Review: Maxim — Vienna, Austria

Inside of Maxim Wein brothel in Veinna Austria

Inside the club.

I first reported on the commercial sex scene in Austria back in October of 2015. I haven’t posted anything on the country since only because I have been occupied by writing material on other locations. I have much more to write about the country and especially its capital city of Vienna.

Maxim is one of the best known adult entertainment venues in Vienna. Foreign visitors and locals alike know about it. One reason is its reputation. Another is its visibility which is enhanced by the distribution of leaflets advertising Maxim throughout major parts of the city.

Those leaflets can be misleading. At least one that can be found around town says something like “free admission with this coupon.” That sounds like a great promotion until one realizes that admission is free to anyone who shows up at Maxim with or without a coupon.

This sort of marketing serves in some way to reveal the type of business that Maxim operates. It is not a rip off joint by any means but it is not necessarily an upright service oriented shop either.

Customers find the entrance to Maxim well lit and situated on a main thoroughfare in Vienna. They go through an open set of doors and down a flight of carpeted stairs where they are greeted by a hostess.

The hostess asks customers whether or not they have been to Maxim before. If they have they are shown inside. If they have not they are given a quick tour by the hostess who explains how everything works.

A tour might not be necessary since the place is open and straightforward. Anyone who has been to a Thai go go bar would feel at home though Maxim isn’t nearly as lively. A few women dance in revealing lingerie while others linger around the club and occasionally try to approach customers.

The floor of the club is large enough for the crowd it attracts but not as big as some of the biggest and best strip clubs in other major cities. a small bar sits to the left of the entrance staffed by a large breasted bartender who is more competent than friendly or entertaining.

To the right sits a small stage with a single pole. Around that are a few couches. For some reason another set of couches in the back is elevated higher than the stage so that it becomes the visual focal point of the room. This is clearly a design flaw as most people would think the eye should be drawn to dancers rather than male customers in a strip club.

At any given time there are several European women working at the bar. They range in ages but most seem to be in their late twenties and thirties. As is often the case in Western European venues Romania and Moldova are the most represented countries. Women from places like Hungary and the Czech Republic can also be found. It is always tough to make a judgement on looks when multiple women work in a place but generally speaking the women are a little below to a little better than average in looks even if most show signs of wear from working in night clubs and smoking cigarette incessantly. It is not a likely location to find a flawless nineteen-year-old Eastern European gymnast but stranger things have happened.

Those who dance at Maxim do so with a sort of attitude that differs from what is scene in Asian go go bars or even most American titty bars. They are clearly doing a job. If and when they strip it is well into the show. This isn’t a place where women are walking around with their boobs out around the clock.

Chatting with customers is more of a focus at Maxim. It is easy to see why. Customers who agree to buy champagne for a woman shell out significant money. The rates here make the 350 Baht charged for lady drinks in Bangkok look like chump change.

Women in anything from casual to lounge wear approach customers, ask about their lives and then try to move to another stage. One is to share some drinks and talk or possibly touch more. Another is to head to one of the eight private rooms and have sex.

As mentioned previously on this site prostitution is legal and regulated in Austria and Maxim openly sells it. Prices are set at 120 Euros ($137 USD) for 30 minutes or 200 Euros ($228 USD) for one hour. The action takes place in quarters that are nice enough but nothing to brag about. The same goes for the service in most cases which borders on the mechanical. It is difficult to expect much else considering the circumstances though a higher level is usually given by women who work at similar strip club brothel combinations like Hong Kong in Tijuana. Outcall is also available at a much higher rate of 250 Euro ($285 USD) per hour.

As a decent enough strip club in the heart of Vienna Maxim serves a role. The women aren’t necessarily the hottest and the level of service isn’t all that impressive but it is still an easy place for a guy to go and blow off steam if he can afford it. There are many other options in Vienna and that must be taken into account. If this club was transplanted to New York City it would be a major draw and merit rave reviews. But the sale of sex is ridiculously illegal in New York and Maxim is located near full service sex saunas where blond bombshells walk around naked all day and night. I give it two stars.

Maxim. Karntnerstrasse 61, 1010 Vienna, Austria. Open every day from 9 pm to 6 am. Phone: (+43) 699-1-7172-031. Website: Map on website.

Review of Maxim Wein strip club in Vienna Austria


  1. mongerplanet says:

    I had a good night in Maxim, but what made it so was a lovely Romanian girl who gave me the GFE in one of the back rooms.. She was a good dancer too, there was a relatively cheap champagne option for around 30 euros. But a small beer at the bar was 10 euros. So not cheap, but for one night just go with the flow

  2. cameron says:

    I find a 2* rating too harsh by all means. I been to almost all sex places in Vienna in the last 2 years and Maxim is among my 3 top places to go to with Goldentime and Babylon. You can add Beverly Hills into the mix if just looking for lapcances.

    I agree with the design flaw of some of the club interieur and with the fact that some girls just do their jobs when dancing. That can definitely be improved!
    I absolutely disagree with the statement of the girls being not hot or only above average. Maybe guilty of many other things but Maxim is not guilty of having average girls. Also not compared to the FKK places. The lineup especially now is really good with a good mix of black and caucasian girls. The fact that there are mostly girls from Easter Europe is undisputed but of course the same everywhere in Austria due to the laws.

    I’d have given a low 4* rating based on my latest trips to Vienna and Maxim
    Especially since GT and Babylon are getting worse on many levels

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. As they say, “different strokes for different folks,” and “your mileage may vary.” Cheers.

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