Review: Nuru Massage Manila — Manila, Philippines

The Japanese practice of nuru massage seems to have taken men around the world by storm. I tend to think its spread has a lot to do with the portrayals of nuru massage in Japanese porn. For whatever reason the service has certainly spread with places now offering nuru massage in locations as distant from Tokyo as Bangkok, Manila, Singapore and even New York City.

Nuru nuru is a Japanese onomatopoeia reflected a wet rubbing together. It’s a fitting term then for nuru massage which involves a woman covered in slippery gel rubbing her body up against a customer. This is often but not always followed by sexual services. In Japan the service can be sold legally as long as it does not end with vaginal intercourse. In other countries laws vary. I’m not an attorney or legal expert of any kind. I can only report.

Manila Nuru Massage has been operating in the capital city of the Philippines for years. At one point the business operated a couple of shops. I don’t know if that is still the case but if it is they do not publicly advertise them. The focus now seems to be on an outcall service which sends masseuses to private rooms and hotels. Unlike a lot of shops in the Philippines the place maintains a website which seems to have to been renovated recently. This is a prudent business move in the age of the internet especially when a large part of their business involves finding clients who do not pass by or stop in to their central location.

There are many ways for customers to book sessions with Manila Nuru Massage. The phone is an obvious method though bookings can also be made through a live chat service on the shop’s website. Smartphone apps like Whatsapp are also an option. Sessions cost 3000 Pesos ($65 USD) for 90 minutes though if customers chose to pay in US currency they are charge $70. Ninety minute sessions with two service providers cost 5000 Pesos ($108 USD).

The people booking sessions for the company can accurately be described as curt. With little in the way of customer service the booking people demand the names of customers and their hotels or condos early on in any conversation.

Perhaps this is a result of people playing games on their online chat interface. It would be easy enough to imagine some immature sex starved guys in the middle of Nebraska trying it on with a chat operator once in a while. I don’t know for sure but this would match with what I have been told by numerous people in the industry over the years.

Once the identifying information is given things proceed a little more smoothly. Customers are asked to select an appointment time and a masseuse from a list of those available. Apparently there is now an option for guys to give the massage as well as women so this expands the number of available service providers.

There are photographs of the men and women on staff on the company’s website. They have been edited to some extent though they do seem to be reasonably accurate. Most of the women working at Manila Nuru are in their twenties and reasonable attractive. Most also seem to have children though this is not out of the norm for the Philippines where teen pregnancy rates are the highest in all of Asia.

Even when customers book online they are immediately called by phone to confirm. Again this is probably a result of people flaking out or playing games thanks to the anonymity they enjoy online so it is understandable.

To their credit the women working at Manila Nuru often show up early to appointments. This is almost unheard of in the severely traffic-ridden city of Manila where even serious business people often show up late to important meetings. Perhaps the Japanese influence has extended beyond the style of massage.

The women who work at Manila Nuru get down to business quickly. This involved spreading a large plastic mat down on the bed and making other preparations. Once everything is set up both the service providers and the customers head to the bath to clean up. This is done in a rather professional manner that some would probably describe as mechanical.

Once customers and providers are cleansed they return to the prepared massage area. The customers then lie down as the service providers cover them with a smattering of nuru massage gel. The service providers then slide all over their front and backs in an exercise that is meant to be erotic but in a professional and precise form would also be described by some as mechanical. In some instances it could be described as erratic. Some providers are overly shy. Some are very focused on doing things correctly. Some are all over the place. A few are informal. This is the kind of thing that comes with any large and varied staff with the possible exception of a place like Tokyo where a certain training and mode of operating is ingrained.

Customers are not shorted time at Manila Nuru. The clock is watched but only to prevent overages. There is no rush and customers do receive what they pay for. Nuru massage sessions last as long as they are supposed to and typically conclude with hand service. Some providers in some instances may offer covered full service for an addition fee of around 5000 Pesos ($108 USD).

After sessions complete the service providers clean things up and leave quarters for the most part spotless. A few hairs or similar bits may remain but for the most part is not obvious that wet body-to-body slides have just taken place.

There are many massage shops in Manila. Manila Nuru Massage is the main outfit offering nuru massage in the city. They deliver what they promise even if they aren’t capable of accurately recreating the kind of service that is given in Japan. As the Philippines is not Japan so this is not something really shocking. I give the place an average score of two-and-a-half stars.

Manila Nuru Massage. Open seven days a week, noon to 3:00 AM. Phone: Phone: +63 999-673-1868 Website:



  1. guy says:

    the massage scene is pretty awful in the Philippines compared to other SEA spots….. 3000 for a massage and hj…. lol

    • rockit says:

      Manila is generally more expensive than other capital cities in Southeast Asia even for things like taxis and hotels. A 90 minute nuru massage with hand job in most Bangkok oily massage parlors would be around 1,500 Baht. That’s 2055 Philippine Pesos. So about 30 percent more expensive in Manila. But if you consider that the Manila service is outcall rather than incall things come closer together. It would be difficult to compare it with services in places like Saigon, Yangon or Vientiane since nuru massage doesn’t exist in any of those cities. Much cheaper massage is available in Manila too of course. Many of the masseuses who hunt customers on P Burgos do rub downs and full service for 500-1000 Pesos and complexes like Pegasus have massage and full service options for as little as 2200. The latter is still generally more expensive than a similar service in Thailand by quite a bit but less than the place being reported on here. Cheers.

  2. guy says:

    god dont get me started on hotel and condo prices in phils jajaja :p

    • rockit says:

      Angeles City is arguably even worse than Manila when looking at price in consideration of where you are and what you get. Cheers.

    • guy says:

      ya, problem with manila is that you need to locate yourself near where you will spend your time, most foreigners hang out in makati, if you want to save money and stay elsewhere you are stuck in traffic

      in angeles you definitely need to avoid the commercialized places, there is some decent value in the area behind ABC hotel over in the Tiger Hotel area….. decent for phils i guess

    • rockit says:

      That’s not the only problem. As you mentioned traffic is absolutely horrible. Cheers.

    • guy says:

      very true….. manila has far more than 1 problem….. if we could only somehow move sweet filipinas to thailand then we would have the perfect place!

    • rockit says:

      Thailand has a set of problems all its own. I think that people are shaped by their environment. A Filipina raised outside of the Philippines wouldn’t be the same. That goes for anyone. Prices would probably change too. Or maybe not. One of the reasons people were originally attracted to working women in places like the Philippines and Thailand were substantially lower prices. Today go go dancers in Manila and Bangkok charge more for short time than many working women in the US and Western Europe. Of course there are still cheaper options around but you can see my point. Cheers.

    • guy says:

      ya, i just find thai people to be rude and filipinas to be the sweetest girls on the planet

      as far as value goes, the bargirls in phils arent great, but there is an awesome semi pro/freelancer scene that is amazing value, and also it is super easy to get casual hook ups without paying

      but those arent near as easy for a tourist on a short trip, gotta live there to get the full benefits

    • rockit says:

      I never had a problem meeting women in the Philippines even on short visits but truth be told I have never really had trouble meeting women anywhere. I’m not very interested in going through all of the rituals of dating or romance just to score some casual sex though. If I was looking for a girlfriend perhaps I’d see things differently. The best prices are definitely in the local and freelance areas. Cheers.

    • guy says:

      ya but in the phils you dont need to go through dating and romance….. there are so many girls that want to hang out with a foreigner, invite 10 to your place for dinner 1 will say yes, tell her you are just looking for friends nothing serious and she will be fine with it

      indonesia is the same way

    • rockit says:

      I have actually had pretty similar results in other parts of Asia including Thailand and Hong Kong. I think a lot of people do better in the Philippines for a few reasons. One is because they don’t speak any Asian languages other than English and most people in the Philippines are near fluent. Another may be that there are so many millions of people in the Philippines. Or maybe Filipinas really just are super horny as some say. I tend to thing women are horny everywhere even when they don’t have the opportunity to express it publicly. Cheers.

  3. Jack says:

    Re Thai v Filis and sexuality. The majority of my experience has been Thai, but the few Filis were much more quickly and wildly sexual. One I met on DIA was in her 30s and a virgin but we had cam sex daily until she realized I was never going to marry her (6 weeks!). She described doing things with me that linger in my mind two years later.

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