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Chinese escort in Shanghai

China is a huge country that is teaming with commercial sex services. While I have reported on the special administrative regions of Macau and Hong Kong for years I only started reporting on the Chinese mainland this year.

While there are erotic establishments all over China the repressive climate that exists in the country forces most of them to operate below the radar. There was a time when cities like Dongguan were lined with sex saunas that could even outshine the Macau saunas. A wave of crack downs has more or less put an end to that.

Today adult entertainment venues in China can be even be tricky for locals who speak the language to find thanks to the use of general locations and passwords intended to throw off the authorities. For foreigners who do not speak Mandarin things are much more difficult.

Entrance to the totally foreigner-friendly Chinese sauna I reviewed here a few months ago requires customers to contact a manager for directions to a nondescript office building where they must say a secret word to a plain clothed lookout.

Because of the difficulties and hassles involved many foreigners rely on bars known to attract freelance working women and escorts to serve their needs. One of the most prominent collections of escorts working with foreigners can be found on the Shanghai Nightlife Blog.

One set of escorts on the site is found on an “escort agencies” page. The other is found on an “independent escorts” page. A few of these escorts like the Filipina featured seem to be genuinely independent since they list their own contact information. I don’t know if the same is true for all of the others since appointments are arranged with them all through an English speaking contact named Judy. Her contact info is listed for the mast majority of the women on the independent escort page.

This is why I’ve decided to group the “independent escorts” as a whole for the purposes of this review. Whatever their level of relation and connection they are all at least dispatched through the same person.

Customers contact this contact person through phone calls or emails. They can also make contact through the use of smartphone apps like Wechat which leads to the quickest responses. Customers can select one of the available women listed on the website and try for a booking. The ladies do get booked pretty regularly and even when they are not the size and amount of traffic in Shanghai can make it so they’re not available for a few hours so customers have the best chance at making an appointment by doing so in advance of the actual time they want to have a session.

Prices vary from one lady to the next and according to the length of session. An average short session runs between 1300 Yuan ($198-$365 USD). Deeply discounted sessions are advertised on the website with regularity though customers do not find out until their actual sessions that appointments made under these cheaper arrangements may not include all services listed. For example a woman listed as being an expert in backdoor entry may only offer regular full service to a customer who books her on the cheap. To their credit the Shanghai Nightlife independent escort webpage says “There is no 100% guarantee, that all the options will be available for all the clients at any time!”

Once customers make contact with the booking person they can arrange their meetings. Contact is sometimes returned immediately though at other times it can take a while. In any situation the contact is usually straight to the point. There is little in the way of cheerfulness or the kind of warm customer service one might expect in Asia to be found. To book a session customers must give their names and locations. They may also be asked other questions like their nationality and skin color to make sure they don’t run afoul of the requirements of the women they are booking time with. As careful readers will note some of the women on the site have notes in their profile saying things like “no blacks and no Indians.”

When the women arrive for their booked sessions the contact person lets the customer know through the phone. The women are usually punctual to the point of even showing up early.

The ladies speak varying levels of English with some being nearly fluent and others barely being able to construct a sentence. The latter group use body language and occasionally phone apps to communicate.

The aforementioned website has pictures of each of the women on staff that it claims are “100% confirmed accurate.” In some cases that seems to be true. In others not so much. At least two of the women who work through the website are significantly larger than their pictures may suggest. It is common for photographs of adult entertainment workers to be edited all around the world but a large women advertising with a heavily touched up photo taken at an angle that makes her look like an average sized Chinese woman could easily leave a customer feeling duped.

At least the photographs are of the people they claim to be. There is no use of photographs lifted off of the internet. Some are totally clear and honest. A lot of the women are very attractive. Many others are average or a little above. None seem to be unattractive. One may wonder why so many of the women are bold enough to openly show their faces on the website. There may be little threat to them due to their methods of work. I can only speculate.

Sessions typically go as one would expect. Full service is the norm with oral services also being regularly provided. Things can of course go any way as adults interacting can have different results depending on the exact situation. I can only speak in generalities. At least one of women working through the website only offers handjob happy endings though she is clear about that up front and her prices reflect her lesser services.

The women by and large seem to be enthusiastic about their work. Some are true experts with the skills to pay the bills while others look like they’re in it all for fun and some extra spending money. None appear to be out to rip off or short their customers as the mainly positive reviews in the comments section of the women’s pages suggest.

Few of the women seem to be clock watchers either. This shows a sort of customer based orientation that is lacking elsewhere.

After sessions conclude customers pay their service providers the rates they agreed on before booking. Tipping is not expected or required though some of the women may ask for a little extra money if they feel they can get it. For what it’s worth locals usually don’t tip escorts or anyone else. Foreigners are free to do what they want and no one can fault a woman for trying to make as much as she can but this is worth noting.

This independent escorts operation has a wide variety of women who are relatively easy for customers to book sessions with. Prices are not out of line for a city the size of Shanghai either. Considering all of this and the above I give it two-and-a-half-stars.

The score may be higher if the outfit was located in some sexual desert. On the other hand if this operation was located somewhere like Germany or Thailand where adult services are readily available it would undoubtedly score lower.

Independent Escorts via Judy. Shanghai, China. Open every day with various availabilities. Website: Phone: (+86) 0185-213-142-68. Email:



  1. manfred says:

    And to think that just before 2014 the Dongguan scene was like Macau on steroids…

    One cannot help but wonder what happened to the working girls there, which probably numbered in the tens of thousands.
    I seriously doubt the xiaojie just went back to the rural life of their native villages, so either they all moved to the SARs, or they now ply their trade in what must be a huge underground market.

    What a waste…

    • rockit says:

      There are still a lot of saunas around the mainland including many in Shanghai including one that I have reported on. The Dongguan raids definitely smashed up the industry though. Cheers.

  2. Vegas says:

    Ever heard of BHH141 escort agency in Bangkok? I saw it mentioned on a review website and their rates seem to be better than any other agency’s web site I have seen. While not the most beautiful girls, most not bad and a big selection. If legit. Thanks.

  3. Jimmy says:

    rockit, was wondering why only 2.5 stars. Based on your write up, it seems like fair game, good service with generally attractive girls…thanks!

    • rockit says:

      I tried to explain that in the review. Cheers.

    • Jimmy says:

      Yes, I read it…sorry I guess I didn’t asked correctly. You mentioned you’d give higher starts if it was located in a “sexual desert”, but it seems that that is the case after the crackdown, and in particular if you’re a foreigner, unable to communicate. Yet, here it is, an English webpage, with accurate pictures, non-tourist prices, fairly good services…so why only 2.5 starts?

      BTW, went to their webpage. There are only 29 listings for independents? Also, the links for the majority of the “escort agencies” don’t work…

      However, their “sauna” page seems to work fine and it’s quite extensive with multiple saunas including the one you reviewed: Red House. Was wondering if you have any experience with the other saunas listed. Thanks.

  4. Steven says:

    Hi Rockit,

    thanks for your detailed report. At least I can answer your question, why so many women agreed to show their face. First I need to say, finally not so many, if you set it in relation to the number of girls who would like to get listed, but insist to work with “fake” pictures and because of that never will show up.
    One reason might be, that over the years no girl got any problems, so they got more confidence, that it will not influence their normal life.
    Another important point is, that more and more girls get clear, that there is an easy way out, if someone who care about that step over her pictures there. Keeping in mind, that except our page all others work only with faked pictures – and thee are thousands of profiles on many pages, there must be also thousands of women who will find their pictures on an escort page, even she has nothing to do with that kind of business. And what kind of reaction will all of them most probably show than? Yap… exactly! What the f***, that bi*** use MY pictures! And because I never found any page anywhere, who not guarantee that all pictures are 100% real, even this should not be an issue, as long as she not give in. So if your girlfriend ever need to use that excuse, than better check where the profile has been published.
    Honestly this idea came up, when a guy complained on the hotline and insist to remove the pictures of his girlfriend form our page. I was shocked, because our section manager need to make sure no fakes and comes out, that her boyfriend found the pictures, she used that excuse and finally worked well, so girls get to know even in the “worst case”, there is still nearly no way to “proof” that they are really one behind the profile.
    I tried to install short video profiles last year to built up more trust, but based on the “emergency exit” mentioned above, I failed. Because my intention to built up more trust has the side effect, that this excuse would be much less trustful any more.
    But probably the most important reason is, that we “hide” our page from nearly all Chinese visitors (who will end up on a very similar page, but without girls profiles or other “naughty stuff” we provide. Our intention is simply to avoid getting too much attention on the Chinese community and by that getting into the focus of the police who has the clear order to clean the net from prostitution. The side effect of this strategy is, that also the girls and all their Chinese contacts have no access to the page, so it is nearly impossible that anyone they really need to worry about will find their profile.
    We did not even had this effect in mind when we decided to hide the page, but this side effect made it suddenly much more easy to find girls to agree to that page rule.

    So from now on you don`t need to speculate any more. And I will check now if there is really a picture where we made a girl shorter than she is…. lol…. the funny thing is, we really do so, but in that case means someone obviously over-corrected the picture. We are always faced to pictures, where the girls have eyes in the size similar to ET, normally combined with a waist like a bee, combined with legs not under 2 meter ;-) So perfect to catch attention of guys who prefer 3,20 meter tall women with a weight of around 35 kg. But if you keep in mind, that while it seems Chinese guys don`t care at all (all sauna lineup pictures are “pimped” like hell), foreigners are extremely sensible for picture manipulation. I think because everyone got cheated several times already, so we try to find the hint for a cheating. With the result, that a obviously photoshop caused “diet” who helped her to loose 20kg in seconds will probably let guys doubt, all others also nothing to do with the real girl any more. So one of our most strange job is to “re-pimp” this pictures to a “normal level”. Don`t think we not asked to get the original pictures to avoid waste a lot of time for that… I don`t remember even ONE case where the girl finally provided the rare pictures… either because the studio she shoot not gave to her or she hope that we would use her “pimped” version if she not bring over the pictures where she is “less slim and more short”. So we need to spend the same or even more effort than the photostudio to come back to a level before they start to work on the pictures. Unfortunately it`s much more easy to blow up eyes than to “squeeze” them down, so it`s probably the most “unnecessary” job anyone here need to do.
    But because of that it is really possible, that a girl look shorter than she is, because the one who need to shorten her from 3.5 meter to her 170 has no other way than to guess how a 170 tall girl would look like in that environment.
    I hope that could explain how a picture could go online, that obviously used photoshop to “reduce” her attractivity. Really a very weird process. First the photostudio pim her picture up “like hell”, hell, than we use hours to pimp her down …. the target result is to come back to real, the real challenge is, not to over-doing that reduction, but also not to let the pictures keep in a a strange over-pimped level. And that will not work 100% finally.
    By the way, another interesting point is, that you mentioned the special offer also will often include a service reduction which we covered with the “your mileage may vary” note. In fact to reduce the level in a special offer is far away from our idea and also simply against the page rules. We have this case mostly with nearly all girls one time, till we made her understand, that she risk we really get to know about that, than they normally not repeat it again. But probably it will need some cases till the first guy gave us a feedback.
    The disclaimer based on a totally different problem. When we started to request clear service listings (which we needed to install the system where you could filter out girls by their “dos and donts”, we suddenly have been faced to the problem, that no girl was willing to “guarantee” for example french kissing…. Even girls who always used to kiss their clients have been willing to go to a “no kiss” status and loose business by that, just to avoid they need to kiss someone they really not want.
    For example if a guy smell bad and not brush his teeth, she will never kiss him. Or also the “dick size” could be a problem. We had a case where a guy insist in anal, because of her listing of this service, but unfortunately (not for him but for her) he was what we call a “monster dick owner” and he finally “fucked her to hospital.
    Based on my German influenced idea, that all is ok, as long BOTH are ok with it, I was not willing to set up a rule, that the girls need to provide any service to any guy without any exception. So the rule is, that a girl is not allowed to charge for any service she not provide, but every girl is totally free to decide what she will do or not do, as long she not charge or cheat with that.
    The same also with the “racism” issue you mentioned, where we publish restrictions about the customer group she is willing to serve. I strongly believe, that a guy will not feel comfortable, when the girl would prefer not do be with him, but need to do so. So based on that I am sure it is better, she can block customers she don`t like to serve because of any reason (for example Chinese clients could be undercover cops, so refuse them reduce the risk also ;-). Even it might be frustrating for guys who wants to meet a girl but need to realize that he is out of her service group, I think the frustration would be much higher, if he would meet her,and finally spend a lot of money for be with a girl who let him feel she not like to be with him at all.

    The main idea behind all that activities to provide real pictures, service details and so on is, that a customer who know what he need to pay and what he will get for that will be faced to much less disappointments than usual in this branch. For sure it is impossible to avoid and kind of problems, because finally on both sides are individual personalities and expectations, so what will be great for one customer could be worse for another one. But even it is not possible to avoid all kind of issues, we are happy for each point which we could clear forehand instead of clear a much more serious problem afterwards.

    I hope my “view behind the scenes” could lift up the curtain a little bit for you and your visitors, and again: thanks for the fair and detailed report.

    Steven (Shanghai Nightlife Guide)

  5. matt666 says:

    I have a 12 hour layover in Beijing later this month. That is what I get allowing someone else to make my reservations…lol anyway, does anyone have information about what I could do doing that period besides sit in the airport? Is there a local town? Do I need a visa to leave the airport? Is there any kind of “action” near the airport?
    etc. thanks in advance to any info

    • rockit says:

      People from some countries are now allowed into China for 72 hours while doing an international transfer. All other cases require a visa as far as I know. Beijing is a huge city with all of the things such large urban centers tend to have. Cheers.

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