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Daisy Thai escort from Pure Bangkok

Daisy is very sexy.

For those with experiences in the adult entertainment scene stretching over a period of years there is often a discussion about things like value and whether or not things are as good as they used to be. Depending on who you ask the prime time in Thailand’s capital city for punters could have been decades ago, a few years ago, or right around the corner. One topic that comes up from time to time is the emergence and growth of escort agencies.

While I have reported on escort agencies in Thailand in the past I haven’t done any full reviews. There are many reasons for this and they don’t have to be elaborated here. What matters is that I will make my first foray into giving local escort services a full look over today, starting with  Pure Bangkok Escorts. Astute readers will notice that Pure Bangkok Escorts has been running advertisements on this website for some time but I haven’t had a chance to review their services until now.

There’s no room in this review to do a full overview of the industry in Thailand. That may come in the future in the form of a series of posts or something larger. Still I should make some mention of what goes on to put things into perspective.

Go go bars are probably the best known adult entertainment venues among foreign visitors to Thailand but truth be told they haven’t offered much in the way of value for sometime. Prices have continued to increase over the years while at the same time quality and the level of service has decreased in the eyes of many. The prime advantage go go bars offer is the ability for customers to get a good look at a woman before he agrees to spend time with her. Indeed some would have it no other way.

Along with some other downsides of agogos there is often a clear lack of enthusiasm outside of the bars on the part of the service providers. This is partly understandable considering the modern business model but that’s not much help to guys who end up disappointed. That’s especially true when single short time sessions can now cost as much as 7500 Baht ($230 USD) once one considers bar fines, short time hotel fees, tips, lady drinks and drinks acquired while bouncing from bar to bar. It’s understandable then that many are disappointed by the experiences they end up with considering that they are shelling out more than they would at a place like a full service massage parlor in an affluent Western country where the cost of living is higher.

Oily massage parlors over a better value than most go go bars but they have their own set of downsides. Some of the women who work them are older and less attractive than one may expect. It can also be difficult to get an accurate idea of what a woman looks like even if a line up of the available staff is requested since things like lift bras and even regular clothes can get in the way. Soapy massage parlors can be as expensive as go go bars or cost even more and while some staff some very beautiful women the places aren’t really known for their level of service. Additionally some foreigners may be uncomfortable trying to find and navigate them.

It is totally understandable to me then that many guys prefer to go an easier route and simply find an escort service that can deliver a woman of their liking to them. As an added bonus these guys can enjoy the discretion that comes with meeting a single woman directly at a hotel or in some other public place. In many instances people around would probably have no idea that a form of compensated dating was taking place. This stands in sharp contrast to things like walking out of a bar or red light district hand-in-hand with a woman who obviously just hired for a certain period of time. For many the latter is nothing to worry about but for others the “walk of shame” is a major concern. Depending on their personal or professional situations it can even carry large dangers.

Other reasons also exist for people to work with escort agencies even in a city like Bangkok where so many options for adult entertainment exist. For example, customers may be able to read reviews and details about a woman before booking her. This isn’t usually possible in bars and even many massage parlors. Guys may also be looking for a classy gal, a woman who can speak decent English, someone to show thema round town or a lady they can take for a nice dinner date.

Pure Bangkok Escorts is an established Bangkok escort agency with a good reputation. In fact I don’t believe I have ever seen or heard a negative comment about the company anywhere. That says a lot today when the internet and the presence of devices that are always connected allows people to register their complaints to the entire world in a matter of milliseconds.

Bangkok escort Grace

Grace looks great.

Pure Bangkok has a staff of ten women at the time of writing. Although these things are subject to change with any agency I’ve noticed that the women at Pure Bangkok tend to stay put. That probably means they are comfortable with the work and their employers which is another positive since.

The company’s website is well done and clear. There’s even a little chat box that pops up when people visit the site which allows customers to get into immediate contact with the people in charge of booking. Whoever does that chatting is friendly and customer service oriented. So much so in fact that they are even willing to answer questions that may already be answered on their convenient frequently asked questions page. This is a nice alternative to some other companies out there who don’t seem to be able to reply to emails at all.

The website contains a gallery with clear and accurate pictures of all of the women on staff. There are also brief descriptions of each women and the kinds of activities they like to partake in.

Booking with Pure Bangkok is easy to do. They accept reservations through various forms of communication including a form on their website, email and of course the traditional old phone call. The women who work at the agency are punctual and seem to possess the ability to show up on time even in the middle of Bangkok’s notorious traffic jams.

On top of all that the women who work at Pure Bangkok Escorts are in my opinion all very good looking. Usually there are a few women in any operation that even the horniest of guys may not be interested in. That’s not the case here, at least according to my well trained eye. I wouldn’t throw any of the women from Pure Bangkok out of bed for eating cookies.

Looks don’t always accompany skills and by many accounts some of the best looking women around offer some of the worst services. Again that doesn’t seem to be true here. Pure Bangkok babe Candy is attractive and appears to be up for just about anything within reason. Grace is a pretty young lady who has certain skills that surpass what her age would indicate and she also has the ability to converse well in English. Nina is pure class.

It should be obvious that I’m pleased with Pure Bangkok Escorts. I don’t have any complaints about the place at all. The management seems to expect that customers will be happy with their bookings as they invite them to leave feedback right on their website where it can be read by all perspective clients in the future. The rates are also reasonable with 2 hour sessions starting at 5000 Baht ($154 USD). That’s not the cheapest fun to be found in Thailand’s capital city by any means but it isn’t out of this world either. Since the rate is on par with what sessions from many bars cost nowadays it seems fair, especially considering everything that goes into the service.

We all know there are many options available in Bangkok. Different people have different needs. Tastes and interests can even vary from one day to the next. That’s as true for me as it is for anyone else. I always try to base my ratings not only on the place I am reviewing but also what surrounds it. The truth is certain places are hard to compare with other places and at times it seems the best thing to do is judge an establishment on its own merit.

As an established escort agency in Bangkok with an attractive and skilled staff that offers a high level of service I give Pure Bangkok Escorts four-and-a-half stars. It stands up to scrutiny month after month and seems to grow in popularity and I can see why.

Pure Bangkok Escorts. Bangkok, Thailand. Open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Phone: +66(0)-842-191-077 Website:

Pure Bangkok Escorts review


  1. Lance says:

    Thank you for this review, I will give this service a go this april

  2. smoothie says:

    Thanks for the review, rockit. I see on their website that every girl lists “GFE” among their other specific offerings, as in “A-LEVEL,BBBJ, COF, CIM, COB, DFK, GFE, RIMMING…”

    Would you say that in this case “GFE” means exactly what it has traditionally meant for decades in the P4P world…or has it been reduced to meaning something nebulous and virtually uninformative like, “Darling, I’ll treat you nice enough to get warm and fuzzy feelings in your tummy”? If it means the latter rather than the former, that would be the one exception, the one inexact, non-specific and, ultimately, rather useless bit of information among the rest of the very specific offerings on that list.

    Can you tell us anything more about what that “GFE” offering likely means in this case?

    • rockit says:

      I can’t be sure but I’m pretty sure it indicates the modern meaning most often used by service providers and punters alike. That is that the gal will act like a girlfriend. Of course that’s subjective but it is used a lot. The original meaning seems to be lost outside of the memories of people like you and I and now when it’s referenced at all people use phrases like BBFS or uncovered service. Cheers.

    • smoothie says:

      Yes, that is what I suspected. I’ve seen apparently low demand punters throwing that “GFE” term around so much lately that it now only means…lord knows what those punters think it means. lol. What in the world does “act like a girlfriend” even mean in a two hour session? Naturally, the girls are only too happy to capitalize on the fact that a substantial percentage of potential customers might continue to assume it means exactly what it meant traditionally and commit to an arrangement under a false impression.

      Can you imagine the customers who generally look for A-LEVEL service letting them get away with a systematic incremental deterioration of the term? What if the girls decided “A-LEVEL service” now only means you can masturbate no less than a barge pole distance from her “A”? No problem, right? lol. Words and terms are supposed to mean something. Those other terms describe something very specific. “GFE” ought not to be used by a P4P establishment unless it describes something very specific as well, imho.

    • rockit says:

      Ideally that would be great but unfortunately we can’t control the way the meanings of words develop. This one seems to have gone on another road and become something else to most people. That’s bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good. Dig it?

  3. Jack says:

    Cost/benefit is such a tricky thing. For 5k I had Ja from Bamboo for an overnight in my hotel. She was an outstanding performer: not only punctual but arrived ten minutes early. Multiple pops including A+, which was my first and she seemed to find it easy and enjoyable. Not GF in appearance (typical TG street wear, I wouldn’t have taken her to the opera) but certainly attractive and good body. Since I was jet lagged she didn’t mind when I conked out early nor when I woke at 3am and woke her for a marathon. Stayed just until breakfast but refused to join me even for coffee.

    I’d be interested in an escort for outside company and then indoors mania. Some eye candy would increase their value I guess, but otherwise I will always ring up Bamboo for my outcall needs.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Like I said I can definitely understand the role of escorts even in a place like Bangkok. There are a lot of situations that could call for one and admittedly I’ve been through the process myself. Sometimes I have been disappointed but other times I have not. The reviews hopefully indicate that. Cheers.

  4. Dewey says:

    I agree with your assessment of Bangkok go-go bars as most if not all in Bangkok catered by foreigners are rip-off establishments with over priced drinks, skanky sluts, bad attitudes, and poor service.

    But I highly disagree with your comment about soapys -“Soapy massage parlors can be as expensive as go go bars or cost even more and while some staff some very beautiful women the places aren’t really known for their level of service. Additionally some foreigners may be uncomfortable trying to find and navigate them.”

    With today’s go-go rip-offs , I would say many soapys are a much better value with much higher quality girls and certainly much better service. If you stick to the places that cater to Thais , many 18 and up hotties are to be discovered. Also unlike go-gos – you do not have to buy any overpriced drinks. And you can take all the time you would like sizing up the girls in the light. Then you get the alotted time paid for with a bath and massage included. Being a long-time expat resident and speaking ok Thai – the Soapys are where I now go exclusively when I need a quick fix. I have not spent one baht in a Bangkok go-go in 10 years (excepting Saphan Kwai which still has fair drink pricing) and the Oily girls are just too old and skanky for my tastes.
    As far as finding soapys – it is not that hard today with sites like thaimassagemodel and ilikemassage. But I guess some foreigners are too lazy to leave Sukhumvit.

    And a word of warning about many of these escort sites. There is a cartel that has multiple sites with same girls under different names, same pricing, and photos are totally overdone. There are some exceptions but I find 5000 for 2 hours bad value when I can get 1900-2600 for 90 minutes and size the girl up beforehand in a soapy.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Value is always debatable. A lot of the women in the soapies lack in the service department. That’s especially true of some of the more attractive gals. There is a real possibility for lazy and “starfish” experiences. There are also plenty of older women and less attractive in the soapies. I’ve seen women in their late 30’s in some. It’s absolutely possible to find a gem who provides top notch services but it’s certainly no guarantee. Cheers.

    • smoothie says:

      I guess this is what makes the world go ’round. I have lived in Bangkok for about 2 1/2 years (used to visit quite regularly for years prior) and find gogo dancers, REAL gogo dancers, not the Coyote bait-and-switch-scanners, to be a much better cost-benefit deal for me than any of the dozen or so soapy/happy ending massage parlors. However, I must qualify that I have only tried the soapies/happy ending massage parlors in the more popular tourist districts, which you point out are very different from what you experience.

      I just haven’t found the gogo girl experience to be all that expensive or disappointing. Not even compared with how it was 20 years ago when I was visiting here on holiday. I quite regularly get Short Times for 2000 or Long Times for 3000 (I mean well into the next afternoon, not the 6AM escape!) with adorable girls with fine bodies and cute faces. Yes, to that you would add 700b barfine and at least 500b in drinks, coming to around 3200b-3500b for ST and 4200b-4500b for LT.

      But the most important aspect is I find as long as you cover the specifics that are important to you, the vast majority of gogo girls will do in your room what they say in the bar. They tend to be fully committed to the business and to winning you as a repeat customer. Not so with the vast majority of girls working in soapies/happy ending massage parlors. My unfortunate experience has been that, in addition to the fact that most massage girls do not possess the hot gogo girl body for a fantasy Full Service NOR the oral skills of the BJ bargirl, it doesn’t matter what the massage shop’s mamasan assures you, what the girl says she’ll do, or what is spelled out graphically in a catalogue or listed specifically on a menu. If the massage shop girl got a Line text from her boyfriend that she didn’t like 10 minutes ago or one of her co-workers looked at her cross-eyes, YOU are going to suffer for it and all the supposed givens about the massage shop experience are out the window for YOUR 90 minute session.

    • rockit says:

      Like I said value is hard to determine and in many cases we end with subjective opinions. Individual mileage also comes into play. I understand where you’re coming from but I haven’t had a really bad experiences in an oily massage parlor and I’ve been to them so many times I lost count long ago. I’ve never been denied a service I expected either. On the other hand I’ve seen and heard of those things with go go bar gals and some go go dancers I’m friendly with have even told me about ways they get out of doing things while still getting money. Some refuse to perform oral services and other refuse to receive them. Most won’t do A levels. One gal I know recently told me about a Japanese customer she loves who often barfines her only to go back to the room and fall asleep drunk immediately. In the morning he gives her 10000 Baht and she leaves. For around 1500 Baht customers at oilies are guaranteed at least full service at the very least. Some of the women working them are older or even unattractive but plenty would fit well at a gogo. There are lots of ladies at places like Addict, EZ and A Touch of Class that are as good or better looking than the average go go gal. All of the women I’ve seen at the place under review here are as good or better looking than most go go gals. Additionally, the rates you suggest for go gos are based on the assumption that the first bar a guy walks into will have a gal he likes, she will agree to him with you and at the price he wants, and he’ll only have to buy one or two drinks in the process. In reality we can see a lot of guys going from bar to bar and racking up big bills at each place before finding anyone. And there are women who won’t go anywhere for less than 4000 Baht. Add in 500 Baht for a short time hotel too since many of the hottest women don’t want to go far from their bars and like I said you can approach or surpass 5000 Baht for a single session or even a night of bar hoping that ends up with nothing. There are so many different factors at play that there is no answer. It comes down to individual tastes and experiences. The funny thing is that there are enough different options around to spark a debate. In some parts of the world a guy is lucky if he can get a masseuse to accidentally graze his balls during a rub down. Cheers.

    • smoothie says:

      I can’t say I have ever been “refused” a full service or bj from a massage shop girl either, but all too often their attitude is so lackluster and pattern so mechanical, or their (oral) skills so horrible, I just thank them for their middling massage, if any at all, pay up and move on. I suspect that is a game some massage shop girls play like the games gogo girls play. Being just plain bad at it, I mean. However, my experience has been a well-interviewed gogo girl will be enthusiastic, imaginative and technically proficient where it counts and at much higher percentage levels than a massage shop girl. As you say, all our mileage will vary.

    • botsboy says:

      how do use websites like thaimassagemodel; went there but do you have to register? Pressed on register button but no boxes come up

  5. Dewey says:

    Yes well I guess my preference in Bangkok where I live is for the short time experience with a younger hottie knowing what all costs are beforehand and not buying overpriced drinks. By speaking Thai I can also qualify these girls quite effectively(in the light and without loud blaring music and smoking like in a gogo) and can read body language before any money comes out of my wallet. If I get any bad vibes – no matter how hot the girl is – I pass. I will also say there have been cases when I get to the room and the girl starts giving me attitude – I have complained to the boss and either switched girls or got a full refund(including one time having my credit card charge reversed. I just don’t put up with any B.S. and know exactly what I want. I must say I have had some real hot young girls and great fun in the soapys. I usually try to find a girl I can repeat with too which makes subsequent visits easy. And the places establishments I go do want my repeat business – I often get repeat customer discounts and there have been times when I have complained about a girl and she got fired soon after.

    And again I want to make a distinction between the foreigner geared soapys(Annie’s/Cupidy) which are overpriced/rip-off with skanks vs the Thai oriented places like Colonze, Copa Cabana, etc. which have hotties and no surcharges.
    Oh and of course I will not go to the few racist surcharge parlors such as Caesers, Lord, Posiden.

  6. Jack says:

    Great post and great exchange of comments. There’s no place on the planet that inspires such debacle as the Land of Smiles!

    For me, I wish I could blink my eyes and go back to my initiation into the scene, The unexpected HJ, BBBJ and CIM. We all have our favorite places, moments amd certainly obtain different mileage, but one thing remains true: here is still some adventure left inThailand that is unlike other places.

    Except Macau, I really really need to get to Macau :-)

    • rockit says:

      With the internet and the exchange of information that goes on there is a lot less surprise. That’s for sure. There are many places in Thailand that are rarely mentioned by foreigners. It seems they rarely visit them too. I may start reporting on some more of those kinds of places soon, in the spirit of adventure. Macau is great but even the saunas there were inspired by other places as I believe were the blowjob bars in Thailand. Cheers.

  7. OP says:

    Hi Rockit,

    Your site was invaluable for me last year, on my Japan trip. I wanted to know, and this may sound a bit silly but I thought I must ask. How safe is it to have sex with escorts from such high end agencies. As far as I think, they must be better than the average escorts or hookers. Can you share your thoughts ?


    • rockit says:

      Hi. I’m not a medical professional and I don’t think I would be able to quantify the risk even if I was. I have no way to know which gal does what in and out of work, what preexisting conditions each customer has or what kind of activities they do together. The only way one can guarantee that they never get a sexual disease of any kind would be to avoid sexual contact all together. Cheers.

  8. JedB110 says:

    Hi Rockit,

    I’m just wondering if you have any experience or knowledge of agencies that provide western escorts in Bangkok.

    What are your thought about them?

    Do you know any that are reliable?

    Thank You!

    • rockit says:

      I’m not aware of any at the moment. I knew of a few outlets in the past but they were nothing great. At least one was scamming people. If I learn of anything new I’ll report on it here. Cheers.

  9. gary says:

    thanks for your information, about pure bangkok escorts, i have booked daisy and jessica for 10 hours, on the 05. july, the agencie was the best to deal with, super helpful, my last escort was in april, i don’t live in bangkok, with summer from sexy escorts, super service, very friendly and outgoing lady, willing to please most desires, but booked her for 8 hours, but left after 6 hours, other then that , was very happy with her service, just mist the kuddling on the end of a wonderful session, to come down to earth, after talking to tammy from pure bangkok, i can’t wait , to enjoy the time with her sexy escorts, will keep you posted about there service, thanks rockit for your helpful inside,.

  10. gary says:

    i had a wonderful time at pure escorts with daisy the devil and sweet jessica, i call it 8 hours in paradies, super girls, never had the feeling i was with an escort, we went out for dinner, super company, looked after me, back at the hotel, they took control, best service at had for a long time, words can’t descibe there service, just go and enjoy there those lovely girls, plus the agency, is top in helping you to find the right escort, great from start to finish, no worry about photoshop here, they are 95 to 100 % ofwhat shows up at your door, i will use there service again and again, no need to go somewhwere else after you use there service, very happy, wish i could go there more often, out of 5, i give 4.5,

    thank you rockit to recoment this agency, ever greatful gary

  11. vishal shinde says:

    hi rockit,

    i need ur help,planning a week trip to pattaya and bangkok.
    Can you please tell me where can i find oral fantasies like CIM, Deepthroat , Rimming ? Any escort agency ?
    Except Eden Club and devils Den .

    • rockit says:

      Sorry I don’t give advice, help with trip planning or even suggest anything. This website aims at entertaining readers and nothing more. I haven written a lot of what I know in the form of the reports and reviews you see on this website. I will continue to report as time goes on. Cheers.

  12. JedB110 says:

    Hi Rockit,

    I’m just wondering if you would do more reviews on escort agencies in Bangkok. After reading your review on Pure Bangkok Escorts, I tried out their service and it was amazing!

    Please do more review on escort agencies in Bangkok, your reviews are highly appreciated.

    Thank you

    • rockit says:

      I probably will at some point in the future but I have so many places to review I don’t know when that will be. Cheers!

  13. Vegas says:

    As always enjoy your reviews ! Have you heard of an escort agency called “MyThaiEscorts”? I saw their web site and they had some girls that were attractive and their multi-day prices were better than most. However, they listed no info on what the service included (BBBJ etc). The contact info on the website seems to not work and nothing on the internet on a google seems later than 2010, so I assume they are out of biz ? Also, can you point me toward any airlines that might go direct from San Francisco to Bangkok? Would like to make the trip to enjoy your reviews first hand but damn, a 30 + hour flight is a bummer. How about airlines with a reasonable price, looked the other day at United and some others that the price from RNO to BKK was not bad at all, but just so long a flight with the layovers etc. Thanks for your good work. I feel safe in saying most of us that send you messages are envious of your ‘personnel research’ !! Meant to ask for an airlines with a reasonable price, looked the other day at United and some others that the price from RNO to BKK was not bad at all, but just so long a flight with the layovers etc. Thanks.

    • rockit says:

      I have seen their website but I don’t have any information on the agency or whether it even exists. I don’t think there are any direct flights from the US to Bangkok. There used to be a direct flight from LAX to Bangkok on Thai Airways that lasted more than 17 hours. When it was operating it was the longest flight in the world as far I know. Round trip tickets from LAX to Bangkok now involve at least one stop but start at less than 600 dollars. From San Fransisco there is a one stop round trip flight to Bangkok on China Southern for just over six hundred dollars available on most days. It takes around 20 hours all together. China Airways based in Taiwan is a much better airline and they do the trip for eight hundred dollars though it takes around the same amount of time. Of course the return trip is a lot shorter due to environmental factors. Cheers.

  14. guy with a question says:

    Hello there again, I know this wouldn’t be your area however your advice is usually spot on but what do you think about this website?
    They don’t promote any of the girls because they claim they work independently but I don’t know much about how the industry works.

    Also I’ve been skimming through your articles on bangkok (sorry you just have so much articles) and I noticed this:

    Whats the update or situation with the industry is it still thriving because I’m planning to go there soon. I hear lots of rumors but nothing solid.

    • rockit says:

      I don’t have any information about that outfit. The commercial sex scene is still going strong in Thailand though. Cheers.

  15. Mike says:

    I have booked Bree from Pure Bangkok escorts for 24 hours. This is my first time in Bangkok and first time using this service. Has anyone tried her or others from what is a tidy stable of women?

  16. hulk says:

    Shim and Mike … How was Bree ? Thanks for any informations about her service

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