Review: Made in Japan — Tokyo, Japan

Marina from Made in Japan.

Made in Japan’s Marina looks amazing, especially from this angle.

I first reported on Made in Japan back in March describing it at the time an upscale outfit catering to discerning foreigners in Tokyo. Initial reports can only cover so much though and nothing speaks like experience so with that in mind I present today a full review of this outcall agency providing escorts in Japan.

As I’ve often written and regular visitors know there are relatively few explicitly foreigner friendly adult establishments in Japan. The reality is that even the places that are open to gaijin often don’t have anyone on staff that can speak English at a level that makes communication for non-Japanese speakers easy. Made in Japan shines in this area with email and phone calls answered by a native English speaker. This makes booking at Made in Japan much easier than booking at most other places.

Appointments are easy enough to make then either by email or over the phone. Booking in advance anywhere gives a better shot at securing the kind of reservation one wants but Made in Japan does seem capable of meeting more immediate requests made within reason. With Tokyo being the way it is and women leading complicated lives I doubt that they send ladies out to guys asking to have gals sent to their rooms in a matter of minutes though they say they are capable of same day appointments.

There are a number of women working at Made in Japan and they are all attractive. Most could easily appear in Japanese AV which makes sense since the company does at times have such ladies on its roster. Faces aren’t normally shown in the pictures on the website but those who complete a session can request a membership that allows them to log in and see a lot more.

Like most similar establishments there is some degree of regular turnover with new women coming and old women going from time to time but there does seem to be a level of quality control in place that ensures that only good looking ladies can join the staff.

The prices reflect the level of quality control in place. Made in Japan is no cheap suck shop in Otsuka. It’s a high end outcall outfit sending good looking ladies out to lonely lads in Japan’s capital city. Things are still within reason though when considering everything that is involved and looking at the prices of things in Japan in general. A regular one hour session at Made in Japan costs 70,000 Yen ($562 USD) with long sessions available for more.

The women working at Made in Japan can visit customers at their homes or hotel rooms in the 23 special wards of Tokyo. Some places are excluded like houses with roommates present or tiny business hotels that can’t or won’t accept visitors for guests but I would imagine that most guys spending the amount of money Made in Japan asks for to have their own places or be in nice hotels. Customers can also book an appointment at one of Tokyo’s many nice love hotels though this is slightly more involved.

One stereotype often heard about Japan is that people there show up to appointments on time without exception. Over the years I’ve found that this isn’t always the case but Made in Japan does live up to the the promise by showing up when they say they will. A male manager arrives in tow with the woman to make sure she is okay, pick up the payment and get a paper signed by the customer saying that understands the rules and will follow them. While some people understandably find this a little uncomfortable it is definitely not out of the norm. It doesn’t bother me much at all. Maybe I’m jaded but I can still remember when agencies send drivers to the door with escorts in the United States though there weren’t any agreements being signed back then.

What happens between the service provider sent by Made in Japan and the customer is up to the parties involved. This may sound like a cliché and indeed it is often used as an excuse to get around law prohibiting the sale of sexual services in places where it is forbidden but in this case it in nonetheless true.

Japanese law prohibits prostitution but it is narrowly defined in the statutes as the sale of vaginal intercourse. Many places like pinsaros get around this law by offering other services such as oral sex which can be done openly without issue. Anyone with experience dealing with delivery health outfits in Japan knows that rules are sometimes broken by women working at particular establishments who may offer full service in the privacy of a room with a customer. Such establishments can run into trouble if they ask the women who work for them to provide full service and if they demand it as a condition of employment they are simply asking for trouble. Guys in the know don’t ask for full service because they can get banned from a shop or worse simply for broaching the subject. At some places it is normal practice and at others it can depend on the woman and the situation. In most cases it is suggested by the service provider once she is already in the room to prevent problems.

Made in Japan stays within the limit of the law. Customers who call or email to ask questions will be told that the women working for the establishment offer soft services like oral, hand play and sumata. These services are certainly available but there may also be some room for variation in certain cases. I can only write about what I know and I can’t know how different people will act in different in situations.

What thing I know about Made in Japan is that the sessions are done well. I always say that it’s difficult to rate the level of services at a place with multiple women on staff since each can have their own way of doing things but I can usually make some sort of judgment based on a basic overview.

Things generally start with a chat then move to the bathroom where the provider gets naked and cleans off the client. From there the happenings make their way to the bed where the real fun takes place as planned. Fantasy can meet reality when in the middle of events that mirror those seen in Japanese porn videos especially when the woman looks every bit as good as someone like Saki Ootsuka.

Without getting too specific or having the ability to spend time with every woman on staff I would say that the services provided by the women from Made in Japan remind me a lot of what goes on at a soapland.

Since Japanese soaplands are famous far and wide it is understandable then that guys with the means to afford it would be willing to shell out hundreds of dollars to have the experience brought directly to them without the need to locate an establishment and try to gain entrance which as a foreigner is often difficult or impossible. The fact that Made in Japan has very attractive women on staff and posts accurate pictures and videos on them on the website for prospective customers to look at in advance only adds to the appeal.

On the basis of the looks of the ladies I’ve seen at Made in Japan, the level of service provided and the ease of booking sessions I have to say that I like the place. Sure there could be some improvements but that’s true anywhere. There are also obstacles to such things whether they be cultural, legal or something else entirely. Unfortunately the world isn’t catered to my tastes. I’m simply one man writing about what I see for your enjoyment.

It seems things go up and down here in waves. For months I didn’t give any place I reviewed more than three stars. Recently I’ve been covering places that score much higher. I guess that’s just the ebb and flow. Taking into consideration all the options in Tokyo along with everything I have written above I think that Made in Japan deserves four-and-a-half stars.

Made in Japan. Tokyo, Japan. Open seven days a week from 7:00pm to 4:00am. Phone: (0120)-551-896 or +81(3)-6255-1896. Website:

Made in Japan Tokyo escort review


  1. smoothie says:

    Hi rockit. I see the Made in Japan website’s Services page still cites “Blowjob (covered)” as the only service offered that, as far as I know, could possibly lead to an orgasm for most men. Although, from my point of view, that would be a most unsatisfying one. However, I have learned that there are some men for whom a covered blowjob is perfectly acceptable. “Handjob” is not even listed on their Services page, unless that is assumed to fall under the “Touching” category where there is an illustration two hands touching a woman’s breasts.

    Yes, the page does point out that, “If you require any special services, please mention this when you make a reservation so we can match you with a beautiful Japanese escort who can fully satisfy your needs.” Therefore, I have to assume that those of us who would much prefer our spending hundreds of dollars for an hour with one of these lovely ladies conclude with at least an uncovered CIM blowjob must make a point to discuss that special service and get the ok on it when making a reservation, no? Otherwise, if you wait to bring it up with the lady on arrival, especially taking possible language and communication barriers into account, you risk falling within their other stated policy on that same page; “If you pressure the escorts for additional acts that are uncomfortable for them, dangerous or outside the scope of our service, your session may be terminated and there will be no refund.”

    Naturally, it would be up to the Made in Japan lady in your hotel room whether or not your in-person request for an uncovered CIM blowjob constitutes “pressure” or makes her feel “uncomfortable”. So one would certainly want to get that special service request covered, pardon the pun, when you make a reservation.

    Can you offer any insights from your personal experience on how this issue was handled at Made in Japan with both the person taking the reservation and the girl who showed up in your room? Or did you not stray from the specific activities both stated and illustrated on their Services list and just go with the flow of what appears on that list with no special requests above or beyond them? Thanks.

    • rockit says:

      You often bring up these kinds of questions. I think the reason the Made in Japan website features such text was already covered in comments to the report I did on the company back in March. In my experience Made in Japan operates like most Japanese escort and delivery health places in reality no matter what the website says. The company is like an upscale escort agency except that it has much hotter women than most others that are open to foreigners and native English speakers on the phones. Cheers.

    • smoothie says:

      lol. I only bring them up because someone at Made in Japan has gone to great lengths to list, with illustrations in case there is any confusion, exactly what is offered at the venue along with issuing warnings about when and how to ask for more in order to avoid the reservation being terminated with no refund. On the other thread, the Made in Japan representative admitted there is no law against providing uncovered blowjobs, yet they still only list covered blowjobs with the clear understanding that if you want something off the menu you’d better clear it with the person taking the reservation and not with the girl when she shows up or you’ll risk that terminated/no refund result. I really don’t see that I’m the one who brought this up. Wouldn’t that be Made in Japan?

    • rockit says:

      No it wouldn’t. You brought up the question in a comment on the first report I did on the company. I answered you then and someone from the company even found their way to this website to do the same. I’m not sure what else you’re looking for. The website lists soft services and rules against pushing hard for more for a reason. Some women do certain things without a cover but it’s up to them. In my experience it’s no issue but the rules are there just in case a lady decides she wants to perform with one for whatever reason. Additionally customers can politely inquire about that and more without being pushy. Or they can go with the flow and enjoy. It’s all pretty clear.

    • smoothie says:

      With all due respect, rockit, I don’t think my question and your reply on the other Made in Japan thread is in the same category as it is in this thread. Your answer in the other Made in Japan thread was based on your general understanding of how things work in Japan.

      But in this thread you are writing a review, a testimonial from first hand experience as a customer of the venue. In fact, as of this writing you are the only “customer” to write of his first hand experiences in the venue despite there being two threads devoted to it so far.

      In that respect, I don’t see my asking you or any other reviewer of a p4p venue, essentially, how did the reservation process and follow through go vs what is advertised and specifically cited on their Services page as harping on a point. IF there was any special services requested beyond, say, Blowjob (covered), which not only the website encourages customers to discuss at the point of making the reservation but the poster named MadeInJapan on the other thread assured us could and should be discussed with their staff…then, I am merely asking of the one and, as yet, only “customer” of that venue with first hand knowledge to post in either of these threads, “How did that part of it go?}

      I mean, if you’d rather not discuss this, imo, perfectly understandable followup question of any reviewer of any p4p venue, if you feel it is an invasion of your privacy, if the question does not apply because nothing off the page was requested, expected or required, if it does not apply because the reservations, arrangements, and all clearances were made in ways not described on their website or mentioned by MadeInJapan on the other thread, that’s all cool.

      I was just askin’.

    • rockit says:

      When I write a review I do my best to cover a place and the services they offer with differing amounts of discretion depending on the situation. I’m happy to answer questions about anything I missed but in this case I think your question has been answered. Cheers.

  2. Rapidarc says:

    Hi. For a 120 min session, is it single shot or multiple?

    • rockit says:

      I don’t know that there are any strict rules about that but I could be wrong. In general all the time is used but with a wider variety of activities than a typical wham bam western escort. Cheers.

  3. spring_1897 says:

    Great article. However, I am confused about the term “special services.” Does it mean penetration (sex)?

    • rockit says:

      I didn’t use the phrase “special services” in my review. If you are referring the use of that phrase on the Made in Japan website I believe it refers to anything that may be out of the norm, which as described is service along the lines of what a delivery health outfit or soapland would provide. I don’t think it necessarily refers to penetration. Cheers.

  4. mako28 says:

    Im sorry if this is a bit off topic, but are you going to review any foreigner friendly escort services in tokyo such as asianmystique or in the near future?

  5. JedB110 says:

    Hi Rockit,

    Thank you for another excellent review! I’m just wondering if you know any tour guides for hire that specializes in Japanese sex clubs or the sex industry. I would love to hire a tour guide that will take me to all the places you reviewed in Japan. Do you know if there’s any service like this available or any guides who are doing this?

    Thank You!

    • rockit says:

      There are information centers in a lot of areas that house multiple adult shops like Ueno, Kabukijo, etc. The guys that work in them rarely speak much English but they are often happy to tell visitors which shops will and won’t accept foreigners. Sometimes they’ll call shops to ask before sending someone there. The only person I know that takes people around on guided trips of adult establishments in Ryuji from Fuzokupedia who gave me the information to assemble this post on soaplands. I personally don’t recommend anything as I only write here to entertain readers. Cheers.

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