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Magic Table is a go go bar with more located only steps away from the now famous Dr BJ’s Salon which I first reviewed way back in early 2013. With private rooms in the back where dancers can provide oral services and more the place is something like Afterskool on Soi Cowboy. The bar is easy to find even if it is also easy to miss. It’s not that it’s hidden or anything but the front doesn’t exactly stick out and there’s very little mention of the place online or on the old grapevine.

Magic Table has been around for some time. There have been some changes made over the years but none were serious enough to merit mention in my view. I can only review a place as I find it when I visit.

The entrance to Magic Table is set back from the road a little. In front there is an outdoor patio where women who work at the bar sometimes hang out and at least one or two guys can usually be seen nursing a beer. Why people chose to drink in locations like this is anyone’s guess but I guess it’s no worse than any “regular” bar that can be found in Bangkok.

Once inside costumers are confronted with a sort of dingy bar that is divided into different areas. There is a traditional bar to the right though I’ve never seen anyone seated there. The dancing area is to the left. It is there that customers find seats situated around the elevated stages that allow them to look up at the dancers and see exactly what is so “magic.” In case you couldn’t guess the dancers don’t don anything besides their skirts.

There are usually a handful of women working at the Magic Table. They aren’t typically the best looking ladies around but they aren’t far off what one would find at most blowjob bars and even some of the go go bars nowadays. There often standouts and sometimes even a real star will emerge.

The women on stage are friendly and because the place is usually quiet and uncrowded customers can actually engage with the dancers while they do their thing. If a customer decides to buy a dancer a lady drink she’ll often continue to dance right in front of him bending over once in a while to have a chat or engage in some chit chat.

The drinks are reasonably priced. I don’t remember exactly what they go for at the moment but they’re certainly not as much as one would shell out at a go go in Nana Plaza on Soi 4.

The standout feature of the bar is the aforementioned private rooms in the back. Even though they look something like backrooms in Times Square in the 1970’s they are still a draw. The decor is good enough to get the job done and of course that isn’t the draw for customers in any case.

The dancers who work the bar are free to visit the backrooms with customers who can part with 1000 Baht ($31 USD). That’s a little more than most of the other bars offering oral in Bangkok charge but they don’t have dancing and such either. Places like Afterskool that do have dancing charge around the same rates when all is said and done though Magic Table is more private and offers less expensive drinks. Perhaps most interesting is that the rate for this and other services (including full service for 2000 Baht) is printed on menus which is like something right out of a Macau sauna.

As I’ve said here many times service always depends on a number of factors. There’s no way to give a definitive rating to the service provided by each and every woman working to every customer that walks in. Things change from day to day and person to person. What I can say is that the women who work the bar are generally skilled in their line of work while throwing the usual caveats about mileage varying.

Magic Table does follow the typical go go model in some ways. The women working are able to go out of the bar and spend some time with customers during working hours if a bar fine is paid. The rate for that is 650 Baht most times.

As a unique take  on the BJ bar phenomenon Magic Table stands out even if it gets little credit or notice. It’s not the best place in the world but it is definitely unique. I give the place a solid 3 stars which means it is well above average in a general sense even if it is lacking in a few areas.

It was a long hard road but with this review and an earlier one on the new Bit Style shop I believe I have covered every blowjob bar in Bangkok. I hope readers have enjoyed everything they’ve read on the topic and look forward to further coverage on this and other subjects in the very near future.

Magic Table. Sukhumvit Soi 7/1, Bangkok. Open seven days a week from 7 pm – late. There are pictures and reviews at this inexplicable page on Trip Adviser.

Review of Magic Table VIP agogo Bangkok Thailand


  1. smoothie says:

    Thanks for the review, rockit. And for your reviews of all the other BJ bars in Bangkok! Difficult work, I know. ;)

    Agree with you about the decor in the VIP rooms. But I should mention that an unexpected plus for me was that the furniture arrangement in at least one of the VIP rooms is far and away one of the best thought out BJ-accommodating arrangements of any BJ bar in Bangkok, maybe the country. lol. Yes, the furniture! Bear with me on this. At least one of the VIP rooms features a slightly elevated couch placed atop two ottomans, one ottoman to place your left foot, the other for your right foot with the space between being where the girl kneels (or she could sit on a third small ottoman in the room). The slightly elevated couch along with the two well positioned ottomans on which to anchor your feet provides a much more agreeable alignment of the customer’s package and the girl’s face than what is typically provided, seemingly as nothing more than an afterthought, in most other BJ bars. That being…a couch/chair…and a floor.

    But at Magic Table, it is as though someone actually gave a thought to what might enhance the procedure, provide a better viewing angle for the customer and definitely a more comfortable physical position for it than elsewhere. At least in that one VIP room I’ve used a couple of times. Hey, any extra little consideration for those important elements by these BJ bar designers should not go unnoticed and unappreciated, IMO. lol!

    Aside from that, it really is as you say, very much dependent on who is working there on a given night, your mileage varying and all that. I have enjoyed the attentions of two different ladies there, both of whom I judged to be above average in attractiveness for almost anywhere, not just for BJ bars. But I have not seen them there every time I’ve stopped in. In each case the girl had a great attitude, was very accommodating in her BJ skills and, perhaps most important for my money, very determined and thorough at the finish.

    I must have walked past this place a half dozen times before I finally went in. Then it wasn’t until the my second time in that I spotted a girl who caught my eye and interest. Glad I gave the place more chances!

  2. Jack says:

    Thanks for the report, your Oral History of Bangkok is now a complete guide to comings and goings :-)

    Can’t wait to try it out. Cheers

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment Jack. Do you mind if I steal your phrase and turn it into a book title? Cheers.

  3. Sue says:

    Thanks for these great bj bar reviews. Went to the Kangaroo bar a few years ago with my hubby and had a great time. Will be going to check out some of the other Bj bars with him this week. It’s quite a turn on watching a sexy young girl suck him while I sit next to him.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Sounds like a lot of fun. I’d be interested to know how you are you treated when you show up as a couple. Cheers!

  4. Sue says:

    Went out tonight just to check out the scene without looking for any kind of happy ending. We started at Soi Cowboy had a dring in a few bars but nothing was really pumping and not a lot of talent around. We decided to head to Nana but on the way stopped by Magic Table. I loved it. We went inside, it was quite crowded but we got a table unfortunately no girls dancing on it. The guy on the table next to us had bought drinks for 3 girls so that didn’t leave many girls. We did get a couple of girls dance on our table but neither were too our taste so they moved on but was such a turn on looking up their skirts and having their pussies almost in our faces. The guy next to us was having a great time and I got very wet just watching him sucking tits and pussy. We will go back and hopefully get a girl of our own. The reaction of the girls to a female being there was great but I have found that in most bars once they know you aren’t just there as a tourist. We left there and went to nana where we went into a couple of bars ending in London Calling. We had visited this bar last week. The girls were very responsive and I had areal cutie want me to buy her a drink but my husband had his eye on. One of the girls dancing so we bought her a drink and she came and sat with us. While my husband was having a good feel I started joking with the girls in the shower. They were flashing their pussies at me and I was sticking my tongue out as if to lick them. Then they would flash their breasts and I flashed mine back at them. I ALOs got to lick and suck our girls breast. We left went home and I gave hubby a blowjob. Great night love Thailand.

    • smoothie says:

      Sue, if you haven’t seen it, you and your husband might enjoy the lesbian show at Suzie Wong gogo bar on Soi Cowboy. Shows start after 10PM nightly.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the fun report. Cheers!

  5. Sue says:

    Thanks for your recommendation smoothie went along to Suzie Wong unfortunately didn’t get to see the show because we saw a super hottie and took her off for some 3 way action. Will be going back and let’s hope we stay long enough for the show.

    • smoothie says:

      Glad you and your husband enjoyed it and the girl, Sue! The quality of the girls may come and go on a nightly basis as is the case with every bar, of course, but I have a high regard and affection for Suzie Wong bar. When conditions permit, there is full nudity on tap, there are no bait-and-switch Coyote scammers in the mix, I have bought plenty of Lady Drinks but never felt Lady Drink hustled, the drink service is fast and efficient, and they go the extra mile to provide one of the boldest shows in a mainstream Bangkok gogo bar. Oh, and I have a couple of favorites I barfine out from time to time! hehe

    • rockit says:

      In my opinion Suzie Wang’s has some of the better shows but the last few times I visited they also had some of the least attractive women. I agree that there’s no hustle for lady drinks or really anything else. A guy could theoretically sit inside nursing a drink for a long time with no problem.

  6. furedo says:

    Magic table est un super endroit, tenu par un compatriote français, les filles sont jolies, super sympa, même très super sympa quand elles nous emmènent dans le coin privé du fond !!!!!!!! J’y reviens tous les ans, et tous les soirs de mon séjour à Bangkok !
    A recommander !!

  7. deca says:

    I’ve stayed at Atlas Hotel many times and I never bothered to go into Magic Table, thinking it is just
    another go go bar. Next time I will definitely check it out. Thanks!!

  8. Deca says:

    I went there about a couple of weeks ago. It was empty at 7 pm but four girls were dancing on the stage.
    The waitress told me the rate for a BJ was 1,200 bt and I thought it was over-priced compared to
    Dr Bj and other shops just next door!!

    • rockit says:

      The price is higher but customers can look at the women in all their glory before hand and the service takes place in large private rooms rather than little booths. Cheers.

  9. Baldie says:

    I love MT, been there a few times.
    First time, maybe february 2015, I got talked into going upstairs by a chubby but bubbly young girl. She was a bit overweight for my taste but she gave so much of herself and had a very cute way of personality, I just couldnt say no to her. This was my first time there, and I wasnt really prepared for sex, so the whole thing went a bit meh, all because of me and not the girl; she was a trooper!
    I have also been there just for some beers, but last time I was there it went badly.
    I got a girl dancing at my table that had this great attitude, all fun and giggles. Bought her a few Ladydrinks and we chatted as she danced. Then her friend came along, and lady 1 asked if I could buy lady 2 a drink too. She was super cute, so I readily agreed. They both started dancing for me, before they fell into the couch where I was sitting. One girl on each side of me, grabbing me, teasing me. We laughed, took some selfies with them, and more lady drinks followed.
    I was feeling them up, kissing them, so of course I got horney and wanted a threesome.
    The first girl was very willing, but the second girl needed some talking into. This should have been a huge warning light for me, but my dick was doing all the thinking at that point.
    After some persuading I got her to join us and we went into the VIP room after paying 3200b.
    The girls took their sweet time. I was naked in a jiffy, but the girls dragged it out, talking to each other really fast-like.
    I’m sitting there, naked on a puff chair looking at a solider down, hoping they will be done talking soon. Then girl 1 starts rubbing girl 2s arms, hugging her, looking into her eyes, hugging again, and then girl 2 starts bawling. Like, litterly crying her heart out. Girl 1 holds her, tries to comfort her, but girl 2 storms out of the room. Girl 1 follows and I’m in there alone thinking wtf!?
    A couple of minutes go by and girl 1 comes back in and says “I take care of you” and just goes down on me. I get no reaction from below at all and everything is just akward. After a little while girl 2 comes back in and starts to kiss me with her cheeks still wet from tears. They do all they can to try and get me hard again, but for me a crying girl in distress is just not sexy, and my little Willy has gone hiding. They even tried to put a condom on me and fuck my floppy, but at last I just gave up on their efforts and told them to stop.
    Girl 1 looked concerned, but girl 2 just stod there snifling.
    I got dressed and walked out. I have no idea what all the drama was about, only that girl 1 said to me “She is my sister, we like sister in here” and tapped her heart. I don’t know if it was too much for Girl 2 to have sex with her best friend, or if she just had a rough day, but I walked out of there with a lot less bath in my pocket than when I went in, and with a major feeling of guilt. I tried to talk to the Mamasan/girl behind the bar, but she just shrugged and said “Meh, crazy girl..”
    It was a very bad experience, but I still love the place, and when I get to Bangkok in about 3 weeks, it is the first bar I am going to vissit in hopes to make it all right again.

  10. alex says:

    Have been there twice in recent times. Its actually a very laid back bar and low pressure. Beers are about 130b. The ladies tend to be a little on the larger/unattractive side so i didnt make it to the back room. Everyone is very friendly and professional however. Business appears slow. I think i saw 2-3 customers each time and an average of 7 girls at around 10pm

  11. Aj says:

    When i searched on google map for magic table’s location , it was written that MT is permanently closed .
    Is it true ?

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