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Review: Lolita’s (Soi Chaiyapoon) — Pattaya, Thailand

Around two months ago I wrote a review / obituary of the closed Lolita’s branch on LK Metro in Pattaya, Thailand. A regular commenter on this site who happens to be a Pattaya resident was kind enough to point out in the comments section of that post that a new Lolita’s was opening not too far away on Soi Chaiyapoon.

With this information in hand I was lucky enough to be able to visit the new location. This is my review.

Lolita’s is a blowjob bar that has become quite well known over the years. I’m not sure if the new Pattaya branch retains any connection to the Lolita’s in Bangkok or other parts of the country, as for me it doesn’t really matter. The closed shop on LK Metro that I reviewed earlier was well appointed but a bit too sterile to be what I would call a great or even really good blowjob bar.

The new location on Soi Chaiyapoon is only a short distance from LK Metro and actually looks a lot like the old set up. The main difference is the size and the newness of the interior. I’m sure this location will be much more profitable for the ownership if customers can discover the new shop, which isn’t in as obvious a location as the old.

Lolita’s is customer friendly and very accessible. If you can find Soi Chaiyapoon, you can find the shop. The sign is a little different than before, but everything else is pretty much the same. When a potential customer approaches the shop, they will receive a friendly greeting from the available staff that is stationed on the seating out front. While a few experiences don’t amount to anything universal, I will say that the “hello welcome” you receive at Lolita’s Pattaya seems to be a lot more genuine and less of a forceful marketing pitch than you get at some other similar shops. Perhaps the women here are just better actors. I don’t know. In any case, it’s that much more pleasant to arrive.

The staff members, who seem to number under a dozen at any given time, are dressed in the Lolita’s uniform, which consists of a polo shirt and a short plaid skirt. Although this sounds like something a schoolgirl would wear, the relative age of the women working at Lolita’s insures that none of them will be confused as students.

Don’t get me wrong, no one on staff at Lolita’s is an old hag, it’s just obvious that they aren’t very young women. I would guess that most are in their late 20’s or 30’s, which is pretty usual for a pepperoni polishing pub. As far as looks are concerned, they seem to be generally average, with no one incredibly attractive or totally repulsive. Keep in mind that the staff does change, and I probably didn’t see everyone that works the place. The main thing is that everyone on the roll at Lolita’s is at least acceptable enough to accomplish the task at hand (or mouth).

The routine is usual. Customers select one of the women outside and ask them to join him inside. The entrance leads to a new bar room that isn’t as big as the old location but is hardly small either. It’s obviously a recently redone place, with clean walls and flooring, a nice new red paint job, and plenty of “themed” decorations (which mainly means paintings of various levels of eroticism). There is plenty of seating and a nice bar for those who want to spend a little time there. You don’t need to do that though. Customers interested in getting straight to the action can politely refuse the drink offer and ask to go upstairs.

The staff member they select will then get a key and direct the customer up the stair case to the upper levels. There seems to be at least two levels of rooms up there, and there may even be one more. That’s more rooms than you might expect at a place like this. I’m not sure if that’s just because the building was designed like that by the original designer or that the ownership expects to get really busy at some point in the future. During my visits I was the only one in the house, though this is a new location and I stopped by while there was still plenty of daylight outside.

The staircase and halls are as clean and fresh as the rest of the place, which is different than a lot of blowjob bars. No dirt or grime to be seen. The action takes place in private rooms with locking doors. For those that like their plumbing work do be done in public as is standard in a place like Star of Light this may be a downer, but alas it seems to be the way things are headed. In most of the newer blowjob bars in Thailand, the action takes place in private rooms. The upside at Lolita’s is that there is no extra charge for the room, while you have to shell out a few extra Baht at a place like My Friend You on Soi 6 (though that does allow you “full service” if you so desire). While this Lolita’s location is new, it for some reason seems a lot more comfortable than the old place on LK Metro. I can’t say exactly why that is. Maybe it’s the size.

The rooms themselves are as clean as you would expect looking at the rest of the place. They are large, with walls that go all the way up the ceiling, though not as big as the quarters in the old shop. I doubt you would hear any action from the rooms next door, even if they were occupied. The couches where you plant yourself down for your treatment are new and clean.

I can’t comment too much on the level of service, which varies according to the particular service provider a customer chooses. I will say that anyone on staff here should have the capabilities to get you where you want to be. All action is bareback, after a standard wipe down of your undercarriage with a wet tissue of course. The staff members will put in the work necessary to get the job done. They definitely aren’t clock watchers. This doesn’t mean you should think about nude grandmothers and the last game of football you watched to keep yourself from shooting as long as possible. There are always limits. But it’s nice to know that there isn’t a lot of pressure to get you in and out in as little time as possible.

When you’re finished you’ll be cleaned up and brought back downstairs so you can settle up your bill. The woman working behind the bar is neither pleasant or ill willed. In my view she offers the perfect amount of discretion and professionalism for the job she does, and is sure to welcome you back anytime.

As always, you can tip if you would like, but there is absolutely no pressure to do so. The topic never comes up unless you bring it up yourself. Either without tossing over a few extra bills, you will be given a walk to the door and a warm send off.

The best thing about the new Lolita’s location is the price. Maybe it’s because it’s a little more out of the way than the old location on LK Metro, or maybe it’s because they just opened recently, but the new Lolita’s only charges 600 Baht ($19.50) for a session. That’s more than the 500 Baht that was standard a short while ago, but a lot less than most of the other places across the country that now charge 700 or even 800 Baht for a single go.

As a new blowjob bar in a slightly crowded market, Lolita’s Pattaya stands out by its decor and especially reasonable pricing. The friendliness of the women working there is also a big plus. If Lolita’s joined the gang with the 700 or 800 Baht fee, there’s a good chance I would have given it 3 or 3-and-a-half stars. At the 600 Baht level it’s offering a great service at a real value. For that reason and all the others, I give the new Lolita’s in Pattaya a 4 star rating.

 Lolita’s Pattaya. Soi Chaiyapoon, Pattaya, Thailand. Open seven days a week, from noon to midnight or later. Click here for a map.


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