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Mika happy ending massage in Tokyo

Mika is a lovely lady.

As mentioned many times previously on this site Tokyo Style is a foreigner oriented erotic massage service that sends women out to meet and pleasure customers all over Tokyo. The licensed and fully legal shop has numerous women on its staff. Write ups on many of the Tokyo Style service providers have appeared on Rockit Reports over the last several years.

Mika is one the many therapists at Tokyo Style. By day the twenty-five year old is a student. Once dark falls she becomes a masseuse. Mika has a classically Japanese look and a good style. She definitely puts effort into making herself look nice though that probably isn’t necessarily since she has natural good looks. Mika isn’t an award winning beauty queen but she is definitely attractive.

The Tokyo Style website says that Mika has a pretty high English speaking level. That may be true. She can certainly express herself clearly in the English language. On the other hand her listening skills leave a lot to be desired. Not one who wants to disappoint Mika has a tendency to nod seemingly in agreement with whatever is said to her though she doesn’t really seem to understand. This is common in Japan and to some extent other countries in Asia too so Mika is not a standout in this regard. Ultimately most people who book sessions at Tokyo Style are more than likely looking for erotic massage rather than conversation partners. It is doubtful than many would be upset by an ability to discuss literature with their masseuse while getting a nude rub down.

Mika has a pretty nice body as the pictures on her profile page show. She is thin but has a nice bust and even some curves. Her skin is white and her hair is long and wavy. Her smile is big and barely contained. She really seems to like her work.

Her penchant for erotic body rubs shows in more ways than her cheerful face. Mika is very clearly dedicated to her work and more than likely she also gets off on it.

While money is the motivating factor for nearly all women in the adult entertainment industry there are more than a few who also enjoy their work on other levels. Mika is either one of those women or an actor who deserves some sort of award for her abilities.

Mika begins her appointments by slowly stripping out of her clothing to reveal very sexy matching lingerie. She follows this by undressing her customers in a way that really gets things going.

There is absolutely nothing mechanical about Mika’s approach. She takes care from the very beginning the very end of her sessions. She is very meticulous but she goes about her work in a way that makes it seem as if it is not work at all.

Mika simply oozes sexuality. Her touch is extremely sensual. Mika does everything from undressing to showering and of course massage in a way that could only be described as absolutely erotic. Few can match her ability to heat up a room without use of open flame.

Tokyo Style offers various courses with corresponding prices. Some conclude with topless handjobs while others end with fully nude blowjobs. Some women at Tokyo Style use condoms when they give blowjobs. Others do not. Their preferences on that subject are listed in their individual profiles. Mika does not apply condoms when performing oral services but even if she did it might not be that big of a detriment since her hands are incredibly skilled. It’s hard to imagine a woman who could end things by hand happier.

Saki seems to have found the right line of work for her personality and interests. While she isn’t necessarily as beautiful as Saki or as bodaciously built as Sumire she has a level of skill and enthusiasm that is only rarely rivaled. Four stars.

Mika at Tokyo Style. Tokyo, Japan. Open seven days a week from 2 PM to 4 AM. Phone: (+81) 03-5956-9123. Website:


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