Review: Mitu — Bangkok, Thailand **CLOSED**

Thai soapland massage in Bangkok

What else can I say but wow?

Note: The original Mitu location has closed. A new Mitu shop has opened nearby that offers the same kinds of service. I hope to review it soon.

The first mention of Mitu massage in Bangkok, Thailand appeared on this site a few months ago. Almost immediately afterward I began to receive comments and questions about the place.

At the time I didn’t have much to go on other than what I could gather from the shop’s website and my knowledge of massage parlors in Thailand. As it turns out none of that could have prepared me for what I experienced when I was finally able to experience the place in person for what would be the first time but certainly not the last.

Mitu isn’t as public as some of the other massage parlors located right out in the open on front streets but it isn’t difficult to find either. The shop is located just inside the S33 Compact Hotel plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 33. It is only a stone’s throw from previously reviewed massage parlors like Dream Teen and Akane.

Upon entering the S33 Compact Hotel plaza from Soi 33 one is immediately face to face with a staircase. Walking up that staircase and turning right brings the well marked yet discreet entrance of Mitu into plain view.

An English and Japanese speaking manager waiting at a desk just inside the door welcomes customers into the shop and directs them to a very large U shaped set of couches facing a flat screen television. Drinks are offered which can be a relief after coming in out of the Bangkok heat. Things are already impressive because the lobby is so clean and well done and the service is so good. One might expect this sort of thing at any self respecting establishment of this sort but unfortunately it is not the norm at many shops in the area.

There is no line up at Mitu. For some this may seem like a problem but for others who feel uncomfortable with a group of women standing around waiting for the customer to make a choice it can be a blessing. Full realistic pictures of each of the women available at any given time are shown to customers on a high resolution Ipad. In the past the website only had a few photos of the women with their faces obscured. The website now has a full gallery of pictures showing the women in all their glory.

The different women on staff fall into different categories with corresponding prices. The cheapest sessions can be had with “Nice” women and they start at 2700 Baht ($75 USD) for 50 minutes. While these women look good they may not be as attractive as those in the higher levels who are more likely to be in their early 20’s. These women don’t perform soapy massages either.

Japanese soapy massage in Bangkok Thailand

A taste of Tokyo soaplands in Thailand.

Women in the “Excellent” category are truly that in my experience with good looks and great soapy massage skills. Sessions with them start at 3700 Baht ($104 USD) for 50 minutes. Women in the higher still “Wonderful” category are even more attractive and would be in model class at a Macau sauna. Sessions with them start at 5000 Baht ($141 USD) for 70 minutes. Other options like VIP rooms and multiple ladies are of course also available.

The astute reader will notice that these prices are higher than the various oily massage parlors in Bangkok but it will soon be clear why since this shop doesn’t fit into the same category even if it is located in the same city.

After selecting a course and a lady the manager will introduce the customer to his service provider and allow her to take over. She will greet the customer and lead him up some Everest like stairs to one of many rooms. When I say many rooms I mean it. The place is deceptively large and seems to go up forever. The rooms themselves are large and well appointed too. Most are set up for soapy massage and they look exactly like the rooms in Japanese soaplands do right down to the specially made giant air mattresses where the soapy body to body massages are done. The cleanliness and quality seen in the lobby continues throughout the building. The stairs are clean and the rooms are too. Everything is big and open. There are no bad smells and customers don’t have to watch their heads to avoid low ceilings and tiny doorways.

My review will focus on the categories that include the soapy massage service since I think it is stellar at Mitu even if the standard “Nice” service is also good. Besides the cleanliness it is the soap style set up that really sets this place apart in my opinion.

Upon entering the room the experience begins with the service provider bending over to carefully remove the customer’s shoes. This is the kind of attention that is characteristic of soaplands in the Land of the Rising Sun but often missing from the adult industry in other countries. Thailand is a great place and the working women are usually more warm and friendly than one would experience in many other places but they are not always as versed in the ways of customer service as the women are in Japanese shops where “the customer is God.”

After the shoes are removed the rest of the clothes come off and the customer is free to relax on the huge bed for a few moments while the bath and mat are prepared. The water is hot and high quality Japanese massage gel is used so things can get going full speed in no time.

Kitty soapy massage service provider in Bangkok Thailand

A thousand words may not be enough for Kitty.

Staff member Kitty from the “Excellent” category is representative of the kind of women working at Mitu. A beautiful college educated unmarried and childless 23-year-old woman with big enhanced breasts she does everything in her power to make sure the customer enjoys the experience whether that means customizing the routine to meet his needs or occasionally checking to make sure that he finds the room temperature comfortable. Of course the air temperature could seem like small potatoes when one is having their salad tossed for an extended period by a beauty like Kitty but it is a part of the overall experience.

Besides being comfortable and excellent at rimming along with oral, hand service and full service, Kitty is also an expert at the body to body soapy massage. This is so true that I had to wonder if she was specially trained in Tokyo since her moves come so close to those of the experts in the Yoshiwara soaplands that places around the world have mimicked for decades but she assures me that she has never left Thailand.

Truth be told I’m usually not a big fan of soapy body to body or nuru nuru massages anymore. The first time I experienced it I found it very exciting but after some point it began to lose its edge. I’m not talking about all the places that have added “nuru nuru” or soapy massages on their menus but staff women who don’t really know how to do the act properly. I even started to get bored at some better places and saw it as an obstacle on the way to the real action. When it is properly done however it can still get me going as I found out this year at some very good soaplands in Japan and more recently at Mitu.

I can honestly say that everything is well done from beginning to end at Mitu. On my last visit I was even offered ice cream on the way out!

Mitu is a fantastic establishment that brings an accurate representation of the Japanese soapland to Thailand. At first I was thinking of giving the place four-and-a-half stars as I usually do with really good establishments but when I thought about it more I realized that there is absolutely nothing I would change about the place. In other words it is perfect for what it is and so it deserves a perfect score. Mitu thus gets the third five star review in the history of this website.

Mitu. Sukhumvit Soi 33. Bangkok, Thailand. Open every day from 10 am to 10 pm. Phone: 095-851-0671 Website: Map on website.

Thai soapy body to body massage


  1. Danny says:

    Dear Rockit, which were the other 2 “5 star” reviews? Apologies for my poor memory. I want to check them out. Thanks.

  2. Aaron says:

    Are multiple shots included in the price? Thanks!

  3. Waldo says:

    Went to their website listed and then to their outcall overnight site. Seems to be only pre-op and post-op ladies. Am I missing something?

    • rockit says:

      It sounds like you clicked a link to LB Club Mitu which is the ladyboy shop located below Mitu. I don’t see any link to an “outcall overnight site” for Mitu though their main site lists a price for outcall. Cheers.

  4. Vegas says:

    Sounds so inviting !!! I just made a reservation for my wife to fly to China to visit her family for a very reasonable price in Jan. But checked and flights for me to Bangkok, Macau, Manila were 2.5 to 3 times as much ?? Any Idea why ?

    • rockit says:

      Any number of factors can go into that but if she is flying on a Chinese airline that could explain it as they often fly for much less than everyone else around though the quality of the service offered reflects that. Cheers.

    • ramont says:

      Depending on your dates, it could be an effect of Chinese New Year. Going to Thailand over CNY gets expensive because it’s high-tourist season and a lot of Chinese come down for holiday. Also, the weather is better in Thailand and the Philippines now compared to China.

  5. Xgen says:

    I was wondering where I should go today and was reading one of your reports on Dream massage when I happened about the elusive 5 star rating for Mitu so of course I had to pop by. It looks like you were just there and I am following in your footsteps. I am writing this from a bar practically next door just after the session.

    I mentioned to the very nice and English speaking Japanese manager about read g a review. He knew right away which and mentions Kitty was not working right now, so darn. He hands you and iPad with pictures (I wish they were bigger and more plentiful) and I choose Pinky. She is cute and has short hair, a nice smile, passable English and is about 25 I would guess adjusting for Thai looks. Her body is without tattoos or stretch marks and just beautiful. I wouldn’t call her gorgeous but very, very nice. The manager politely talked me up to 70 minutes and noted the time on the bill. H was right I needed at least that much time as we ran out which is the opposite of my typical experIence. I paid 4000B and got a free VIP room because it was before 1pm.

    She was nice to look at and very pleasant but the service was a bit less than I expected for the price. Some of the services you might hope are covered up were and a bit shorter at each step than you might hope for. I made up for that by lengthening the last step and ran out of time at the end but that was fault.

    My rating for the day might be 3.5 which is still very good. I can see easily accounting for another 1.5 stars in girl selection and personal chemistry. It was very nice to see everything about her in such nice shape after disrobing. This often is not the case. I suspect the manager keeps standards up so there is probably a less “luck” involved than if visiting a big Thai MP for about the same price. I’ve paid 4k before and been really let down by looks of attitude in the room. I’ve also hit gold and been amazed at girls I have found for 2k.

    I would sum up Mitu as a good place to find above average girls, a good English speaking manager, no double tier pricing of BS, and maybe a bit more reliable (I think) than either fancy Thai or cheap Teen massage places. If you shorter on time than cash give it a try.

    – rockit all that said I have been getting some exceptional experiences in Chiang Mai Kapoo clubs. If you’re around maybe lets get together. Or maybe you’d like a guest post on how to navigate this sometime trcky places for foreign mongers. Email me if you you want to talk about it.

    • rockit says:

      As I’ve written before it can be tough to score a place that has multiple women on staff because there’s no way to judge them all not to mention different performances on different days and perhaps even with different people (chemistry). So the basis of a review like this has to be the shop, the way it is set up, price, a general idea of the staff and the standard of service. I haven’t seen any unattractive women at Mitu. In fact I would say the gals I have seen rival the good soapies and sometimes surpass them. The set up is basically a Yoshiwara soapland experience in Bangkok. The manager is nice and speaks nice English. Those are all big positives. Taking Kitty as an example the service I’ve seen is great and just like the Tokyo Soaplands. Each step was drawn out to meet and even exceed customer satisfaction. Combined with everything else that secured the perfect score. Of course there is always variation between people and two people at the same place at the same time can have different opinions which is why they say your mileage may vary. Thanks for giving your report. Cheers!

    • frank.mosta says:

      Yesterday I had almost exactly the same exoperience as XGe. I didn’t mention the review, but I did pick Pinky with the free VIP room (before 1pm), and I went for 90 min — hey if you’re in for 4k, you’re in for 4.3k why not. Everything just excellent and as described, and then finally we get to the good stuff, and she’s insisting on covers for everything, indicating it’s house policy. No K of any sort, not DFK for sure, not LFK, not even a peck. So I figure let’s at least get this on my terms, led her over to the bed and eventually removing the cover to have her HJ me to finish on her torso. She was kind of grossed out, though it’s hard to imagine she hasn’t seen this sort of thing before. So all told, fun to start but mostly a waste of money. I’m glad I went. I just won’t be going again.

    • rockit says:

      Based on my experiences I can say that using covers for everything is definitely not house policy. As with most places it probably comes down to the feelings of the provider at any given time. Over the years I have found that younger and better looking women tend to be more likely to use covers but this is not always the case. It sounds like Pinky may be someone who prefers covers though she doesn’t represent the entire staff. Cheers.

  6. Xgen says:

    Wow, when you’re typing on a phone you have no idea you’re writing War and Peace until you’re done. Sorry about that!

  7. Marko says:

    Thanks Rockit. Just come back from the place and got upgraded to a VIP room even if i arrived at 2.30pm just because i told them that i know the place from your website :)

    • rockit says:

      While I don’t have influence on anything like that it sounds like you lucked out. Thanks for the report. Cheers.

  8. mars man says:

    Hi Rockit,

    first of all thanks for these great reports.

    I will be in Bangkok in 2 weeks for a -unfortunately- short time.

    I know that the service depends almost to the provider but anyhow could you please suggest me 2 or 3 massage parlours to minimize the risk.
    After i read your reports I tend to addict massage, cherry and bamboos.

    Mitu must be also great but looks little bit expensive.

    I”m a newbie and I prefer young pretty girls and BJ without cover.

    Thanks in advance

    • rockit says:

      Sorry but I don’t make suggestions or recommend anything. This website is for entertainment only. I have reported on many massage parlors here. Addict probably has the most good looking women in their early 20’s but service can vary. Uncovered oral is standard at oily massage parlors with maybe one or two exceptions. Cheers.

  9. mars man says:

    Thanks for your response…I think I will try addict.

  10. Bojack says:


    I was looking around on the website and I only see “Nice” and “Excellent” category. Is the “Wonderful” category only available when you are in the store? Also, do you know if availability of girls is worse if you come before 1 pm? Would it be better to come later in the evening?

    In general, do you find the prettiest girls are found here – or do you have alternative recommendations?

    • rockit says:

      The shop changes its website around a lot. The wonderful category was there when I published this review but I don’t see it now. Sorry I don’t know what the reason for that is. I don’t make recommendations either. This website is for entertainment only. There are a lot of beautiful women working at Mitu. I didn’t see any that I would consider unattractive. This is different from most other oily massage parlors in Bangkok that employ at least some unattractive women and sometimes only unattractive women. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Cheers.

  11. manfred says:

    I have been at Mitu recently, admittedly enticed by the stellar 5/5 rating, and opted for a 70 m “Excellent” treatment.
    I agree with most comments here in that the service and ambiance are excellent, and the manager goes out of his way to be helpful and friendly.

    On the other hand, I was a bit disappointed by the girl’s appearance. Personally, I would not call her attractive and I am sure I would not have picked her if the place allowed for customers to see line ups. What irks me a little bit is that the ipad picture I was shown was obviously photoshopped: while I know this is the norm on website, I don’t see the point of tricking a customer who is already at the establishment and will find out the truth in a matter of minutes.
    Also, there were only 2 available girls in the Excellent category when I visited (around 8:30 pm on a weekday) so I don’t see why they could not show them both to me. The manager (to whom I talked about this) insisted that it is their philosophy that only service matters and appearance should not sway the customer, but I remain unconvinced. 4000 baht is quite expensive for Bangkok and for that amount I would expect a masseuse that is both competent and to my liking, appearance-wise.

    Having said this, the lady was really good at her job (and she even spoke enough English to make some conversation possible) so the experience overall was still positive and I’m keen on going back to Mitu if the occasion arises.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. For what it is worth a lot of guys won’t go with a woman they are not happy with. For example people even send escorts away that show up at their door looking totally different than pictures presented to them. Of course there is general practice of editing photos in the industry and those who know this sort of thing and are capable of going with the flow typically have a better time and don’t run into any problems. Interestingly on their new photo page Mitu says it doesn’t edit pictures of the women who work there. Cheers.

    • Derrick says:

      Hi, would it be possible to give us the name of the lady your describing so that I don’t ‘accidentally’ pick her? I’m thinking of visiting this place.


  12. ImaDamager says:


    I really appreciate the thorough review. I just got back to my hotel after seeing Ami for a 90 minute session. Your review was quite accurate. Had a great time and may go see Ami again tomorrow!

  13. Marko says:

    Hi Rockit,
    By any chance would you know a good massage place in Silom area? Have heard that there are couple of them so your expertise would be highly appreciated :)

  14. hotness says:

    I recently saw Amy for 90mins – she was an *excellent* category and apparently ranked #1. The ipad photo showed her as pretty with light skin, but when I met her she was quite dark and had a bit of acne. I was expecting a floor mat but only found out after the session that this is only available with the VIP room. Her english was good and we were able to joke around a bit, although she did seem a bit tired. Overall I would say the service was *pleasant* but neither her looks or service was mind-blowing. Covered BJ and a soft massage.

    They are currently offering many discounts in the early morning, which means punters are rushing in early, so the first time I went at 11am they only had 1 *nice* girl available. The top *excellent* girls seem to start work around 4pm.

    I enjoyed an ice cream after the session and gave my feedback to the female boss.

  15. Xperience says:

    Following your report I had to go to Mitu.
    I was really impressed by the quality of the management. They are the most welcoming massage parlour I have ever been to.
    I booked for a “nice” girl based on her profile on the website. She did not look like the photos, her skin was much darker and she was not really as attractive.
    The massage part was ok though a bit long, followed by a bath.
    The full service was unfortunately really bad. I cannot blame her as she undoubtedly lacked experience and I was not attracted.
    May be I should have booked an excellent girl to enjoy this part.
    I did not tell it to the friendly manager guy who asked me afterwards.
    I’ll need to try another appointment with an excellent girl to make my mind on this parlour

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. When I write a review the interaction between customer and client comes into play but the biggest things I look at are the place, the management, the level of service and the like. There’s no way to review the performance of multiple women who can each act differently depending on the day, the mood and their customer. There are also things like individual taste and ideas of beauty which can’t really generalized well. It’s possible for a person to have a great time or find a great performer at a very poor place or to have a terrible time at a great place. Cheers.

  16. Deca says:

    Wow. This place is new. I passed it by many times in September and October.
    I will have to go back to bkk soon. Thanks!!

    By the way do they take credit cards or only cash?

  17. Ira says:

    Just came back to hotel from mitu, generally the quality of service was good, the japanese reception guy was wery helpfull, i choose Pino from plat category plus a promotional upgrade for vip room for 4300 baht, the girl was very kind and willful but tired since i was her last client.
    Also there is one fact which need to be considered, the photoes are photoshoped but not too heavily, and the body sizes on website is a bit exaggerated, anyway for sure i will visit the place once again next time i am in BKK.

  18. Win says:

    I just went to Mitu yesterday (19/12/15), however I just know that they do not except the local people…
    Very disappointing T_T

  19. max says:

    The all japanese flavor of class and service(s) is indeed a welcome refreshing input for the bangkok naughty massage scene. But the fact that the choice of ladies is very limited is a let down. Got to try again. :)

    • rockit says:

      There were a good number of women on staff the last time I checked but many customers do seem to reserve in advance which may cut down on the amount of available gals at any given time. Cheers.

  20. Pristinia says:

    Thanks for the review, helped me find the place.
    Been to a few places in Shinjuku, so looking forward to this piece of Japan outside of Japan.

    Went here a few days ago.
    Asked for Mayu, she was outcalled :(
    Asked for Moca, but my friend wanted her instead :(
    Took the recommendation of the friendly manager for a rookie Hikaru. She was quite bubbly and did a very decent job for a “rookie”.

    As it was a Japanese-esque place, the customer was indeed king, treated with free drinks and ice cream, and the manager was very friendly and accommodating.

    Would repeat if I am ever in the area.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I would be interested in hearing about the places you have visited in Shinjuku and I’m sure others would too. Cheers.

    • Pristinia says:

      It was mainly places you already reviewed lol.
      I guess I’ll add my 2cents to them in their respective review pages.

    • Pristinia says:

      Actually, I did visit JK Style which hasn’t been reviewed here (I don’t think)
      It’s been a while, but if I remember correctly, I had the help of a friend who can speak Japanese to give them a call as my Japanese isn’t fluent. This is apparently unnecessary as the man who picked up could speak English quite well. However, Japanese language skills will be most welcomed as the girls won’t have very good English skills, and every bit of conversational skills will help the chemistry.

      JK Style is a delivery health agency and only do outcall services, so I had to find a gaijin friendly love hotel. (Just a note, I am of asian descent, so that may have a factor in these generally Japanese exclusive services)

      As the name implies, JK Style specialises in the JK fetish (Schoolgirl clothes).

      So in short, called up, asked if asian-gaijin is ok, he then asked if I had some sort of auto-translation program on my phone in case, asked which girls are ok with that, got a lovely girl called Ayaka, booked for 90mins, asked for a love hotel which was gaijin friendly, booked a room, called him back, 10mins later Ayaka was at my front door.

      We had a good time, no FS obviously as is the norm for these kinds of services in Japan. But she was a good GFE and we did share some simple conversations and lots of cuddles in bed between the naughty plays, and giggles at awkward moments like when she accidentally turned on the wrong showerhead, soaking my head in cold water. Definitely a nice session, still can’t forget her lovely scent.

      This was back in January 2015. I haven’t checked recently if they still have that friendly English speaking gentleman as I’m not in the country anymore =/
      Website is:

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I have heard of this place before but I don’t have any information on it. Cheers.

  21. C says:

    Hey, thanks for your reivews. They have been very beneficial. Just a quick question, I went to Mitu’s website and saw that they have 2 services (no hand and japanese massage). I am curious regarding which of these that you tried out. Thanks.

    • rockit says:

      The original service is under review here. The “no hands massage” came after this review was published. Cheers.

  22. brownman says:

    Dear Rockit, thanks for maintaining this site and updates. Your reports are very helpful indeed, but I’m very surprised you gave 5/5 stars for this place.

    Yesterday I was after Japanese massage then Mitu Japanese Massage was appeared on the first page of google before your review.

    I read full description of ‘no hand massage’ on their website and I was very excited to experience it. Then I read your report before I headed to the place without any hesitation.

    I went direct to the 2nd floor, met a friendly Japanese guy at the counter who showed me photos of girls on his tablet. Out of 20 girls in the photos, only 5 girls were available at the time I arrived there about 3pm in the afternoon. I chose Kitty as she appeared under the top class category, then I paid THB4,000 at the counter for 70 minutes service.

    Sat on the sofa and waited for 5 minutes then she came and took me to the room upstairs. There was no elevator, I needed to climb up to the 4th floor. When I got in the room I needed a couple of minutes to breathe normally. Air-condition was just turned on so it took time to cool down from about 32C room temperature. I couldn’t wait her to take off my clothes so I did it myself. She didn’t say anything before she asked me to sit on the bed while she was busy with preparing for shower. A couple of minutes later she was naked and washed me in the bathtub. Then I had chance to look at her closely.

    She has tattoos on her body and doesn’t have a good complexion. Her silicon breast was like a sex toy. I didn’t want to describe in details but she is just an average look girl here in Bangkok.

    After shower, it was body massage with Gel on the air mattress. Nothing was special than those soapy massage parlors you pay for THB2,400. Sex was on the slippery air mattress. She was below average for the sex, I didn’t enjoy much.

    Then we sat in the bathtub and she started talking with me a bit, where am I from? What am I doing? Etc.

    Later on the bed, she kept talking about herself and asking me about myself until time was 5 minutes left. Then she said – ‘Oh it’s only 5 minutes left, I’ll give you a quick massage’. I already knew this kind of game they used to play in cheap places so I said ‘no problem’ then put my cloths on by myself and left the place.

    I was very upset, disappointed with quality of girl, service, over-price and even the place with high staircase to climb up.
    I could have much better experience with better looking girl in general soapy massage here in Bangkok at half of the price I paid at Mitu.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for your report. While I do try to be objective ultimately I can only write from my own perspective. In my view the level of service is high at Mitu which is not always the case even at soapies that staff beautiful women. Cheers.

    • Deca says:

      I have similar opinions as you in general. The ratings by rockit are very subjective and therefore different from mine as well. For instance, many of his 5 star shops that I have tried were 3 or lower but some of his lower star shops were in my 6 star ratings. It all depends on each girl, the physical and mental condition of the punter and the girl at the time of the service etc. However, given all the mileage I would say rockit is pretty accurate and objective in many reviews.

  23. GuyfromBangkok says:

    I was at Mitu a couple of days ago thanks to this review and comments.
    I went to the second floor shot (the “No hand” with the better girls, not the rookies, they say)
    I payed 4300 for a 90 mins sessions.
    The girl I choosed revealed to have a skin quite darker than in the photos showed me by the manager, she had quite nice soft natural tits, but literaly no ass.
    But, after this, the performance was spectacular!
    The nuru massage was very good, than I had a BBJ with CIM (not swallow) in the nuru mattress, she tried to put me a condom first, but I politely asked for it first. Then we had a great fuck on the mattress, then we moved on the bed for a so-so massagge and, after she told me we had 10 minutes left, I was able to use the minutes for a third nice fuck, probably only because I payed the maximum amount.
    So, a very sweet and also hard core experience. My only other nuru experience was in Dr Nuru at Nana, and there is no paragon at all, Mitu wins hands down.
    My only critic is on the retouching of the photo of the girl I had and the absence of mirrors in the room.
    Cheers all.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I agree that the service level is high at Mitu and approaching what one sees in Japan which was the main reason I gave it such a positive review. Photos are touched up at nearly every venue in Thailand. I don’t like it much but it seems to be standard practice. Some parlors apparently even request that photographers don’t touch up the photos but they insist on doing it anyway. Cheers.

  24. Deca says:

    I went there about 3 days ago. Two Japanese men were working at the counter upstairs and they were kind of cold and impersonal when they found out I wasn’t Japanese perhaps(I look Japanese though). They spoke enough English to show me the system but refused to show the girls in person and told me I could only choose from the photo. Well, this turned me off as I don’t trust photos!!In S.Korea, I can get the same service for a lot less. Cheers!!

  25. akali says:

    HI do you know what is the difference between Japanese soapy massage and Thailand soapy massage in terms of actual service like which use gel or which use soap?

    • Deca says:

      I’ve never had a truly Japanese style soapy massage in Thailand, yet. From my experience, there was no bj on the soapy mattress with Thai soapy massage. It was just rubbing body to body and then bj or sex on the bed afterwards. The Japanese soapy involves a lot more like bj, rimming and sex just like in their videos.

    • rockit says:

      In Thailand soapies soap suds are usually used. The woman slides her body against the man’s body. Some oral may be given on the mat or in the tub but it is not a rule.

      In Japan soap suds or nuru nuru gel can be used. The slide tends to last longer and be more intense. It usually involves oral, rimming and genital-genital rubbing. Cheers.

  26. Pat says:

    I have visited Mitu one week ago and went for a 90 minutes nuru nohand massage with Pino.
    I chose Pino because she was ranked n° 1 and I had to book her the day before.
    The total amount paid was 4300 bahts in a vip room.
    I have been disapointed by the one hour and half I staid there.
    According to my own taste, Pino is not really stunning (7 on 10 in my books) and her level of services was poor.
    BJ was bare but very light, Pino using more HJ facility.
    I had to hardly convince her to let me lick her pussy, and cim was not welcome.
    Finally, I have been washed 3 times, which used about 30 minutes and with what I qualify as a “service minimum”.
    For less bahts, it’s easy to get more in bangkok, then I will not go back to Mitu.
    Obviously it is my own experience and others can probably gets a better one.

  27. Road Crew says:

    My mileage varied. Suffice it to say that I am an elderly (65) enthusiast of the hobby. I was a regular in Bangers for a number of years, but had been away for 10 years now. I have visited many interesting venues in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. I guess I claim to be experienced.

    I am in Thailand on my retirement vacation and visited Mitu based on the reports here and also on ISG. I e-mailed with Mitu setting up an appointment with Pino. Late in the game they switched that to Emma (my choice for a switch). When I arrived Emma was also not available. In their defense they had e-mailed me that info about 25 minutes prior to the booking, but I missed that. Not saying it was a bait and switch, but it quacked a little.

    I was tired and it was hot out, so I went with the best alternative available. I won’t give the young lady’s name, as she did her best and I have no problems with her. Still the experience was disappointing given the expectations and higher cost involved.

    My suspicion is that this place had some exceptional young talent. Young talent of that nature can escape to sugar daddies and it takes a while to back fill.

  28. Andy says:

    I was in Bangkok in December and visited Mitu, aiming to see Pino. It was mid-afternoon and I was told that Pino had just arrived. She seemed very fresh and pleased to meet me. I went for the VIP room and all services for 90 minutes, with a decent discount from the excellent Japanese guy that others have mentioned. Pino’s ‘no hands’ massage was very good – it really was extremely stimulating and the BJ that followed kept me nicely cooking (I’m a one-shot guy). The sex was a little disappointing as Pino seemed to want me to finish quickly, while I was luxuriating in it…! But overall, I thought it was really good value from a pretty and very attentive young woman; I would certainly return to Mitu again on a future visit. Thanks for the heads-up!

  29. Pal says:

    Hey rockit man, I will be visiting Thailand for the first time next month (Sukhumvit) I prefer to have fun in my hotel room, but don’t want to over pay. Which out call company could you recommend that have decent girls with good service, but won’t over charge? (reasonable out call rates) My budget is between 2500 to 3000 thai bath for 2 hours. Thanks man!

    • rockit says:

      Sorry but I don’t make recommendations. This website is for entertainment only. I have written about some places in Thailand that do outcall on this website. Cheers.

  30. manfred says:

    Looks like prices at Mitu are slowly creeping up. Used to be default to get a 500 baht discount, at least when picking a platinum category, and now it is only 300.
    Service quality still going strong, but maybe it would be time to bring in some new faces.

    Speaking of which, there is a new “Mitu Hip’s Bangkok” service advertised on their website. Looks like a very recent introduction. Anybody has been there in the last few weeks? What is it about? What about the girls? Are they actually the same working at the so-called “Japanese massage” at the first floor?

  31. Marko says:

    Hi Rockit,
    As usual thanks for this very accurate review. I’ve been to Mitu couple of times and have just tried the “no hand” service on 2nd floor with Khun Marni. That’s what I call a high performance. On top of having a dream body she’s highly skilled and have a sweet heart.
    Overall Mitu is indeed more expensive than other massage parlors around Sukhumvit 22-26 and 33, however the service providers are on the top of the range, the place is clean, friendly, and the overall experience much more premium than the competition.
    Rockit, long time you haven’t post a review of a new shop in Bangkok despite new supplies here and there, any plan to visit our city in the near future?

    • rockit says:

      I have a post on Bangkok in the works. It should be online in about a week. I have to find a balance when trying to cover places all around the world. I have many reviews for Bangkok planned. Cheers.

  32. Doraemuzz says:

    Hmmm, I could have sworn I saw Kitty on the lineup a week or two back, but looks like she’s not on any of the three.

    I’ll hit all three of these including HIPS in October if I can and give a full report.

  33. Doraemuzz says:

    Whoa…e-mailed MITU about the “AF” option which I assumed was A+… and some other questions (including Kitty).

    Got a response in like 2 minutes :

    AF option is Anal Fuck. but now no girls do AF option.
    no more KITTY please choice lady have on website that is up date.
    for 90 minutes stay with you. every 90minutes you need to pay this.
    Lady have class is
    Regular 3,500 bath.
    Super 3,800 bath.
    Ace 4,000 bath.
    Gold 4,300 bath.
    Platinum 4,800 bath.

    ….Hmmm. I remain confused, considering the HIPS and other pricing are well below this.

    Kind of a shit response.

  34. Doraemuzz says:

    Update 2 :

    I sent another reply, saying “I assume these prices are No Hands…are the prices listed on the website for HIPS and the regular Japanese massage still up to date?”

    His response :

    “Price is for all shop send you.”



  35. Doraemuzz says:

    Update 3 (or, ill stop now)

    He was quoting me OUTCALL prices.

    His final e-mail :

    “Japanese Massage. is 1F is Beginner ladies. work training and keep many good commend then will step up to Nohand Shop. and skill work is from her self. some lady have good skill and some lady is have so so skill and can’t massage.
    Rookie 50min. 2,000 & 70min. 2,300 & 90min. 2,600.
    Super 50min. 2,400 & 70min. 2,700 & 90min. 3,000.
    Ace 50min 50min 2,800 & 70min. 3,100 & 90min. 3,400.
    service is body to body&Sex 1shot.

    Nohand Massage. is 2F is our high skill service. have platinum and gold. and price up to Lady who’s you choose. they different price. and service is massage & body to body & sex 1shot & make you finish again by hand job 1more shot.
    Lady Gold class 50min 3,200bath & 70min 3,500bath & 90min 3,800bath with VIP. room and get discount 300bath with normal room.
    Lady Platinum class 50min 3,700bath & 70min 4,000bath & 90min 4,300bath with VIP. room and get discount 300bath with normal room.

    Hip’s Bangkok Massage.
    Regular 50min. 2,000 & 70min. 2,300 & 90min. 2,600.
    Super 50min. 2,400 & 70min. 2,700 & 90min. 3,000.
    Ace 50min 50min 2,800 & 70min. 3,100 & 90min. 3,400.
    AF option is for ass fucking extra 1,000bath.
    service is NURU body to body&Sex 1shot.”

    Alright, so, that’s that.

    Consider them redeemed. Very happy he responded at length.

    All good to know!

    HIPS sounds interesting.

  36. Kai says:

    Also visited MITU just before I had to catch my flights. Quickly realized I should have reserved something as I was planning on breaking the bank. Went around 5PM thinking it will be similar to the amount of girls present when I went to Addict. Alas only three available in the 1F/Japanese Massage category. The NoHands girls were either occupied or are starting later.

    The iPad pictures were much more detailed than the website. Both iPad and website pictures show girls that are photoshopped as the girl I choose was a lil darker skinned.

    Took the best looking one as I did not want to go and try out the others in the same street. The main reason was the VIP room which I booked. However it was full after I paid, I got the 500 bht back but it felt downgraded from breaking the bank to the amount of 2.7k spent which is similar pricing.

    Choose the girl named “Best” , very gentle girl. Shared shower was quick and she joined with the smalltalk. Massage was immediately oiled but no B2B. Oral was BBBJ and was really good. Also offered DFK and stuff. Didn’t had enough patience to request cim. Afterwards had a bathe and it was about to look we were going for round 2 (very sly of me) but she pushed back =(

    All-in-all the service was pretty good but I came to MITU to break the bank which did not happen. My recommendation is to go big with MITU (NoHands, VIP room etc.) or go somewhere else. Or Prebook lol

  37. Stephen says:

    Saw 3 different ladies at MITU this trip to BKK… pino, emma and rui

    Pino was decent in looks but aside from that she doesnt offer much. Minus the FS our session was mostly her talking …. no “massage” whatsoever. Will not be requesting her again.

    Emma on the other hand was absolutely spectacular. Excellent service and massage before and after finishing. Highly recommend. Will definitely be requesting her again.

    Rui was not part of no-hands (part of the 1st floor lower offering) but is definitely a promising candidate. Very fun personality and tries her best although the massage was subpar at best. Will possibly request again depending on circumstances.

  38. andy says:

    hi, have anyone tried the no hip massage and able to explain what does it covers?

    thanks alot.

    • Stephen says:

      I believe you get a massage with the provider using their “hips” with FS service, A+ if you choose (+1000)

  39. manfred says:

    Looks like the “Mitu hip massage”, whatever that was, has gone already.

    Now the annex is a “Sideline Massage” venue. Has Rockit or any of the knowledgeable readers here visited the place, or has any idea about what it is exactly?

    The website looks quite different from the main business of Mitu and there is almost no information.
    The “sideliners” are presented like the unassuming girl-next-door types, rather than the usual massage pros hype (whether they really are who they claim to be, of course, is anyone’s guess…)
    Not clear what exactly is the service on offer, whether it’s outcall, incall, etc. and what one can expect. Quite the opposite of the usual Mitu approach which is actually very explicit on the services on offer.

    Thanks to anybody who could share their experience with the place.

    • rockit says:

      Mitu seems to switch things up a bit in a bid to stay interesting. I hope to visit again soon to see what’s going on. Cheers.

  40. how_much? says:

    Does anyone know their new pricing now?

    • rockit says:

      As far as I know it is similar. It seems some sites have removed prices. This may have been required due to local conditions. Cheers.

  41. CuriousAnon says:

    Hey Rockit,

    I went to check the place out earlier today. MITU closed last week and was replaced by a different love/massage parlor called Dozo (as of writing this 03/03/17), but it’s still in the same place up those stairs near S33. I was greeted by a Thai woman and a Korean man who both spoke English well.

    3 girls were available at the time, I chose May – a cute 27yo brunette. The facility was also currently undergoing renovations so we had to go to the top floor, and its similar to the image provided. I chose the C. Course and Matt play resulting in 3,500 Baht (~140USD, B course [come once], C course [come twice]).

    How things went down: I sat on the bed, she started the bath. As we waited for it to fill up, we chatted for a bit. Once the bath was ready, she did a little massage on both my arms and legs + washing body. Then she got the Matt and we did some nuru play. *I opted for no sex*, slid up and down my body like in a porno, felt interesting, she wanted sex and I denied her (twice ;) ). She then proceeded to lick my nips, decent hand job, blow job was lacking. After coming, took another bath and went to the bed for a massage. After the massage, she started jerking me off again. Sliding up and down, a little bit of ball play, she allowed me to give her a lil’ cunnalingus. Teased her with prodding my tip at her pussy. A lil blowjob/handjob and finished me off. Then we took a lil rinse at the bath again and that’s the end.

    Fun times?

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the reply. I am getting more of the picture now. The former location is now home to another shop and Mitu moved to the former Mitu sideliner shop nearby. I will try to review both soon. By the way 3500 Baht is about $100 USD. Cheers.

  42. Friedick says:

    Mitu was absolutely wonderful and the session was by far, easily, the most gratifying; the lady who had serviced my session was incredibly accommodating and amazingly affable, making for a lighthearted, and a most enjoyable girlfriend experience as she would laugh, do her darnest to communicate in English, generously cover my entirety in kisses and licks, and let my fingers, and more, run freely all over her body- no part was off-limits. Merticulous, mature, friendly, cheerful, and very eager to please. I miss you, Honey.

  43. guyfrombangkok says:

    Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to updatde you that I tried the new location of Mitu. I’ve been may times at the previous shop.
    The service was excellent as always, payed 4300 thb for 75′ one of the top listed girls.
    My only complain is that this new place does not have bathtubs in the room, I liked a lot the part of session there.
    So now it is only shower, inflated mattress for the nuru part (and more of course), and the bed.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I have a review on the new Mitu massage location planned as well as a review on the place that has taken over Mitu’s old location. I believe the VIP rooms at the new Mitu location do have bath tubs but I’ll have to double check since you say you didn’t see any. Cheers!

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