Review: Rose’s — Bangkok, Thailand

Over a year ago I reported that I had finally completed the task of reviewing every single blowjob bar in Bangkok. Today I must report that I was incorrect in that assertion. No new suck shops have popped up in the time since I published my report but it turns out that I did miss one of the originals.

I have long been aware of Rose Bar. In fact I even mentioned it in the list of long gone BJ bars that appeared on this site in April of 2015. For some reason I simply couldn’t find the place in Patpong even though I searched quite a few times. It turns out that it is still right were it was years ago when I first visited but so many other brightly advertised shops and a mess of “night market” street vendors have popped up that the sign for the place was no longer obvious to me.

It’s also possible that I am losing my vision or even my mind with age but I much prefer to blame others for my shortcomings than to take responsibility for them myself. Perhaps I would do well in some official capacity. In my defense I can say that there has been little to no mention of Rose Bar anywhere on the internet over the last few years. It doesn’t even appear on the various lists of blowjob bars in Thailand that are floating around. In any event the place is still operating and thus deserving of a review.

Rose Bar is a dumpy old bar located on the second floor of a building on Patpong 2. It is only steps away from the previously reviewed Kangaroo Club which makes it even more amazing that I didn’t come across the place again after visiting long before this website was even thought up.

The entrance to the Rose Bar is at street level next to a busy little shoe store called “68.” A man sits in a staircase and rings a bell letting the women in Rose Bar know when a customer is making the climb up. I guess this man and his bell may also be intended to alert the women in the bar of impending danger were such a thing arise as well.

Once customers finish their ascent they are confronted with the place which is pretty shabby and dimly lit but not unnecessarily disgusting or out of the order for the area or the industry.

On the right side of the room there is an old bar that is stocked up with drinks of all kinds. On the left wall there are two rows of blue seats or seats that appear to be blue due to the lighting. They are stationed near tables that have roses permanently decorating them.

There are usually only three or four women on staff. One is a slightly thick but warm and bubbly lass who took over the bar at some point in the past. Unlike the managers of other places around town who stopped slurping man stick when they rose to the ranks of ownership this babe still puts in work whenever she is given the chance. The other women are a mix of the slightly older and slightly larger but they are perhaps even more friendly. The years have been kind to them in terms of shaping them into people who seem to be genuinely happy even if they are not bombshell babes.

There’s absolutely no pressure at the Rose Bar. Things are laid back and stress free. At the same time customers who want to sample in the kinds of services that have made the place famous have to do no more than ask for it. The rate is 800 Baht ($23 USD) per session which can take place right out in the bar or in a small private room off to the side. The women are happy to work alone or in pairs. They are also fine with going on with their business as sessions go on as is the ladyboy bartender who seems to be a little on the shy side.

The women who work the bar have clearly put their time in. They are all skilled and willing to work through none are in the ranks of the best blowers of all time. Steady and sufficient would be the way to describe the way most of the sessions go down. The biggest draw is the atmosphere and attitudes of the women which must be why customers keep coming back. At least I think they do sometimes. The bar is usually as quiet as a ghost town even on weekend nights.

As one of the original bars of its kind in Bangkok its almost amazing to see that the Rose Bar is still in business. That’s even more true since the place has to deal with things like the night market, constant competition and the hot sands of the hour glass. Some credit has to be given to the bar for even staying open. Since the service is up to par and the women are friendly it only seems fair to give the place an average score of two-and-a-half-stars. It seems strange that a place like Som’s across town would only score a half star higher since it’s a much nicer place but that’s the way the cookie has crumbled.

Rose Bar. Patpong 1, Bangkok, Thailand. Open every day from 4:00 PM until the early morning hours. No website or phone number. Click here for a map.



  1. BKK Johnnie says:

    I had the same problem as you in that I ‘used’ the Rose bar many years ago but then it seemed to disappear. I go through Bangkok once or twice a year and this time I wandered up Patpong 1 and saw the sign, which I am sure that they must have taken down although they assured me that they had been open all the time!! The service was as you described and I preferred it to the Kangaroo that I visited last year. By the way, Linda’s, or Kob’s, on the ramp is still operating but is a bit hit and miss regarding who is on duty. I had a very enthusiastic lady a couple of years ago.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I looked for Kob’s a while back but couldn’t find it. I thought it was above Star of Light. Can you jog my memory? Cheers.

  2. max says:

    Wow! Thanks for the review, it used to be one of my favourite place in the late 90’s, when i used to live full time in the city,then I lost interest and just paid rare visits for good old time sake. I wouldn’t even get any sex, cos the girls were really worn out and/ or ugly, one of the old timer was almost ghost scary. But spot on rockit ! It has always been one of the most friendly place in this trade ,and back in the days if the most beautifull ladies never stayed very long ,some regulars were true legends ( anyone remembers Ain? ) It was a hell of a good place for wild lust and fun. I’ll go there for sure next time I’m in town and see if the naughty vibes are back at the good old Rose bar. That’s good news :)

  3. BKK Johnnie says:

    Kob’s (or Linda’s – see earlier comment) is two or three doors away from the other end of the ramp to the Star of Light. I have forgotten what, if anything, is on the door but I think that they open at around noon / 1 pm.

    • rockit says:

      Is it on the ground level like Star of Light then? For some reason I remembered it being upstairs.

  4. BKK Johnnie says:

    Your memory is correct – it is upstairs.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks. Oddly enough I took a walk up there recently but didn’t see any sign for Kob’s or Linda’s. The only thing I saw was a middle aged Thai woman sitting outside playing a guitar. I’ll have to check again. Cheers.

    • guy says:

      how much was her barfine?

  5. Polar-dude says:

    I went to Linda’s recently, mid July. It was indeed open at 3pm, I had a lovely time and a couple of beers there. The service was vigorous, and the lady who took care of me has been there for many years. It is upstairs, and friendly for sure. When you go up the stairs, it is to the left. I was also at Kangaroo a few days before I went to Linda’s. Ive not been to Kangaroo for many years…it was ok. There was quite a cute young lady there, but she must have arrived while I was being taken care of in the back. I wish I had taken her for a spin…It is worth mentioning that I found a place on 22, that I have been meaning to try out..Miss Bj’s. They have a written menu with pricing, including full service with A+, and for you that don’t know, A+ refers to anal. So there you go. Personally I love Soms Place, with Lolitas a close second, with Kasalong third, and Lollipop last. I do know of other knob knoshing spots. There is a place back in a cul de sac to the right of where Overground bar was (Overground just closed). I got a stellar bj there though it was 1000bht, but wtf, I was drunk and it was 2am…I don’t bother with Lollipop or Dr Bj’s. Though I will be checking out the new incarnation of the Dr’s, Chrome Bar. Should be fun.
    I shall also be checking in a Rose bar…I love a late night dive bar, with beer and bj’s.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I have been planning to review Miss BJ’s for some time but someone was spamming the comment section here with links to the place and that really put me off. Cheers.

  6. steve says:

    I checked out Lindas bar this month, It was fairly quite and dingey inside except for a few guy having some beers at the bar. A few very nice and polite (Although not stunning) women were on hand for services.

    Although it was quite it has a great atmosphere and being a little bit off the beaten track obviously only attracts bj bar fans which was interesting to be able to chat with some fellow punters while getting serviced on the couches.

    I think its worth a visit with mates just to complete the adventure of bkk as its a bit bigger than star of light an seemed to be a place where you can have an afternoon wth friends with a few bjs thrown in.

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