Review: Rasputin — Pattaya, Thailand

Rasputin soapy massage in Pattaya Thailand

Over the years I have spent a lot of time covering the famous seaside city of Pattaya. I still haven’t written up even half of what I know what I know about the area and its various businesses but I do have to use at least some of my time to cover other places around the world. This helps expand both the depth and the readership of this site.

Pattaya is known around the world for its adult entertainment scene even though it is increasingly being promoted as a sort of family fun destination especially in countries like Russia and China where people might not know of its primary reputation.

Whatever the case may be Pattaya is still a large city lined from one side to the other with adult entertainment establishments. Some are so large and obvious that they have become tourist attractions. Some of the large soapy massage parlors are even visited by actual tour buses filled with Chinese tourists.

Perhaps this is a part of the sales package back in China. For all I know there could even be posters up in Chinese travel agencies telling guys to bring their wives and kids for the beach and “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” museum while they unwind with a nice nude 21-year-old girl from Chiang Rai in a bubble bath.

That may sound unbelievable but remember that there are shops in Hong Kong decorated with posters of sexy Asian women that sell tour packages that include discounted ferry tickets and full service sessions with Vietnamese women in the Macau saunas.

In any event the large soapy massage centers of Pattaya are hard to miss and thus deserve to be reviewed here on Rockit Reports.

Rasputin is one of the largest soapy massage complexes in Pattaya and probably even the world. The structure that houses the business would be nearly impossible to miss for anyone heading down Pattaya’s Second Road or as they say in Thai “Pattaya Sai Song” unless they were distracted by the wild activities of the nearby Soi 6 strip.

Coming from Second Road customers enter the complex by passing through a large parking lot. If they are coming from the Beach Road they simply head up the small alley and turn toward the doors.

Once inside customers approach a front desk staffed by at least one Thai woman. There is no reason for customers to stop at the desk but first time visitors don’t seem to know that. The woman is constantly telling customers to continue inside.

Beyond the front desk the building branches off in different directions. To the right there is a bar area that looks a lot like a nightclub though during most hours it is basically dead. To the left there are several seats of different styles that point toward the “fishbowl” where the service providers sit. In the same direction there is also a full service restaurant that is oddly right in the eye line of both the service providers and the punters who are looking at them.

In most places the fishbowls are surrounded by walls of glass. This is where the name comes from. Supposedly the rooms look like fishbowls. At Rasputin the area is separated by there is no glass to be found. Instead the place where the glass would be is simply open air.

Customers who are looking to party or have a bite to eat can obviously head to the area that meets their needs though most who enter head right to one of the aforementioned seats to have a look at the available ladies. The fishbowl at Rasputin is rather large and extremely well lit. Unlike some of the soapy massage parlors around that have large seating areas but few women there are actually a lot of women working at Rasputin at most times.

Beyond the dozens of ladies in the fishbowl there are also a bevy of “models” who sit in a circle on large red plush couches. All of the women wear numbered badges that are also color coded. The colors indicate the pricing group they are in. The women in the fishbowl are organized into three separate groups. The middle group charges 2500 Baht per session ($72 USD). The models charge even more. Obviously things like drinks and meals can further add to the bill.

Once customers have found a service provider of their liking they flag down one of the floor managers to indicate their choice. The managers can all speak at least basic English that is satisfactory enough to explain the prices and rules. At least one of the managers is either an Arab or an interested looking Thai guy who able to speak the Arabic language fluently to the many Arabic speaking customers who visit.

Once plans for sessions are finalized managers direct customers to a counter to pay while they let the service provider know she has been selected. The service providers then emerge from side doors and join their customers in the voyage to the upstairs rooms. Although the seating and bars areas are huge the rooms are what fills up the Rasputin building most.

The rooms at Rasputin are so large and well appointed that I can confidentially say they are among the best to be found at any soapy massage parlor in Thailand and they put most of the places in Bangkok and Chiang Mai to shame. Still many of the rooms suffer from water damage that is becoming more visible by the day. If this is not addressed soon it won’t be long before Rasputin’s rooms look like those of the most worn out soapies in Bangkok. I doubt this would do much to deter clientele however since most guys visit for the women rather than the big beds or flat screen televisions displaying uncensored Japanese pornography on the walls.

The women represent a full spectrum of the kinds of looks available in Thailand. Women who work at Rasputin come from all over the country. Most are in their twenties but a handful may be in their early thirties. It is always difficult to make a judgment on looks. Different people find different things attractive and when there are dozens of women working there is always variation. I would say that most of the women at Rasputin are generally attractive with some looking a little better or worse. One things is for sure and that is that the women often look a lot different up close than they do at a distance under bright white lights. That explains why regular customers can often be seen pacing up and down the floor trying to get a close look before making a selection.

Although most of the clients are foreigners the majority of the women who work at Rasputin speak limited English if they speak the language at all. They are still able to direct and control sessions however thanks to the use of sounds and gestures that anyone with a brain can understand.

The sessions at Rasputin follow the typical soapy routine. Customers undress and relax while the service providers prepare a bubble bath. Customers then enter the bath with the service providers who wash them sometimes throwing some oral or other erotic action into the mix. That is followed by a soapy slide on a big inflatable mat. Next customers are rinsed and dried before heading to the bed. They are soon joined by the service providers who perform oral without a rubber followed by covered full service. This leads to another shorter bath and the end of the session.

Different service providers can have their own way of doing things but most at Rasputin follow the script pretty closely. This is different from some soapies where more than a few of the women don’t want anything to do with inflatable mats or soapy slides.

All in all Rasputin is one of the biggest and most luxurious of the soapy massage parlors in Pattaya. Surprisingly it has not been too tainted by the number of foreigners who visit as the women still put in a solid work effort even though tips are neither expected or required. The women also seem to be in generally good spirits once outside of the bright lights of the fishbowl which can not be said for every other place running on a similar business model. I give it three stars.

Rasputin. Second Road Soi Pattaya Dragon, Pattaya, Thailand. Open seven days a week from noon to 1:00 AM. Phone +66 (0) 848888920. Click here for a map.



  1. guywithaquestion says:

    damn at this rate you might as well live in thailand with all the reviews you’re doing…

  2. Monster says:

    Love your reviews, but how come you don’t post the websites of the places anymore?

    • rockit says:

      I’m not sure what you’re referring to. When an establishment under review has a website I always post a link to it. I reviewed 3 places in August. I posted website links for 2 of them. Cheers.

  3. Chryo says:

    Thanks for the report, Rock. I was there twice in March. Out of all the MP places near by, this was the only one I wanted to try. All of the others did not have the right looking service providers to make me stay.

  4. deca says:

    A must for first time visiters in Thailand. I remember my first session in bkk in 2000. It was fun.I
    Paid 2,000 bt for 90 min of fun and relaxarion. I had to choose a girl right in front of the glass because it was hard to see the face. Emmanuel soapy had a different system then. 800 bt for 60 min and I negotiated 1000 bt for bbbj n cim.

  5. John says:

    Tried the place in early September 2016. Newish and clean. Picked #251 pretty and petite. But she was too controlling and wouldn’t let me play with her ass. Overall review 3/5.

  6. Michael says:

    Hello Rockit. Your site is great, and I really enjoy reading all of your reviews. There is a lot of valuable information here that has helped me plan past trips. I will be arriving in Pattaya in two weeks. Do you by chance know if the bars up and down Soi 6 are open for business right now? The current date is October 17, 2016. Thank you very much.

    • rockit says:

      I think things are back up to a relatively normal level of functioning again now but I cannot be totally certain. Obviously things could change again at any point in the future. Cheers.

  7. matt666 says:

    Anyone been to Pattaya during lately ( 2016)? My last visit the military police closed down the walking street for one night. As a result many of the bars toned down the action. Has that happened lately? Are the bars back to being wild?

    • rockit says:

      Everything is open and functioning as normal. As of the Loy Krathong holiday of November 14 music was being played at extremely loud levels all over the city and people were celebrating and dancing in the streets. Cheers.

  8. Vegas says:

    Rockit, finally bit the bullet and made a trip to Bangkok, am here with my “18 day date” made from Thai Friendly web site. But as they say, nothing is free .. Yesterday we took a 2 night trip to Pattaya, We went to walking street last night (early) and it took a while for things to warm up. Later after eating at New York Diner (good place with specials and you can sit looking at the ocean if you like) We went into the Beach Club GoGo. Was a small place and we (along with others) sat at a table along a long bench against the wall. First time in Thailand and first time in there Go Go’s. Was not bad, but just missed the so called happy hour (more later) and a Thai beer and a mixed drink about 800 baht. Dancers as I expected bored I think, out of the revolving 12 to 20 girls, about 3 or 4 were topless, but many more girls that appeared to be non dancers were looking for single men, of course I had my body guard with me (ha ha). we left after our 2 drink purchase was finished. Will say, they were gracious on both arrival and leaving the bar. today just back at the hotel after a short visit to walking street, tonight we went to the Peppermint Go Go bar on walking street and what a difference, both places had good staff, (of course, they want to sell drinks) but the dancers at Peppermint (appeared) to be so much more interested in their dancing and having fun. We just barely made the happy hour (joke) the happy hour menu was small shots of a short list of liquor for 85 baht or weak drinks served in a small shot glass. That said, at least the dancers were better, in fact, after the first set of dancers (about 20 minutes) left the 2 stages, the next group of dancers came out in transparent bikini wear, and after about 2 songs, took it all off, all 10 or 12 of them, total naked. And they were the most active dancers, really getting with the music and using the pole’s to do all kinds of moves, pussy showing all the time. For sure no Lady Boys in that line up. Peppermint was so much better than the Beach club. Oh well, back to Bangkok for the last 5 or 6 days of my date. By the way, did the crazy tourist thing today and we went to Frost, here outside of Pattaya a bit and had a soft drink dressed up like artic explorer in below 0 C temp in their Ice Bar, and then sweated my ass off outside waiting for a taxi outside. Walking street had much more ‘family’ stuff than I expected, shops galore and restaurants, everywhere.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. More tourist activities appear every day. A lot of regulars avoid them and walking street too. Things are as they have always been in other parts of town. Cheers.

  9. EuropeanGuy says:

    Nice place. Nr. 37 is friendly and skilled. Big fake tits, good massage skills. 3000 baht well spent… I’ll be back.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Have you visited any of the other soapy massage parlors in the city? Cheers.

    • EuropeanGuy says:

      This was the first. I plan on checking out Sabai Dee later today. I’ll report back.

    • rockit says:

      Looking forward to your report. Cheers.

    • EuropeanGuy says:

      So, I went to Sabai Dee and I liked it better than Rasputin. For starters, the girls are much more attractive. I don’t know if it’s because of the time when I visited (I went to Rasputin at 7 pm, and to Sabai Dee at 11 pm the following day), but the lineup at Sabai Dee was quite impressive.

      The mamasan took the time to explain me that some girls cost 2000 baht and some 3000 (whereas the papasan at Rasputin didn’t say a thing and simply collected a 3000 baht payment). Other than that, the facilities and procedures are very similar, with the only difference that at Sabai Dee they actually use an air mattress for the soapy massage.

      I chose nr. 27. Large natural breasts, foxy smile, friendly and experienced (she was over 30). Unfortunately she was a bit mechanical… Lots of fake moaning, which I find a turn off. To her credit the massage was very thorough and included a footjob and sumata.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the update. Cheers.

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