exceeded expectations and I’m afraid she’s spoiled me for anyone else. Just a wonderful woman and a remarkable experience.

  12. Seoulsurfer says:

    First of all, I wanted to say… Amazing site you got here rockit! I’m going to seoul this weekend and booked her. Just curious though, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate her looks. I’m sure the physical and her performance is good. But does she look like those pretty girls in those Korean videos? Thanks man!

    • rockit says:

      The K-Pop videos? There are a lot of different kinds of gals in those videos, but generally I’d say no that’s not really the type she fits into. She’s closer to the sexy and cute Korean American category, if I had to generalize. I will say that’s she a solid 8 in my book. For many she could easily be a 9 or even a 10. Cheers.

  13. Paulu says:

    It looks like she has raised her rate recently, from 300 usd to 330 usd…… Wooh pricing power this is

    • rockit says:

      It was even lower than that when I first found out about her. With increased demand comes a raise in price it seems. Cheers.

  14. Alex87 says:

    My wife and I just sent in a booking request after exchanging a few emails with her. This will be our first “tour guide” experience and we are both looking forward to it after reading her various reviews. I will update you all, assuming all goes to plan.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Look forward to a future report. Cheers.

    • Alex87 says:

      Unfortunately we had planned to meet her this weekend, but she canceled on us. We are both a bit upset, she claimed to have been having bad experiences with couples and that the experience had gone sour. Not much we can do but look for someone new – Sarah suggested Eunhee Lee.

      Do you know of Lee or any other escorts in Seoul that deal with couples?

    • rockit says:

      Sorry, no idea. Good luck.

  15. johnny5kr says:

    I’ve been with her a little more than a few times in the past couple years, and although she is a class act, gorgeous, and amazing in what she does, the price is getting a little too much. Even with the occasional discounted rate she gives to repeats, it’s a bit steep. If your Korean is good, you should have good luck with other independents and agencies. Recently, I have been visiting the officetel’s, but in order to get bookings, you have to have conversational Korean. It isn’t really about the “foreigner” thing as much as it is about the Korean language thing.

    • rockit says:

      Hi Johnny. Thanks for the report. I agree that language skills can take you a long way, though there are still places that will not accept foreigners at all — even if they are fluent Hangul speakers. Cheers.

    • BT says:

      She has never given me a discount. I have seen her 10+ times. She keeps increasing her rate, but I don’t have any problem, yet. It is just a rule of supply and demand, I guess. I actually paid her USD 500 when I met her this year in New York.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Cheers.

  16. isobel says:

    this may seem a bit of an odd request, but i’m a woman looking to have a good time when i visit seoul in two months. would you happen to know if sarah would be open to meeting another female?

  17. Peter Gan says:

    Had the pleasure of spending some time with Sarah last week. Wow what an experience.
    She is hot and gives an awesome GFE. Her rate is cheap compared to where I come from so no problem for me.
    Only disappointment was CBJ and not BBBJ. but besides that, DFK, and her nature is amazing.
    Tried to book her for the following night but was turned down. I can only dream of her now.

  18. D says:

    Just met Sarah recently and she was absolutely a gem, inside and out. She went the extra mile and then a marathon more. Will definitely be connecting through Seoul in future Asia trips..

  19. John says:

    I had a date with Sarah 2 nights ago and I can confirm all the above. She has skin like silk and a perfect body. She gives her all and enjoys her work. And man she looks good in sexy lingerie.

  20. Moskit says:

    But the kissbang woman I met was much better and beautiful. And also taller.

  21. Deca says:

    Sorry guys! I think you might be overpaying for an hour with her. If you have a Korean friend,
    try to have him show you Fulll Salon Bar experiences. It is like the fishball in bkk but the difference is
    the girls cannot see you due to the special glass similar to the ones in the interrogation room at a police station.
    Anyway you can choose from 50 to 100 girls and the cost per person is from 250,000 won depending on how
    many guests are using the room. In the room you have 1 hour to party with all kinds of booze and fruits- all
    included and the 30 min for the 2nd round where each guest goes to a private room to shag.
    The maximum number of cum can be2 to 3 if you can handle it.

    • rockit says:

      Different services typically come with different prices. Escorts usually charge more than anyone else in the industry. That’s even true in places like Thailand where there are fishbowls all over the place. Independent escorts can usually charge most of all especially if they build up a following. Cheers.

  22. Kimchee Lover says:

    My first appointment with Sarah last September fell through as my business meetings ran overtime, however I managed to finally meet up with her on a more recent trip to Seoul. My experience with her was top notch and ranks well ahead of my three other experiences in Seoul (at Fish Anma; room salon; and a local girl that I picked up at a nightclub) or any other paid experiences elsewhere.

    By far the best GFE I’ve had (from my limited experience in the pay for play scene). She also spoke perfect English and her story is very interesting if you care to listen – our conversation definitely set a relaxed mood for the rest of the night. An amazing pair of natural C-cup racks which I could fondle all day long!. Not a clock watcher, transactional or mechanical as I have come to expect from the p4p scene, and is very passionate about what she does.

    A few things to note for fellow punters – she does not have the look of a typical K-pop girl but is still very attractive in her own way. She’s very selective and picky about who she meets up with & your experience will really depend on your chemistry with her on the day. BBBJ is available but at her absolute discretion – just ask (I was lucky enough to receive BBBJ+CIM).

    Basically YMMV but if you are a foreigner that doesn’t speak Korean and have somewhat price inelastic demand when it comes to these activities, then I would highly recommend you getting in touch with Sarah on your next visit to Seoul. I get the feeling she won’t stay on the scene for much longer so get in quick, boys!

  23. John says:

    The best GFE ever. Period.

  24. Dango says:

    Totally agree with the review dude – had Sarah over in 2014 and have not forgotten the experience since. Unfortunately no chance to return to Seoul since. Prices have gone up but she provides premium service that the 588 girls can’t touch.

  25. Outro says:

    I was fortunate enough to meet Sarah last month. She is vivacious, passionate, sexy, fun, down to earth, good value.
    The best GFE ever, indeed. I asked her if she is interested in slightly kinkier stuff (I like to be on the bottom sometimes), and she had no problem accommodating my requests. Her price is higher than others in Korea, but I would say her service is one of the best countrymile and she could easily charge 700 if she were in places like USA or Europe.

  26. Dean says:

    Looking for any intel on bohemian escort sevices.. Tina and cindy look good but probably a fake pic

    • rockit says:

      I don’t know anything about it. Cheers.

    • anon says:

      Cindy does not exist. When you ask for Tina, you get this other girl. Tina doesn’t exist. The girl didn’t speak English at all. They are operating with one girl who is overworked.

    • rockit says:

      A lot of places seem to follow a similar model and the names “Cindy” and “Tina” seem to be among the most popular to use. Cheers.

  27. Chester says:

    I found out about Sarah through this website as I was looking for places to have fun when I visit Korea for vacation. Fortunately for me, when I found out about her it turned out she was visiting the US. So I got to see her in the States before my vacation. As review after review has stated, she is exceptional. She is my all time favorite. It is sad that my ATF lives halfway around the globe from me. I have been hobbying for a while now, and nobody comes close. Not one girl I’ve seen provided better service, and only one girl was hotter, but her service was not even close to Sarah’s. She is the complete package. I can’t wait for my vacation to be able to see her again. If you get the chance, go see her. I promise you will not be disappointed. I concur with the writer, she is five stars.

  28. Forklift says:

    I had seen Sarah a few times. I must say she is consistent, consistently great! Enough said about how good she is by other reviewers and other sites. I don’t need to expand on that. Some may complain about the price. But for the customer base she is targeting and the service she provided, I think she is great value. And about appointment difficulties, if you plan a little bit ahead of time, scoring an appointment with Sarah is easy. I never had Sarah refusing my many bookings. Just don’t try to book last minute and also check her calendar and announcement on her website. Enjoy your time with her.

  29. john2017 says:

    Tried Sarah. Her photos had some photoshopped. She has a few tattoos and they disappeared in these photos. I preferred girls without tattoos. Now you know. You won’t be surprised when she takes off her clothes.

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