Review: Sabai Room — Pattaya, Thailand

I’d like to wish a belated Happy New Year to all readers of Rockit Reports. This site started in late 2012. That seems like such a long time ago. Since then I’ve written hundreds of reports and reviews and watched the readership of the site increase month after month. Hopefully this means that people find what I write here entertaining.

I’ll start the new year off with a review I’ve been meaning to write for ages. Trying to cover more places around the world got in the way but today I’m finally able to get it down to paper, or in this case screen. Enjoy.

Sabai Room is one of the largest and most visible of all the soapy massage parlors in Pattaya, Thailand. The establishment is large and gaudy which makes it incredibly easy to find. Located near the well-known Big C on Second Road it’s accessible by foot or by baht bus and every taxi and moto taxi driver in the town worth his salt also knows where to find it.

From the outside Sabai Room looks like a local take on some kind of monumental Roman structure with the addition of several very big and very bright signs illuminated with colorful neon lights. The added Chinese characters give one an idea of the customers this place likes to attract but they are more than accepting of people from any country around the world who know how to behave themselves.

There are usually a few well dressed touts standing outside of Sabai Room ready to guide any new customers through the doors. Even when there aren’t any in the parking lot or along the road there are certainly a few just inside.

When one enters Sabai Room they are confronted by a large lobby with a cashiers desk to the left, a spacious seating area in the middle and a long fishbowl filled with numerous Thai masseuses to the right.

The male attendants will inform any new customers of the prices and procedures and then wait for them to make a choice.  Regulars are left alone until they are ready to call an attendant over. Some will sit around with a drink for what seems like ages until they decide.

Each woman working at Sabai Room wears a large badge with a number on it. Customers simply need to give the number of the lady they like to an attendant and they’ll be off to the races.

Payment is made up front at the aforementioned cashier’s desk. A whole range of payment options are available which is probably one of the reasons local and visiting businessmen seem to prefer soapy massage parlors to places like beer bars.

The looks and numbers of ladies on staff one will find at Sabai Room depends on when they visit. Some of the women on staff are in their early 20’s and beautiful. Others are much older and larger. Guys who show up early in the afternoon or immediately after a busload of Chinese tourists blows through will have few options. Those who are lucky enough to show up on an off night can be rewarded with a large number of service providers to choose from.

Unlike some other soapies in Pattaya such as Honey Massage the prices at Sabai Room actually do seem to reflect quality. So the women seated on the right who charge 2400 Baht ($75) for a session are generally better looking than the women seated on the left who charge 2000 Baht ($63) for the same.

While the Sabai Room complex is rather large and elaborate the rooms themselves aren’t all that special. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with them. They have everything a soapy massage parlor could need from a large bath to a floor area and inflatable mattress for the soapy slide to a bed for the fun to finish up on, and they are certainly cleaner than the aging quarters at Annie’s in Bangkok. It’s just that they’re nothing out of the ordinary. Looking at the exterior of the place could be forgiven for expecting something more lavish.

The service at any place with dozens of women on staff will always depend on the service provider, the customer, there chemistry and any other number of factors. At a minimum the women at Sabai Room know how to perform a soapy massage. Whether or not anything else will be included is anyone’s guess.

There doesn’t seem to be any real rush or clock watching going on at Sabai Room though sessions can be a little more professional than some guys would like. On the other hand some are quite happy with the way things are done and visit time and time again. In the end it’s a matter of taste.

Sabai Room is good enough for the service it provides but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. It’s not as good as the big soapy massage parlors in Bangkok but it’s definitely not bad either. With all the other soapies around Pattaya delivering a similar service at same rate or less I can’t really justify giving Sabai Room anything more than an average score of two-and-a-half-stars.

Sabai Room, Corner of Second Road and Soi 3, Pattaya, Thailand. Open 7 days a week noon until midnight.

Review of Sabai Room body to body massage in Pattaya


  1. Michael says:

    Great review. I’ll go Pattaya next month.
    Is this 2400 Bht include sex also? and how many minutes (90) ?

  2. martis says:

    the service at sabai is poor.girls are nice but i had one boring,she did a little massage,washing,and handjob.everything was finished in less than 1 hour.of course if i had payed her an extra not only tips i would have had a sex but it wasnt worth.not worth for that money. So i think oil massage is much cheaper and better.

  3. Shahil Rao says:

    Planning to visit Pattaya this year end. Being a first time visitor I have read my share of details about Soapy. Im very much interested, but confused after reading various articles about how in some places they dont provide full Services (sex at the end).

    So Want to get a clear Idea on how it works:

    1) They wash you up
    2) they slide on you with Soapy body
    3) End with full service (clear this one) – As i want full service; which all places provides it, at what cost, and if multiple shots are agreed on.

    Kindly suggest. As after reading this I think one shot is not enough for the first timer in soapy.

    • rockit says:

      You have described the process correctly. Soapies offer full service as a standard. There may be exceptions in particular cases but they would be well out of the ordinary. Cheers.

  4. Jack Hudson says:

    I would not recommend, this place for many reasons.
    The hosts demands tip of 100 bhat for doing nothing. The one that ‘help’ me just said they are all good nothing saying much.
    The manager is grumpy, and seems like doesn’t want to resolve the issue.
    The girl 103. Watch out. She is lazy does not do blow jobs, does not use nuru gel either.
    She just lays on her back and expectations you to do all the work.
    Seems like this place is a con.
    Becareful don’t go here.

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