Review: Marni @ Mitu Massage — Bangkok, Thailand

Marni at Mitu Massage in Bangkok

I first reviewed Mitu Massage in Bangkok in September, 2015. That review which was published almost exactly one year ago was viewed by many people. Many also left comments and questions which demonstrated a real interest in the place.

When the review went online the Mitu shop had a variety of massage options available. Some readers had trouble understanding the system by simply looking at the company’s website. A few were able to get their questions answered by either contacting or visiting the shop in person. Others continued to look to me for information.

As I have stated many times here this website is published purely for entertainment purposes. I am not an individual consultant for men who travel the world. While that might not be a bad job it isn’t mine. Still I do try to report accurately to the best of my abilities. At times that requires serious investigation.

I have reported on the adult industry around the world. Most establishments get a single review if I am even able to cover them at all. Time and energy have to be factored in with a general editorial outlook to decide what gets published on this website. I do my best to cover an ever widening scope of locations and types of businesses in hopes of keeping things interesting. Still there are times when a particular place deserves extra focus. That has been the case with only a handful of establishments so far. Now I will add Mitu Massage to the list.

Mitu Massage has always been an interesting place. Although it is located in a part of Bangkok filled with oily massage parlors it really sets itself apart. Besides having a highly diligent and courteous multilingual manager and staff the shop also offers a wide variety of services. The amount of services has even been confusing to some people in the past. I think that has been mostly remedied as things have settled down and come into focus.

The mainstay of Mitu Massage is the Japanese-style massage which I have reviewed in the past. A former “hip service” has been discontinued. Other services have been added that actually make a lot of sense when seriously considered. One is the “sideline massage” which is performed by part timers. The other is “no hands massage” service which consists of a very customer oriented and attentive procedure that I will cover today with a review on service provider Marni.

The No Hands Massage set of services can be accessed via Mitu’s massage’s main massage center on Sukhumvit Soi 33. Customers can either enter the ground floor door which is purpose built or climb a flight of stairs to the second floor entrance. That leads to a large lobby and waiting room that serves as a sort of hub for the Mitu Massage orbit.

No Hand Massage is meant to be a service that is totally focused on the customers. While the Japanese massage is also very customer service oriented the no hand service is supposed to be something like an erotic maid service with the customer playing the master of the house. The No Hands Massage is staffed by women who require further training in the view of the management though that can be hard to tell since many of the ladies working there demonstrate an expert level of service. The women working the no hands circuit also offer services that some of the other women working at Mitu may not. For example I am told that all of the women doing no hands massage allow customers to finish in their mouths without a cover.

The No Hands Massage service is priced a lot like other services available through Mitu. A seventy minute session costs 3000 Baht ($86 USD). Longer sessions are available for slightly more money. There are also options available such as an upgrade to a VIP room though at the moment the shop is running a promotion that includes a free VIP room.

Mitu runs a ranking system like many places in Japan. Customers can either check the website or ask the management for the current ratings. The current leader of the back is Marni.

Marni is a medium brown skinned gal who came to the world of massage after tiring of the karaoke game. She has the sort of face that one might expect for her role in the industry. It is decorated with the typical cosmetics and things like accented eyelashes. She breaks away from the rest of the pack with her figure and the level of service she provides.

Marni is taller than average. She has a slim and fit body. She sports a pair of silicone filled fun bags that are very large for a Thai gal. These are not of the bolt on variety however. She seems to have had the facilities to carry the things on her chest already so no stretching of the skin was required.

As many ass men will no doubt appreciate Marni’s bottom remains totally natural and untouched. This is for good reason. She carries what can honestly be described as one of the best posteriors to be seen in the city of Bangkok today. This is not totally obvious when she is walking around upright but certain angles really bring it into view.

There are all sorts of women in the adult entertainment industry. Some are looking for money and nothing else. Some are looking for fun. Some enjoy their work and some do it just to bring home an income. Some even detest it. Most are some combination of the above. Things are rarely black and white.

I have no way to know what Marni’s motivations are for doing this kind of work. I can simply report that she really aims to please. She is the type of provider that goes out of her way to make sure her customers are pleased.

Marni really excels when it comes to the art of the body to body slide. These nuru nuru slides have grown in popularity around the world over the last few years. This is likely due in some part to the spread of Japanese porn thanks to the internet. In my opinion the reason the act is so popular in porn is that it looks better than it feels. After the initial novelty wears off many men find the sliding of things like breasts on the back to be little more than a comfortable bit of bathing.

Some women are able to forge ahead however. For the most part this is limited to the best soaplands of Japan. Once in a while a star performer will also appear elsewhere. Marni is one such lady. Her body to body slide is top notch and probably the best available in Thailand today.

The rest of her services are also above par. She really puts in the work and that’s undoubtedly why she is rated number one by visitors of the No Hands Massage section at Mitu Massage. I give her four-and-a-half stars.

Marni at Mitu No Hands Massage. Sukhumvit Soi 33, Bangkok, Thailand. Open seven days a week from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Phone: +66 095-851-0672. Website: Map on website.

review of Marni at Mitu Massage in Bangkok


  1. guy says:

    no hands massage…. interest piqued!

  2. Marko says:

    Hi Rockit. Once again a very accurate review. I also had an unforgettable session with Marni few weeks ago, from far the top performer at Mitu and probably in the city too. I would highly recommend you to spend some time with Nina too, different style but a very sweetheart and a high performer too. An amazing lady that really aim to please with a cheerful attitude that is fun and quite unique.

  3. Dragooner says:

    Visited Mitu twice earlier this year. On the first visit I saw Miku (before she upgraded to gold class) and she was oddly distant; it was an ok session but nothing special. I had free time about a month later and tried out Chris. She is absolutely amazing really put in the effort make sure the session was memorable.

  4. manfred says:

    Hi Rockit, not sure what occurred exactly between your visit at Mitu and now, but it seems that Marni is not on their cast anymore, or maybe she has changed her stage name.
    I have been at the shop a few days ago, and her pic was not even on the manager’s ipad (where they have the pictures of all the ladies at the three Mitu shops).

    Girls seem to come and go quite frequently, and the manager is very reluctant on sharing any info with the patrons. Totally understandable although frustrating. Both Mai and Senny left for example. They were both great performers and would be nice to know whether and where they still trade their business.

    By the way, I had a great session with Chris. She is one of those girls who give Mitu its excellent reputation. She is petite, cheerful, with perky natural tits. For those who care, her complexion is quite fair, as she is from the north of Thailand.
    The session felt genuine and spontaneous, which means she does not go mechanically through the entire list of services listed on the website. So if you feel you are missing out on something you really want to try, I guess it would be better to ask specifically.


    • Slibby8803 says:

      Did you walk in or book first?

    • manfred says:

      I always book at Mitu these days, otherwise I find that the selection is too limited when I get there.
      The shop has only few girls (10 or so for the no-hands) and each girl typically works 4 days a week, not necessarily the whole day. So if you walk in, they will often have only one single lady available. Or they’ll tell you to go downstairs to the “japanese massage”.

      In fact, very limited options and lack of variety is the main drawback of the place in my opinion. If they had 40-50 girls rather than 10 it would be by a large margin the best place in Bangkok.

    • rockit says:

      I’m not sure what happened either. Thanks for the report. Cheers.

  5. Chuck says:

    Marni is on a long holiday. Booked her a few times last month and hands down the best massage experience Ive had in Bangkok. Super sweet gal and even went to dinner and stayed with me in my hotel at no cost. Not sure when she’ll be back @ Mitu. She mentioned making enough and opening up a cosmestic shop with a friend. Hope it works out for her. Her service was incredible and Mitu as a whole is well deserving of the 5 Star.

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