Review: Minh Minh Tam — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Minh Minh Tam is a high end massage parlor located in District 10 of Ho Chi Minh City that offers quality rub downs with satisfactory endings. The massage parlor is located on an upper floor of the Minh Minh Tam hotel. The place is very easy to find either through the use of online maps or by simply showing the address to one of the city’s countless taxi drivers.

From the outside the Minh Minh Tam hotel looks like any other of the tall narrow buildings you might see around Ho Chi Minh City. The only indication that there is any fun to be had inside comes in the way of a sign advertising massage and the distinct lack of hotel customers. There is always a porter or two hanging around in front of the building. They ask visitors if they’ve come for a massage, and if the answer is yes they lead the customer inside, through the lobby, and into the elevator.

Once the elevator doors open the customer sees something that sort of resembles the front desk at a Macau Sauna. Of course things here aren’t as luxurious. The customer will be shown a price guide with a variety of “ticket” prices. This is the fee given to the house for entry. The economy option is something like 250,000 Vietnamese Dong ($12 USD). That gives one access to a basic no frills room. A much better VIP set up is available for 550,000 Dong ($26 USD), in a large and well-appointed room that includes a fully functioning sauna and whirlpool along with a private bathroom, chairs, a large television and a high quality massage table. The careful reader may be able to tell which option is better.

There is a Macau sauna style lounge available were a minimum menu of food and basic services is available, but it’s nothing worth more than a passing mention. The real focal point is the massage room.

There are several masseuses working at Minh Minh Tam. The management either selects the best looking ladies that show up for the job or they are blessed with one of the most attractive set of applicants around. In either case the customer is left with a choice of one nice looking gal after another. Sort of.

There’s no line up at Minh Minh Tam. Customers get who they get when they show up, unless of course they request a specific service provider by name or number. Returning customers often have favorites that they have met previously, and it’s quite easy to get a favorite provider’s cell phone number to find out when she will be working. Unlike the pinsaros of Japan, there’s no extra fee to request a specific lady here.

All of the women who work at Minh Ming Tam besides the front desk staff wear nice looking blue uniforms that compliment their figures nicely and reveal just enough to get the imagination going.

Once a customer chooses a ticket option he’ll be led to his room by a male attendant. In the VIP room the attendant will turn on the sauna and the whirlpool tub to prepare. The customer can kick back on the chair, take off his shoes, and watch a bit of television while he waits for his masseuse to arrive.

Things work pretty smoothly at Minh Minh Tam. Everything is set up nicely, none of the non-essential staff ask for tips and there’s isn’t a lot of unnecessary waiting around. It doesn’t take long for the lady to show up once the customer is in the room.

The arrival of the lady marks the time for the customer to get undressed. Though there are at least a few masseuses with a good grasp of English, most of the service providers speak little to no English. Even those unable to communicate verbally with foreign customers are still good at getting their message across. A gal standing in front of a guy with a towel ready sort of speaks for itself.

The first step after the clothes are taken off, folded and put away in the closet is the bath. The customer is guided inside and washed by the service provider from head to toe. A thorough shampooing is even available. The bath is followed by an option sit in the steam room. When the customer has had enough of that it’s back to the bathtub for another assisted rinse.

Now squeaky clean, the customer is led to the massage table and instructed to lay down on his stomach. A massage of pretty good quality that lasts surprisingly long then commences as the masseuse works the client over from head to toe. A bit of back walking is usually thrown in too, aided by the metal guides installed on the ceiling.  Once the back and body rub is finished the client is instructed to turn over and the special services begin.

The special services are typically limited to happy ending by hand. This is performed in a skilled and extended fashion that leaves the customer quite satisfied. There’s no over-pumped rush to get the guy out of the door. A few reports indicate that select providers may integrate their mouths into the service but that seems to be out of the norm. The providers are quite professional and I don’t imagine much more happens here under any circumstance.

After the massage wraps up, the customer will be bathed by hand one final time and then wrapped up in yet another warm white towel. Then they can sit back down on the chair and have a bit of a chat with their provider or simply watch some more television as she feeds him some of the free fruit that has been provided. I’m not sure exactly what the time limit is at this place or if there is even a time limit at all. What I do know is that customers are not rushed out of the room by any means.

Once the customer indicates that they’ve had enough they’ll be able to dress and avail themselves of any of things they need in the bathroom, which range from combs and brushes to shaving kits and cologne.

When the customer is all ready to go the masseuse will hand them a paper form and a pen to indicate the tip they’d like to give. The providers don’t make any suggestions and seem quite content with almost anything. The typical tip ranges from 200,000 ($9.50 USD) all the way up to 600,000 ($28 USD) depending on the level of service. Those who select the VIP room are obviously more likely to give a higher tip than those who go for the economy quarters.

Once the tip is written down, the provider leads the customer out to the front desk where they will pay their ticket and the tip all at once. The provider will then lead the customer to the elevator and bid them a found farewell.

As a straightforward and trustworthy high-end massage parlor in Ho Chi Minh City, Minh Minh Tam offers a nice respite from the hustle and bustle outside. One could easily forget where they were while being worked over on the massage table in a VIP room. Considering the general quality of the place, the price and the other existing services in the area, I think it’s fair to give Minh Minh Tam three-and-a-half stars. This place has been around for quite some time and if I had to guess I would say that it will probably be in business for many more years.

Massage Minh Minh Tam, 709 Le Hong Phong, P.12, Q.10, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Phone: 0838683858. The Minh Minh Tan Facebook page includes pictures of the facilities and a map.

Minh Minh Tam massage Saigon


  1. ehoh says:


    Planning to visit HCMC next month. Can I ask if we are allowed to touch the masseuse when they are providing hand service?

    • rockit says:

      There are no specific rules about this that I know if. Many seem to be okay with touching over their clothes (and some even invite it), though others may not be.

    • ehoh says:

      Thanks for the reply, so it is different from Benny’s? Touching over their clothes seem to be a little turn on if it’s for me as I am not able to see their bodies.

      But nonetheless, I read about another similar massage place at Saigon Star hotel. Any possible updates for that?

    • rockit says:

      Yes, it’s much different. One is a cheap barbershop and the other is a large spa. I don’t have any plans to do a write up on the Saigon Star at the moment. It’s similar to Minh Minh Tam but the facilities aren’t as nice. Cheers.

    • ehoh says:

      Ok thanks mate, will give it a visit when I am there next month and give reviews if positive.

      One last question though, if I am staying in district 1, showing the taxi driver the address and he should know the way? Maybe a 15 mins taxi ride? Thanks!

    • rockit says:

      Taxi drivers can usually find a place if you have the address. The travel time would depend on where you are and how much traffic there is.

  2. Dan says:

    Happy you’re back in Saigon my friend!
    I’ve been in one massage parlor with BJ: Du Xuan Hotel.
    But that’s the only good thing. Girls and facilities aren’t amazing.
    If you find a nuru massage in HCMC, you will make my dream come true!

    • rockit says:

      Plenty of massage parlors but no nuru that I know of. I doubt anyone could get away with offering that but who knows. Stranger things have happened. Cheers.

    • Chambo says:

      Did the masseuse get her tits out or let you play around with her pussy? Or was this fully clothed as well?


  3. HoboMan says:

    Awesome place very recommended worth every dong. The girl was real nice and petite, have a good massage and cute rack to boot. but then the strangest thing happened. she warned me to be careful when leaving and to hide my phone and wallet. It is a pretty quiet part of town at 2am and of I have time to go back I’ll go earlier.

    • ehoh says:

      Hi mate,

      Thanks a lot for the info as I plan to go there next month. Can I kindly ask if you took the VIP room at 550k dong as rockit has mentioned?

      And how much tips did you give the masseuse? And you finished happy?

    • rockit says:

      Phone snatching is one of the most common crimes in HCMC so you can understand her concern. Thanks for the report. Cheers.

  4. HoboMan says:

    I did get the VIP room. there is also a better room for 750k but I just took the 550k service. I paid 500k to the lady and I left happy. I have never been pampered this much, kissing here and there ( not on the lips) and encourages touching and rubbing etc. Was there for around 2 hours. Had to use Google translator to decipher half of what she said but out was more than worth it.

    • ehoh says:

      hi mate,

      just one last question lol, was the masseuse naked or it was just merely touching over the clothes? And was the massage great?


  5. HoboMan says:

    She was clothed and revealed herself but that was it. the massage was decent. after I found this place right near my hotel they gave the best massages I had the whole time I was there. well trained. nothing sexual but was well worth it.

  6. vizkosity says:

    Nice. Ive been staying in saigon for 1.5 months now. Would you do a phong lan 2 at district 9 or phung thuy review? Generally, I find smaller hotels like phong lan 2 better due to the quality of service and girls. 250k for 1 hour foot massage and 1 hour body massage. Tips are usually 250k. No bj but you get a nice hj. Can also change girl for 50k tip or something like that if you arent satisfied initially.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Who knows what the future holds, but at the moment I have no plans to review the place you’ve mentioned. I do have some other reviews in mind for the city though, so keep checking back. Cheers.

  7. vizkosity says:

    I just went again today at another place. Try thanh nghia massage in thu duc district. Although the girl I got was 27 years old, she was filled with experience. The vip room was only 100k or so, which is a steal in my opinion. Tips are roughly 100s to 200s or so. If only I found out earlier before leaving vietnam. Definitely would come back. The service was steam bath, and they will shower and bj for you. Once it’s over, they can talk a little until the time is up. If you are not satisfied with the initial girl, you can tip them 50k or less and ask them to change it for you. Overall, I found the good stuff away from disteict 1. Places like dai nam massage is a rip off. Just my 2cent, hopefully everyone can leave happily under 20 dollars for a bj! You can find the address here

  8. Carl says:

    Hey Rockit! I really appreciate your reviews. I know most massage places only accept cash. But do you know if hotel massages (like Minh Minh Tam) accept credit cards? Thanks in advance!

    • rockit says:

      In some places like Macau and Indonesia it’s common to accept credit cards, but to be totally honest I don’t know whether they are accepted in Vietnamese places or not. If I had to guess I would say no. Cheers.

  9. Carl says:

    Thanks for the quick response! I’ll be sure to bring both forms of payment when I check it out next week.

  10. Den says:

    I will be in HCMC next week, so i wonder if there is anyone here would recommend me the best place with the most beautiful girl ? Thanks in advance for you guys advice!

  11. Chambo says:

    Hey Man,

    Great review. I went to this place last week and it was pretty good. I am looking for a place pretty much the same as this but where the birds are nude or at least topless. It would be good to if they let you play around with them.

    Do places like this exist in HCMC?

    Thanks mate

    • rockit says:

      Rumor has it that clothes are pulled down at certain shops from time to time but it’s not standard. The more professional spas like this offer a quality rub and tug. There are all kinds of other services available in Saigon at different types of venues. Cheers.

    • Chambo says:

      Thanks mate, would it be out of line to offer the girl 2 or 300,000 the next time if she takes her top off? Or will I get booted?!

      Thanks again for the advice

    • rockit says:

      I don’t think anyone would get kicked out for giving a small tip but they might not get good service next time.

  12. Bond says:

    I went to this place yesterday and the place was actually better than I thought. I wanted VIP room but they said I have to wait about an 1 hr.. instead they asked me take deluxe (750K) one.
    The service was great and the girl were so pretty.
    One thing I didn’t like was a tip. I offered $10 but she continue to complain that it is too liittle though I though it was enough.

    • rockit says:

      The usual tip would be almost double that, especially in that room. There’s always a chance of someone going for an up sell but this place seems to be pretty straight. Thanks for the comment. Cheers.

  13. Khadji says:

    I dropped in yesterday and it is basically as Rockit has described, I asked for a V.I.P room and there was a 40min wait so took the extra V.I.P room that had only a 10min wait. It was a nice room, and the girl was not only tall but IMHO beautiful. Service was as described and included her unhooking her bra so I could have a play (but under the shirt). Definitely a nice place to visit when visiting HCM.

    Some extra facts. There are 2 V.V.I.P rooms, 6 V.I.P rooms and 20 standard rooms. During the day there are 20+ girls working there and at night up to 40. The girls are rotated through so you get the next cab on the rank so to speak, unless you get the girls number and request her directly as Rockit mentioned. Oh and the session is for 2 hours.

    Thanks for the report Rockit, thumbs up from me!

  14. D-Rizzle says:

    Was there today and thank you all for your valuable input.
    Beautiful girl with amazing breasts. Gentle and knew how to work the body. Skeptical at first because it was my first time, but everything went extremely smooth just as described above.
    Well definitely be back once I return to Ho Chi Minh!
    Happy travelling!

  15. Rox says:

    Hi, nice review out there. Planning a trip to Saigon in Nov. Is there any possibility to take the girl after her shift. Has anybody done it.

    • rockit says:

      The women are free to do as they please so it’s certainly not impossible. It would probably be difficult for those who can’t speak Vietnamese to arrange a meeting after work however. Cheers.

  16. JB says:

    Visited yesterday Monday October 20th 2014 at 17:00. Picked VIP room and was ushered right in. Service provider arrived shortly thereafter. Might have been the most beautiful, fit young woman that I have seen in Saigon. Note on the uniform: my service provider was wearing blue short-shorts and a white top that revealed ample cleavage ie she looked like she was ready for a badminton game – very hot. The entire experience was thoroughly enjoyable and never rushed – even though she spoke about two words of English and I can only count to five in Vietnamese. There were a couple of unexpected highlights (snuggling on the table) and some “uniform malfunctions”. It was my last day in Sai Gon and I was sorely tempted to go back later that night.

    • CS says:

      Visited on the 24/11/14 around 9.30pm. Couple of blokes sitting around, but as soon as I said VIP i was shown the way. The male attendant asked if i wanted a girl with big or small breasts by gesticulating with his hands so I chose the former option. The girl was slim, young and gorgeous with a great set up front. Into the steam room, then an assisted wash followed by the main event and then another assisted wash. Superb service and had a great time

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Cheers

  17. Rocky says:

    Someone asked about Saigon Star Hotel massage, went there yesterday. The massage was pretty good. The ticket is just 250,000 but the normal tip paid to the provider is 400,000. The provider who served me could speak some English, after massaging my backside, asked me to flip over and asked if I wanted “baby massaged”, said yes and she asked me what will I pay her, I said 400, she said pay 500. Since her massage was good I agreed but asked her to give me a bj too, she agreed. She also revealed her puppies and little sister to me. PS: I’m not sure about the ‘normal tip’, I just asked another customer there who was a regular.

  18. Rocky says:

    Went to Minh Minh Tam today, asked for the VIP room and was ushered into a room straight away. Started with the steam, then hit the so-called jacuzzi where the provider rinsed me off. Her massage skills were just average. Nothing spectacular to write home about my experience. I guess the only thing this place offered different is the provider bathing the client which to me is meh. There are a couple of Salons in District 1 which also provide VIP rooms with all facilities for 350,000. The fact that the provider didn’t give me a good look at her jugs was a little disappointing.

  19. Django says:

    Yesterday I visited Minh Minh Tam and just wanted to give you a short update. They included another category of room for 750.000 VND. Also the expectations for tip went up (my provider suggested 1 mio VND and wasn’t so happy about the 500.000 I gave her). So just have enough cash on you to reward the outstanding service.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. There is a “super VIP” option at this place and others like it. I didn’t mention it here but I think I did mention it in another review. The VIP is good enough for me. Some people say the rule of thumb in Vietnam is that the tip should be roughly equal to the house fee. I’ve found a lot of flexibility. There are no hard and fast rules and some women try it on if they think they can get more out of the customer. I try to follow the local market. I’ve never had at issue with any massage center in HCMC. Cheers.

  20. Sushifem says:

    ….Tbc same group we went before to Bennys 110 but 3 guys less we ended up here dec 28 early morning 630am – VIP room 550 sauna whirlpools and average massage with HJ Tip 250 since it was a long night it was relaxing HJ was not a quicky :). My colleague was taking longer TIP 450 and that was anointing since the girl was complaining about the TIP. However the combi of Bennys and in between couple of clubs and bars and the final here – as we say – we did it right. Cheers

  21. Lee says:

    Visited the place today. Opted for VVIP. Immediately led to the room. The room looked old but still tidy, However, was disappointed with the facilities. The is no hot shower. The heat was damaged and my choice was to shower in cold water. Another nightmare awaited me. The sauna does not work! I felt extremely disappointed. The masseuse only kept apologizing. The only consolation is the masseuse is pretty. Massage is average. Her HJ is above average. After the whole thing, another annoying thing happened. The masseuse asked for 750,000 tips. Initially, I wrote 400k. She started bargaining. I said no hot shower facility and sauna not working. She continued to bargain. I finally settle for 500k. She show a black face and walked to the counter to settle the payment. I felt darn lousy when i left the place.

    Visited Minh Tam 2 previously. Minh Tam 2 is so much better.

    Probably my unlucky day.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve run into “no hot water” in some very high end places around the world before and it’s a big buzz kill. Sometimes it just means they have too many customers at once but other times it’s a sign of poor or no maintenance. I understand being upset with a place with poor facilities but there’s no place I know where the masseuses have any control over these things. Personally I’ve never cut back on a tip to an individual staff member because of the facilities they work in. Cheers.

  22. Leo says:

    guys, check out Hanh Long hotel at Tran Hung Dao, district 5. Get the VIP room and you will leave the place happily with 2 shots of BJ. At least that was what I experienced the last time I come back to VN. Entry fee was 500k and tip for provider usually was another 500k (I wrote 700k)

  23. Bill says:

    We’ll be staying at the Intercontinental (Hai Ba Trung St.& Le Duan Bl) later in the year.
    My preference is for body to body (nuru, oil, whatever).
    Bjs are not really essential and I actually prefer a good HJ.
    Any walking distance advice in addition to the above?
    Also any chance of getting lucky at the hotel spa?

    • rockit says:

      Hi Bill. This site is for entertainment only. I don’t recommend anything. I don’t know of any places offering body to body massage in the city and I’m not familiar with the spa at the Intercontinental. There are several places near the hotel that offer services. Some are mentioned in the “Sex is on sale in Ho Chi Minh City” report I made two months ago. Cheers.

  24. Diner says:

    Just wanted to say that if anyone is trying to find the thanh nghia massage place it is NOT located at the address given on the website he offered. What I found at that address was a school. To bad. Sounded good. I did have a nice motorbike ride to the outskirts of Saigon however.

  25. Joe says:

    Just came back from Minh Tham 2 massage. Fucking awesome. I feel like a fucking king…. Lets talk some story….

    Found the location from bros as stated in this webpage. So me and friend went there and found the place pretty easy. The taxi drivers totally know what we “want”… Haha.

    We went in and took 2 VIP rooms, 550k VND and then we went upstairs to the room by the captain. Tipped the captain for 2 rooms and told him what girls we wanted.

    Enjoyed the steambath and sauna and then the girl came in. Wow! Its a 9! Hahaha…. And the rest is history.

    The tipping for the chicks is roughly the room price, at least 400k but the girl wanted 500k. Fine….. I gave 500, and the post-treatment was somehow also awesome…. I mean, (why not i tipped u so much.)

  26. sckenzy says:

    Went to Minh Minh Tam today, the outside was under construction and looked dingy as hell, but I went in anyway. Took the elevator to the third floor. picked vip room, got lead in by a worker. he kept saying “i pick beautiful girl for you” which i assume is a subtle way to ask for tips, but I pretended I didn’t understand him. He turned the water on and I stripped naked and put my stuff in the locker and sat at the sofa. After 5 minutes or so the lady came in, I’d rate her a solid 7 I guess, had some acne on the right cheek but no matter. Also, the outfit wasn’t the blue number described in the report, but a white deep v tshirt with red short shorts. The lady had a nice rack. She didn’t speak a lick of english but we got by with hand signs. I then proceeded to cook myself in the sauna for a good while before I got into the tub and she washed me with a loofa. I then got on the massage bed and we proceeded with the massaging. When it got to the end she got really playful and started using her fingernails to ticket me and started to suck my nipples and neck while working my little guy. My right hand got to work in the meantime and touched her butt and boobs through the cloth. In the end I tipped her 500k. It was a nice experience.

  27. UncleHo says:

    I needed a massage and had never had one with a happy ending before. But I didn’t want the massage to be shit. So I did some research and got to this review page. Nice one, rockit! It was very practical!

    I was a little bit nervous in the beginning, as, like I said, it was my first time in a place like this. But all the staff is very professional and make you feel comfortable. I went for the economy option, which was 220k for 1 hour: shower, massage, shower. The girl was very sweet, good looking and spoke pretty good English. The massage was good. My muscles didn’t ache anymore afterwards, which was the reason I didn’t want a shitty massage from a place in Bui Vien. And she did a good job finishing me of as well, taking her time, licking my nipples. Very professional. Will definitely come back!

  28. Jack Hudson says:

    When here today, Sunday at 5pm, easy to find via taxi, you walk in and you say to the security guard massage and they will know, btw its on level 3. i got the vip room that was 550K dong, nice room with sauna, spa and table, the facebook website covers the pics. so the host asks me if i knew anyone previously or if i had a type, i just said give me a cute looking one and she was, 5″5 with model features and figure. They wear a tight white top and a blue tight dress as well very body hugging. as its hot in saigon i didnt bother with the sauna i just had the bath where she cleaned me proper, shampooed my hair and washed my little baby. i then laid face down on the table and the massage begins it was good, it went on for about 60 mins, she also stands on you to give you a more vigorous massage. so near the end of the massage shes tugs the baby alittle and asks do you want happy ending, so i said yes of course. so during the hand job massage, she did unzip her top and bra and did allow me to feel her tits and arse. when finished she asks you to tip here, she was happy with 500K dong. the whole experience was about 1.5 hours long, not as good as in macau with its full service, but here was cheap and massage was good, i will come back again here for sure.

  29. Lotus says:

    Went to minh minh tam yesterday and it was a really satisfactory experience. Took the VIP room and led to the room straight away. Around 10 minutes later the girl came in with a big smile. Started off with a massage, a good one then almost the end she started to tease me by touching my lower part. She then started to massage my baby while allowing me to touch her butt and boobs. finished up with a shower where she washed me with care. Tipped her 600k for the great services. Will definitely visit again.

  30. Hank Rollins says:

    Just got back to the hotel. I had #44. She was incredibly beautiful and had massive boobs. Unfortunately, she watched TV the entire time she was massaging me. Really distracting. I didn’t get the full 2 hours either…I think I brought this on myself though. I asked the attendant in the beginning for girl with large boobs. As a result, I got a masseuse who really doesn’t have to work too hard to please because she was so incredibly hot. It was a real hate/love experience for me.

  31. John says:

    I am Viet Kieu from America and fluent in Viet. I went to Minh Minh Tam yesterday around 4 pm. Happen exactly like Rockit said. From the street, I want taken to the third floor by a male porter. I choose the VIP for $550,000 dong. There was something called at Super VIP for $750,000 dong; didn’t asked what that entailed. The male porter asked if I had a favorite and I said young and slender. I went into the sauna and Hien (didn’t get a number) came in, I would say a solid 8/10 and early 20’s. When I got out of the sauna, she wiped me down and bath me. She washed the little guy particularly well. She asked if I been here before and I said no but my cousin recommended. The massage was really, really excellent. Best I ever had in Vn and she hinted at the little guy. When it came down to busy – I was able to grab her ass and her tits. She sucked my nipples and kissed my neck and tongued my ear. Afterwards, she cleaned me up and I bathe me again. We chatted for a bit. When it was time to go she asked if I wanted to tip her in the room or on the paper. I gave her $500,000 dong and she seem satisfied. There was no discussion of money. I paid and called an Uber Om. Couple of things, I think my expeience was a bit different since I spoke Viet and we had a nice conversation also, because of the conversation I would move her up to 9/10 in my book. The place was super professional. I will go again and probably try another provider, if that’s any different then I will update my report. I had such a good expereince at MMT that I might not go anywhere else. It more expensive then other places but still around $45 US.

  32. John says:

    I thought you might find this interesting Rockit. FYI, I am Viet Kieu and fluent in Viet.

    I went back to MMT yesterday. The VIP Room was full so I decided on the Super VIP 750,000 dong. The room was much bigger than the VIP Room with a wet sauna and dry sauna and also a wooden bath tub for herbal baths. My provider was 21 yr with C-cup tits, her name was Anh (#32), about 8-9/10. I asked for young and slender but she wasn’t a good a conversationalist (if you are in to that). Also, she spoke no English. The massage was excellent, probably 1.5 hours. The HJ was very skilled for a 21 yr old – I won’t go into detail, we all know a good from a bad HJ. I didn’t partake in the herbal bath but I did spend around 2.5 hours there. No discussion of money. I gave her a 600,000 tip.

    She told me that MMT, Minh Tam, Minh Tam 2, Vien Dong, and Thanh Binh were all owned by a group of investor, not one one owner. I am not sure where all the business are I only heard of Minh Tam 2 and MMT. She said each business was run separately and that it mostly cater to the upper class of Viet society and that only 5% were foreigner. I am considered a foreigner. I am not sure but I think she said the businesses were somehow “protected” from the police.

    Rockit, you sir, are a champion among men.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I’m aware of all the shops you mentioned. I have reviewed a few here and I will review more in the future. Cheers.

  33. ChuckG says:

    I went to Minh Minh Tam on Sunday evening, around 6:00. Finding it was easy (took an Uber), and porter asked if I was there for a massage and then sent me up to the third floor. There were about 5 other guys hanging out on the sofas– the only thing that bugged me about this was the smoking in the small area (I hate smelling like cigarette smoke).

    The prices have gone up– it’s now 800,000 VND for the super VIP and 600,000 VND for the regular VIP. I think the economy option went up a little as well, but was still under 300,000 VND. They asked if I wanted the VIP, and I said yes– didn’t really feel a need to do Super VIP. Was taken to the room, and the guy asked if I wanted a pretty girl with big tits, and I was like, sure, just bring me someone nice. The girl (didn’t really get her name,) was very pretty, nice sized breasts, but not big (probably Cs)– she was an 8/10. Did the sauna, and then the bath. She was nice and attentive during the bath– I have a weakness for being bathed by pretty women, and this was well worth the extra for me.

    The massage itself was a little disjointed– she wasn’t really great at the actual massage (but was really good at the soft touch. The well-placed kisses I got really added to the experience. She was friendly after we were done, and I tipped 600,000 VND.

    After I paid, as I was leaving one of the manager type guys came over and gave me a membership card, good ‘fpr foreigner only’ and good for one year. He said I should call him at the number before I come in, and ‘he’ll take care of me’. It also saves 30% on a normal room, and 10% for VIP, and is valid for a year at both MMT and MT2. I’ve already left Vietnam, so I can’t report on how the experience would be any different.

    Anyway, thanks again Rockit!

  34. guy says:

    boss massage is pretty good as well, can get more than a handy there

  35. Jackie Chan says:

    Hi Rockitman and gents,

    Thanks for the great site and info! I went to MMT yesterday and had a wonderful session. 5 stars for the facilities, the very hot 20-year-old masseuse, the sexy and fun service she provided … and even the nice fruit plate that she hand-fed me! As ChuckG mentioned, VIP is now 600,000 VND. And I tipped my sweetie the same amount. Hope to repeat here and with her before I leave HCMC!

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