Review: Mazlive Studentky — Prague, Czech Republic

Mazlive Studentky is an apartment based brothel setup in Prague. The outfit has been operating in the capital of the Czech Republic for some time and has gained its share of followers.

Mazlive Studentky translates to “cuddy students” though I’m not sure how many of the woman who work for the establishment are in university. In the same token I do not know how many could properly be described as cuddly.

Although prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic there do seem to be a lot of issues involved that run deeper than the coverage a review like this can provide. Suffice it to say that Mazlive Studentky openly advertises its business but not its exact locations. Other similar businesses in the country follow the same model.

Prospective customers find a woman who interests them on the company’s website before calling the listed phone number to make an appointment. Both the website and the people in charge of answering the phones are multilingual with everyone involved in the business seemingly able to speak fluent English.

Customers are usually told some available time slots over the phone for the women they select. They chose one of the time slots and select a session length. A 30 minute session costs 800 Koruna ($34 USD) and includes oral sex without a condom and protected full service. Other lengths of time are available for additional money and there are a host of other services listed on the website each with their own costs. Some examples of extra services are foot jobs and “slap to ass.”

The company is explicit in saying that there is no limit to the number of times a customer can ejaculate during a session. There is also no mention of tipping and the women who work at Mazlive Studentky don’t expect or ask for gratuities. They would in all likelihood happily accept a tip if one was offered but there is absolutely no pressure on customers to give one.

As previously described the women who work at Mazlive Studentky by and large do not resemble what one might expect upon hearing the name. Most are in their 20’s and some are quite honestly worse for wear.

It’s always difficult to make the kind of judgement a review like this calls for when talking about an entire roster of women. Surely there are a range of looks represented so that all of the women cannot be lumped together.

Talking about the looks of women is another touchy subject. One reason is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Another is that a certain amount of respect should be given to women who are just trying to make a living in this cold hard world.

I have repeatedly heard that the Czech Republic is home to the most beautiful women in the world. I’m not sure what this is based on. There are certainly some beautiful women in Prague but the same can be said about every other major city on earth.

More to the point it seems that only a few of the beautiful women of Prague work in the adult industry. At least that’s how it appears to me in this day and age.

The women who work at Mazlive Studentky aren’t necessarily unattractive but I don’t think that most of them stand up to the expectations that men may have considering the name of the business and the reputation of the country.

There are pictures of the women working at Mazlive Studentky on the company’s website though most are taken from off angles and heavily edited. It is not necessarily that the company is trying to play tricks. These sorts of photos are common around the world. To their credit the management at Mazlive Studentky lists the measurements of each woman on staff which can tell a lot more than a photograph shot doggy style and run through every filter in Photoshop.

After customers book an appointment with a woman of their choosing they are given directions to the location they have selected. The addresses used are relative and sometimes even completely wrong though they do lead guys in the right direction.

Customers are told to call back 30 minutes before their schedules appointment to confirm. When they arrive they may have to call back another time to get the actual address.

Appointments are held in apartment blocks that match the historic architecture of the city. These blocks also house numerous residences and thus families. While the families aren’t standing in the corridors staring and everyone who comes in and out the situation is interesting to say the least. In at least one of the company’s locations things may even go beyond interesting and some neighbors are apparently unhappy about sharing a building with an adult business no matter how discreet it is.

In any event customers who arrive on time and get the correct address travel through an apartment building until they find the correct number on the door. At that point they knock and get buzzed inside.

Once inside customers find what is basically a residential apartment being used as a business. Things are clean and rather ordinary except for the showers located in the rooms.

Customers are greeted by the women of their choosing when they enter the facilities. They are then led into one of the rooms and asked to shower. The women step out of the room during this time which does not count as a part of the session.

After customers shower and dry off they are rejoined by their service provider who is usually dressed in some kind of sexy outfit. They are then asked how they would like to proceed. Most of the women working at Mazlive Studentky are good at what they do though they can appear bored. That is understandable but nonetheless not a very big selling point for guys shelling out cold hard cash.

After sessions complete guys pay their bills before packing up their things and heading out the door. The option to extend does exist when possible but a lot of the women are heavily booked and have one session scheduled after another.

As a clean, reasonably priced and relatively secure option Mazlive Studentky has its merit. It is easy to see why it has established a steady presence in the capital city’s adult entertainment scene even though there are so many other options around. On the other hand it is also easy to see how someone could be disappointed with the services the business provides. It seems fair then to give the place an average score of two-and-a-half stars. There may be individual women working for the company who deserve much higher scores.

Mazlive Studentky. Prague, Czech Republic. Open every day from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. Website: Phone: +42 (0) 606 357 709.



  1. Deca says:

    I lived in Prague from 1997 up to 2004 and I would say almost half of the girls in the brothels were from Ukraine, Bulgaria and Slovakia etc. Some of the pretty girls were as high 8 but rarely 9 and 10(I’ve seen only once). Those top girls were so busy and off limit to foreigners as usual in most countries. The most beautiful Czech girls are usually in college and a lot of them left for work in western Europe after 2000 when the Czech Republic joined EU. I met many beautiful Czech girls working in Japan and Korean as models and some as bar hostesses in Slovenia and Croatia. Most beautiful girls don’t have to sell body in most cases. Cheers!!

    • rockit says:

      Many people say the prettiest women in the Czech Republic are the Russians. I’ve met a few pretty Czech girls but I don’t know that it is a haven for gorgeous women as some suggest. That’s especially true in the sex industry. Cheers.

  2. Monster says:

    I love the fact the Europe is so open with sex, but damnit why is it so expensive? I guess SE Asia have gotten me spoiled. :)

    • rockit says:

      A short session at Mazlive Studentky is the equivalent of 1200 Thai Baht. That’s in the realm of what guys pay for sex at a lot of venues in Thailand. Cheers.

    • Deca says:

      Still cheaper than S. Korea. A short session in Korea is at least 80,000 won and a Russian girl would be at least 150,000~200,000 won for an hour.

    • rockit says:

      It’s cheaper than a lot of places, including many in countries like Cambodia and Vietnam. Cheers.

  3. Jack says:

    Euro beauties are a great change from our Asian flowers. I recently had a lot of fun in Budapest – recommend Massage666 along with some independents I found.

    • rockit says:

      I’ve been trying to mix up the reporting more. A lot on Europe is still set to come. I don’t know how many beauties work at Mazlive Studentky though. Cheers.

  4. Gregory Chandler says:

    Guys must remember. The first 100 women that you are with will all seem hot. After the first 100, the beauty starts to fade. Also remember that few women in the world rate at the 10 level. The women in the fashion magazines are photo shopped and given professional makeup jobs. The world has a few women that rate at level 9. Therefore, the typical female on this earth is rarely above 7.

    • rockit says:

      I still see plenty of beautiful women. In some places they are a lot less common however. Beyond the question of beauty there is also a question of choice. I imagine that guys stuck in the middle of farms far from anywhere would take just about any woman they could get while a playboy in a Manhattan penthouse can be much more choosy. Cheers.

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