Review: Pino @ Mitu — Bangkok, Thailand

Review of Pino from Mitu Massage in Bangkok Thailand

I have written in the past that I do not make a habit out of reviewing individual providers working in shops. Since I have made numerous exceptions to this rule over the last two years the statement may be losing some of its validity.

Generally I still prefer to review and report on complete establishments than to focus on any particular person or people for a number of reasons. People can act differently in various circumstances and many in the adult entertainment industry prefer to be under the radar. Things can also change so quickly that a mention of a lady may be outdated by the time a post goes online. Still there are times when circumstances push me to report on a person like the subject of this write up.

It would probably be more accurate to say that I am writing about the external looks and services the person under discussion today provides. While close interaction is surely a way to get to know some one intimately it is impossible to get to know who a person is without spending significant time together. Some people spends years together and still don’t truly know each other. Maybe it doesn’t matter. It is unlikely that anyone truly knows the chef at their favorite restaurant. That doesn’t stop them from enjoying the food. In any case I think it is worth a mention.

Pino is a tall and attractive lady working at the previously reviewed Mitu Massage in Bangkok. Words like tall are relative but at 173 centimeters (5′ 8″) she is above average height for most countries in the world. Born and bred in the capital city she is quite sweet but hardly a member of the high society set.

Mitu is the first place Pino has ever worked. Although she has only been at the shop for a short while she has already rising to the number one ranking. This probably says more than I can no matter how many words I churn out about her especially when there are other beauties like Senny on staff.

The pictures of Pino on the Mitu website are a little limited in that they only show part of Pino’s face. Since her face is probably her best feature this could take away from customer interest. Since she is top ranked it seems it doesn’t. One reason may be that clear face shots are shown to customers who venture in to the shop and book a session.

The pictures of Pino are basically accurate though her skin may be a little darker in person. This is something seen in basically every massage shop photobook in Thailand and in professional photography in the country in general. I have reported in the past that some shops have even specially asked that photographers not lighten up pictures only to find their requests fall on dead ears.

This isn’t to say that Pino’s skin is very dark. It is just a little more brown than the photos indicate. For most this probably means nothing. For a few it could be an added bonus. For others it could be a disappointment. There’s no accounting for taste and unfortunately a lot of judgement is still done on the basis of skin tone.

As stated Pino has a very beautiful face set off by sparkling eyes. Her body is thin and unmarked by any tattoos or scars. She has a small pierce mark near her belly button though the ring is absent. Although she often wears her hair up which makes sense since Mitu has soapy massage slide service Pino looks even better with it down. She isn’t very busty but her chest is plenty perky.

It is always difficult to talk about levels of service when they can differ from one customer to the next. Providers go through the same ups and downs of life as anyone else. A customer showing up late in the day and stinking of sweat may not get the same kind of treatment as a guy in the suit showing up first thing in the morning. Or the reverse can be the case depending on the providers mood. Because of this reports can only be general at best if they hope to be accurate.

Pino is well versed in her work and knows how to do everything from bathing lads to the full body slide just as any woman behind the glass at a Thai soapy would. She may not be up to the level of the most expert Japanese soapland worker but if not she is pretty close.

When it comes to the more intimate services her skills largely reflect her looks. She acts in the kind of way one might imagine if they saw her shopping at a nearby mall though most probably would never guess that she works in a massage parlor. She isn’t a hardcore performer but she isn’t shy either as her willingness to toss salad proves.

Some reports indicate that providers at Mitu claim that covers for everything including oral are house policy. This does not seem to be the case as providers like Pino can perform soft services without a rubber. I believe it comes down to the individual judgement of the service provider at any given time. I can imagine a provider claiming something is house policy in an attempt to get a customer to stop debating the point though. In my view adult service providers should have full discretion over the services they are willing to perform and the risks they are willing to take. It’s hard to believe well grounded customers would have a problem with that but I hear enough stories to know better. Full service is of course always performed safely across the board. That’s a real house policy.

Pino takes care of customers to the end of her sessions. As an efficient Japanese run shop appointments at Mitu last the duration. When customers book appointments they get the time they paid for. This can be boring at times when things are all wrapped up at the second hand clicks away toward the termination point but with a person like Pino who is warm and friendly time flies even though her English is limited.

Pino is a real beauty and a sweet girl who approaches her work with eagerness and interest. She considers the needs of her customers and her best to provide them with quality service. I can’t really find any fault with her even if she isn’t perfect. Who among us is?

She does seem to attract a good number of customers which only makes sense. Mitu in general is a pretty busy place which is most likely due to the respect and care the management treats its customers with. Other factors certainly contribute. Mitu is one of the only shops in the immediate area offering a genuine soapy slide massage on an inflatable mat and it is also open to respectful men from all nationalities unlike some places which seem to automatically reject guys who hail from India or nearby lands.

In related news Mitu has just opened a new less expensive “no-hands massage” shop downstairs that will serve as a training ground for service providers before they graduate to the big leagues of the main shop. I hope to report more on this in the near future.

Pino at Mitu. Sukhumvit Soi 33. Bangkok, Thailand. Open every day from 10 am to 10 pm. Phone: 095-851-0671 Website: Map on website.

Review of Pino soapy masseuse in Bangkok Thailand


  1. Deca says:

    From my 15 yr experiences in bkk, many massage shops in bkk require covers for oral and many girls do insist on using them. I think it depends on the judgement of each girl like you said.I had a plenty of BBBJ in those shops. It seems that more Asian and Thai customers BBBJ than other nationalities in certain places. Model type girls in big spas like Poseidon and Amsterdam all seem to use cover for everyone unless you arrange stg before(a little embarrassing to discuss) If the girl likes you, then usually no cd for oral. More than half the girls at Teen Massage insist on covers. It is really hard to generalize but the more beautiful or inexperienced the girl is the less likely BBBJ!

  2. Jack says:

    Sorry to be so thick, but what is the difference between “no hands” and the other level of service? The description of no hand sounds like it is “lie back and let England come to you”, so does the other level allow you to embrace, fondle and otherwise more directly interact with the girl?

    • rockit says:

      The name was a little confusing to me too. According to the manager it means the customer just lays back and receives the service rather than having to do anything himself. I believe it also ends with oral rather than full service but I can’t confirm that. If I get a chance to review the place I definitely will. Cheers.

  3. J-dog says:

    I had a great experience with Hanah, currently ranked number 2, last evening. She started with shower together and already then said hello to junior, who woke up promtly. (no rainjacket requested) On tho the nuru mattress on my belly, she lubed me up and began with a sexy body to body slide, after few minutes worked her way down to my bum and to my surprise started rimming without asking, wow felt wonderful. we had hardcore in a lot of slippery position before moving to the bed where we continued until my volcano erupted. Great service. I asked her afterwards if she always make this great service and she replied, I like you. You never know. Thanks Hanah, and thanks again Rockitreports for the good tips.

  4. manfred says:

    Hi, maybe I am just confused as their website keeps changing but I cannot find Pino or Hannah (mentioned in the comment above) in the Mitu “Cast” page. Are the pictures linked somewhere else, or is it simply that their best ladies are not listed on their web page?

    Also, their price structure seems to have disappeared from the website. Do they still have the usual 50-70-90 minute options with the nice/excellent ladies scheme?

    • Jack says:

      I see Pino on the No Hands on age (no. 1), as well as a Hana but not Hannah.

    • rockit says:

      Maybe my point that things can change rapidly has already been proven. Cheers.

    • rockit says:

      The website changes around quite a bit. I don’t know why. Cheers.

    • manfred says:

      Ok, I see it now: as Jack said they are on the “no hands” website. I was looking on the Japanese Massage, which I thought was the one that rockit reviewed.

      So the two Mitu shops share the same pool of girls? I would not want to miss a favourite as she is only available upstairs/downstairs…

      Looking forward to rockit reviewing the new “no hands” shop as well, the description on the website is enticing but vague. Thanks.

    • rockit says:

      This was a review of Pino as a service provider. At the time it was published she worked at Mitu upstairs. Perhaps she was transferred to the new place downstairs. Cheers

  5. J-dog says:

    Here direct links to all girls:

    Hana: ( sorry I spelled it wrong in my report as Hanah)

    and Pino:


    • sNGarrry says:

      Thx, guy. I enjoyed the service with Hana this week,and she is definitely skilled.
      As Pino is not available ,I choose Hana directly.Her skin is a little dark,but looks good.And the next 90 mins is full of joy.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Cheers.

  6. Guy says:

    I don’t quite understand how the no hand massage is different? Do you have any more Intel rockit?

    • rockit says:

      It seems to be a creative way to say a customer lays back and gets served without having to do anything like take the lead or get on top or behind. If I get more information I will report it here. Cheers.

  7. John says:

    Does the Japanese massage girls at the first level provide a full service?

    • rockit says:

      I don’t know which Japanese massage girls you are referring to. The place only employs Thai women. Perhaps you mean the massage is Japanese style. In any event the first floor place does provide full service as far as I know. Cheers.

    • manfred says:

      I think John is referring to the massage shop at the 1st floor which is called “japanese massage” on the Mitu website (as opposed to the 2nd floor one which is called “no hand”). The girls are all from Thailand of course.

      I had an exchange with the manager recently since I was confused as well by the new system. As far as I gather, the idea is that at the 1st floor you have the ladies in training and upstairs you have the pros.

      In both cases you can have full service.
      The difference is that downstairs (in the managers own words) some ladies are good, some are so so. The starting price is also cheaper at 1st floor, whereas “no hand” is expensive for Bangkok but, in my experience, most of the times you get what you pay for.

      So the “japanese massage” is a bit of a lottery. For 2000 baht you could get a jem or you could get a dud. If I had several days in Bangkok I would give it a shot (heh).

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Cheers!

  8. flsailor says:

    The Mitu website describes the services for the no-hand massage and includes DFK and BBBJ. Can you guys confirmed that DFK was provided? Also, has any of you given a covered BJ even though the site advertises BBBJ? I will be in BKK in 3 weeks. I am planning to visit Mitu and I will report back

    • rockit says:

      I cannot report on the no hand massage service yet as I do not have enough information. At the shop upstairs oral can be covered or uncovered depending on the provider and customer. Cheers.

  9. naughty boy says:

    Just had a session with Pino this evening. 70 Mins @ 4,000 THB with “free” use of the VIP room. She is nice with a good technique. As said she is tall.

  10. manfred says:

    I had a few pleasant sessions at Mitu during my latest visit to Bangkok a few weeks ago.
    There is little doubt that Pino is one of the most beautiful girls on staff, however in my experience she came off as a little cold, if not even mechanical at times. Can’t say I got a bad service of course, as she is technically very skilled, but it was far from memorable.

    On the other hand, I got a surprisingly good and passionate performance from Mai on a separate occasion. She is not as young and attractive as Pino (I think most guys would agree on that) but she was quite daring and very eager to please.

    I wanted to book a session with Senny as well (apparently another beauty), but she was never available.

    Mitu is a really excellent place under most regards, with a remarkably attentive staff, but in my opinion the one single issue with the place is that they don’t do line-ups of the available girls (I asked, and the manager is adamant about it: that’s just the way they decided to run the place).
    I would love to get to see the girls in person before booking, as the pictures never tell the full story (and especially the new girls often do not have profiles on the website). So what I ended up doing is giving a good look to the other ladies that you sometimes meet by chance while taking those endless stairs to the 5th floor, and asking them their names – frankly, it is a bit silly to have to resort to that…

    So to wrap it up: Rockit, thank you as always for this report, and if you could provide some more quick comments and cues about the ladies at Mitu (even here in the comments) that’d be of course really appreciated!

  11. Suhr says:

    Next week I had been booked PINO on 3/25. Thanks Rockit for your good “user guide” and hope I can get good service from MISS PINO… Let’s see

  12. axiology says:

    Hi Mr.Rockit,

    Thanks for your sharing.

    May I ask a question, Do Mitu message’s staffs are all ladyboys?…Or they are also offer real Girls for service!

    How about Pino?

    Thx a lot!

    • rockit says:

      There are no ladyboys at Mitu. There are ladyboys at Ladyboy Mitu which is a different shop that has not been reviewed here. Cheers.

  13. Tublu says:

    Hi Rockit

    Do you know if in Mitu No Hands massage the girls like Pino, Hana do “A level” service as well like some other massage joints.


    • rockit says:

      Unfortunately I don’t know much about the No Hands setup. I don’t think that Pino works there though. Hopefully I can review the place soon. Cheers.

  14. Doraemuzz says:

    Pino is now listed on the “no hands” section, for what it’s worth.

    I’ll give each shop a run when I head over in October, and update.

  15. Blu says:

    Visited with Pino last June, had a different name on the door, not Mitu. It was a hand written sign. Could be they were going through changes. Greeted by the Japanese host. Had pre booked Pino, reading their website had me excited to visit. This was my first adventure in three years due to health problems so was a little nervous. Cut a long story short, did not have a good experience with Pino. No chemistry whatsoever, I thought it was my fault. Didn’t monger in any other cities visited. On return to Bangkok read your article on Cherry and gave it a go. What a difference, I left Thailand a happy man. Now back enjoying the hobby. Thank you for your great reports.

  16. Lenny says:

    Mitu is now known as Dozo. Visited on 4/24/17. Did a double with Patty and Boa. So far they are the prettiest of all the girls in the massage palaces I’ve seen. Note, I have very limited experience in Bangkok. But one of few places O would recommend. Cost was 5,000BHT

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