Review: Luxy Asian Girls — New York, NY

Luxy Asian Girls in the heart of New York City is a good example what a Korean massage parlor is usually about.

At a publicly undisclosed location, very easy to find near Koreatown in Manhattan once the address is known but still well hidden from view in a non-descript building, beautiful Korean women in their 20’s bring joy to male customers around the clock, every day of the year.

Customers call ahead to Luxy Asian Girls from an unblocked number to make an appointment, requesting a specific model from the website if they find one they fancy. They may be asked if they have been there before or where they found out about the shop. A friend or on the internet should suffice as an answer. A schedule is set and they are given the address.

When the customer shows up, they’ll be buzzed into the building, then go to a secure door. If the mamasan is okay with what she sees, and in almost every single case she is, he will be let in. His nubile Korean model will then meet him with a smile, wearing some sort of sexy negligee showing off her almost assuredly fake breasts.

She’ll lead him to a small room where he’ll be told to get undressed and hang his clothes on a hook. When he’s ready, she’ll come back and give him a towel and a pair of slippers to wear. She’ll lead him to a shower room where he’ll lay on a covered massage table while she soaps and washes him with care, paying special attention to his nether regions.

Next, she’ll dry him off and take him back to his private room. There she will collect payment: 200 dollars, which is standard in the Big Apple. If he already knows the amount and simply hands it over, she’ll feel a lot better. If he is an obvious newbie who asks a lot of questions about prices and services, she will become uncomfortable.

She will leave the room with the money and then return in a few minutes. In the meantime, he will make himself comfortable by lying face down on the table. When she comes back, she’ll start gently running her well-manicured fingers all over his body. She may even remove her gown and lightly rub her full tits and pert nipples against his skin. This will be very sensual and he will quickly become aroused. She will then ask him to turn over. A little more of this kind of “foreplay” will ensue, getting him fully engorged. With a skin colored condom discreetly placed in her mouth, often without him ever seeing it, she will use her lips and tongue to get his unit covered up safe and sound.

Then she will continue with oral sex. Following this, she’ll climb on top and began to ride him. He may blow his stack at any point along the way, but if he’s able to hold out against her tight clam and sexy body, other positions will ensue. No matter how hard he tries to hold out, before long, she will bring him to an amazing climax. She may rest with him for a few minutes, but it’s unlikely. For her it’s all routine. She’ll remove the spent rubber and clean him up with a warm rag. There may be a few seconds more of massage. Then she’ll help him get dressed, walk him to the door and give a sweet goodbye.

And that’s that.

It’s not a girlfriend experience by any means, but for what it is, and for who does the servicing, it deserves 4 stars.

About a year ago, ads for Luxy Asian Girls stopped appearing in the usual avenues. After that, pictures of non-Korean (usually black or Latina) girls started appearing on the website, with the occasional Korean still listed. The website hasn’t been updated for months since and the phone number currently goes directly to voicemail. This shop may no longer be open, which is a shame. But there’s a possibility it may reopen as this has happened with other places in the past. And in any event it gives a good example of what to expect at a Korean Massage Parlor, especially in Manhattan.

Luxy Asian Girls. Koreatown, New York. (347) 804-9094 (keep in mind the photos on the front page are from Japanese porn, only the pictures in the “girls” section are real).

Luxy Asian Girls review


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