Review: Minh Tam 2 — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Minh Tam 2 is a top quality massage parlor in the Tan Binh District of Ho Chi Minh City where a guy can get a body rub with a grand finale in comfort.

Rumor has it that Minh Tam 2 is owned by the same people that own Minh Minh Tam massage and a few other similar shops around town. I have no way of confirming that at the moment, and truth be told it’s not a very important issue to me. What I can say is that while both operations are similar, Minh Tam 2 is a bit nicer in terms of the facilities.

Minh Tam 2 is very easy to find. One only has to navigate to the Thanh Binh 2 Hotel. Facing the entrance of that hotel, one can see the clearly marked entrance to the massage facilities only a few meters to the left. There is usually an attendant or two waiting there at the entrance to guide customers down a walkway and into the lobby.

In the lobby things go as they usually do in this sort of facility. The customer is shown a price sheet with economy and VIP options. The economy room is a bare bones set up, while the VIP room is large and lavish with things like a full bathroom, steam room, jacuzzi tub inside and flat screen television inside. The VIP rooms are also very well decorated, with things done about as well as they can be.

A session in the VIP room runs 550,000 Dong, which is a little less than twenty-six United States dollars. Considering the relatively new and well done facilities, I think the rate is pretty fair.

After choosing an option, the customer will be guided to their room by a male attendant. Unlike some of the left well-managed places around town, the male attendants here do not hassle customers for tips. I’m not opposed to tipping at all, but I don’t like be hit up for cash every minute either.

If the customer selected a VIP room they can relax on the upholstered chair while the attendant turns the steam and tub on. This only takes a few moments and is quickly followed by the entrance of the service provider.

Customers get the luck of the draw when it comes to the masseuses. Whoever is next in line seems to be the one that does the rub down. This isn’t as bad as it sounds though as the women who work at Minh Tam 2 are universally nice looking, with good bodies, pretty faces and smooth skin. They wear blue uniforms that are revealing without giving full access and know their way around a guy’s body.

Return customers always have the option of requesting a specific lady. As long as she is at the shop and free this is no problem. It doesn’t cost any additional fee either. Customers can usually get a phone number from their favorite lady or ladies and call ahead to see if they are working at any given time.

The routine at Minh Tam 2 is a lot like the routine at Minh Minh Tam. The customer gets undressed and the service provider rinses him off. The customer takes a steam, and then the service provider rinses him off again. One difference is that customers are given a small pair of satin shorts to put on after the second rinse.

The customer is then led to a sturdy massage table and told to lay face down. A nice massage follows lasting some time. It usually includes a bit of back walking and plenty of soft touching in sensitive areas. After the back massage is complete the customer is told to flip over.

I won’t go into a whole lot of detail about the rest of the massage. The astute reader can probably figures things out. I will say that the massages are brought to a pleasant conclusion by masseuses with very skilled hands that are in no rush. They are clearly well trained and practiced in this kind of body rub.

After the massage is finished the customer is undressed again and led back into the large bathtub where they are rinsed off for a final time. After this they are dried off and brought back to the comfortable chair where they can chat with their masseuse (or maybe not, considering that few speak much English), watch television or eat some of the provided fruit.

Once the customer has had his fill of the place he will get dressed. On the way out he will be given a piece of paper and a pen to write down the amount of the tip he wants to give to his service provider. Standard tips range from 200,000 to 600,000 Vietnamese Dong ($9.50 – $28 USD), with most falling somewhere in the middle. The tip amount is not usually discussed during the massage itself. I believe this is company policy. If so, it is a good one.

Tip indicated in ink, the client will then join his provider for a walk back to the elevator. On the ground floor he’ll take his slip to the front desk and pay the total amount of his room and tip. That’s it.

Minh Tam 2 is a very well organized and managed massage parlor with little in the way of hassles. It would be great if more places could follow suit. I gave the very similar Minh Minh Tam massage three-and-a-half stars when I reviewed it a few weeks ago. While that place is nice, Minh Tam 2 has a bit better set up when it comes to the rooms. That said, I don’t think guys go to either place to admire the tile work on the walls. Considering Minh Tam 2 on the merits of the service provided, I think it too deserves three-and-a-half stars. It’s a nice place.

Minh Tam 2, 15 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 7, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Next to Thanh Binh 2 Hotel. Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Minh Tam 2 Massage


  1. sing says:

    Hi Rockit

    Was wondering have you tried the escort spa massage packages with two girls? if so is it worth he price?

    Thanks sing

    • rockit says:

      Not at this particular establishment. In other places it is either hit or miss. I’ve had great experiences and mediocre ones that made me wished I would have gone with the single. Cheers.

  2. Eric says:

    Hi Rockit, I love your website! I went to Minh Minh Tam in Saigon and it was awesome, pricey, but worth it.
    What would you consider the best place, quality/price wise?

    • rockit says:

      I don’t think it’s all that pricey compared to a lot of other countries. Perhaps it’s pricey compared to some more local oriented places in Vietnam but they tend to be a little worse in general. Are you asking what place I think is the best in Ho Chi Minh City, in Viet Nam or in the World? I don’t know that I’d have a definitive answer for any. Cheers.

  3. Sing says:

    Hi Rockit

    loving what you do and how you’re sharing your knowledge.

    was wondering if you ever been to the massage at Vien Dong hotel?

    and if so, what are your reviews on it? and how far you reckon you can go with the girls there?


    • rockit says:

      It sounds familiar but I don’t have any specific memories. Most hotel places are hand finish only though many don’t even allow that. Cheers.

  4. Alfred says:

    to going to this place, there is a risk that they steal wallets or money, clothes,
    personal items, while you are in the bathroom or during the massage?

    • rockit says:

      I guess there’s a risk to everything. Even crossing the street poses some danger. I’ve never been ripped off at a high end massage parlor in Vietnam and my gear is usually in full view during my massage. People do get ripped off in massage parlors, but it’s more common at the lower end places. Anything is possible. Cheers.

    • Tay Cho says:

      If you take a VIP room there is the option to put your belongings in a cabinet with a lock and you can keep the key.

  5. Duncan says:

    Yo Rockit!

    Thank you so much! This is very informative.

    I have a question though… you only mentioned the price for VIP. How much is the economy room? Do you have any “step-by-step” tips for economy room? I’ll be in HCMC tomorrow night.

    • rockit says:

      I think the regular rooms are 200,000 but I can’t be sure. That’s the usual price in HCMC though and I don’t think Minh Tam 2 is any different. All the massages seem to follow the same routine though obviously there wouldn’t be a bath or sauna soak in a regular room. Remember that I don’t advocate anything or offer any advice, this site is for entertainment only. Cheers.

    • Teacher says:

      Read all these comments and the great reviews and think I have to give this place a try. I’m here teaching English at the moment, so think I deserve something nice and relaxing. :-)
      I’ll give Minh Tam2 a try this Saturday and report back with my review.
      Thanks rockit for letting us know about this place. Sounds good!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Cheers.

    • Robin says:

      Went there on Saturday 11th March 17 and here’s my experience.

      Grab taxi driver found it easily and you can’t miss it, with the large ‘Massage’ sign!
      Walked through the doors and a guy there took me straight up in the lift and told me the price of the VIP massage.
      Sat in the ‘waiting area’ and they brought me some water. Guess I was waiting about 25 mins, as I was early and they seem to start at 10am.
      Guy took me into the room and asked what number girl i would like. I said I hadn’t been before, so I didn’t know. He asked: ‘Beautiful girl?’ I said: Oh yes, beautiful and friendly.’ He smiled and as he was about to walk away, I gave him 50,000VND and he was happy.
      I have to say, this does seem a classy place as soon as you walk in, unlike some others I have been to. To have such a private room with a sauna, bathtub and toilet too, outshines all of the others.

      He pointed to the sauna and I thought: ‘Did I really want a sauna when HCMC is a sauna?’ Ah well, I did anyhow. Was in there about 10-15 mins and heard the door open. Now I asked for a beautiful girl but I didn’t expect this incredibly beautiful girl. To say she was stunning is an understatement. She really was the kind of girl you look at and fall in love with instantly! So the 50,000 tip was worth it!

      Lovely and very friendly girl. She asked me to get in the bath and it’s kinda nice to be naked in front of a stunning young girl. Bath was nice and big and she turned on the jets. Then started washing me and even my hair and her touch was so nice and soft. I always love it when a young pretty girl like this holds my hand and she did, as she was washing my arms and that got me a little excited have to say and it showed! She giggled and said: ‘Oh big’ and playfully grabbed me there. Don’t think she meant big as in big but that it was now bigger…lol

      So, then she dried me off, still semi hard and she dried everywhere, pleased to say. Gave me these shorts to put on and told me to get on the massage table face down.
      Boy, what a lovely massage it was too. These girls have such strong hands for small girls. My feet really are so sensitive and I can’t bear anyone to touch them without laughing. When she got to my feet, I just laughed as it tickled so much and it made her laugh and she gave me a playful slap a few times ‘because I was naughty!’
      Lovely massage on the back and then when I turned over, on my legs and a little tease now and again. Her hands wandered between my legs a few times and did get me going.

      Once it was all over, she did ask if I wanted a nice massage somewhere. This girl did ask what I was going to tip her, so I said 500,000. I didn’t expect her to ask actually, after reading the review but no problem really, as she was so cute. She said 750k and she will loosen her clothes, so fair enough, I gave in. She released her top and loosened her shorts and pulled them down, so I had access to top and bottom!
      Wow, what a lovely smooth a** she had and legs too and the rest! I was able to put my hands between her legs and she was clean shaven and she didn’t mind me running my hands there and inserting my fingers inside her and even made some nice groans. I like to think it was real Then she continued with the HJ, while my hands were busy on her.

      It really was well worth the money. Before the bath and massage, she fed me some fruit and that was sexy. Then after we had finished, she asked if I wanted her to wash me off again, so why not? Back in the bath and she washed me down again.
      She also gave me such a lovely cuddle afterwards and that I enjoyed too. Got a kiss on the cheek but sadly not on the lips. Even after, we sat there chatting and she let me feel her legs and hold her hands. I asked her how old she was and she asked me to guess. I thought 19-20 as she looked young but she said 23.

      She then gave me her phone number, as I said I want to come back and told me to let her know when I was coming and she would wait for me. Well, I’m going again next Saturday for sure! I had a list of places I wanted to try actually but how can you better perfection? So forget the rest, i am going back next Sat. We did exchange a few text messages on Sunday and that was nice,
      She really did make me feel special and there was no hurry about anything in this place. Very professional setup and I don’t know what the other girls are like but this one stole my heart for sure.

      Thanks for the review of Minh Tam2 guys. I’m so glad I saw it and went here. Looking forward to Saturday now!

      P.s. I was the one signed Teacher before and have left my report.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the detailed report. Cheers!

  6. Tay Cho says:

    Just got back from a massage at Minh Tam 2. I had a lovely 23 year old called Thuy from Ben Tre. I had a great time and I would recommend anyone to go.

    I took my motorbike there and there is lots of parking and the hotel is easy to find on Ly Thuong Kiet in Tan Binh. Just look for the big Massage sign.

    Quite funny cause I’ve been in Vietnam for nearly 2 years and have a decent level of Vietnamese – so when I walked in the male attendants call started shouting ‘Ong Tay’. ‘Tay’ means west which translates to Westerner but the Ong is like ‘sir’ or ‘grandpa’. I am relatively young, so I had a joke with them about it and they seem surprised I understood.

    Anyway, there’s no hassle in regards to tipping unnecessary people in this place. And everyone seems friendly and smiles too. I chose the VIP Room and I was very happy with it. 550k for the room. There doesn’t seem to be anytime limit here and they provide water and fruit too (I drunk the water but wasn’t hungry).

    So in the room, you have a TV, bath, sauna and toilet. The male attendant takes you too a room and runs the bath and leaves. I couldn’t find the remote control so I just checked my phone while I waited for Em Thuy to arrive. There is also a locker to put your valuables and you can lock it and hang on to key too.

    So she comes in and she is absolutely beautiful. We start by talking in Vietnamese but she says something I don’t understand and then she starts speaking English. I had the sauna first then she bathed me and then I had the massage.

    The massage was top notch. Just the way I like it. There was no rush too it at all. There was lots of backside massaging and crack slides too – which I enjoy with my massages.

    So it was time for me to turn over and there was no mention as to if I wanted a ‘baby massage’. She used her experience and went right for it. There was no mention of tip or money, which was great. Sometimes they are a real mood killer.

    I tipped 450k. Which is on the high side for a hand job but I really liked her and being in the VIP there is an expectation you will tip more as you get special service in regards to being bathed. She had a great attitude, was genuinely a nice person, there was no mention of money at all and there was no rush at all. I initially wanted to give her 400k but she said another 100k but we settled on 450k.

    So yeah, that’s it. Enjoy!

    • scorpioangel says:

      I had the same girl. She’s simply gorgeous. To the extent that I had the urge to want her as my gf or even marry her.

  7. WankyMikey says:

    Just got back from Minh Tam 2 and I have to say, it is really good service! Like reviewed, big ‘Massage’ sign to the left of the hotel entrance with a person outside guiding you in. Once there, the next milestone will be you being shown a simple list of rooms.

    The facility is really clean and professional, as well as their massages are excellent and not rushed one bit. In the future, will definitely visit it again when I come back to Ho Chi Minh City.

  8. Frenchy says:

    Does the attendant stay fully dressed during the session ? Any touching or extras ?

    • rockit says:

      They remained clothed. As for extras, as I said in the review “the astute reader can probably figures things out”. Cheers.

    • Lee says:

      Visited the place before after reading the report here. Enjoyed the service. The masseuse is fully clothed during my session. But during happy ending, she allowed touching. She cannot remove any clothing though. Can only touch beneath her blouse.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Cheers.

  9. WankyMikey says:

    Just got back from Minh Tam 2, first visit since my last comment. Got there around 9am but was told that I’ll have to wait until 10am before they open. Maybe I missed a comment mentioning a change in operating hours, or it may still a holiday from the local new years celebration (if I’m wrong, please feel free to clear the air :D ), I thought it is 24/7 but I had the time so I waited.

    They kindly let me in to sit in the waiting area while they were tidying the place up. Everything went accordingly when the clock struck 10 and all I can say is that it was another fantastic session at Minh Tam 2. One of my pet peeves is a time-watching service, but with them they are very good at estimating the time. I thoroughly enjoyed it without the feeling of a rushed job and to top it off it was within time! Massage quality wise, they know what they are doing, zoning into the right zones, nooks and crannies to relax your body. A strong recommendation if anyone is thinking about experiencing Minh Tam 2.

    • Arcane says:

      I got there and I was expecting to play all I got was a tug. She tried to charge me a mil but I had to haggle

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. As alluded to in the post these kinds of places only offer services by hand. Cheers.

  10. Dinker says:

    Just went to Minh Tam 2 this evening. It’s a very nice place but I didn’t have the best experience.

    The girl was No 6 and great great looking but gave a B-/C+ massage. The hand job was definitely a C-. She was doing the same thing over and over and would not slow down and let me enjoy.

    I found the setup smooth, the staff helpful, and VIP room to be well worth the extra $15 or so dollars beyond the cost of the standard room. As you said @rockit, the place gave the feeling of a Macau location (or what I picture it to be as I have never been). Probably I was overly pleased to be sitting in my own personal steam and then sauna, awaiting the deluge of pleasure to come.

    This girl had no business giving hand jobs and it was so completely obvious that she wanted to be done and really was doing the same thing over and over with a bored look and fake moans that definitely weren’t sexy. . She just kept yanking harder and faster, even though I asked her to slow down. I wanted to postpone shooting, and stay in the heavens. Not meant to be. The whole thing seemed phoned in. The bathing. The massage. And especially the HJ.

    To bad. She was hot.

    Just goes to prove my theory that hot and young is not quality. I’d take a 30+ year old provider any day over one that’s closer to 20.


    Any day is a good day when I woman has her hand on my dick and is making me cum!

  11. Adam says:

    Any idea what is their operating hours?

  12. LinkIt says:


    Vien Dong is a bit nicer than Minh Tam. I am a frequent visitor there. Several workers told me to go to Minh Tam because the price is a little cheaper, and they have the same owner; so the same setup. Vien Dong is not a bad hotel either. When I feel like it, without having to enter the street, I walk down to 4th floor and enjoy a massage. The VIP room has both a dry and wet sauna. I usually get the free foot massage, then the hair washing with facial massage, then the bath, and finally the massage. Eat pho and fruits. Repeat. Then take the elevator to my room to nap.

  13. Carl says:

    Love your website. Thanks for the insightful commentary.

    I finally checked out Minh Tam 2. Got there around 9:45am and was told to wait. Got a complimentary foot massage (whch is included in the VIP package) but tip was separate. Finally got to my room and had a chat with the male attendant. He asked what type of girl I wanted, and suggested I could tip the “manager” who could assist in getting the right girl for me. He explained this was completely optional. I told him I wanted a pretty girl with medium boobs. Since this was my 2nd day in town and I hadn’t spent any money, I decided I’d take a chance and tip the manager. I gave a 100k and was told to wait for my girl, and if for any reason I didn’t like her, I could simply say “change”.

    Shortly after, my masseuse walked in. I’m not sure if the tip actually helped or if all the girls are this pretty. Her face was flawless and I could stare at her lips all day. Her body was also exactly what I was looking for. Long story short, the bathing was fun with plenty of teasing. The massage was also top notch. There was no rush after the final bath, and she continued to show extra affection inside the elevator. I forgot her number but I plan on going back soon to check out the other girls.


    • rockit says:

      In general the women that work at those sorts of places in HCMC are very beautiful. Thanks for the report. Cheers.

  14. Sebastian says:

    Okay.. just now I came back from this place and it was good.. specially liked the Jacuzzi bath.. hmmm I don’t know if I’m a fool but i tip’d her 600,000.. she was hazzling me for it..

    And rockit thanks for keeping it updated..

  15. thp says:

    Hello guys (I guess there’s not too much girls on this website),

    I’ve been in MT2 yesterday, here’s my report:
    Thanh Binh 2 Hotel is not so difficul to find, even if I almost miss it because of the way they put the numbers in this street (like many streets in Vietnam). Once in front of the hotel, big entrance of the big parking on the left, then inside you find an other entrance: that is our massage.
    I asked the VIP room, took the elevator, one of the staff brought me in my room, turned on the water in the bathtub, asked me what kind of girl I was expecting (I speak a little vietnamese as my parents are from Vietnam), made me a big smile (I think he wanted a tips, I didn’t give any though), then left.
    As I was alone I realise that from the entrance to the VIP room, this massage place is by far the nicest I’ve seen in Ho Chi Minh City. Very spacious, very clean.
    The girl arrived after a couple minutes, very cute (+1). She told me to undress, so I did it myself (-1).
    When I was in the steam room, I remembered the comment of one guy saying that young girls are cute, but too shy and not very playful.
    I went out of the steam room,
    Me: “How old are you?”
    Her: “20’”.
    “You are very cute but too young, I prefer someone older”
    “Stay with me, it will be very nice”
    “No, you are beautiful but too young. Sorry
    Then she left.
    One staff member came, asked me what kind of girls I want, I said at least 25’.
    I wait a couple more minutes, in the armchair with only my towel.
    The 25-year-old girl came and sit next to me. We talked a little bit, and as we were talking, she played softly with my cock, it was a very good introduction.
    Then she brought me into the bath, still playing my cock a little.
    Then the massage, still playing my cock a little, kissing me on my lips from time to time.
    Then I turn my face up
    Her: “baby massa ?”
    Me: “I prefer BJ”
    Her: “We don’t do that in that place”
    Me: “You don’t like it?”
    Her: “I do, but only when I have a boyfriend”
    (I got the message.)
    She did HJ, she let me see and touch her boobs while doing HJ, it was very nice, but not very long (my bad, as I am quick to come, I should have ask her to slow down).
    After that no shower :( Just some arm massage.
    I went back in the armchair to relax, she keep playing my cock, even if I was not in the mood anymore (it’s always like that once I come).
    We exchange our phone numbers, but after I came I realize she was not so pretty.
    Then it started to be boring, so I prepared to leave.
    She gave me the paper where you have to write her tips. I wrote 400, and saw her sad face.
    Me: “How much people give usually?”
    Her: “Same price than the massage ticket” (550 VND).
    Me: “I understand, but I’m sad I didn’t get my BJ.”
    So I put 450. She was not the same after that. Not rude, but not playful anymore. I say that for the people who still think a girl in a massage place can ACTUALLY fall in love with you.
    She drive me to the cashier desk, I paid, I took back my motorcycle, deleted her phone number, went home.

    I think this place is very nice, the girl was nice and her performance too. The price is normal for that kind of place (1 million for me, including the tips). I will come back.


    PS: if anyone knows a soapy massage place in HCMC, please comment!

  16. Brian says:

    So what does one have to tell or show a taxi driver to end up here? Just print out and show them “Minh Tam 2, 15 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 7, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Next to Thanh Binh 2 Hotel. “?



  17. Timmy says:

    Been here twice in the past few months. Looking forward to going again today;-) it’s just as stated, clean, easy to find, well run. A nice place to relax and ‘blow off’ some steam while in the city. Only HJ, touching under blouse while getting it. I’ve been asked for 1 million tip and for 2 million tip but got both down to 800,000… That’s on top of the VIP room charge. But worth it in my book for the steam, 2 x bath, massage and HJ. THANKS ROCKIT! Cheers

  18. Josh says:

    Love your website dude!

    My experience with Minh tam 2 are consistent with everybody else’s, this place is amazing.

    My masseuse was #38, her face was beautiful and her body was flawless.. Petite everywhere except with voluptuous breasts and an amazing ass.

    While she was finishing me off, she completely took her breasts out of her shirt and allowed me to slip 3 fingers into her.

    Took awhile to finish me off, so switched to sitting and then finally standing. In all honesty, I just wanted as much time to play with her beautiful body.

    Will definitely stop by whenever I’m in Saigon

  19. Falcon says:

    Googled for “Best Massage happy ending” and your website came up top of the list.
    Looked at all the comments and was kind of confident that I will enjoy my time there.

    Showed the address to the taxi but he had hard time finding it.
    The place is just on the left side of the Hotel. the driveway will take you right behind
    the hotel.

    As previously said you have the VIP and the basic option.
    I have been told that the girls serving the VIPs are different from the others.
    16 girls for the VIP group and 40 for the standard group.

    First time in this kind of environment and really would like to thank you Rockit and
    of course all the commentators.

    Top service, clean place.
    She did not even talk about the time and the tip ….

    Did not get the story about the tip to be written on a paper and to be paid at the counter.
    Do they share equally the tip amongs all of them at the end of the day?
    Anyway I followed the rules (almost…) like every body else I guess and left … Happy

    All in all spent 1,5 M , plus 100 for the guy with a big smile and 250 for the taxi.
    Come on where else (in the so called civilized world) would you have that kind of fun for
    only 50$?

    Take care….

  20. Nauj says:

    I Just went there last night, it’s quite far from the place I currently living which in district 2, the taxi itself cost me 400.000 VND round trip

    I arrived there on 8 pm, The place was nice, the people there are friendly. once I entered the room I can saw the nicely modern bath tub, comfortable couch, steam and sauna room.

    The girl they choose for me was no 16, face so-so, but great boobs and fair skin. her service was excellent, from the moment you take off your clothes, every other action after that was basically is hands free, the girl will take care everything. They bath you like a baby, stroke and brush every inch and every part of your body, once it’s done she even will dry your body with the towel, basically you just standing there and admiring her boobs. come to the massage session ..massage is good , and the rest was almost identical with all that have been shared by others here.

    After the job, she still pampered you by peeling off the fruits and hand it to your mouth while you were sitting on the couch …. EXCELLENT service !

    Thank you rock it for the information

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I don’t know that I have ever paid 400,000 Dong for a taxi ride anywhere in Ho Chi Minh City and I’ve been all over. You must have traveled some distance. Cheers!

  21. Aethix says:

    Thanks Rockit for the review.

    Gave this place a try yesterday and it was pretty much exactly as the review said. If you’re standing directly in front of the Thanh Binh 2 Hotel facing the front door and look to the left there is a big sign that says massage. I went around 3:30pm and was able to walk right in and get a VIP room.

    you’ll see a long dark hall way (lined with motor bikes) if you start walking down that hall way you’ll see a guest reception security guard and if you just keep walking past him towards the stairs you’ll see doors with a sign above that says Massage.

    When I walked in there was seven or eight people standing around. Two older females behind the desk. Two or three younger guys standing in front of the desk waiting & four or so people sitting on the couches just chatting. (it’s funny because when I left there was only one person down stairs and that was a guy behind the desk.)

    When I walked in one of the younger guys pointed to a plastic sign that just sits on the desk that had three options for massages. The top one was for the VIP massage for 550,000 VND. He pointed to the VIP section on the sign and I just nodded my head.

    He showed me to the elevator, hit the button and up I went. (he didn’t get in the elevator). Once I got to whatever floor I went to the doors open and another younger guy was standing there waiting as the doors opened.

    As I walked out he said follow me (in pretty good english) and I followed him along the very dark hall ways to a pretty far back room. Once I got to the room I sat down and the guy brought me a bottle of water & he laid a towel over the dresser and pointed to the sauna. I just stayed sitting as I waited for the lady. He never asked me if I had any requests or anything (not that I did, but I would have probably tipped him if he asked). He left quickly and never asked or even hinted towards a tip.

    Once the girl arrived i was pleasantly surprised. Very petite girl who spoke zero english and in the dark i’d say probably a 7/10. She started grabbing my arm and comparing with hers. I couldn’t tell if she was comparing skin color or size. (I’m a 6’5 white dude who has the arm size to match the height)

    She took me to the dresser and undressed me and wrapped a towel around me. She was very flirty as she put me into the Sauna. I hung out in there for maybe 10 – 15 minutes then she came and got me out and tried to send me to the steam room. It feels nice in the room, but it’s too fucking hot outside in Ho Chi Minh this time of year so i opted to go straight to the bath. I sat for a few moments while she tried to talk to me, fed me fruit, and again compared something or another. Eventually she put me in the bath. Washed my hair, underarms, body (all the front parts) and feet.

    Once I was finished being washed I got out and she dried me really well. She then started her massage.

    She actually gave a pretty decent massage. Rough like the vietnamese do but not bad. She would tease me a little while I was on my stomach by tickling my ass hair and giggling.

    Once I flipped she massaged the legs and arms and stuff until she decided to finish me. She wasn’t the best (she was better at the massage). She immediately pulled her pants / panties down and put my hand on her butt. She kept looking up at the door though ( which had a small fogged piece of glass on it) like she was trying to keep an eye out which was a little distracting. She was hesitant to let me grab her boobs but kept putting my hands on them and then pulling them away every few moments. Again, i think she was worried about the door for some reason.

    Every few moments she would look at the door then lean over and nibble on my nipples or play with my butt. Eventually she got worn out before she was able to finish the job so I had to finish myself. pretty upsetting.

    After the massage was done she escorted me back to the shower and washed me off. You could tell she was disappointed because she knew the tip I left wouldn’t be good. After the shower i got dressed and sat back down to get my shoes on. She brought a small pad that had a few things written on it (that I couldn’t read because it was in vietnamese) but one thing I didn’t understand said Bonus.

    I want to point out, if you’re going to these types of establishments looking for vip service (not just happy endings, but VIP services) then you should expect to be generous. I ended up tipping her 400,000 and she seemed ecstatic with that.

    Once I left the room she escorted me to the elevator and rode down with me. Now that we were in a brighter elevator you could tell she wasn’t as attractive as in the dark, of course. ;P, but she was still a solid 6. Slightly above average.

    got down to the bottom and walked back into the lobby where now there was just one person standing. A guy behind the desk. Paid him 950,000 dong and was on my way.

    I would definitly come back to this place. The entire experience was very positive.

  22. John says:

    Update July 2017:
    VIP now 600k instead of 550k
    Guy, who introduced, requested actively tip, gave him 50k and requested English speaking girl
    Got – of course – a non english speaking girl
    Girl had pink/white dress, but a bra to hide the A-cups ….
    Girls was nice, great massage itself and did a good job with a lot of body kisses, but did not lower panty or open bra.
    Gave 600k tip.

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