Review: King Cross — Jakarta, Indonesia

Sexy dancers at King Cross Jakarta

This is a pretty good representation of what the dancers look like at King Cross.

King Cross is yet another large adult entertainment complex for men in Jakarta that operates a lot like Malioboro and Alexis Hotel which I’ve reviewed previously. I don’t know if it’s busier or whether it just appears that way because it’s smaller but King Cross draws its fare share of customers.

Any temporary visitor to Jakarta would probably find it at least a little difficult to locate King Cross on their own. But since nearly every temporary visitor to Jakarta gets around with the help of taxis this is really know problem. King Cross is well known by capital city cabbies and even those who don’t know it could probably find out the location pretty easily.

Visitors are briefly looked over by a team of security guards before entering the King Cross complex though most foreigners don’t seem to be checked in the same way as unknown locals do. I’m sure VIPs aren’t checked at all.

After passing through the doors into the rather large lobby customers pick up a numbered wrist band that will be used to track their expenditures during their stay. An entry fee of 70,000 Rupiah ($6 US) is charged first. Once the bracelet is safely affixed customers are free to travel throughout the complex which offers different entertainment options on various floors.

A lively lounge called the “Resto & Pool Bar” sits on the ground floor. It’s accessed through a set of doors just past the front counter. This is a very large bar with dozens of tables and chairs. The lighting is low and there is music but it’s not as dark or noisy as many other clubs around. There are also plenty of smokers but the room is well aerated. Customers are quickly shown to a seat. Drinks are reasonably priced starting at 30,000 Rupiah ($2.50 US) and drinks bought for ladies don’t cost any more than they do for customers. Bleacher style seats are situated on both sides of the floor. Twenty or thirty women dressed in nice (but normal) clothes are seated on each wearing numbered badges. These women can join customers for a drink or a chat or they can be taken upstairs for full service massage for anywhere from 335,000 to 558,000 Rupiah ($29-48 US) depending on the gal. Customers can summon these gals themselves or ask one of the numerous male floor attendants to chose a gal for them. The attendants do their jobs well but they can pester for tips from foreigners. English isn’t widely spoken by anyone except the front desk workers and a few managers.

Customers who don’t wish to be accompanied by a lady can simply sit at a table, have a drink and enjoy the stage show. This usually starts with a few women in matching bikinis and progressing to more adult entertainment as the night goes on. Some dancers are available for full service massage for 1,200,000 Rupiah ($102 US) though they can chose which customers they take if indeed they take any at all.

The first floor holds countless hotel rooms and a karaoke section. I can’t say much about this. Regular readers will know that I’m not much of a KTV fan.

A full service massage parlor is located on the second floor. Some of the women who work there are real lookers. The set up is more point and shoot than the other floors but there’s no real difficulty for customers who want to chose a lady anywhere in the building. The massage costs 500,000 Rupiah ($43 US) all in. The masseuses wear different themed costumes every day of the week. Some are quite sexy.

The third floor houses the club portion of King Cross. This seems to be the most popular area. It’s a lot like the other clubs in Jakarta which also host working women. There are loads of ladies about and some dancers. Chinese women are also available though they tend to be on the older side. Prices for everything are higher on the third floor. The rates for full service massage starts at 1,200,000 Rupiah. Drinks are expensive by local standards and lap dances (which at least go a lot further than they do in American strip clubs) are given when customers purchase a series of 50,000 Rupiah shots for the ladies involved.

The rooms at King Cross are nice enough. They’re certainly better than massage rooms in many other countries around the world. Even though they aren’t bad by any means they don’t compare as well to the rooms at Alexis or Malioboro. Small showers are stationed in each room which also hold a closet, large bed and a mirror. Service ranges from standard to great depending on the provider and the circumstances. The women are regularly tested for illness and everything is supposed to be done with a cover. Rules aren’t always followed though and customers may have to insist on a cover or even bring their own if they require it. Women who work at King Cross don’t ask for tips and they’re not expected. Obviously they are always appreciated.

Most of the women who work at King Cross are pretty but there are on average less stunners and “models” than there are at the more prominent places around town. Generally speaking the women are on balance with the women at Classic Hotel in the looks department. Someone would have to be a real stickler not to see some ladies they find attractive somewhere in the building.

Once customers have taken in all the entertainment they need they simply walk back to the front desk and settle their tab. Once they pay up they’ll be given a receipt that they hand over to the security guards to be let back outside. Taxis can be summoned in front of the building or customers can arrange for their own transportation.

As a purpose built adult entertainment complex offering a lot in the way of adult entertainment for very reasonable prices King Cross deserves a full four stars. There are better places in Jakarta and a few other cities but compared with much of the world this approaches the top of the food chain. If I owned the place I would probably make a few changes but I don’t and I never will. As it stands it’s a solid place.

King Cross, Komp. Kokan Permata Blok E38-42, Jalan Boulevard Bukit Gading Raya, Kelapa Gading Jakarta, Indonesia.  Open seven days a week 4PM – 3AM. Phone: 62214517353. Website: Map on website.

King Cross club Jakarta Indonesia review


  1. Genki says:

    Hello! Thanks again for all of the great info. I feel like this is a dumb question, but is this actually a hotel that you can stay in? Or do you simply purchase the room for the activity and then leave for a normal hotel?

    • rockit says:

      The question is understandable since it’s not the kind of place one encounters everywhere. King Cross advertises itself as a hotel among other things. In my experience people take out the rooms while enjoying the club or other facilities to get a more private atmosphere. I’ve never met anyone who stayed in the hotel for days straight though I guess it might be possible. Cheers.

  2. Paco says:

    Wow, thanks for all the hard work and info, really helpful for fellow hobbyist. I am visiting Jakarta the first time for business in September, is this place safe and friendly for foreigner who doesn’t speak the local language? Thanks…

    • rockit says:

      I can’t advise anyone on anything. I write the content of this website for the entertainment of the readers and nothing more. I can say that I don’t speak Indonesian but this place was totally open and friendly to me. Cheers.

  3. Paco says:

    Appreciate the answer and the info, very fair. Btw do you have any article or recommendation for the outcall (to hotel) service in Jakarta? Sorry for all the answers, very interested and curious for my upcoming trip. Thanks again

    • rockit says:

      No I don’t. As I said I don’t make recommendations or give advice. This website is for entertainment only.

  4. EuropeanGuy says:

    They don’t use wristbands anymore, instead they give you a faux credit card with a number on it, which of course is used to track purchases. I prefer bracelets as I don’t have to worry about losing them, but the card is just as fine I suppose.

    I picked a girl from the ground floor. A proper slut, she was really into it and we made that bed sing. Damage was about 600k Rp, plus drinks.

    Nice place. I give it my seal of approval :)

  5. deca says:

    I just came back from there.
    The rates seemed to have gone up starting at 600k to 1.7 mil for a FS. There is 20 percent surcharge added to the final bill!
    There were some hot dancers on the top floor and ladys drink 100k
    next level down lesser quality girls!

  6. deca says:

    In my opinion most of the girls didnt seem happy working there and they looked at their phones all the time and rarely looked at customers and smiled! The waiters werent too friendly with no English. Waitresses spoke better English and were friendlier!
    Overpricy and too smokey and I immediately missed bkk! cheers!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. There are different pricing tiers as with the soapy massages in Thailand. On the ground floor lounge the prices are much lower than they are higher up and the women in the bleachers go for less than the dancers who ask for quite a bit. The women at the low end of the price structure charge less than even an oily massage in Bangkok. Lady drinks are more expensive but the place isn’t really geared for them anyway. It’s more like a fishbowl than a go go bar with long time barfines in my view. Many foreigners seem to enjoy the go go bar model more. I find most go go bars boring. Cheers.

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