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Review: Sakura @ Paradise — Tokyo, Japan

Last month I wrote about a new foreigner friendly soapland in Japan called Paradise. I am actually astonished that there has not been more coverage of this place on the internet. It is essentially the first full service shop oriented towards foreigners to open in the land of the rising sun. It even has a website in English and the front desk is staffed by native English speakers who greet customers by saying “Welcome to Paradise”!

Paradise is located in Kawasaki which isn’t technically Tokyo but the place is so close to the city center that it might as well be. Most people use the vast train system to get around Tokyo. Paradise is located a few minutes walk from Kawasaki Station which itself is just one stop away from Tokyo’s popular Shinagawa Station.

Sakura is one of the many women working at Paradise. I don’t know her history but from the level of skill and service she displays it is obvious that she has some kind of experience or training in the fuzoku industry.

Sakura is on the short side but she is probably average height for Japan. What is not average is her derriere. She has the kind of round and firm backside that is common in Colombia but extremely rare in Asia. At the same time she is not overweight at all. Besides her bottom she is pretty petite with a fairly flat stomach and small pert breasts topped with light pink nipples.

Japanese women are renown for their “cuteness” and Sakura has that and then some even though she does sport a few tattoos. She has a soft way of speaking that can really melt a man’s heart. She claims to speak no English but in reality she can understand quite a bit of the language. She definitely understands body language too which is made obvious by the way she moves hers.

Sessions at Paradise vary depending on service provider and the amount of time booked. Sakura makes sure her sessions go just like those in the high end soaplands frequented by cashed up Japanese guys.

Sakura at Paradise soapland

She undresses customers at the beginning and then folds and puts away their clothes. After that she invites customers to sit on the bed while she prepares the bath area. She washes and warms the special Japanese soapland seat and then guides customers over to give them a thorough scrub down.
After that she prepares the large inflatable mat and nuru nuru gel.

Her mat play is fantastic. Sakura performs a true nuru nuru massage. She slides all over the front and back of customers with ease doing everything from scissoring to toe sucking and even playing the rusty trombone!

When customers are good and ready she flips them over and performs pretty good oral all the while maintaining eye contact. She is clearly no stranger to the male figure. She even performs the specialized skill of putting on a rubber with her mouth. That’s the sign of a true professional.

She initiates full service on the mat but is also able to quickly rinse off and transfer to the bed if the situation calls for it. In either case she is great and what she does. She also shows signs of genuine enjoyment which jibes well with her assertion that she is in this line of work partly because she likes getting busy with gaijin.

I have absolutely no reason not to believe her.

Sakura at Paradise. 15-5 Minamimachi, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken 210-0015, Japan. Open seven days a week from noon to midnight. Phone: (+81) 044-272-1300. Website: Map on website.

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